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Drug Wars (Pt. 1)

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

“She’s a babygirl Yoongi, and I think I’m in love with her.”

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs, graphic descriptions of everything, so please don’t read if you’re easily triggered. 

A/N: None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners. There are mistakes, I’ll reread it later. Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 | The Real Drug War

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Talking Body

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson



Imagine: You are in a extremely heated situation with Klaus and your younger daughter bursts in, so you have to explain to her what’s happening and the older one, who understands what you were doing, keeps making disgusted sounds. After it is all done, you go back to what you were doing.

Warnings: dirty, dirty smut. oral sex (female receiving). sex, ofc. a bit fluff. roughness. swearing. and i guess that’s it.

Word Count: 3105

Being Klaus Mikaelson’s partner was definitely not an easy task; aside the fact he was a very complicated and troubled man, the blond had many enemies who craved to see him defeated, which means you were always their first target when they wanted to draw his attention. A bunch of fools, if you were to be honest, for you were no damsel in distress. Matter fact, you had been taught to fight ever since you could remember. Born in a werewolf family, it was kind of obvious that your parents guaranteed to never leave their beloved child unprepared to the supernatural life.

“Mum!” Cami, your younger daughter, yelled, getting you out of your inner thoughts. You closed the book you were reading and offered her a happy smile. “Dad won’t let me have cookies!”

“That’s because you just had dinner!” A masculine voice replied, trying to sound angry. A soft laugh left your lips. “Agree with me on this, darling.”

“Your father is right, baby.” You stroke her red cheek, placing one blonde curl behind her ear. “Also, you need to go to bed. It’s late.”

“Urgh.” She whined, pouting, making both you and Klaus giggle. “This isn’t fair!”

Whilst the girl escaped, running out of the room, you stood up from the cushioned armchair you were sitting on and went straight to your husband's​ arms, enjoying, afterwards, the warm hug he gave you. It was adorable how he never stopped doing these little things like hugging, kissing, holding your hand, grabbing your ass whenever you were not paying attention… All of it; Klaus simply could never stop reassuring his love for you. As for yourself, well, the feelings were wildly mutual.

“I’ll tuck her in.” He whispered in your ear, sending chills down your spine. “Wait for me in our room wearing that. I’ve been wanting to tear that dress out of you all day long.”

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Guys, I finally watched “The Book of Life!”

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Some highlights:

    • “Balby” and “mi amor”o   The entire plot revolves around them trying to spice up their married life by placing the entire fate of the world on whether not the kid they side with gets the girl.
    • Whenever Xibalba goes limp when La Muerte even touches him
      • The first thing that tipped me off that Mary Beth and the security guard Guicho were La Muerte and Xibalba in disguise was when she ran her hand down his face.  And that was in the very beginning of the movie!
    • The fact that La Muerte discovers Xibalba cheated on the wager when Manolo tattles on him.
      • Notice how he appears with a wine bottle, two goblets, and a sing-song voice…. I see what you’re trying to do there, buddy.
      • That scene is also the equivalent of “someone’s sleeping on the floor tonight.”
      • “You misbegotten son of a leprous donkey!”
    • La Muerte’s hat shooting off fireworks when she and Xibalba have their First Big Damn Kiss
    • Xibalba kissing La Muerte’s hand and oh my God I’m a sucker for hand kisses! 
    •  La Muerte slapping Xibalba when he tries checking out Maria
  • There is so much freaking DETAIL in this movie! This definitely deserved the Annie Award for Character Design!
  • The voice acting in this movie is phenomenal
  • “Wow, that totally captivated her.”
  • Manolo singing “Creep” by Radiohead after he refuses to kill the bull 
    • The backstory behind putting the song in the movie is pretty cool too.
  • “What is it with Mexicans and death?”
  • Manolo and Joaquin getting into a slap fight over Maria
  • Can we have Guillermo del Toro work on romantic movies like this more?  Because he GETS it!
  • Carmen asking La Muerte to lift her up so that she can slap Xibalba for his trouble. And he just goes along with it.
  • The bridge covered with candles was probably one of the most romantic things I’ve seen on film. It’s officially up there with the field full of daffodils from “Big Fish”
  • Diego Luna singing in general
  • Chuy’s oinks that sounds like honks·        
  • How did you get down here?”  “Eh, cholesterol.”
  • THE SINGING NUNS!!      
  • “And this is the medal I got for winning the most medals.”
  • Joaquin‘s obsession with his awesome mustache

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I have a headcanon that Kara is Autistic (I am irl) and Alex is real sweet and protective of her. Maybe high school au?

The glasses help.

The glasses help because they dull the overstimulation.

They help, but Rao, they don’t help everything.

Sometimes, they make things worse.

Because her hands are noisy, and her fingers need the solid feel of the rims underneath their tips. 

So she adjusts them constantly – adjusts them when someone expects her to look at them, adjusts them when she jumps when someone touches her, adjusts them when she doesn’t know what to say, because she has her own codes, but it doesn’t seem to match the others’ – and when she adjusts them, people laugh.

They act like she can’t hear. They act like she can’t see.

They act like she doesn’t understand.

But she’s heard her planet scream and she’s seen her planet die and she understands more than any of them ever will.

And she hears them, and she sees them.

And she understands that their hatred exists.

She just doesn’t understand why.

Alex punches them, sometimes. 

She punches them when they don’t lay off. When they surround Kara at her locker and make a game of seeing who can get her to stim with her glasses more fiercely.

But they don’t call it stimming.

Because they think she’s the one that doesn’t understand, but really, it’s them that don’t understand… anything.

So Alex punches them, when her words aren’t big enough.

Alex’s hands talk, just like Kara’s do.

And sometimes, they shout.

Just like Kara’s do.

And when Alex is hauled into the principal’s office, it’s Maggie who slips up beside her.

It’s Maggie who looks at her without expecting, without demanding, a direct look back. Maggie who speaks softly because she knows everything else is so loud.

“Hey Kid Danvers. Do you feel like a soft hug? Or maybe something to squeeze?”

Kara grins.

“Why do you ask me?” she wants to know, and she adjusts her glasses and this time, with Maggie at her side, waiting for her big sister to get out of the principal’s office, it feels good, not weird. Relieving, not stupid.

“Because everyone deserves to control how they interact with the world, kid.”

Kara glances at her and shifts so she’s leaning into Maggie’s arms.

The pressure is soft and the pressure is constant, and the pressure is so, so welcome.

Maggie doesn’t move, and Maggie doesn’t speak, because the touch is more than enough stimulation for Kara.

They wait together, in the abandoned, after-school halls, for Alex to emerge.

Kara flinches when she hears Alex yell inside the office.

