the killers were at the party


Last October, Lionsgate released an absolute bummer teaser for the new Power Rangers reboot. It featured zero humor, color, or any mention of the original show canon. Instead we got a gritty world of school bullying and depressing Johnny Cash covers. Out of the gate, the movie appeared to be the next Fantastic Four flop. Just a big depressing turd.

Then the full trailer came out … and you know what? It suddenly looked goddamn awesome. The sad sacks in the teaser were now sarcastic teens with stupid parents. Depressing Johnny Cash got replaced with easy-to-fuck-to pop music. We got our first ever look at the Zords, Putty Patrollers, and Mrs. Repulsa herself. Fucking Alpha showed up, you guys. Alpha. Suddenly this party was one Bulk and Skull away from being officially off the hook.

There was just one thing still bothering me.

Where was the goddamn color?

This new trailer, now filled with jokes and fun, still had the shading of a serial killer’s dreams. And before you tell me that I’m half-dog or some shit – yes, I’m aware that there’s still technically color in the trailers. But not without the reoccurring blue/gray filter that seems to haunt every blockbuster film. To prove I’m not some raving mog – I’ve taken a few shots and ran them through Photoshop’s color correction.

What you see above is the original shot from the trailer. The one below it is with actual colors.

The Annoying Visual ‘Trick’ All Films Are Doing These Days

Little vixen (Joker fanfiction) Halloween themed

Y/N is ready for a night out with her best friends at a halloweenparty in Gotham City. However, a strange meeting with a dangerous clown gangsta in an alley turns her night in directions she didn’t think possible.

(Gif-credit: @tillyswilda)

Warning: Smut

You were dressed in your favorite purple dress and golden heels, ready for tonight’s Halloween party. Keeping in mind that most guys over 20 would probably dress like the infamous killer clown; The Joker, you sighed and chuckled to yourself in disgust. 

It was so basic, so plain, so.. boring. Everyone knew he was the most dangerous villain in Gotham and honestly, dressing up as him isn’t the worse idea at all. It’s just that these college horndogs don’t even bother to make an effort. Some green in their hair, red lips, black eyes, and they think they’re good to go.

Anyways, you were going to enjoy yourself nonetheless. You had your friends, and you had your best friend, booze. Walking into the club with your friends, you already spotted three Mistah J’s. Jesus Louisus. Then you saw the bar, and felt your feet pick up the pace. 

The night was fun. You laughed, you drank, you danced and you flirted with a few zombies. Can’t really ask for more in Gotham.

As you were walking home, you heard a low groan from an alleyway ahead of you. Clenching on to your purse, you started walking faster, the echo of your heels dancing around in the empty streets. 

You had attempted to be bold by choosing a short cut to get home, which happened to be one of Gotham’s restricted areas. Restricted as in citizens don’t go there, as in if you wanna live, you take the long way home.  

When you got closer, you felt your curiosity beating in your chest. You realized that there was only one person there, and he sounded hurt. 

You probably never would have done this if it wasn’t for the alcohol, but you carefully pulled out your phone and pressed flashlight as you shuffled into the dark alley.

‘’Hello? Are you hurt?’’ you shouted as you waved the light from your phone around, trying to catch a glimpse of the man who had been groaning in pain, just seconds earlier.

‘’Aaah ha ha ha ha.’’ Your head snapped up and you gasped in shock as the light from your phone hit a deranged face. You immediately knew who he was. The Joker. Everyone knew what he looked like, and that laugh was infamous for sending shivers down people’s spines. 

Your eyes travelled down to his stomach and you could see that he was bleeding.

Something in you, felt pity for the monster and without really thinking it through, you walked over to him and hauled him up, his arm hanging over your shoulders. He didn’t say anything, and neither did you as you limped all the way back to your apartment. 

You kicked the door open with your foot and helped The Joker onto your couch. Pulling his shirt up, you tilted your head in confusion as you examined the wound. It was a tiny little cut that didn’t really look like it hurt at all. It wasn’t very deep, so you probably wouldn’t even need to stitch it.

That’s weird. Why did he groan so much from such a small injury? Quickly, you shook it off and found a bottle of vodka from your kitchen cabinet. You put some on a cloth and looked at the clown king who had his eyes glued to you in fascination. 

‘’This might sting a little’’ you said as you pressed it to his bleeding cut. The Joker only chuckled at your drunken wobbly actions and licked his lips.

When you finished up, you helped him sit up straight as you pulled on your dress uncomfortably. The alcohol was starting to wear off and you suddenly became very aware of who was sitting in your apartment in the middle of the night.

‘’Does it feel better?’’ you carefully asked as you looked down at the floor. The Joker grabbed your chin gently and forced you to look up at him. ‘’It does now, thanks to you beautiful.’’ 

Your cheeks reddened a bit and you started playing with your feet, uncertain of how to proceed with this really weird situation you had put yourself in.

‘’I’m just wondering, how I can repay you for you trouble’’ he grinned and started stroking your chin with his thumb. ‘’I-uh, I don’t need anything. It was no problem at all, actually, don’t worry about it’’ you gently spoke as you looked everywhere but in his eyes.

‘’Drop the formalities, princess’’ he growled as his grip became a little tighter. You heartbeat increased rapidly as his rage was starting to show. Then he got up and walked into your kitchen, searching through your drawers while chuckling to himself.

