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Mark Lee’s meaningful message “I hope you won’t forget the value of each

Little Bastard

Every year I ask my 2nd graders to draw a picture of whatever scares them most. We discuss the drawings in class. It helps the kids confront their fears and control them.

Sharks in the 70s. Clowns and nuclear bombs in the 80s. Serial killers in the 90s. Lately, guns and lockdowns. Some fears are silly, and others I can’t even bear to talk about. But since the beginning, one subject has appeared with astonishing regularity, two or three in every class.

Aside from slight variations in perspective and style, it’s always basically the same picture. A boy sits high in the trees that grow on the grounds of the middle school next door, on the opposite side of our playground fence. He’s flinging rocks at terrified children below.

“God help the little bastard I catch throwing rocks,” we teachers would say to each other.
But we never caught anyone. Middle schoolers are quicker than minnows. And the victims were no help, refusing to tattle or return fire. My colleagues believed it was a perverse rite of passage: smaller children endured the abuse until it was their turn to throw rocks at future generations.

In class each year, I’d hold up an assortment of the perennial drawings.
“What are these about?” I’d ask. “Bullies?”
The kids would shake their heads.
“Ghosts,” they’d say.

Here’s the weirdest part. They always drew that boy the same way. Red hat, one eye slightly bigger than the other, brown shoes. How was I supposed to explain that? I couldn’t. All I could do was give those poor kids my speech about bullies, and stuff their drawings into my desk drawer with the rest of them.

Then last summer, the middle school chopped down the trees and built a new gymnasium in their place. All the teachers were thrilled.
“No more rocks,” we said to each other.
No more ghosts, I thought.

So imagine my surprise when more than half my class drew that damn picture again this year. Sure, the trees were replaced by the gymnasium and the ghost boy was gone, but the rest was the same–children crying, bleeding, flinching, crouching in the dirt.

I spread out the drawings on my desk and called up Tanner, a kid I trust to be a straight-shooter.
“What is this?” I asked. “The boy’s gone. He can’t throw rocks at you anymore.”

“Not at us,” said Tanner, pointing at something in each picture. I dug out the drawings from previous years and Tanner went on pointing at those too. “He was aiming at her.”

A little girl. Lemon yellow dress. Hair in pigtails. I hadn’t noticed her before because she’d been cowering with the other children, afraid.
Not anymore. In the newest drawings she was standing tall, chin up. Smiling.

Tanner spoke in a whisper, almost too soft to hear.
“And now there’s nobody to stop her.”

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Hey there Jax-sensei I gotta question. Me and my Girl got into an Arguement recently and she thinks I don't care about her as much as I do. Honestly I love her, she's perfect. Funny, kind, smart beautiful and not gonna lie has a great rack. I love her so much, anyways we made up but I still have this feeling she's a bit cross at me. What can I do to show her I really care about her?

I dont know why people always ask me relationship questions lol but I’ll give it the old Jax try. 

Okay look dude what you wrote me is honestly really sweet and the fact you’re trying to rekindle things shows you’re a genuine guy. You told me you love her but how about her. You should tell her that everyday without being overbearing.

Why dont you Tell her just knowing she’s out there thinking about you, caring about you, makes you feel so at peace.
All your fears, all your yesterdays, wash away. And only hope remains in the promise of her embrace.

TELL HER “you make me THANK God for every mistake I ever made, because each one led me down the path that brought me to you. And when we finally come together, I want to hold you. Hold you all night.” 

Stroke her hair. Tell her she’s a woman, and show her your a man.
Until there is only now. You, and I, and now.

Or something like that. SOMETHIN PASSIONATE she’s the LOVE of YOUR LIFE so Treat like that. She’s a Dime, someone you’d fight ANY MONSTER FOR or any monster with because you dont care what physical pain anyone can bring you, losing her would be the worst form of suffering you could possibly endure.

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The best lovers are best friends so tell that and show her that.  and thats a relationship that cannot be matched.