“No, I don’t care! They were hurting her, they were taunting her, they deserved it! I don’t care if you call my parents, because you know what my mom tells me to do? Protect my little sister. And you all clearly aren’t interested in doing that, so someone has to! And that’s going to be me, forever.”

She comes out of the office twenty minutes later with a lopsided grin on her face. 

“You should have heard Jeremiah going off on the old man. Something about punishing his daughter instead of the boys who were being mean to you. It was great. I never knew Dad could get scary like that. It was awesome.”

Kara smiles and says nothing, and Alex sighs and lets the adrenaline rush out of her body slightly.

“Hey, looks like you’re pretty comfy there with Maggie.”

“Your girlfriend’s nice to me,” Kara offers by way of explanation, and Alex blushes hard while Maggie beams.

“Anything for a Danvers girl,” Maggie grins, and Kara curls in on herself proudly and Alex preens.

“Ice cream?” Alex invites them both, and she’s not sure who squeals louder, her sister or her girlfriend.

She just knows it’s the best feeling in the world.

EXO (OT9) Reaction to PDA

~Was not requested~


  • would be all for it i think in my opinion
  • butt-grabbing, kissing cheeks, teasing, he just would be all over you
  • eventually be low-key too much for your comfort 
  • “No Jagi, why are you moving away from me? I thought you wanted this?”


  • would be embarrassed to show PDA 
  • probably just simple kissing cheeks, maybe a hug here and there
  • but would secretly want it
  • and secretly love it
  • complete Tsundere 
  • “y/nnnnn….not in public”


  • would kinda be a hate-love thing
  • if he was in a playful mood, be prepared to be teased to death
  • I mean random cuddles, kisses, hugging, holding hands..he would not be able to keep his hands of you
  • But if he was in a grumpy mood…nothing,
  • maybe a hand hold, but do not be expectant
  • “Jagi..lets hold hands today”


  • He would be sort of hesitant
  • Personally, he would love some PDA, heck, he would probably make out with you in the street.
  • But he always obeys his company ehich says PDA is a big no no.
  • Thus, he would find comfort holding your hand whilst walking his dog.
  • “Come on  Y/N, lets you, I and the dogs go for a walk before my next interview”


  • Would not know when he would be showing PDA sometimes
  • Not even kidding, you would have to remind the poor boy
  • Whether it was a innocent hand hold or a cheeky butt grab whilst kissing
  • he absolutely adores you, so he probably would not handle not touching you for a while
  • “aish, who cares, everyone knows we are dating, it is what couples do right?”

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  • would be EXTREMELY careful
  • he is the mother of 8 children so has to set a good example
  • therefore would be extremely stingy when it came to PDA
  • he would look around like a 100 times before carefully putting his arm around you whilst you two were waiting for something
  • then yank that arm away if he saw anyone
  • “Im sorry Jagi, You know i have to be careful”

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  • kyungsoo would not have it all
  • hand holding? moves hand away
  • Kissing cheeks? doges that ish easily
  • simple kiss? Hell nah
  • he would simply give you the look which lets you know to obey and resist
  • “Don’t worry, lots can happen behind closed doors Jagi”

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  • he would love it i think
  • he craves for your affection
  • however, he knew his limits as an idol, and this would kill him on the inside
  • he wants to do so much more to you, oh so much more
  • but satisfies himself with a simple hug and peck
  • “ahh, the things im gonna do to you when we get home”

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  • god, this boy would tease you to death
  • just as you lean for a kiss he would jump away, making you trip over him self
  • he would grab your butt so many times
  • every hand hold end up in a sort of arm wrestle competition
  • but he would love it because he loves attention fro you
  • “ah im sorry Y/N, I will hold your hand properly now, I promise”

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G-Dragon as a Father

Writer ; ~ MonsterYuYu/Yuyu ~

A/N; “It’s a detailed version!”

  • At first, It would be a long talk about having a baby
  • He wanted to make sure you were ready and that he was ready too
  • You would get pregnant quickly
  • Jiyong would be too far excited about this, annoying the members talking about your pregnancy over and over again
  • Literally, someone has to stop him.
  • If he has to go out for something he will feel really bad, and even be a little down
  • Because well… you’re pregnant. He shouldn’t just leave you alone.
  • That’s what he thought, He didn’t want you to lift a finger
  • Even if you got angry and cursed at him, or even ordered him around, it’s okay.
  • He will stand it, He will tolerate it. Because of hormones and all that, he would just go with the flow
  • Adjusting himself with your mood
  • He would want to keep you away from the flashlights and the cameras, the only photos show to the public would be him taking it and posting it.
  • That was a rule
  • Jiyong’s first baby would be a girl
  • So goddam protective of her.
  • Even would keep a harsh eye on the Big Bang members when they hold her, especiallyseungri
  • Strangers holding her he would hesitate so much, not really wanting to hand her, even if it was your friend that he never met
  • It was his daughter, his most precious thing, he was just scared if she got hurt or even scared of that person
  • Would always be around the little baby, playing and taking care of her
  • Jiyong would ask you to teach him how to change diapers, how to put her to sleep, how to feed her… those types of things
  • Because he would want to be alone with his baby once in a while, just the girl and her father
  • Those days would be cherished by him the most, because he got to see his daughter relying on him
  • Showering they with love was something he would so ALL the time, if not every second.
  • He knows that mothership is hard
  • That’s why he takes charge of the night shift when the baby wakes up, knowing exactly what to do to make her sleep again
  • His phone would be filled with photos of his baby and again… save the other members from him.
  • When the baby finally started crawling
  • It was his goal to get her to walk and film it to have proof that he was the responsible of it
  • Jiyong would crawl together with his baby, to get down to her level and play with her more easily
  • He would be a playful dad, always trying to make his baby smile
  • If he ever had to leave his baby for you to take care of alone, he would expect a skype call and updates every single hour
  • He has to know what’s going on
  • It was like he was falling in love more and more with his daughter as time passed
  • Wouldn’t be able to put her down anymore when he went out with her
  • Because if he did she would be crawling fast towards something colorful and Jiyong would always have to run to get her back before she got too far away
  • Embarrassment would be visible in his face when that happened, his face would get all red
  • Hoping no one saw that
  • As his kid grown up, she got more troublesome
  • Always wanting to touch and mess with things, so Ji Yong would always have a sharp eye on her
  • He learned that in a hard way, there was a time…
  • That he left his daughter alone in the kitchen to answer the phone and when he came back
  • The floor was filled with water from the flower vase, the flowers all around the floor and on the girl small hands
  • We could say that he stared at the mess for some good seconds before coming back to his senses
  • There were many thoughts running trough his head as his daughter looked up at him with big innocent eyes
  • He couldn’t really do anything except to move her away from the mess and clean it up
  • Matching outfits and fashionable outfits were a rule made by JiYong in the family
  • Seeing his little girl walk and talk caused him to realize she was growing and then suddenly
  • “Let’s have another baby.”
  • Really bluntly ask you in front of your child and she’s suddenly smiling and saying she wants a sibling to play with
  • Would support his child no matter what
  • If he caught any boys looking at his girl he would find it amusing
  • But as she got older and he saw boys looking at her
  • He would be a bit grumpy, he really didn’t want his daughter to grow and get married
  • More importantly, leave him.
  • With the arrival of the second child
  • Everything would happen again, he would play with it, cherish the kid
  • Would be even worried and protective when the older sister wanted to hold her
  • Another girl, both of they pushing more towards Jiyong than of you.
  • Jiyong was a hopelles romantic and a family orientated guy, it was no surprise he wanted a big family
Prologue // Somebody Else [A Stiles Stilinski Story]