He will just let himself out, right? You didn’t have the guts to ask him to leave as he would probably throw a grenade into your apartment and blow the entire place up while miraculously making it out in one piece. 

Still a little drunk and way too exhausted to even care about the situation, you walked into your bedroom and changed into your silky nightgown. You jumped under the covers and sighed at the delicious warmth.

A part of you was terrified, as you heard The Joker himself pace around in your apartment while you were tucked in. Despite the dangerous situation you were in, you apparently managed to fall asleep because when your eyelids drifted open, you saw that you had been asleep for three hours.

 It wasn’t raining outside anymore, and you couldn’t hear the Joker’s footsteps anymore. You sighed in relief as you realized he had found his way out.

That’s when you saw him sitting in your window, staring at you. Your heart stopped and your eyes widened as you looked at him. Mister J got up and took his jacket off as he walked towards your bed. Paralyzed with fear and excitement, you simply remained as you where, watching his every move. He threw his jacket to the floor and sat down in bed next to you. 

Luckily, he didn’t get under the covers. You somehow found the courage to turn your head towards his and were met with cold and dark eyes. He didn’t say anything, and neither did you.

Then he lifted his hands and placed them on your naked chest, pushing you down on your back. You didn’t want to stop him, your curiosity had full control over your body and you were dying to see what he’d do next.

Mister J ran his fingers gently down the side of your arm, causing goosebumps to form on your skin. You still didn’t stop him. After caressing your arm for minutes, he moved his hand to your stomach and started stroking it gently with the tip of his fingers. 

Knowing who was doing this to you, caused shivers to flow through your entire body as your breathing became heavier.

His eyes were looking down at his hands and what he was doing to you, and you, were looking at him. His fingers danced their way further down, and he carefully started playing with the hem of your panties. You should stop him, right? But you didn’t want to. 

His touch felt so good on your bare skin. Then he looked up into your eyes as his hands slid up your pussy over your panties. He could see the lust forming in your eyes and let out a muffled, throaty groan.

As if that was the permission he had been waiting for, he moved his finger to the fabric of your panties and slowly pushed them to the side. You could feel his steady breath in your ear as he started stroking your wet pussy. Feeling how wet you were made you a little embarrassed. He had barely touched you and you were soaking. 

The sounds of your dripping pussy was the only audible thing in the room and caused you to grow even wetter. He slid his index finger up your wet folds and softly brushed it over your clit. His touch was so faint, you shouldn’t have reacted as strongly as you did. This caused you to give in completely and give up complete control as you gasped and arched your back.

Then he slid two fingers inside you while his thumb was massaging your swollen clit. You couldn’t help but let out a moan as you threw your head back in ecstasy. You knew he was looking at you now, so you shut your eyes. His breath remained steady as he skillfully thrusted his fingers in and out of your throbbing pussy and rubbed your clit. He wanted you to know that he was in control.

Then, his fingers left you and you couldn’t help but let out a pouty disappointed groan. Was he going to leave? Your eyes were full of questions as you looked at him with your swollen pink cheeks. The Joker slowly slid on top of you and crawled down to your legs. You automatically spread your legs for him and he pulled your panties down your legs and threw them where he had thrown his jacket.

You were too scared to look down, so you glued your eyes to the ceiling, shivering with anticipation. The Joker used his fingers to spread your pussy lips apart. Before you knew it, he had placed his wet tongue between your folds. Your breathing was heavy and unsteady. He slid his tongue inside of you and thrusted it in and out, like he was fucking you.

You rolled your head around in pleasure and curled your toes as you felt him licking you. His tongue exited your hole and slid up your wet folds. Then his tongue quickly brushed over your aching clit and you moaned. He flicked his tongue roughly over your clit as you shivered and panted. 

His touch was unlike anything you had ever felt. He kept flicking his wet tongue on your swollen clit as you grabbed his green hair with your hands and tugged on it, desperate for more.

Just when you thought the pleasure couldn’t get more intense, he slid two fingers inside you and started sucking on your clit. You tugged on his hair harder and bucked your hips upwards, begging for more. 

You are writhing underneath him as he grabs your inner thighs to hold you in place.

‘’I-I’m c-close’’ you moan loudly and grip the sheets. Finally, you get some response out of him. You can hear the control he once had, slip as his breathing grows heavier and he growls into your wet pussy. 

The sound and vibrations of his voice causes your eyes to roll back into your head as you pull on his hair and grind your pussy against his face. His tongue is flicking over your clit so fast that it was almost unbelievable.

Your orgasm must have gone on for 20 seconds as his soaked fingers kept thrusting in and out of you hard, throughout your orgasm. Your loud moans were mixed with his groans and growls as he devoured you, which only caused the pleasure to grow more intense.

Your thighs were shaking as you threw your head back and relaxed your body. Your chest was racing rapidly as you were trying to catch your breath. Whilst coming down from your dreamy daze, The Joker kept lazily licking your pussy, like a content cat. He continues for several minutes, as if he is cleaning you up.

Then he slowly gets out of bed and puts his jacket back on. Your eyes are fluttering from the explosion your body just went through and the last thing you see before your eyes shut is the clown prince of crime leaving your bedroom. He didn’t say anything, and neither did you.

