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Protecting the Unknown Love

You didn’t know this, but there was a disclosed, black two-door car hidden in the shadows a house down from your own. You didn’t know this, but that same car parked there every night for the past three months. You didn’t know this, but Happy Loman was crazy about you. Ever since you came busting into the clubhouse, telling and cursing at Juice for selling you faulty weed at the shop and then decking Jax in the face for laughing at the ordeal, he’s had nothing on his mind but you. The nomad-turned-SAMCRO member never thought he would be willing to be tied down, the croweaters filling his life until then more than happy to take up his time. But then you happened, all feminine and yet so full of anger that he’d be lying to say he didn’t get turned on and a little curious. ~~~~ “Happy! I need you, hon, I’ve got a question.” He looked at the men surrounding him before shrugging and hoisting himself to his feet and following you to the bar that you’d hopped behind to get two beers. “Whatcha need, (Y/N)?” He asked while popping the cap off of the bottle and taking a swig. “I am in need of a new tattoo and I know that you’re the right guy for the job.” Happy tried to ignore his heartrate increase as he watched her. “What you got in mind?” With this question, he hadn’t expected you to to lift your shirt and show him your extensive collection and the opening on your left set of ribs. “A skeleton set of ribs. Think you’re up for it?” He couldn’t see it but he knew you were smirking. Three months of watching does that to a man. “Oh baby I’m up for it.” He walked over to you and slid a hand along your skin, thumbing at the skin empty of ink and your bra that would be in the way. “Tomorrow evening, I’ll have everything set up in the clubhouse. Eight o'clock.” Happy walked away then, the cool liquid pouring down his throat nothing but bubbles of nerves in a bottle. Fuck, he needed to get a hold of himself. Fast. ~~~~ You didn’t know it, but that night two men tried breaking into your house while you slept. You didn’t know Happy shot both of them only seeing red as he took care of the bodies. You ddiny know it, but the Killer kept you safe. He loved you, even if you didn’t know it.

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Invader Zim self tattoo design but I´m not 100% convinced, I wanna have a tattoo design ready for whenever I feel to get it tattoo on me, the serie means a lot to me it was part of some of the hardest part of my life nd I was scrolling trough some tattoos people have done on them about it, but nothing of my taste, most of them are the logos or Gir stuff XD so I´ll be doing some more designs that look more artistic yet it reminds me the serie 


Flamingo is the debut solo studio album by American singer-songwriter and The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers, released on September 3, 2010.