the killing 3x06

"How Hook refers to Emma" Masterpost

 Season 2:

  • 2x06:

“Whatever story you think you know, my dear, is most certainly wrong”

“I don’t mean to upset you, Emma, but I think we make quite the team”

“Too right lass

“Give me a boost, would you love?”

“Try something new darling, it’s called trust”

Emma look at me. Have I told you a lie?”


  • 2x08:

“The swan girl, Emma

“Give Emma a message”

  • 2x09:

“Do you know what this is Emma?”

  • 2x12:

“Hey beautiful

  • 2x22

“Quite passionate Swan

 Season 3:

  • 3x01:

“Don’t let Rumplestiltskin get you down love

  • 3x02:

“Tell me something love

“I’d listen to Emma, love”

“Excellent show of patience love

“Just who are you Swan?”

  • 3x04:

“What do you say Savior?

“You alright there Swan?”

  • 3x05:

“Need a hand love?”


“If the lady insits”


Emma would never leave her son”

“It looks like i don’t need your help with Emma after all”

  • 3x06:

“Don’t kill the messenger love

“I kissed Emma

  • 3x07:

Emma and me”

“I thought Emma would wish to have something to remember you by”

“So when I win your heart Emma, and I will win it, it won’t be because of any trickery, it will be because you want me”

“You’re going to have to choose Emma

“It wasn’t the lighter we were fighting over love

  • 3x09:

“As you wish m'lady

  • 3x10:

“Don’t worry i’m not here to pursue the lady Swan

“I made a decision when it comes to Emma

“You’ve already walked out on Emma once”

Emma? Who’s Emma?”

  • 3x11:

“It’s quite the vessel you captain there, Swan

Swan. At last”

P.S: so yeah Emma=18 times, Swan= 9, Love=7