Bitten (Task Force X x Reader)

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It was your party as the Task Force X. Today it was the anniversary of creating the Task Force and Amanda had let you, after a lot of persuasion and some extra missions, to throw a small party in your building.

Harley was like always in charge of the drinks, you were in charge for the music along with KC, Chato and Floyd were responsible for the food.

Tatsu and June decorated the place and Rick babysat Digger who wanted to be involved in everything but ended up on ruining whatever you had prepared.

Chato had to stars over the tres leches cake because Digger had dropped the plate. You had to buy a new CD since Digger managed to sit on the top of it and break it.

Harley ushered him away from the bar as soon as she saw him and Tatsu threatened to cut his hand if he touched any of the decorations.

The party soon started and booze ran endlessly. You didn’t usually drink that much of alcohol but tonight it was different. You celebrated not dying in these stupid missions.

At least this project had taught you to value your life more and it had helped you find even more reasons to bond over with these people who celebrated with you.

You were tipsy really fast and decided to lounge on the couch.

Digger and KC were there and talked and you just stood and listened to them.

“So your scales are all over yer body, mate?” you heard Digger say and you knew where this conversation was going.

“Diggy, drop it. Even just for today.” You warned him.

“Oh, okie.” Digger said and stopped for a moment.

“Why Killer Croc? It’s like a new model of crappy ol’ Crocs.” Digger finally spoke again.

You saw KC shifting uncomfortably as digger kept his ranting on.

Your mind was blurred and that’s why you didn’t think twice before sinking your teeth into Diggers arm.

“Oi! Little rat! What are ye doin’?” Digger yelled in pain.

“Biting away annoying people like you!” you said and stuck out your tongue.

KC was looking at you with wide eyes before understanding what you had just done.

Digger hissed and left from his seat, mumbling about being surrounded by crazies.

“You didn’t have to do this.” KC spoke.

“I wanted to.” You gave him a slurred smile.

KC hugged you tight and gave you a soft noogie, “That’s my pal! I am proud you, kiddo.”

via Working Class History: “ On this day in 1979, the Greensboro massacre took place in North Carolina when five anti-racists at an anti-Klan demonstration were murdered by members of the KKK and the American Nazi Party. Police had cooperated with the Nazis, giving them a map of the anti-racist demonstration. The killers were acquitted by all-white juries.” 

Never forget!
Never forgive!

Watching You

For the Anon who requested 21 and 41 with Gibbs “I think I’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.” “Quick, kiss me.”

“We lost him?” McGee panted as you two came to a stop, having chased your killer from one side of campus to the other, losing him in a crowd of party goers downtown. Your killer was a student targeting former Marines who had come back to college to finish their education after their service.

“I’ll call Gibbs.” You grumbled, picking up your phone and dialing. You told him your location and he said that they were on their way to meet you and you’d all regroup and move from there. You and Tim stayed where you were, making light conversation but you couldn’t shake a feeling, and the hairs on the back of your neck kept prickling.

“Do you feel like we’re being watched?” You whispered, tugging slightly on McGee’s sleeve. He rolled his eyes at you.

“No.” He stated, pulling his arm away from you, and successfully removing his sleeve from your nervous hands.

“McGee!” You whined slightly giving him a look, “Someone is watching us, I can feel it.”

“What can you feel?” The voice came from directly behind you and you squeaked jumping and turning around, hands going up.

“Not funny DiNozzo!” You glared, punching his arm. Gibbs smirked at him,

“At least you weren’t wrong.” He offered and you rolled your eyes.

“No it was not you two, I just have a really bad feeling, okay?”

“You always have a bad feeling.” Gibbs teased and you crossed your arms over your chest frustrated.

“I’m serious!” Gibbs opened his mouth to answer you, but then his eyes widened and suddenly he was launching himself towards you, there was a loud bang, and you were both on the ground.

In seconds McGee was pulling Gibbs off of you and flipping him onto his back, and that’s when you noticed the blood all over the two of you. The source? His shoulder.

“Gibbs!” You cried, hands pressing to the wound, “McGee?”

“It was Louis, he shot and us, Ziva and Tony are chasing him down, worry about Gibbs.” You nodded your head, putting as much pressure on the wound as your could.

“I’ll be fine (Y/N) It’s a shoulder wound. Just don’t let me bled out.” He instructed and you couldn’t help the little laugh, even when he was the one shot he was still calling the shots… pun not intended.  

“I don’t let anything happen to you.” You promised, giving him a tight smile. Gibbs winced slightly. 

“McGee, walk away for a minute.”

“Boss, I-”

“McGee.” He barked, and that was not a voice you were able to argue with. McGee got up and took a few paces away, turning his back to you.

“Gibbs?” You asked unsure, his hand came up, gripping your shoulder, then moving to the back of your neck, you watched him, cheeks heating up.

“Can I come back?” McGee called, and you rolled your eyes, looking back down at Gibbs.

“Quick,” He whispered, “kiss me… I might die after all.”

“Don’t say that.” You whispered leaning down to kiss Gibbs gently like you’d done many times before. But never in such a dangerous situation, and never this close to your team.

“I think I’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.”  You whispered, sniffling back a few tears and he frowned, hand coming down to wipe the tears away.

“Why does it terrify you?”