Prompt: Stiles broke her heart and now she can never look at him the same. Even though they remained friends, she can’t exactly find it in herself to truly forgive him and he doesn’t know how to accept her new relationship with the one person he hates the most in this world. Overtime, you could say, they both eventually got over each other… or have they?

Series (collab with @sarcasticallystilinski): Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight 

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Warnings: Only kissing for now, but there will be future smut.

Word Count: 770

Song: Somebody Else by The 1975

A/N: Hello, there! So, I have some exciting news! @sarcasticallystilinski and I have come together to write you guys a really awesome story! I hope you guys like our collab!

“Are you sure we should be out here?” Katalina asked her best friend as they ran towards the empty lacrosse field, his hand in hers.

“No.” Stiles laughed, guiding her behind the bleachers. “But, it’s not like we’ll actually get caught.”

Katalina wanted to believe him, she really did. But, she was so afraid that a teacher would end up finding her skipping class and put it on her flawless perminent record. She can’t risk getting in trouble, not when her goal is to get in the best college of the state. Sure, she’s just fourteen, but, hey, it’s never too early to think about your future.

“Stiles, we should really go back.” Katalina protested, peering her eyes around the field as they settled. “I think we can still make it in time for our next class.”

“Kat, could you just relax?” The boy with freckles painted across his cheeks chuckled. “We’re behind the bleachers. No one can see us, therefore, no one will catch us.”

The young girl took a deep breath, looking hard into Stiles’ eyes to see a possible sign of doubt. When she didn’t find any, she chose to just trust him and, finally, smiled back at him.

“So, what do you have in mind for us to do?” Katalina giggled, excitement beginning to seethe in her veins.

“I don’t know.” Stiles shrugged, a smirk planting itself on his face. “We could play games, talk or maybe- this.”

Katalina’s best friend, the same person she secretly has a crush on but doesn’t have the courage to ever confront it, placed his hands on her cheeks and she could already feel a blush warm them. Her heart beat faster once she realized what he was about to do and she didn’t dare push him away. She wanted this, oh how she wanted this.

With their breaths hitching in both of their throats, Stiles nervously leaned in and placed his lips against hers. It felt so foreign to the both of them, feeling someone else’s mouth on their own, considering this was their first kiss ever. It was strange since neither one of them really knew what they were doing and the kiss didn’t last very long, only a few seconds.

Stiles and Katalina stared at each other, their cheeks flushed with blushes and they felt so nervous. Both kids embarassed at how akward they were at this thanks to their lack of experience.

“C-Can we try that again?” Stiles asked, anxiously scratching the back of his neck. Katalina smiled before gripping his plaid shirt and gently pulling him in, again.

It was harder this time and more urgent. This second one beginning to feel like what they actually expected kisses would be like. Stiles and Katalina meshed their lips together, doing everything they can to try and understand what felt good. Once they seemed to get a hold of it, they let themselves enjoy each other’s touch.

Both of their hearts sung and fluttered at how they were kissing each other’s crushes. Neither one of them knew it, but they were already in love at such a young age. And this bond between them was only going to grow stronger.

“What the hell is going on here?!” A familiar voice shouted, causing the two lovebirds to break their kiss.

A chill ran up Katalina’s spine when she turned around to see a very shocked and confused Coach Finstock staring them down with wide eyes and his hands placed on his hips. Stiles held a hand up to cover his mouth and hide the laughter that so desperately wanted to escape as Katalina stared at the teacher in horror. She didn’t know what to do or say, all she could really do was stand still in fear.

“Get back to class!” Coach yelled, both of them immediately following orders and running towards the school.  Finstock shook his head in disbelief, disgusted at what he just witnessed. “Ugh, kids. I’m teaching High School from now on.”

Once she realized she wouldn’t be getting in serious trouble for this little act of rebellion, Katalina let herself breathe again and looked over to a laughing Stiles. His happiness triggered her own and she laughed along with him, feeling all of the weight being lifted from her shoulders.

She felt light and at peace as they ran, a lot like how she always feels with Stiles. They were young, but in love and inseparable. And they would remain that way, even when the odds worked against them. Stiles and Katalina would always find a way back to each other, no matter what.

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Hello my italian pal!! If you're still taking requests for the top 5 thing, how about top 5 Tendou moments?

Hello there my fellow Italian pal! I’m always in for some good old Shratorizawa love and Tendou is one of my faves so here we go!

1. “Ever since I saw that expression, I couldn’t be satisfied with a one touch anymore”. *slams fist on the wall* WHO DARED TO WRONG MY BABY TENDOU??? That flashback broke my heart in so many pieces. Those kids were so mean to him, calling him a monster just because he was different? He was just a little child who wanted to have fun and play volleyball…I’m so proud of how he turned his pain into his strength (and kicked so many asses with it)

Originally posted by taejiwoo

also, wherever you are now, little kid: fuck you

2. THE SONG. “Keep on breaking them! What? Their hearts!”. It’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard and I love it. 

shout out to mama swan Semi Eita here <3 

3. “Blocking isn’t a technique to stop the ball, it’s a technique to smack down the ball”. We all love Tsukki, we all love Kuroo. But Tendou is a blocker on a complete different level, because he treats a block like an ace would treat a spike: as his ultimate weapon. He’s a swan, after all. 

Originally posted by kourai

4. His relationship with Ushijima. Two of the most misled and mistreated characters of the whole story both found pure frienship and comfort in a hopeless place. I love how Tendou treats Ushi just like a normal person, he’s not afraid of him, he teases him a lot but he’s his #1 supporter, and the same thing goes the other way around. Ushi sees Tendou for the amazing person and player he is and not the monster everyone else accused him to be. They radiate such a calm and peaceful feeling when they are together…every single moment they share is honestly so precious

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5. Being an adorable dork: a compilation 

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- bonus: look at my little ballerina how graceful 

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Grocery Run

Description: John needs to get himself off when the reader gets him a little too excited. 

