the kid's like 16 and abused

My opinion on the “James vs Snape” issue.

I love the HP fandom, but I just hate how in this fandom Snape gets more love than he deserves, meanwhile James Potter gets more hate than he will ever deserve. I can’t believe that it’s 2017 and people still believe Snape was a hero and James was a terrible person.

James Potter was a jerk when he was a teen and yes, he bullied Snape. But he was 15, and “a lot of people are idiots at the age of fifteen”. Tell me that you weren’t an idiot sometimes at that age, I dare you.

If he was such a bad person, then why was he totally okay with Remus being a werewolf? He loved his friends like nobody else, and it’s canon. He became an unregistered animagi so that his werewolf friend wouldn’t have to suffer through the full moon alone.

Do you realize that when James Potter used Levicorpus on Snape, he had already been planning on becoming a death eater and had been trying to out Remus as a Werewolf? This is actual canon from DH.

You have to remember that even if James was an idiot, Snape was no saint either. Remus even said that Snape “never lost an opportunity to curse James”. In fact, it’s mentioned by anyone who talks about the marauders and Snape that the animosity and hexing between them was mutual, so don’t tell me that only James hexed Snape.  We don’t actually know how one-sided Snape’s bullying was. But if what Remus said it’s true, then it was mutual. Even if Snape’s worst memory is true as told,  this happened after he was openly associating with pureblood supremacists, dismissing the use of dark magic as ‘a joke’. 

You need to remember that James despised Dark Magic, and he couldn’t even just say the word “mudblood”. He was the complete opposite to a pureblood supremacist.

He grew up and became Head Boy. He matured, and did it enough for Lily to fall in love with him.

After school (possibly even in his final year), James grew up, and became part of the Order of the Phoenix as soon as he left Hogwarts. He realized what a douche he was to people and changed for the better. He joined the Order because there were innocent people dying for no reason, and he knew he could fight and help. He joined because he loved Lily and he wanted to make sure there was a future for them, a future where they could live happily ever after. And then he died trying to protect his family. He faced Lord Volvemort wandless, unarmed, so his wife and their baby could escape. James Potter was many things but he was not an idiot. He knew that facing Voldemort at that point would be the last thing he did, but did it anyway. He decided that Lily’s life, and Harry’s, was more important than his own. 

You have to rememeber that literally everybody from Hagrid to Lord Voldemort thought James Potter was a good and brave man. 

On the other hand, Snape called the girl he was ”in love with” a mudblood infront of the entire school. He directly verbally abused her with a racial slur and became involved in a movement that wanted to kill her and eradicate her kind. He chose to shatter their friendship because his ego was hurt that a girl was helping him, even though she probably was the only person who was nice to him. 

His treatment of Petunia was terrible. He’s been bullying people since before he even went to Hogwarts. Since he was little, he thought muggle-borns and muggles were inferior. 

He created a spell that could kill his enemies when he was at Hogwarts. And after that, he finally joined a terrorist organization that wanted to kill people like the woman he was supposed to be in love with. He probably killed and tortured people. He was a loyal Death Eater for multiple years.   

Snape may have loved Lily, but his love for her was selfish, seen in the fact that he was willing to let her husband and her infant child die. Actually, I don’t think he loved her. He was obsessed with her. Or at least, he loved the idea of her that was on his mind, not the real Lily Evans. If he had really loved her, he would have tried to save her family, knowing that she would suffer if they died. But he was willing to let a baby and an innocent man die if it meant he could save Lily. If it meant he could have her. 

And when Lily died to protect her child, he realized that he made the wrong decision and “changed”. He became a spy, and I know it was hard. I understand that. I acknowledge Snape’s efforts as a spy and his contributions to the war. In the end, he turned out to be a brave man who tried to rectify his mistakes. But that doesn’t really change how a terrible person he was.

He abused his students, he bullied them. He targeted Neville, knowing he already had self-esteem issues, knowing what happened to his parents.  He threatened to poison his pet. He consciously targeted someone he perceived as weak, to the point where he became Neville’s worst fear at age 13. A fucking teacher was his biggest fear, not the people that tortured his parents into madness. Don’t you see how fucked up is that?!