“Because I can’t lose you this soon after saying that.”

“(Y/N)” Gibbs smiled. “I love you too. You are not losing me.”


Cold Case Solved
Murder Of Shannon Siders

On the 18th of July 1989 in Michigan, 18 year old Shannon Siders went missing after partying with a group of friends.

Siders body was found months later on the 15th of October 1989 at the Manistee National Forrest. Autopsy revealed she was sexually assaulted and beaten to death. Authorities had no real links and the case went cold.

25 years later in 2014, brothers Matthew and Paul Jones were arrested for Shannon’s murder. The siblings were questioned in 1989 but released. It’s believed Siders had turned down their advances.

In 2015, Matthew Jones was sentenced to life whilst Paul Jones received 20-75 years

Happy Halloween

“Could I get a Halloween smut with happy??”

I LOVE THISSSS, thanks!!

Btw, el diablo means The Devil in Spanish. And I know the cop joke and the Irish joke are probably offensive, but they’re supposed to be funny and not meant to be taken seriously.





Waking up you realized it was Halloween, today is one of your favorite days of the entire year. Gemma decided that she was going to throw a Halloween party for the club and their families, not just a regular crow-eater fuck fest. It was going to be fun. Lyla, Tara and you went to the halloween store and found some cute costumes. Lyla had the idea of going as serial killers and you all agreed. Tara was going as the female Freddy Krueger, Lyla was going as the bride of Chucky, and you were going as the female Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. Your costume consisted of the jersey that went right above your knees, some fishnet tights, knee high boot heels, a fake machete and a bloody hockey mask. You wanted your old man Happy to dress up as Jason, but of course he refused, “I’m not into that dress up shit,” you remembered what he said. But Halloween excited you, and you were happy that there was going to be a party.

While getting ready you straightened your hair and added some hair spray to give it a messed up look to add to your outfit. Adding red lipstick to compliment the blood on your outfit and smooth eyeliner to make your eyes look good. Your phone rang only to see Gemma calling, “Hey, Gem, I’m almost ready I’ll be at the clubhouse in a minute. Lyla is helping the kids get ready and she’ll be over in a bit,” “Okay sweetheart, don’t forget the pumpkin bread, and I just need you to help me finish decorating a little when you get here,” Gemma was extremely excited, it’s been awhile since she threw a little holiday party like this since last Thanksgiving.

Heading over to the clubhouse, you grabbed what Gemma needed and made your way to the party. Helping Gemma put everything up, you were excited over Happy seeing your costume.

“Gonna give a Happy a little Halloween head?” Laughing, your face went red, “Gemma!” Lyla laughed, “What? Just giving some old lady hints,” Gemma winked and you continued helping, “I wanted him to dress up, but you know Hap,” they all looked up, “I told Clay if he wanted a little something special after the party that he’d better dress up as the hulk and give me a pounding,” “You got Clay to dress up, and I couldn’t even get Happy to,” Lyla smiled, “Ope is coming as Leatherface, and Jax is coming as Superman,” all of their old man’s dressing up along with their women made you a bit sad. You wanted to be a cute couple with Hap, but of course he refused.

You felt a bit depressed, seeing all of the kids and their parents with all cute costumes was saddening. Watching all of the guys pull in on their bikes in a uniformed line, each of one them was dressed up except for Happy and Chibs, or so you thought. Tig was wearing a pig nose and little ears, “What are you supposed to be, huh, Tigger?” Gemma asked, “I’m a cop,” Tig and Jax both laughed. Jax greeting his family with his costume along with Ope greeting Lyla and the kids, you decided to head back into the bar to help Chucky get ready to serve the bar.

“Hey, Chucky, you need some help?” Walking towards him you saw him look up at you, “Oh yes, that’d be nice, Y/N, just grab the juice from the boxes in the back,” Chucky signaled you to the room, “Okay.” Walking towards the back you saw about six different fruit juices for different drinks then suddenly you felt strong arms slide their way around your body, “Hey, girl,” of course it was Happy. Turning around to see your old man, you saw him with a pair of devil horns on his head. You smiled wide, “You dressed up!” Looking down at you, he pulled you in closely, “They’re suiting,” smiling, you looked up giving him a kiss, “I thought about it, and I liked them, Happy Halloween, babe” he didn’t really smile much, but when he did it made you happy, and he was smiling big right now, “You’re so cute, Happy Halloween, Hap” he didn’t liked to be called cute, but you liked to tease him. “I like your killer get-up, you’re gonna have to do a little job for me later,” winking a bit, he moved his hands to your lower back, “I’m all yours, el diablo,” running your hand over his jeans you went back to gathering the juices for chucky. You saw his jaw clench and you could feel him falling apart.

“Ay, Chucky, gimme another full one of whiskey,” Chibs was Scottish, but he wore an Irish clover on his right cheek, “What are you?” Curiously you asked, “I’m a drunk,” Chibs laughed loudly along with Juice who was dressed up as Batman under his kutte. By this time of the night, the kids were starting to grow tired and the party just started to begin for the adults.

