the killers @ buenos aires

adrenaline (ONE OK ROCK, Toru/Taka, NC-17)

Pairing: ToruKa (Toru Yamashita/Taka Morita)
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Summary: Nothing beats the rush of performing – well, nothing, except for this.

Inspired by my absolute love for this pairing, as well as this hot photoset on Tumblr. Hope you enjoy! Any feedback is much appreciated <3

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If you ask me how my 2013 was… I will tell you it was my worst year ever, all wrong at job and family. The only thing i will never forget from this year is this moment, when i met my favorite band, when i hugged Brandon Flowers and told them all the things i did for them that day. Ronnie called me “crazy” and probably he was right, but i waited like 8 years for this moment. I still got goosebumps when i remember my walk and chat with Brandon going to the VIP entrance at the airport. The gig was awesome, i was in barrier like in 2009. They didn’t play Battle Born (My favorite song from BB) my heart broke that night when the show finished with WYWY. But the next day i just forgot everything because when i hugged Brandon, damn i just forgot everything!!! Btw Ted was such a sweetheart all the times i saw him. We love you Ted. This is probably nothing compared to other Victims. But for me is so important, seeing the terrible year i had. I will never forget their visit to my country this year. Was 1000 times better than the last two times. Thank you 2013 for The Killers. I hope to relive this soon. And not wait another 4 years.