the kilians

The man he was meant to be

It isn’t a broken man who falls to his knee, gazing in adoration at his love.

It is not a broken man who slips a ring on her finger and lets her pull him into an embrace.

Indeed, a broken man would not have borne the heavy burden of regret that he wore on his features as joy became her own.

A man unfinished, would have buried such secrets within his heart.

A man imperfect would have forsaken truth and honesty for the reward of the moment.

That fractured man would not have deserved her.

If he is broken, he was never whole. For how can a man who can love so fully and deeply be anything other than the man he was destined to be? Surely, time and circumstance had sent him on a meandering path of rage and revenge and finally redemption. But it was this path that had led him to her, and though the journey was difficult, his good heart and the love of those who saw his potential saw it to completion.

So as he holds her close and feels the love that radiates from her happy smiles and warm embraces, it is the very pain and loathing that lingers in his heart that solidifies his transformation from a fallen soul to a worthy man of good heart. The man he was always meant to be.