“I think I’m gonna take the boys home,” Tara looked over and saw Abel passed out in Jax’s arms and Thomas half-asleep in Clay’s, “Yeah me too,” Lyla saw her and Opie’s kids piled with each other on the couch all bored and tired, “Do you need a ride?” Layla looked to you, “No, I should stay and help clean with Gemma, I think I’ll stay in Hap’s dorm tonight,” you looked to Hap playing pool with his brothers and with a beer in his hand, “Okay, well thanks for tonight, Y/N, I’ll see you tomorrow,” giving them both hugs, they gathered their kids and went on their way.

The second all of the kids left, the party began to rise, everyone was drinking and you were standing there with Gemma talking about what you both used to do for fun during Halloween, “When I was 13, I took acid and went trick or treating,” Gemma laughed at this memory, “We broke into my neighbor’s yard and destroyed her award winning 200 pound pumpkin,” both of you laughed, “We thought it was the great pumpkin from Charlie Brown, God we were in so much trouble,” you were practically snorting of how hard you and Gemma were laughing. “I better go check on Clay before he gets too hulk smashed.” Gemma liked to make jokes and you loved to hear them.

When Gemma walked away, Happy snuck up from behind you and held you. “I like seeing you in those tights,” turning your head to him, he was staring at your sternly, “I like your horns,” holding you closely, he held your hand and started walking you to his dorm. You knew what was going to happen and he’s been waiting all night.

Shutting the door behind him, Happy pushed you up against the door pressing his body to yours. “I’ve been waiting for you all night,” holding your hands above your head with one hand, Hap started to hold your breast. Happy was always aggressive during sex, and you loved it, but he was always passionate.

Letting go of your hands you cupped his face while he brought you to his bed. You wanted to be more dominant this time so you pushed him down on the bed so he was sitting on the edge. Kneeling down, he lowered his face to kiss you and you rubbed him over his jeans causing him to grow and harden. You unbuttoned his jeans and he lifted himself to slide them down. You spread his knees open slightly to fit yourself between them and grabbed his hard member. Stroking him gently at first and giving him a soft flick of your tongue on the tip.

You wanted to tease so you put the tip in your mouth for a second and then took it out to stroke him. “Fuck,” grabbing a chunk of your hair, you put him all into your mouth and began to suck. Hallowing your cheeks and began to bob your head up and down holding your hair. Watching Hap begin to twitch a bit, you knew he was close. He let go of your hair and lowered himself to kiss you hard. Holding your face you still stroked him as he kissed you. Fighting your tongues over dominance he pulled you on top of him while he laid himself back. “I wanna see you ride me,” Hap was always so straight-forward with you, at first it was a little shocking but you’ve gotten so used to it and surprisingly it turns you on.

Your tights were crotchless and when Hap saw this he knew you wanted this to happen to. Angling yourself over him, you lowered yourself slowly over him. You breathed heavy as you began to rock yourself back and forth over him, perfectly hitting your g-spot. Happy held your hips leaving finger indents on your skin, probably leaving bruises. Slowly rocking yourself back and forth over him, your body looked perfectly like a wave. Happy loved watching you ride him.

“Happy, fuck,” moaning like crazy, you placed your hands on his inked up chest while he stared at your euphoric face while you rode him. “Oh God, baby!” You were getting close. Happy slipped his hands under your jersey that was still on and was groping your breasts twirling your nipples around his rough fingers. “Fuck, girl,” Happy was close too. He pulled you down so you were face to face holding your with his arms by the small of your back and began thrusting himself into you from below. “Fuck!” Moaning again, he held the back of your head so you would be face to face. Happy never had any emotion during sex, all he did was stare in your eyes, it drove you crazy, you loved it.

He was going faster than you could handle, you started to lose control. You couldn’t handle it, “Happy!” At the edge, you felt an electric shock run through your body, and your muscles contract like crazy. Digging your nails into his shoulders you threw your head back.

Picking you up, he placed you on all fours and Hap put himself behind you. Ramming himself inside of you, you breathed heavy. Lowering your back, he grabbed a chunk of your ass in his hand then slapped it causing you to groan a bit. Happy started slow, “Faster, baby,” on your command he sped up, holding your hips he quickened his pace. Digging his fingers into your sides, you turned your head to watch him. His head was thrown back with throaty groans. “Fuck, Y/N, you’re so tight.”

Happy was close, his thrusts grew sloppy and he was groaning more. With the next few thrusts, he came and groaned. Both of you breathing heavy, he laid himself next to you holding you close rubbing his fingers across your face. You noticed he still had his devil horns on and you laughed, “Happy Halloween, Happy,” kissing you, he pulled you closer to sleep.


Happy Halloween!!!

Thanks for reading!



I got this request for a part 2, and I’ve never gotten I request for a second part, so maybe you guys want a third part after this?? Sorry it’s a bit short, I’ve been a bit busy, but there is always room for more parts right?! :) - Chelsea

I looked at the bite mark on my neck in the mirror that was nailed into my school locker. I saw Lydia walking toward me from the corner of my eye and I cover the bite with my sweater swiftly.

“Y/N, I’m having this killer party at my house and you are coming. You don’t have a say in this, make sure you were something sexy.” Lydia smiled and walked down the hallway to get to class. I looked around. That was the quickest conversation I had ever been in; I didn’t even say one word. I looked back into the mirror and I looked at the purple color under my eyes from the lack of sleep. I couldn’t stop thinking about that night in the basement with Theo.