Pairing: John x Reader

Warnings: impala smut, voyeurism, masturbation, some fluff

A/n: In this piece I imagine Sammy being around 6-7, and Dean being 10-11 years old

side note: young JDM will be the death of me

“Boys, come here.” You gave John the look that said gentler with the boys. He tried his best to be a good dad, but John’s voice was always gruff, and he needed to learn to tone it down with kids. Sammy came skipping over from his place at the table in the next room, with Dean trailing briskly at his baby brother’s heels.

“Yes, sir?” Dean said, trying to calm his energized little brother.

“Y/N and I are gonna go into town. It’s about 2 hours to the store, but we will be back to make dinner. So Dean, make sure to look after Sam. You can go outside, but stay away from the road and the woods, alright?”

“Yes, sir." 

Sam was pretty much hanging on your leg now as you went to pick him up and set him on your hip. 

"What do you boys want for dinner?” You looked at Sam as you said it, knowing he would answer first.

“I want grilled cheese!” The little boy piped up, smiling. 

John smiled at his youngest son before turning to Dean. “And pecan pie for you, of course.”

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When We Collide (Part 14)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“Cutest couple in Hollywood? My ass!” You commented loudly and looked down at the magazine in your hands, you wondered why you had even decided to invest money in it in the first place.

Your feet were resting on top of your desk while the icon of Tetris was still on your computer screen, but it was paused and your full attention was on the large front page in front of you.

“It’s all just a freaking joke.” You leaned over to grab your mug to take a sip of your almost cold tea, it had been standing there for too long and definitely not helping on your angry mood.

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12.21 coda

doing the best with what i got here, friendos. grateful to this post.

it’s an extra long one because people seem extra pissed today.

Her eyes snap open past a sheen of cold sweat. It still clings to her forehead, soaks the back of her neck, tangles her hair. She can’t even bring herself to sit up for how bad she’s shaking. 

Mary has no option but to ride it out. She can’t help but think she’s done this before.

When the tremors pass she pushes herself to a sitting position. Hunched over, she fights the urge to vomit. She’s got a headache that she wouldn’t choose over a bullet.

The door clicks open. She lifts her eyes, but it’s a struggle to do so. Her vision is blurry.

“Hello, Mary,” someone says to her. She blinks. “How are we feeling this morning?”

Mary squints. Brown hair. Deep-set eyes. Fat wrists.

“Where - ” she pauses to cough. “Where is… she?” she asks.

The new woman in front of her tilts her head. “She?”

Mary winces. Her head hurts something fierce. “Ponytail,” she whimpers. She looks up and realizes that this woman is wearing a ponytail as well. 

But her hair is too dark. It’s not right. She’s never seen this woman before. Her gut just knows.

“I don’t know what you mean, Mary,” the woman says. Her voice is soft and sweet, lilting with the accent.

Mary closes her eyes. “What about… um. Ketch,” she says, pleased she can at least remember one name. “I want to talk to him.”

The woman’s eyes go sad, pitying in the most insincere way. “He’s indisposed at the moment, I’m afraid. But I’d be happy to talk with you, mum.”


Mary hisses and falls back against her cot. The woman doesn’t move forward to help her.

Mary looks down at her lap. There’s blood smeared there.

A cut on her hand is open and stinging. The stitches have torn. 

Or… maybe they were already torn.

The woman sighs and reaches for the door knob. “It’s no good,” she says somewhere to her left. Mary blacks out a minute later.

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Stone Cold Sober

Who: Chris Evans
What: Inspired by Say You Won’t Go by James Arthur

“I’m so in love with you
And I hope you know
Darling, your love is more than worth its weight in gold
We’ve come so far my dear
Look how we’ve grown”

“I wanna live with you
Even when we’re ghosts
‘Cause you were always there for me
When I needed you most”

It had been a rough year.

Chris was in way over his head with everything that he had signed up for. In the sense of trying to juggle his work life with his personal life. He thought he could handle both but his personal life just seemed to slip through his fingers. It had been a few months since he had spoken to his sisters and brother and even longer with his mother. It was rare for him to get lost in his work. Chris had always stressed that family was important in keeping him grounded. 

He knew his family would understand, because this was what he wanted to do. This was who he was. Chris hardly felt guilty when it came to his family because in the end, he knew that they would always be there for him. The only person he was worrying about was [Y/N]. Chris felt as if it had been an entire year since he got to sit down with her and talk about random things, the kind of conversations he fell in love with. 

And in retrospect, it had been a year since their last dinner date. 

Chris had captured [Y/N]’s attention about four years ago and despite their very busy schedules, they always made time for each other. They had an understanding. Work came first because anyone that was part of the film industry knew that whether or not they wanted to admit it. Work was number one until it was time to dock it further down the list. And they had both agreed that day would come when children were involved because [Y/N] was just as passionate about kids as he was. 

But, it had been sixty-seven days since he had physically seen [Y/N]. And he craved her touch, her kisses, the way she’d dig her nails into his back, and more importantly her laugh. Chris wasn’t entirely romantic, he had good intentions but it just wasn’t him and he loved that [Y/N] didn’t expect much. Because when he would, he’d get her a single flower and present it to her with a kiss and a sincere, “I love you so much.” And it reminded her just how much she loved him, not that she really ever needed a reminder. 

So, here was. In the middle of their kitchen. A little white stuffed bear holding a single red rose with a bottle of her favorite wine sitting on the counter top. Chris had managed to get off a few days earlier than he thought and he wanted to surprise the love of his life. He forgot what it felt like to be happy in the arms of his girlfriend. He heard the jingling of keys, sitting up straight, he waited for her to enter the kitchen. 

To say Chris startled her was an understatement. [Y/N] thought her heart was about to leap out her chest. Clutching her chest and leaning against the counter, she gasped. “Holy shit.” Regaining her composure, she spotted the stuffed animal and wine, “I thought you weren’t coming home until Thursday?” 

He moved towards her, cupping her face in his hands. Relishing her scent and warm cheeks. “I wasn’t until I moved a few things around.” Chris kissed her gently, “I missed you, bug.” 

She chuckled at the sound of her nickname, how she got it was beyond her knowledge. “I missed you too.” Wrapping her arms around him, she squeezed him tight. “I’m glad you came home early, we would have only seen each other for less than a day before I would have to go out to New Zealand.” [Y/N] would be lying if she said that she didn’t hate this past year. It was hard not seeing Chris for more than a week before the either of them would have to run off to the other side of the world. But relationships were all about compromise and commitment and she’d be damned if she was going to let the only man she ever loved slip from her fingers because of distance. 

