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day 315: if you love leonard snart and wentworth miller and would protect them with your life and you are scared that the writers are going to kill him off again tonight and it will break your captain canary / coldwave heart or that they will not give him or mick proper character debelopment or give him and sara or him and mick ONE proper scene and basically treat mick bad again and don’t want your fave characters to get sidelined clap your hands

There’s two lines in the sand that I’ve drawn for Arrow for myself,” Guggenheim says. “I can’t speak for Greg [Berlanti] or for Wendy [Mericle], but for as long as I’m involved with the show, the two things I never want to do is kill off Thea [Willa Holland] and put Felicity in a mask and a costume.

Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn at the premiere of AMC’s ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3 at Arclight Cinemas Culver City, CA (photo by David Livingston - 03.28.17)

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my state doesn't legally require beaks for anyone over 18 and my manager keeps scheduling me for 10-11 hour shifts by myself so I don't get a break at all. I've worked 60 hours this week and I'm scheduled for 63 next week and I only have one day off. Kill me before this job does D:

  • Colbert: Listen. You’re not, uh, you know –
  • Nate: What, Brad? Embarrassed? Upset? Disappointed? Itchy? Hungry? Earning twice your salary? Don’t worry, I’m not any of those things.
  • Colbert:
  • Nate: Maybe a little hungry. Plus the salary thing.

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4,8,9, and 10

Omg okay, I am so ready for this! Thank you for sending me these mate, you’re amazing :p

4. How do you want Mon-El to be killed off?

 I’ve already answered this one on another ask, which you can find here.

8. How much longer do you think Supergirl will stay as “The Adventures of Mon-El”? 

 Honestly, now that I’ve seen the new episode (s02e18) and his mum will be staying around, I think he’ll die at her hand (probably sacrificing himself for Kara) until the end of the season, or at least, go back to Daxam with his mother (which is way less likely). 

 That Romeo and Juliet reference didn’t seem to be made at random, especially since they mentioned it twice: once before Mon-el and Kara went to confront his mother, and once after they were back home after fighting with her. So I think that they were pretty much foreshadowing his death, and, at the same time, romanticizing their relationship, in order to make us feel like he’s a martyr when he finally dies. And obviously to get that whole “forbidden love that almost happened Romeo and Juliet vibe”. (Nice try, but I’m still setting fireworks when he dies tbh).

 I mean, it does make sense, nothing happens at random on Tv Shows, the writers are always going for these types of symbolism and I’m guessing that on his “death bed” there will probably be another reference to Romeo and Juliet once again. 

 There was literally no reason for them to bring it back again on the couch and yet they did.

9. Why do you hate Mon-El?

Oh my god, okay this could be subject to a whole new rant, like I could legit write a 100 pages essay on this, so in short:


 Now, (@ everyone who reads this) don’t even start with the whole “oh, but he’s sorry!” bullshit, he was a fucking grown man by the time he left Daxam, and it’s pretty obvious he didn’t once give a shit about any on his slaves and how being idk a FUCKING SLAVE ruined their lives. Like, no compassion at all. 

 Another stupid excuse I see tossed around so much, is the whole “he was socialized like that!” Yeah well, so was M’gann and yet she felt in her heart that slaughtering the green martians was wrong and she tried to do something about it, even though she was at a big risk of dying by the hands of her own people.

 Mon el simply never gave a fuck as long as he got all of his needs satisfied, and don’t try to tell me that he was “at risk” either, because no one would dare to touch the bloody prince of Daxam and y’all know that. 

2. He’s extremely manipulative

 Not only has Mon-el constantly tried to manipulate Kara, throughout the show, which is disgusting enough on its own given she’s supposed to be his girlfriend, he has also tried to manipulate his “friends” along the way, knowing fully well that they could be the ones suffering if things went badly.

 Examples: His “I love you’s” to Kara and when he said that she “made him better” in order to try to guilt trip her into staying with him, even though he lied to her (my next point) and she had every reason to dump his ass.

 When he manipulated Winn into leaving the DEO and going to have some “fun” outside when he knew fully well that Winn had been given orders from his superiors and could have lost his job.

3. He keeps lying to Kara

 Ever since day one, Mon-el concealed from Kara his true identity as the prince of Daxam, and deliberately lied about the way he escaped Daxam trying to paint himself as the hero, when he acted as a complete coward and excuse for a person. All of these lies told with the same goal, of course, to sleep with Kara.

4. The way he escaped Daxam

 I’ve ranted about this before and it can be read here.

 But, in sum, the real way in which he escaped Daxam, not raising one hand at his people, not trying to help ANYONE of HIS people was disgusting. He was the prince of Daxam and yet when the time truly came, he could only bring himself to hide behind his bodyguard and run to save his own skin, when his people were literally begging for his help. 

Once again showing a giant lack of compassion.

And finally…

5. He is an extremely selfish person

 Mon-el isn’t a hero. Being a hero isn’t about having super strength, or being super fast. Being a hero is about wanting to do what’s right, it’s about having honour, it’s about being ready to give yourself for the people you want to protect. And it is about doing all of that without expecting anything in return. That’s the important part. 

 The only reason for Mon-el to be trying this whole “hero” thing out is because he gets to be near Kara, he fucking admitted it, he said, as I quoted on the other ask as well: “I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side”. I’m sorry, but that’s just not what being a hero is about.

 You aren’t a true hero if the only reason you’re helping out is because you want to get laid, things just don’t work like that, it has to come from your heart.

 Mon-el only does anything for anyone else if he gets something out of it, that’s just the truth.

10. Why do you hate K*ramel? 

 Another question that I could write a 100 pages essay on omg.

 So let’s dive right into it.