I don’t know what I felt, but it wasn’t something good. I felt happy and I felt emotion while it was happening. It was the way he caressed my skin with his strong hands, the way his lips touched my sensitive skin, the way he found my sweet spots so easily, and the way he breathed; there was something different about the way he was breathing. It was soft, but not too soft; it was uneven, but not so out of order that he was groaning through it. It was gentle and even, he did the same tone of breathing in between the kisses he did on my neck.

Then after I felt his caring breathing, he bit me. Once he bit me, I knew that something was happening, that it was more than hot sex. When does a werewolf bite someone unless they mark them?

I walked down the hallway and I decided to head into the girls bathroom and check if my makeup wasn’t messed up already from rubbing my eyes constantly that morning. My make up was perfect surprisingly. But the purple under my eyes told a story that I would never be able to explain.

I walked out of the bathroom and as soon as I turned I ran into Theo.

“Holy sh-,” I said and he had a smirk on his face as he was leaning on the floor. He looked so hot though. He had a V-neck shirt on with a black sweater on and his hair was clean and slicked upward like usual.

“I didn’t mean to scare you, dollface.” He said and pushed me against the lockers, he held one hand against the locker and the other hand on my waist.

“What are you trying to do?” I asked. He was up to something. It was obvious that he wanted something from me. I knew that he didn’t have any feeling for me, even though I thought that maybe there was a tiny bit of humanity inside of him.

“What do you mean? I’m just talking to the girl that I slept with in the high school basement. It started with you being freezing and that you needed to be warm or you would get sick. We obviously didn’t want that, so I decided to help the damsel in distress like the good looking prince I am.” He said with his perfect toothed smile. He was always cocky and thought so high of himself.

I rolled my eyes and tried to walk away from him and head to calculus. Theo backed up so that he was in front of me once I gain.

“Whoa there princess, we need to talk about what’s going to happen next.”

“What’s going to happen next?” I scoffed and crossed my arms against my chest.

“I know you felt something.” He said.

“I might have, but did you? I think that’s the real question here, well, at least for me.” I moved out of his way again. I heard him growl and I smirked. For some reason it gave me pleasure knowing that he was getting frustrated. He ran and got in front of me once again.

“Oh my Jesus, when are you going to give up?” I asked, very annoyed.

“Not until you listen to me.”

“Okay, fine, how about I listen to you when school ends?” I asked.

He nodded. “Meet me at the back of the school, we’ll go to my house and talk about it.” I raised an eyebrow. He wanted me to come to his house? Well, holy shit.

I nodded and smiled. I bumped into him on purpose and headed to my calculus with a big smile on my face. I could feel that Theo had a smile on his face as well.

Best of 2016: It’s Taylor Swift vs. Charlize Theron in the Final Round

And then there were two.

The votes are in and from the initial 16 killer red carpet looks, you’ve narrowed your favorites down to Taylor Swift in that uber-sexy black Alexandre Vauthier number she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscars Party and Charlize Theron’s smokin’ hot Dior gown from the Oscars’ red carpet. T-Swift won the last round of polls by a whopping 64.5 percent over Blake Lively, and Charlize just barely won over Lady Gaga with a 56.5 percent lead.

Who will you crown the ultimate style champion? It’s in your hands—start polling!

Go VOTE Swiftie’s VOTE early VOTE often.

au ideas
  • they captured you and put me in your room because i can suppress other people’s powers so you hate me but i’m lonely and bored and want to talk to you AU
  • esteemed rival chefs find each other shamefully buying ramen at 3 in the morning AU
  • i know it’s the apocalypse but please can we keep this stray dog AU
  • i’m posing naked in your art class please stop giggling what are you giggling at AU
  • we’re at a murder mystery party and i’m convinced you’re the killer AU
  • i’ve never actually talked to you but i had a dream we were in a relationship and now i have a crush on you AU
  • you thought i was the leader and you’re treating me like royalty and i’m just going to go with it AU
  • your grandma is really forward even though i swear we’re just friends AU
  • we’ve been dating for a while and i finally showed you my pet snake and you look sick do you need to lie down AU

Christmas Eve Murders
Covina Massacre 

On Christmas Eve 2008 in California, Bruce Pardo dressed up as santa clause and went to the home of his former in laws, armed with a gun and a gift wrapped flamethrower. A pre christmas party was happening with around 25 people. Upon the door opening he began shooting, Pardo then used his flamethrower and set the home on fire. 9 people died and 3 people were injured, one from jumping from second floor. 

Afterwards, Pardo drove to his brothers home where he committed suicide. Although its believed his other plan was to flee to Canada. 

The motive was believed to be his ex wife Sylvia Pardo, she was killed. They were recently divorced and he claimed she was bleeding him dry.

Serial killer Albert Fish pictured with his attorney James Demsey. Fish was identified by the mother of his victim as the man who had last been seen with her daughter, Grace Budd. Fish had convinced the family that he was a man called Frank Howard who was offering Grace’s brother, Edward, a job. After this job offer he convinced the family to allow Grace to accompany him to a birthday party that evening. The young girl never returned, the remains of her body were discovered six years later. 

Pool Party | Jake Fitzgerald

I’m having Jake feels, pardon me. 


“Jake put me down.” Giggling, I wrapped my legs around his waist. We were in the pool, and Jake was aware of the fact that I couldn’t swim and was afraid of the water. Yet, he picked me up and swam towards the deep end. 