He pressed a kiss to her head, “I’ve been thinking about us.” 

[Y/N] wasn’t sure if she liked the tone in his voice, pulling slightly away, she frowned. “Do I need a glass of wine for this?” 

Chris laughed, his hand reaching for that signature spot. “Baby, no, it’s not a bad thing but I wouldn’t say no to a glass.” 

Turning her frown upside down, she nodded and pulled away from him completely. In a few quick seconds she was back with two glasses and a bottle opener. She handed him the opener and graciously took the bottle from his hand once he popped the cork. Pouring a generous amount in each glass, they toasted to finally spending time together. 

“Now, what’s got that mind thinking?” She asked.

Taking a sip, he gave a gentle smile. “I miss us. I thought I could handle us and work but I don’t think I did a very good job.” 

“You didn’t but you know I don’t mind.” Frowning, she shrugged. “I mean I would have liked to see you more but I understand. It comes with the job, you know. We both knew what we were getting into when we snuck off that night.” [Y/N] reminiscence back to that night where the two of them got so unbelievably drunk at an after-party that they ended up in her hotel room with their clothes all over the floor. She had never met someone that she could get along with so well then Chris. They instantly clicked when they were sober and things got even better when they were drunk. It was inevitably once the pair finally met, it was almost like love at first sight. 

“Yeah, but that’s the thing.” Chris groaned. He set down his glass of wine and cupped her face again, his body pressing against hers which caused her hips to collide with the counter. “We work way too much. I almost forgot what it felt like to be with you. If we weren’t face-timing or texting, it was almost as if I was single. Not that I went out, because you know I didn’t but that’s what it felt like. I don’t fucking like it. 

I’ve been with you for four years and hell, [Y/N] it’s been the damn best four years of my life. It’s unreal how lucky I am to have you. I love you so fucking much that you have me wrapped around your fingers.” He let his hands fall from her face and to her waist. “I want to focus on us, I want to feel us, I want to feel you. Work is just work but when I’m with you, it’s like a whole nother world.” 

[Y/N] looked in his eyes, searching for some kind of explanation for this. “So let’s focus on us. Let’s take a vacation.” 

Chris shook his head, “No, baby. I want to marry you.”

[Y/N] choked a little, had she heard him right? Did Chris just say that he wanted to marry her? “Marry me?” She asked in disbelief.

Chris laughed again, throwing his head back. “Yes, baby. You.” He pulled her in close, nipping her lips for a moment. “You and I have been to hell and back. You were there for me whenever I needed you. And I like to think that I’ve done the same for you. I don’t want to do that for anyone else but you. I want to wake up every single morning knowing that I have you for the rest of my life. I want to rush home from the airport because I know I’ve got my favorite girl waiting for me with our kids. I want to start this life with you, [Y/N]. No one else. I want to love you with every bit of my soul because being away from you this past year was rough.

And I don’t know if doubts ran through your head or not but I want you to know that I don’t ever want to see you walk out our door with your bags packed for good. I can take it if you’re leaving me to come right back when you’re finished with work but never for good.” He placed a tender kiss on her lips, breathing her in. “I love you so much.” 

[Y/N] melted into his kiss, her hands gripping his upper arm. “I love you so much.” 

Rain or Shine (Part 2)

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 2k



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You giggled as Draco slid his hands across your sides, blowing raspberries onto your stomach. The fire was crackling gently, the warmth of the room causing you both to have stripped to your underwear. The room of requirement had shown itself to you as Draco had pinned you against the wall, wishing he had somewhere private to take you.

“I want to show you how much I love you.” He whispered delectably, his fingers tickling the nape of your neck. “But I don’t want to show you in a cupboard, or dusty storage space.”

Then the walls had started shifting, the sound of stone scraping against stone startling you both. The room had given itself to you both in that moment, providing you with a comfy safe haven to be with each other in private.

Draco brushed his lips against your wrists, smiling at how clean they were. The scars were still there, but much fainter. The scarred flesh was no longer raised, instead only thin white lines remained. He looked back up to you, hovering a moment only to fall back down and put his face into your neck. His hands still wandered, devouring every inch of your body.

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PAUL: It was unfortunate for Julian. I’d been fortunate to be around a lot of kids. I’m from a big family so your cousins would dump a baby on you and you’d know you have to jiggle him on your knee. You couldn’t go, ‘Oh no, I’m scared of babies!’ You had to jiggle it and you became good at it. I used to like playing with kids a lot. One of my enduring memories of when the Beatles first hit it and we were very famous, you’d go to people’s houses and they’d say, 'Would you just say good night to the kids? Would you? The babies won’t go to sleep till you do.’ So I’d always go up and say, 'Good night, sleep well.’ I enjoyed it, it was a very calm, fulfilling role for me. I’ve enjoyed being a parent, just never had a problem with it, touch wood. I’ve had problems with parenthood, like anyone does, but my mind was never set against children or kids, they never frightened me, whereas I think they did with John, even his own son.

            We’d gone on this Greek holiday once to buy an island and Julian and I spent a lot time playing around on the boat. I used to play cowboys and Indians with him, and he’d love it: a grown-up who would go, 'Now you chase me, and I’ll chase you, but after you’ve caught me, not before, okay?’ And you were totally in this mad magic game. I remember John coming up to me once and he took me aside and said, 'How do you do it?’ I said, 'What do you mean?“ He said, 'With Julian. How do you play with kids like that?’ I remember feeling a wave of sorrow coming over me, like uhh, I’d love to be able to tell you. Then I tried to give like the potted version, you know, 'Play, pretend you’re a kid. Play with him.’ But John never got it. Never got the hang of it. John was always a man. I see a lot of parents like that, still, to this day. They can’t make the break to realise that it’s great to give so much of yourself to a kid, because you get it all back in triplicate. Some people just don’t know that. John was a single child so he didn’t necessarily know that and he didn’t get much education afterwards.

            When we saw him with May Pang, I remember him coming up to me and hugging. He said, 'Touching is good. Touching’s good,’ and if I ever hug anyone now, that’s a little thing that sticks in my mind. He was right, but the thing is, I actually knew it more than John did, he only was saying it because he was discovering it. I don’t think he had a lot of cuddling, certainly not from his mother, because he wasn’t even allowed to live with her.
—  barry miles, paul mccartney: many years from now
Untimely Ripped

Until I was rushed into emergency surgery, there was nothing really unusual about my pregnancy. I was perfectly healthy for nine months. I went to doula-guided community yoga classes where we processed our pregnancies in group talks and learned about safe, empowering natural alternatives to the Patriarchal Medical Establishment. I sailed into and out of appointments with my OB/GYN (who I went to because I was pretty sure I’d want that epidural in the end, no matter how patriarchal it was). I didn’t have a single complication or complaint to report. And then I actually went into labor, and everything went wrong at once.