SHOW her how much you care about her.
Don’t have unfinished business and if all your words are true and your love is pure best of luck to you!


have you guys seen this video???? im tearing up so much this is so good :’’D

  • Me: *rolls up to the podium on my Heelys to give my valedictorian speech*
  • Audience: ???? What??? Is she doing
  • Me: as we roll through life...
  • Audience: *groans* not the puns....
William Nylander - Show and Tell

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I have to be honest here, this is one of my favorite ones I’ve done so far!

Request from @leafstrashtm :  Do you think you can do a William Nylander one where you are a kindergarten teacher and he comes to the classroom and is all cute with the kids

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listen. i just am really happy that guzma, an abused and sad kid, grew up to make a whole team of people who didnt belong. gay kids. trans kids. bullied kids, kids with disabilities or speech impediments or terrible social skills. i’m glad he made them a club and gave them a chance to be happy. im glad plumeria is their protective big sister, someone who wants them to be safe and will do anything for them. im glad for team skull.

au where your aspect determines your hair. 

Space aspects with hair that’s pitch black, but at night, it sparkles with star light. It floats around you, unable to be contained with hair bands or brushes. Things in them are swallowed up, only to appear somewhere else. 

Breath aspects with bright blue hair that sways in a breeze even when there’s no wind. It smells like air, and always tangles itself up five minutes after being brushed. Cut ends will float.

Time aspects with red hair, air that’s short one minute and long the next, full and luscious in the morning, but thinning and flecked with gray in the evening. you put a bobby pin in it and you find it there five months later, after being sure it fell out, because it sure as hell hasn’t been int here since you put it in. 

Light hair that’s so damn yellow it looks like a sun, light hair that seems to be gold, even though you swear it feels like hair when you touch it. After it’s cut, the cut ends will turn into a black goop, though, hot and sticky. Make sure this is disposed of properly. 

Hope hair that is white. It never seems to be fully there, and sometimes, when people reach out and touch it, it’s not. But you never have any trouble brushing it. It is completely capable of doing anime hairstyles. Sometimes, when people walk past it, they can hear faint whispers that sound like a prophecy, but never quite make out the words. 

Heart hair that’s pink, with darker pink streaks. It glows every time you have strong feelings, pulses with anger or fear or joy or love. If you cut off a piece and give it to to a friend, it will pulse still. 

Void hair that has no color, it simply is (or isn’t). Sometimes, random things can be found in it, but if you put something in it, it will never be found in your hair again. You’ll never be able to tame it. Sometimes, though, it will exist, and be a dark blue color. 

Life hair that’s beige, but whenever someone’s hurt, it turns green. Your hair grows so fast, it’s like Rapunzel and you have to cut it often. You remember in Disney’s Rapunzel, how she could wrap it around someone and heal them? It also does that. It smells like grass and plants, and flowers can be seen blooming in it sometimes, flowers with no stem. 

Mind hair that’s teal, and always straight.  It’s said people who carry a lock of this hair will make better choices. You can’t do anything impractical with this hair, since it simply will not stay. 

Doom hair is dark green and thin, and reeks of death and sickness. It falls out so easily and turns to dust when it’s cut. Sometimes, dead bugs are found in it. If people touch it, they’re almost certain to get sick. 

Rage hair is purple, and whenever you’re angry, it lifts up and floats and glows light purple. It sticks up unnaturally, and is completely uncuttable. Touching this hair can cause people to go berserk. 

Blood hair that’s dark red and smells like blood. It’s sticky sometimes, for no reason, and has been known to leave smears of blood on seats. You wash it, and wash it, and wash it, and it never, ever, ever gets any better. It’s said, though, that if you cut off a chunk of hair and divide it between two people, those two people, so long as they keep the hair, shall have the best friendship they could ask for. 


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Different is good. So don’t fit in. Don’t sit still. Don’t ever try to be less than what you are and when someone tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up high and be proud.
—  Angelina Jolie at the 2015 Kid’s Choice Awards