“You want me to put you down?” Jake questioned, his grip on my thighs loosening. 

“What, no!” I protested, and I climbed further up, my arms wrapping tighter around his neck. “I swear if you drop me.” I warned as Jake laughed, throwing his head back. 

“I would never drop you.” He whispered, as slowly closed the leftover space and kissed me. His lips were soft as they touched mine. “I love you.” He whispered as he tightened his grip and continued leaving soft kisses down my neck. 

“I love you.” I said, I held pulled his head back up to meet my eyes. 

“Come on let’s get out of here.” Jake spoke as he swam to the edge. Setting me on the floor, he climbed out and we both got out stuff that was sitting on a nearby bench. Grabbing the towel, I dried myself and changed into the extra pair of bra and underwear. 

“I know you’re watching.” I rolled my eyes, at Jake. Of course, he would take any chance to watch me undress. 

“How can I not?” He faked a gasp. Turning my head, He was changing into his pants. “You’re staring.” He pointed out, sticking out his tongue. 

“Asshole.” I muttered and quickly changed into my clothes. Once we both changed, Jake grabbed my hand as we headed out to his car. Turning his head, Jake looked over at me with a smirk. 

“You know what we should do?” He smirked. “Make out. We should make out, and that’s gonna lead to other things.” Letting out a laugh, I pulled Jake in for a kiss, and quickly pulled back. 

“That is so unfair. You never leave a man hanging like that.” Jake gasped and started the car, releasing a pout on his lips. 

“Why I listen to you Jakey?” I questioned. 

“Because you love me.” He sang out. 

“You’re a dork.” I laughed. 

“But, I’m your dork.” Jake responded, stopping at a red light. He turned his head, and I leaned in giving his a kiss. 

“Of course, you’re my dork. No one like you anyways.” I smiled sweetly at him. 

“Hey, that hurts my man ego.” He said, pacing his hand on his chest. 

“Whatever dork.” 

It’s short, but I really need to get that out. 

Fidel Castro has died and Cubans celebrate in Florida

Castro is dead, and Cubans are enjoying and celebrating in Miami. For most Cubans castro is the worst and most hated person that have ever born or have lived in the island. The incarnation of evil, a sociopath who managed to cheat millions all around the world. A terrorist killer, and a drug trafficker, an irresponsible who put the world on the brink of extinction, and destroyed Cuba.

My Cuban American friend in Florida told me to share this. The Cubans understand at fully at first hand the horrors of communism and are having a party. I’m told it went on for 3 days and streets were shut down.

The Springfield Three

On the 7th of June 1992 in Missouri, 19 year old Suzie Streeter and her friend Stacy Mccall had just graduated from Kickapoo High School and were attending graduation parties. Afterwards, the girls decided to head back to the Streeter family home where Suzi’s mother Sherrill Levitt was home.

From this moment on there was no trace of the three, all jewellery, clothing and the car was still at the home. The scene was corrupted during many friends being allowed in the property, but police stated that the bed was slept in.

Robert Cox, a suspect in a Florida murder trial claimed to have been involved in the murder. Authorities believe he was trying to claim recognition for someone else’s crimes. Although he claims to release the destination of the bodies when his mother dies.

In 1997, the women were legally declared dead


26 September 2015 - anti-gentrification activists held a street party in the London Shoreditch neighbourhood, during the third Fuck march organised by Class War. Protesters carried torches, flares and smoke bombs, and attacked some businesses representing the shitty developers, yuppies and hipsters taking over the working class neighbourhood and making it unaffordable for the current residents. Among these were an estate agents and a ridiculous cereal café where hipsters can go to eat imported breakfast cereal for £4,- a bowl. [video]


NAU shooter, Steven Jones, has been described as a ”really nice kid” by his peers. Jones differs from the stereotypical “loner” school shooter, as he is a popular, extroverted young man with a good sense of humour and otherwise calm disposition. The shooting occurred in the small hours of October 9th. Police were called after locals heard gunfire. Allegedly, the motive for this shocking crime lies deep within Jones’ need for approval and popularity: He was kicked out of a party. Angry, he returned with some friends, initially to confront the host, but he suddenly began shooting at people. Paremedics reported that one victim was dead upon arrival, one had been shot twice in the stomach and lung, one was shot in the neck, and one in the leg. All were sent to hospital and remain critical. Jones, who appears to be a gun advocate, says he was just acting in self defense after being punched in the face.

I’m Yours

Request: Happy gets jealous of someone flirting with his Old Lady (reader) at a party and decided to explain to that person why they call him the “Tacoma Killer.”

Warnings: Implications of murder in the past.

Pairing: Happy X Reader

   Being the Old Lady of Happy Lowman was one of the best  things that had ever happened to you. He was sweet, funny, smart, and protective.

   Sometimes a little too protective.

   Like this evening, for example.

   There was a very busy and crowded SAMCRO party happening this evening and you and Happy were very much in attendance.

   You two were taking shots, passing joints, and partying with the best of them.

   You were kind of happy that he was buzzed and high because he was more relaxed when he was like that. He deserved to let loose and have a bit of fun for once.

   You two were currently sitting on the couch in the back of the main room, involved in a very heated makeout session.

