the killin




Today has been a productive but longgg Sunday

1. I was craving something savory this morning, so I whipped up ye basic ol’ avocado toast. Haven’t had it in so long and it was scrumptious.
2. I worked on my essay (it’s 16 pages…) and am having so much trouble finishing up the conclusion. Sigh- any advice?
3. My to do list for the day~ everything got done except for critical care studying. The next few days are going to be so packed because I didn’t get to study today. :(
4. Hair tip! If you’re like me and have dry hair, adding in some coconut oil before you workout allows ample time for a hair mask- plus, you have to shower anyway, so killin two birds with one stone, amiright? ;)
5. I was super clammy during my workout for whatever reason, so I only got 15 min on the stair master and 15 min of incline walking. It just felt nice to get out of my headspace and bedroom and people watch (my gym has lots of big windows).
6. I got coffee with a good friend, and I was reminded of how great it is to spend time with people. I’m super introverted and get overwhelmed by spending too much time with people, but lately I’ve felt that i haven’t been spending ENOUGH with others. Ah well~ maybe when finals are over hehe
7. On that nursing assistant grind. I have 10 patients who are all high acuity today, and I want to stay on break forever, but alas I cannot. Thankfully, it gets much easier after 9pm, but until then…. 😪



This makeup tutorial has a lot of people talking in the comments. There’s a contingent that feel her melanin was poppin’ before the makeup and highlighters.

What are YOUR thoughts?


DarkSkin + 4C Hair

i try to enjoy the little things in life. good coffee. cute dogs. the smell of almonds roasting. killin nazis. big cuddly sweaters. sleeping in.

Dark Skin Appreciation 💜