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Secrets | 10

Summary: Peter Parker is your kind, loving boyfriend of 2 years, who also just happens to be the web slinger, Spider-Man. And even though you support what he’s doing, you can’t seem to escape the thought that Peter is getting lost in this new superhero world.

Word Count: 1183

Warnings: Language

A/N: (Written in reader’s POV, then Peters // italics indicate inner monologue/thoughts.) THIS IS IT! y’all, I hope you enjoy the end of this little series, and please let me know what you think! :)

Secrets | 9

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I was going through all my unfinished and rejected text files (there’s… quite a few). So, instead of leaving them to collect dust on my computer, I decided hey, why the hell not. Think of these as the roughest of rough doodles. Doodles that might be missing hands. Or are all drawn in side-profile. Most of these are NOT finished.

This one is actually finished!


Pale skin, scruffy clothes, blue eyes. Human. Your eyes catch and stumble, but he’s already lost in the busy throng of the market. There’s no reason for you to come to a complete stop, but you do, skimming the crowd.

Gone. A beefy rustblood nearly knocks into you into a cart with de-spined slimeslugs. “Walk much?” she sneers.

You bare your fangs on reflex. It’s merely the usual polite half-distracted scorn twaddle, because she moves on and you turn toward the cart.

“Wow, what was her problem huh?”

You start, look to your left and there he is. All elbows and knees, hair like a bird’s nest, sly smiling. There’s no way you’re not noticing that half translucent skin, the blue-not-blue running in clears streaks like fucking targets. With effort, you drag your eyes up to his face. He grins wider.

Smooth, Karkat, you groan inwardly.

“You don’t look from around here,” he says, winking.

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Approbation ft. Taehyung

“don’t worry too much babe, she’ll love you.” taehyung reassured you while he helped you adjust your hair.

“yeah..i guess you’re right. i hope.” you half smiled.

you heard him smack his lips and sigh which made you feel worse about the situation. he was frustrated that you didn’t have any confidence in yourself because he damn sure had confidence in you.

you couldn’t help it though, you were black and your boyfriend was korean. his culture was very strict with relationships and yours wasn’t.

you’d often hear koreans or any other asians say that they would date a foreigner but never marry one because of their parents. you always thought that it was weird to date someone and not look to marry them.

does that mean that they wouldn’t mind wasting their time with someone because the objective of being in a relationship should be to grow together…to marry.

you used to think about things like that early in your relationship until you asked taehyung about it.

“tae… are you gonna just date me and then break up with me? you know, since marrying a foreigner isn’t really accepted here?”

taehyung turned to face you after you finished your question. he stared at you, blankly for about half a minute before opening his mouth to respond.

“you know y/n…i love you. we’ve been together for how long?” he paused and raised his eyebrows at you, waiting for the answer that the both of you knew and always bragged about.

“4 ye-”

“yes, 4 years y/n. and you know…if you want the truth, i’m thinking about marrying you. i don’t care about all that culture stuff although i know that i should but whoever doesn’t accept it will have to hold a long ass grudge with me cause i love you and i want to marry you. no one else. so don’t worry too much about it. your frowning will cause wrinkles.” he pecked your lips.

“black don’t crack.” you grinned.

“ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ” taehyung broke out into laughter only causing you to do the same.

it was good that you didn’t have to worry anymore.

“we leave in five minutes.” he said before leaving the room.

you took one last look in the mirror and got your things after giving yourself a pep talk.

in a few minutes, you would be meeting taehyung’s mother. you had already met his father by accident. but luckily, he accepted you.

he even called you beautiful and said that you looked like a goddess. when you received all of those compliments from him, taehyung couldn’t help but cry. so you knew that he was gonna cry if his mother accepted you.

the ride there was silent, mostly because the both of you were nervous. taehyung parked in the driveway and killed thd engine.

“are you ready?” he asked.

“yeah, but are you ready? you seem more nervous than i am?” you placed your hand on his thigh so that he could grasp it.

“ahh we’re both nervous but, just remember that whatever happens here today, i’m not leaving you.” he squeezed your hand a forced a smile.

“alright, let’s go.” you broke the silence and stepped out of the car.

you looked around in the yard, there was a garden of flowers and small decorations. tae did tell you about how his mother loved gardens and a good looking yard.

aside from the white fences, the lightly colored painted house seemed welcoming. this was the first time that you saw the house up this close. you used to only be able to look at it from a vehicle window or a picture. it was very beautiful and bright.

taehyung rung the doorbell and grabbed your hand. “remember what i told you.”

the door finally opened after an additional minute. his father and mother welcomed you two in with smiles which took you by surprise.

“ohhh she’s tan!” his mother said in a joyful manner while literally rubbing your hand that she never let go since you got here. “your hair is big. i like it. it’s beautiful, really.” she almost touched your hair but stopped herself and asked you if it was okay. after telling her that it was fine, she turned into a little kid who loves to play in hair.

“and you are foreigner? you from america?” she spoke in english.

“yes. i’m from america. and you don’t have to speak in english, i’m fluent in korean.” you responded, in korean and of course her jaw dropped.

“what!? wow! you’re so good at it…”

“yeah mom y/n is good at a lot of things.” taehyung interrupted the moment that you were sharing with his mother.

“where did you find such a gem like her son?” his father asked while eyeing you and mouthing that you’re doing great.

“we ran into each other a lot during my trainee days and she was my makeup artist on the day of bts’ debut.” taehyung spoke those few words passionately.

“you’re seriously crying?” you giggled at him when you noticed a tear roll down his face and took his hand in yours. “cheer up baby!”

you finally had your opportunity to sing the catchy song, which earned you laughs of approbation from the parents.

taehyung slyly cringed at you and stood up, causing everyone’s attention to turn on him. “eomma i’m hungry.”

“ahh y/n is this what you have to deal with? my son is such a kid!” she slapped his shoulder. “y/n please come help me prepare dinner in the kitchen!”

you proceeded to follow her, but ended up being pulled back by taehyung. he kissed you all over your face and closed any space that existed between you two.

“tae let me go!” you pushed against his chest but he didn’t budge.

“i love you so much y/n and you know…i told you you didn’t have to worry.” he whispered in your ear.

“oh please you were the worried one.” you said while still trying to get out of his hold.

“do you want to eat or do you want to give me grandchildren!?” tae’s mother walked into the room with her slide in her hand ready to hit someone.

“both.” taehyung whispered to himself while he let you go and you went into the kitchen behind her.

“do you know how to cook?” she asked and you responded with a shy nod. “don’t be shy around me, you’re my daughter now so call me eomma!” she walked from around the other side of the island and hugged you.