  Their relationship is toxic, unhealthy and built in lies. A healthy relationship must always be built in trust, mutual respect, and love. Karamel just doesn’t meet those requirements; Mon-el keeps trying to manipulate Kara, ex.: the “i love you’s” he said to Kara and the “you make me better” line which were said in order to guilt trip Kara into staying with him when she had every reason in the world to dump his ass for lying to her (as I mentioned above); Mon-el is always ready to start insulting Kara if they disagree, ex.: calling her an attention seeker, when she called him out for using his powers for his own personal benefits, (when he started beating up other aliens for money), etc; Mon-el doesn’t listen to Kara, doesn’t take her opinions seriously, and, most importantly, doesn’t respect her, ex.: When Kara asked for a bit of privacy because they had literally just started their relationship, he says to her face he will grant her that, and literally 1 sec later he proceeds to announce it on her workplace for everyone to hear, which is not only not cute but also disrespectful as fuck.

 I could go on and on but this answer is already pretty long as it.

 Thank you once again for interacting with me, hope you like this :p

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Ah, I totally understand the Itachi thing! I just- he had so many other choices he could have made. *Angry huff* and the fandom set him on this hiGH pedestal. But I can see him making Shisui happy at times and that is why I keep him around. I have a mantra for when he's in my fics "Don't kill him off, don't kill him off," it's a challenge.

*high fives*

To self control and not making Itachi walk off the nearest cliff. I understand completely.  How is it we have this conversation in the same game that:

1.  killed a trans character off screen, and killed a gay turian man off screen

2.  had a trans character tell ryder, her dead name

3.  had gil, a gay man treated in a homophobic way by his straight female friend, and had his entire character arc written around said terrible friendship

4.  had reyes, a bi man whose scenes with mryder were clearly slapped on last minute in comparison to his scenes with fryder

5.  had peebee a bi asari, have the same sex scene with fryder as she does with mryder, because they clearly just tacked peebee and fryder’s sex scene on as well

6.  baited mlm with jaal only to have him be straight in game

It’s honestly so jarring how this respectful nice little lgbt+ friendly conversation, made it into a game that clearly is disrespectful to lgbt+ people in other ways. 

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I know it's pathetic but Regina meant so much to me because I'm going through a hard time and her character gave me hope and made me happy, which is why this episode upset me so much. I agree with your other anons. They destroyed Regina's character. This episode was worse than if she was killed off.

I’m sorry you feel that way. I respectfully disagree.

Regina means a lot to me too for the same reason. I sympathize and understand her character because I relate to her. And her story, her relationships, her character progression and development has been an incredible journey to watch for that reason. It’s satisfying and this was nothing less than that for me.

I get not always agreeing with the writing or the direction they take the story but I just can’t see how anyone watches this episode and sees it as character assassinating. I can’t find that POV or where it comes from because regardless whether Regina shared the light and dark through her hearts or a remerged with the Queen completely, Regina would have had to come to the exact same point and conclusion. The only difference being the Queen went off to find herself and enjoy a bit of happiness while Regina does the same on the other end.

I wouldn’t oppose to a remerge later, but I don’t find it at all necessary.

About That Time the 'Walking Dead' Cast Performed Backstreet Boys for Steve Yeun's 'Death Dinner'

It’s not all decapitations, maulings and brutal murder for the cast of “The Walking Dead.” Sometimes, a “I Want It That Way” karaoke jam breaks up the blood and misery.

Lauren Cohan opened up about some of the ensemble’s antics in an interview with, revealing what really went down at Steve Yeun and Michael Cudlitz’s “death dinner,” the celebration the cast had after their characters were killed off the show.

“It’s funny when I stop to think about calling them death dinners. It’s such a frequent part of our lingo that I forget how absurd it is, like spying on your own funeral,” she told the publication. “We’ve had some of our best nights together at them. There’s always a lot of tears, but we also have bonfires and play games and get to tell the family member leaving how much we love them – and, you know, completely embarrass them.”

She went on to call the party for the duo “one of the best hurrahs” they’ve had so far.

“All the girls got together to plan. I booked a karaoke machine because Steve is a great singer, and especially good at hyper-sincere karaoke performances,” she continued, adding that Danai Gurira (Michonne) suggested they perform Yeun’s favorite Backstreet Boys tune.

“So, as you do, we dressed as the Backstreet Boys-meet-Abraham and reenacted the music video … without the tarmac,” she said. Dear God, AMC, please tell us footage for this exists somewhere and it’ll someday see the light of day!

After Negan beat Yeun’s character to a pulp in the season premiere, Maggie found herself riding solo.

“She’s always grown in tandem with other people. She grew in tandem with Glenn. Now it’s all on her more,” Cohan said of her character. “I hate saying anything that implies, ‘Oh yeah, in the middle of season eight when I’m still alive,’ because I really don’t know if I will be. But as a viewer, I am excited to see that arc being realized.”

As for this Sunday’s season finale, Cohan said fans are “certainly in for a lot of emotion.” She also described the episode as “incredibly bittersweet, beautiful, and heartbreaking.”

Beast Mode 51- Roman Reigns

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A/N- This is the last part of this series! Oh my gosh! Hope you’ve all enjoyed it, I’ve 100% loved it and have had a lot of fun with @lilred91 with the ideas and our random conversations that have driven me to finish this! Let me know if you all enjoyed it!

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like ace ppl will basically praise any form of ace representation meanwhile LGBT+ ppl cant even fucking enjoy seeing an LGBT+ character  on screen because you spend the entire time wondering when the writers will fuck up, when the character will become a joke, when the character will be ignored or (worse and more frequently) killed off entirely

like ace ppl have no idea what its like to be simultaneously desperate for representation while also being terrified of seeing it.