   You were running your hands under his shirt, feeling the toned muscles in his stomach when he suddenly broke the kiss.

   “Sorry babe, had too much beer. Gotta take a piss.” he said kissing you one last time before you climbed off of his lap and let him go.

   You watched him walk out the door with a smile on your face, thinking about how lucky you were to get such an amazing man.

   Those thoughts were soon interrupted by a very drunk, very wobbly Rat, plopping himself down next to you on the couch.

   “Hey (y/n).” he slurred, winking at you.

   This caused you to let out a light chuckle.

   “Hey Rat Man, what are you up to?”

   “Well I was just in the can and I realised something.” he giving you a goofy, drunken smile.

   “Oh yeah? What’s that?” you asked trying to hold back your laughter.

   “You have the most beautiful eyes.” he said placing his hand on your cheek.

   Your eyes widened, realising what he was trying to do.


   “Shh (y/n), just let  it happen.” he said leaning in slowly.

   You shot up off the couch immediately, causing his puckered lips to find the couch cushion instead of you lips.

   “Rat you know I’m with Happy,that and you’re piss drunk. I think you’ve had enough.” you say reaching down to grab the beer from his hand.

   As you reached down to grab it you felt his hand fly to your breast and give it a firm squeeze.

   You gasped, pulling away like he had burnt you, and landing a firm slap to his cheek.

   That was when you felt a warm hand land on your back and you spun around to reveal your old man with fury in his eyes.

   “Happy I swear I was just trying to take his beer away, i didn’t think he would do that.” you say hoping that he wouldn’t get the wrong idea.

   If there was anything worse than an angry Happy, it was a jealous Happy.

   “It’s okay babe.” he said in a perfectly calm tone, causing your jaw to drop.

   “Yeah (y/n) It’s okay, chill out.” Rat spoke from the couch, sitting up and rubbing the red mark on his cheek where your hand had made contact.

   You were honestly speechless.

   How could Happy be okay with this?

   That was when you felt him move out from behind you and watched him perch on the edge on the couch, closer to Rat than what seemed normal.

   “Rat, you’re new here, so you don’t know how this works. I’m going to explain it to you but first I want to show you something.” Happy sai the tone in his voice getting deeper.

   This was how you knew something was about to happen.

   Happy grabbed the hem on his shirt and lifted it up to reveal the part of his perfectly smooth, tan skin, that was marked with smiley faces.

   “Do you know why I have these tattoos Rat?” he asked, his gaze on Rat hard as stone.

   “Nah man, but they’re pretty rad.” he said obliviously.

   You saw Happy smile, but it was a sinister one and you could do nothing but watched, feeling slightly amused at the scene playing out  in front of you.

   “I’m glad you think so,”he said clapping his hand over Rat’s shoulder before continuing. “because I have one for every man i’ve killed for a personal reason. That’s why they call me the Tacoma Killer and I just want to say that if you ever even so much as look at my old lady like you’re going to try anything, you will be my next smiley face.” Happy said, the smile still on his face.

   Rat’s eyes widened and his face went white as he realised the dangerous situation he was in.

   “Hap man, I-I’m”

   “Rat.” you said, catching his attention.

    “Just go while you can still walk away on two perfectly fine legs.” you said, trying to contain your giggles.

   He said nothing, just nodded and shot up off the couch, walking away very fast.

   You were laughing and watching him walk away when you felt two hands on your hips, pulling you down.

   Next thing you knew you were back in Happy’s lap, face to face with him.

   “Why hello.” you said, bumping your nose against his.

   “Apparently I need to let people know who you belong to.” he growled and started trailing kisses down your neck.

You leaned your neck back to give his better access and let out a squeal when he flipped you so that you were laying on the couch, his form hovering over you.

“You’re mine.” he rasped placing a very slow and passionate kiss to your soft lips.

The kiss lasted for a few minutes, his lips slowly massaging yours.

“I’m yours.” you whispered looking into his gorgeous brown eyes.

“I’m yours baby.” you said before he smiled and continued with his mission of letting everyone in the clubhouse know that you were the Old Lady of Happy Lowman, and you damn sure didn’t regret it.

Reignited Sparks - JJK

Originally posted by jikookwillruletheworld

Jeongguk x Reader

Angst/Slight smut

Words: 3.2k

You weren’t surprised by any of it, the heavy party filled with rowdy alcohol-poisoned students; Jeongguk and his friends were renowned for all of this, so of course, your ex- boyfriend’s birthday party wasn’t going to revolve around finger food and lemonade. The frat house was the place to be on the weekends if you were looking for a good time as people called it, and if by “good time” they meant getting completely smashed and not remembering what happened the next morning, only being left with a killer headache and  their dehydrated corpses turning up to morning lectures then, yes good times they were.

Much convincing was needed over pre-lecture coffee that morning from your best friend, Hyomin, who in fact was more of a wild child, party-goer than you ever would be. She had assured you that Jimin (a guy who she claimed was just a friend, but their countless midnight rendezvous suggested otherwise) had invited the both of you to Jeongguk’s 21st birthday party: A cocky know-it-all senior that you could now call your ex.

Despite this, you had rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest at the mention of his name but begrudgingly agreed to her pleas of ‘you haven’t had fun since you broke up with that bastard’

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