“thanks..eomma.” you smiled.

you weren’t sure if she knew exactly what you were thanking her for but she knew. you were thanking her for accepting you and not giving you a hard time about dating her son. you were blessed to have the outcome of this be so positive.

everything felt in place now, and you wouldn’t ask for anything else.

Do You Believe in Soulmates? Part 5


Summary: Your brothers and you meet up after years of being apart. The case you are working looks more and more like a supernatural case. But when your brother’s figure out what you are dealing with you can’t help but feel scared.

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, and Smut (only a very tiny bit). The whole nine yards.

A/N: Hey guys, thanks for the patience and support. I apologize for taking so long to come out with this but I hope you guys enjoy this and I hope this makes your day a little brighter :) Plus thank you for the love and support that you have poured out over messages. I’m going through a very tough time right now and all your support has kept me afloat. There are no words to express how much I love and appreciate all of you. Thanks. I love you all! 

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds, Supernatural Crossover

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“Hey, it’s me. How fast can you get to Danvers, Massachusetts?”

“Woah! Slow down bug. Let’s start with ‘Hi, Dean how are you? You tied up at the moment?’” you brother replied.

Rolling your eyes, an action that was almost second nature for you whenever you spoke to Dean, “Fine. Hi, Dean how are you? You tied up at the moment?” you state out robotically, not waiting for his response you continue to talk “Okay so listen my team is looking into a case that seems to be more up our alley than the FBI’s.” You heard some muffled talk in the background and pegged it as the moose joining the conversation. “Three girls all 16 years, whose mom’s died when they were 10 were found murdered over the past three days in, and this is what got my attention, Danvers, Massachusetts.”

Before you could explain further Dean interrupts you, “Okay maybe you geeks know what the significance of Danvers is but you mind sharing it with the rest of us who actually have a social life?“

You laughed at the frustrated sigh that erupted from Sam’s throat, you could almost picture the bitch face that he was throwing at Dean right now. “Danvers, Massachusetts was formerly known as Salem Village, where the witch trials took place,” you heard Sam explain.

“There’s more,” you continue explaining the rest of the case to your brothers. After you finished explaining your speculations that the mother’s had made a demon deal and now demons were coming for the daughters, there was a long pause.

Dean decided to break it and says, “Okay bug we’ll be there in about half an hour. We’re wrapping up a ghost in Newton, New Hampshire. Can’t wait to see you, kiddo.”

You smile and say, “Sammy make sure you’re there as reporters and use the credentials that I had Charlie make you. And Dean, she’s married with a kid so no flirting.”

Though he had no i­dea who you were talking about Dean still managed to say, “Aye, that just means I can’t touch. I can still look, and talk.”

Laughing at your brother’s stubbornness you shake your head and say, “She also has two guns and is a terribly good shot. So I wouldn’t if you want all your limbs intact. See you soon.”

As you hang up the phone you can’t help but smile like an idiot all the way to your seat, just the thought of being near your brother’s got you giddy. Though as soon as you came in the view of your co-workers you subdued the smile and tried to act as you did before the phone call. You take an empty seat away from the rest of the team and look at the case files to try to think up an action plan. “You okay?” a concerned male voice breaks through your thoughts, thinking that it was either Morgan or Reid you sigh looking up, only to be surprised at the concerned eyes of the team leader that met you. “Yeah Hotch I’m fine,” you lie, so badly in fact that even a kid could see through you. When Hotch doesn’t stop his eye contact with you, you sigh and start to explain, “Hotch I’ve handled a case like this before back when I went undercover.”

Before beginning at the FBI you had to make up a background story. You held degrees in not only Psychology but also Criminology and Sociology. When Dean went to hell, you promised him not to try and get him out. This proved to be incredibly difficult because every moment you were awake you wanted to get him out, so you decided to go back to school and dove nose straight into a heavy course load. By the time Dean made it out of hell and came back to you, you wanted to drop everything and go hunting but after a lot of forcing on Dean’s and Sam’s part, you stayed in school for the rest of the semester before enrolling into an online school. And after Sam went to the cage, you found it difficult to live the apple pie life that you promised him you would. So you did the same thing you did when Dean went away, you dove into school and came out with your third and fourth degree impressively in a year and a half. However in order to be in the FBI, you had to have some prior work with law enforcement and after some calls, many of the law enforcement officials that you’ve helped out in the past put together stories of you going undercover for the cases that you solved as a hunter. So to the rest of the team, you started off as a field agent, who went on several undercover ops for several police units even though you weren’t officially a cop. You excelled in your field in a matter of months and the director of the BAU himself ordered for your transfer to the team effective immediately.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Hotch asked after you paused.

“Hotch the only thing that I can tell you about these cases are that it blows your mind how much there is out there we don’t know about. And for cases like this, I have to be fully focused on the case, so if I seem cold for the next few weeks I apologize,” you finish.

Hotch stares at you for a couple of seconds, and you know that he’s trying to analyze you but he smiles reassuringly and says, “When we land I want you with Morgan and me, we’re gonna go straight to the police station. And (Y/N) I know you might be intimidated to tell me things, but as much as I am your team leader, I am also your friend.”       

“So you’ve never seen these girls around here before sheriff?”

“That’s right. Never seen any of ‘em until we found the bodies. Excuse boys but that’s the FBI,” you hear the sheriff finish up what seems to be an interview with the two men that you have been dying to see. Even though you had to be professional you couldn’t help the goofy grin the ghosted your face when you made eye contact with them.

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“Agent Hotchner? I’m Sheriff Boldwin. Thank You for coming on such short notice,” the balding sheriff shook hands with your team leader.

“Of course Sheriff, these are Supervisory Special Agents, Derek Morgan and (Y/F/N Y/A/L/N),” Hotch introduced you two, and you shook hands with the sheriff.

“Agents, can we get a quote for the paper?” Dean walked over and said confidently to your team leader. Morgan and you tried your best not to snicker at the face Hotch was making if it was possible you were sure Hotch would have punched Dean right then and there.

“Sir, if you follow me I can get you your quote,” you interrupted before your boss could tell them off. Morgan smirked and whispered, “Try not to scare them too much.”

“I make no promises,” you playfully whisper back to him before walking to an empty office room. Once you make sure that there were no prying eyes looking into the office you launch yourself into the arms of your eldest brother.

“Hey bug, I missed you too you know,” Sam joked as you stayed in Dean’s arms for a bit longer than intended. You smile at jump into his arms next, letting out a squeal as the giant actually picks you up off the floor and spins you around. After the warm greetings, Dean gives you the address of the motel they were staying at and then tease you, “So Supervisory Special Agent can we get a quote for the paper?”

