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OMG! finally! after 3 days, 94 finished drawing and 321 layer in SAI, plus fiddling with the timeing in Vegas Pro …  and it still sucks XD

i found this video and after seeing the lyrics in it, i thought about making this with Killer!Sans, and BAM! made it :D

i’m really tired …. anyways, here you go! :3 CL off!

art by lil old me!

Killer!Sans belongs to the amazing @rahafwabas!


Aretha Franklin is retiring, but may her shade live on forever

Aretha Franklin made a major announcement yesterday. She told local Detroit news outlet WDIV that she will be retiring this year after the release of her upcoming album. The singer, who has had a legendary 56-year career in the music industry, reminds us to pay homage to some of her shadiest moments. Luckily someone was gracious enough to put this compilation together on YouTube. 

Gifs: Killer Queen


Violence against Trans Woman in Brazil

A petrified trans woman begged for her life moments before being shot dead in a sickening attack. Dandara dos Santos was dragged from her home and dumped in a wheelbarrow before being rolled to a back alley, beaten and shot dead amid cheers and laughter.

The terrified 42-year-old is seen crying on the ground as she is kicked, punched and hit with shoes and a plank of wood in front of residents in Fortaleza, Ceara state, Brazil.Horrific footage of the incident sparked outrage after being released by police last Friday to help find the alleged killers. The video was initially circulated online by LGBT groups in a desperate bid to raise awareness about the huge number of attacks against trans and gender diverse people in Brazil.

I will put the source under the read more sign. It contains the footage. I am shocked and outraged at this incident. Accept people for who they are and show love and compassion at all times. @sixpenceee stands with trans rights!

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Happy Birthday, Brandon Richard Flowers (June 21, 1981)


rockin’ jams that are great to scream along to at the top of your lungs

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The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale (with full orchestra) @ Late Show with David Letterman (2009)

We were trying to make a more playful, pop record with Day & Age, but I think that “Dustland” is a great example of us not being able to let go of that sort of earnest seed that we had planted on Sam’s Town. It was an important song. I went through a lot of things: My mom got diagnosed with a brain tumor and I just started to think a lot about her and my dad’s generation. They were born in the ’40s, which comes with a certain type of difference. They’re just different Americans than we are.” (Brandon Flowers, Spin Magazine 2015)