the killers music videos


this is the best Christmas song/video dont even try to fight me on this

(also Matthew Gray Gubler directed this video so you know this is quality content)

kangaspark  asked:

Omg I absolutely LOVE your Nintendo high school au, peach reminds me of the style that studio killers use in their music videos! It's so cool! Luigi is so cute, Rosie is a queen and samus has been my inspiration since I was a little girl, and the way you draw her all tough n' buff is so inspiring! There aren't a lot of girls like me, (tall, like over 6 feet, blonde, and strong, not soft) so seeing how you draw her is so inspiring! Samus has been my role model for years! Thank you for drawing her

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This means so much to me!! I’ve always loved and been inspired Samus too. I try to draw her they way I always imagined her. I’m happy there are other people who like the way I interpret her. 


Thank you Lana