Rolling your eyes for what seemed to be the tenth time in a matter of minutes you shove him a little. “Did you guys find anything else? Any omens?” you ask. Sam opens his pocket book and starts to state off signs he found, “Well since you told us we could only go as reporters, we couldn’t look at any of the evidence but there is definitely a demon in this town. There’s been rumors of cattle mutilations, electrical storms, as well as abnormal weather six hours before the girls showed up dead.”

Taking it all in you declared, “Okay well I’ll have to stay here and work the legal angle but once I get a chance to look at the crime scenes and evidence I’ll text you. Guys this demon took out three girls in three nights, there’s a high possibility that a girl is going to die tonight, and we have no idea why.”

“Okay I’ll do some more research,” Sam acknowledges the group.

“And I’ll do some canvassing,” Dean states, at you raised eyebrow he adds, “and keep the flirting to a minimum.” You laugh at this and bid them goodbye, exiting the room but before you could get far, Dean grabs your wrist pulling you closer to him and whispers, “Cas told us about your little soulmate. You know that you’re not allowed to date, right? You’re too young.”

You look up at you older brother, trying your best not to roll your eyes, you smirk saying, “Tell you what, you stop flirting with anything and everything with boobs, and I won’t go near him.” Satisfied at Dean’s conflicted face you walk back to the conference room where the team had started to set up. By this time the rest of the team was back, their raised eyebrows made you aware that they noticed the interaction between Dean and you. The interaction, plus the smirk that was on your face must have added up to you being interested in the handsome reporter to them, and the thought makes your smile falter. A little grossed out that your team now thinks you are attracted to your brother, you take your seat across from Reid and dive into the case files completely ignoring the silent questions being asked by each of them.

Reid came in with Rossi about ten minutes before you exited the office room with your brothers. He had a coffee in each hand, one for him black coffee with 4 packs of sugar, and another specially made for you. It was a silent pact made by you two that when you guys were working a case and one of you seemed to be a little bothered, the other would try everything to make them feel better. Spencer, of course, noticed that you were bothered by this case from the beginning. He also knew that you were as stubborn as it could get and wouldn’t talk or even acknowledge that there was a problem. You would over work yourself, be too invested and then go home feeling drained and crappy for weeks. 

However, what he didn’t understand is how you seemed bothered by the case yet on the jet after the briefing you were happy. You tried to mask it, but you were happy. Your eyes were sparkling, your cheeks were slightly rosy, and there was a ghost of a smile on your face for the rest of the ride. Though he loved to see you happy, he was a little perturbed that you were happy while they were in the middle of one of the goriest cases they’ve investigated so far. Reid had placed your coffee across from him and was searching for you when Morgan informed him that you were scaring off two cocky reporters. When you didn’t return for another 20 minutes Reid got worried and got up to come find you, but that was when you came out of the office room followed closely by two men who resembled greek gods. Spencer watched the interaction between you and the blond reporter, his heart twisted as he saw you smirking almost seductively at the reporter, leaning up to whisper something to him, your faces just inches apart from each other. He saw the conflicted look on the reporter’s face, guessing by the smirk on your face, he assumed that the reporter must have asked you out and you were playing hard to get. Reid was almost certain that that was what just happened. He had witnessed you turning down men like the reporter before, once he asked JJ why you did that she had smiled and explained either you were interested in someone else or you were playing hard to get. Reid considered the possibility that you were interested in someone else but quickly wrote it off.  One of the perks of being your best friend was that he knew all the men that you interacted with. Aside from the team, the only men you ever came into contact with were the mailman and the barista at the local coffee shop that you and Reid frequented. The mailman was 60, married with 2 kids and 4 grandkids, and the barista was engaged to his longtime girlfriend. He had considered that you might like one of the guys on the team but Morgan was too much of an older brother to you, Rossi treated you like his daughter and you were too scared of Hotch to have any sort of feeling other than respect for him. 

Thankfully Rossi spoke up, saving you from the awkward silence, revealing to the rest of the team what Reid and he found out at the crime scenes, “It looked like she put up one hell of a fight, and from the looks of it I think our unsub is an incredibly strong female. There is no way that any of these girls could have fought a man to this extreme.”

“Are you sure about that Rossi, footprints says the unsub is a size 10, that’s got to be one big woman,” you expressed your doubt.

Rossi took your doubt into consideration with a mischevious smile he said, “Hey Morgan you’re a size 10 in shoes, right?” Morgan nods. “(Y/N), you’re about the size of these girls. Why don’t we go outside and see what kind of a fight Morgan and you could put up?” Rossi suggested playfully. As you scoff off the suggestion, Morgan puts on a smirk and said, "Nah, that won’t be fair, I would cream her.”

“Morgan, she was able to fight with a 6 ft. 240-pound man and hold her ground for 15 minutes. I think she would cream you,” Reid makes the first contribution to the conversation since you’ve all arrived in Massachusetts. He went back to examining the case files as fast as he made the comment. There was a piece of hair that fell onto his face, and it took all you got not to reach over and put it in its spot. You didn’t even notice until then but he had gotten you coffee, from the looks of it, it was the coffee Reid especially makes for you whenever he wanted to cheer you up. There was a note stuck to the side of it ‘Whatever is bothering you, I’m here,’ you smiled as you saw he tried his best to reach you. As you were filled with happiness to see that your best friend will always be there for you, you also start to feel a little guilty at the way you’ve been avoiding him. It wasn’t his fault that heaven decided that you two were meant to be, and you should know better if the heavenly bastards wanted something they would get it one way or another. 

As you were looking over at him he looked up and you send a silent thank you for the coffee and the support through your smile. He smiled as well and focused on the map trying to come with a geo- profile. While he was busy thinking he brought his lower lip in between his teeth, and you pressed your thighs together trying not to acknowledge the heat building up in between your legs. You couldn’t help the images that played in your mind as you watched him bite his lip and run his hand through the unruly mess he called his hair. You wondered what his lips tasted like, how his lips would feel against yours. How your bodies would feel pressed up against each other, how good it would feel to have him inside you. Damn it (Y/N)! It was as if you were falling more and more for him the more you looked at him. Morgan cleared his throat signaling that you were hopelessly longingly staring at the doctor. Again.

You turn your attention back to the team, as Hotch asks, “So other than the unsub being female, was there anything else that you guys found at the crime scenes?”

“Yeah,” Reid looked up from the files, “There was sulfur at the scene.”

Dammit! You thought.

“File says that there was sulfur at the other crime scenes too. Not really in a pattern but definitely significant. It’s part of her M.O,” JJ adds. Just as you were about to text your brothers about the demon theory being correct, you get a message, you read it and couldn’t stop the little gasp that escaped your mouth. 

Prince and Princess of Hell. Meet us at the motel ASAP.

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