Snape body shamed and insulted Hermione, who was an intelligent and hardworking student (just like Lily). He made her cry. 

Yes, he tried to protect Harry, and saved his life more than once. But he also verbally abused him, a neglected, abused, orphan who had done nothing wrong but look like his dead father. A father that he didn’t even know, by the way. Snape mocked and insulted him at every turn. Snape did everything that he could to make Harry’s life miserable because it was his way to have his revenge against James. This is not a 15 years old boy bullying another, it’s a fucking 30 years old man abusing a kid because he couldn’t let it go his hate about a dead person.

He tried to have an innocent man killed because of what happened when they were 16. Yes, Sirius was an idiot for that, I’m not denying it, but he didn’t coerce Snape into doing anything. He just gave him information. It means that Snape, on his own, decided it would be a great idea to sneak into the Shrieking Shack just to prove that Remus was a werewolf. 

He caused Remus to lose his job after spending years suffering in poverty. He deliberately made Remus’ students to write an essay on how to spot and kill a werewolf, to emotionally attack and possibly out him as a werewolf. He later did out him to the entire wizarding world, just because he was angry because Sirius didn’t die.

After seeing the abuse Dursley’s inflicted on Harry, he thought it was funny and felt no sympathy. Harry was fifteen. The same age that Snape was when he was (supposedly) “bullied”. He didn’t care about the abuse, he didn’t see himself in Harry. He thought  it was funny. Fucking funny. 

Usually, people at 15 are jerks and bully each other. But teachers aren’t supossed to abuse kids. 

James Potter was a jackass, but he didn’t join the equivalent of a magical nazi organization when he left Hogwarts. He didn’t experiment with dark magic and he died protecting his family. He grew out of it. He was a good person in the end.

Snape only betrayed Voldemort because he was chasing after Lily. He only left the death eaters because he wanted to protect Lily, if Neville was the chosen one, he would remain in his position as a Death Eater.

So sorry if I prefer James over Snape all the way.

my thoughts, or just shitting on antis cause fuck em

- Keith is 18. 18 motherfuckers!!!! turning 19!!! you’re treating him, who lived by himself, who is fucking fighting for the entire U n i v e r s e, like a little fucking kid when in fact he’s not. he is fucking OLD! A GRANDPA! ABOUT TO DIE!

- Pidge is 15 and Italian. Ya know what the age of consent in Italy is? 14-

- Lance and Hunk are the lil babies here apart from Katie. BUT,,, Lance was born in Cuba, and is 17. The age of consent in Cuba is 16, sluts!!

- according to Hunk’s voice actor himself,, Hunk actually already turned 18.

- The age limit for something to be considered pedophilia is 13.

- not everything is fucking abusive why can’t you just let people LIVE oh god

- most Antis owe a huge fucking apology to Josh, Bex and any other people on the crew that they’ve fucked with cause oh my god ur so annoying

- josh Keaton himself,,, is in a relationship with a 6 year gap. they are perfectly happy and have 2 children.

- Fiction ! Has ! Never ! Sexually ! Influenced ! Reality! I’ve done my homework-

edit: adding even more points cause I’m one salty piece of hot ass

- Antis misuse the term “pedophile/lia” and have been misusing it since the very beginning, actually. im not sure who they think they’re helping here but it sure ain’t pedophilia survivors. they don’t actually care.

- antis heavily involve their opinions and feelings into their arguments, especially on the age gap. NO ONE CARES IF U DONT /LIKE/ THE AGE GAP, BRENDA!!! what we need is facts, and the facts are: it’s legal.

- they sure love to say they don’t condone threats but they don’t do shit about them

- love to call Sheith unhealthy, despite it being the healthiest and most balanced (and honestly, most established) relationship in the actual canon series.

- Shiro loves you, baby. that’s all, have fun, i expect to see VIOLENT SHEITHING FROM NOW ON

y’all actin like it is sooooo hard to let go of a minor character that you enjoyed while you were a teen and now that you’re an adult you still wanna fuck them like bitch i loved josuke when i was 16 and i still do today but the second i turned 18 i stopped with “he’s my bf” and moved onto “he’s my son that dates kids his age” why y’all actin like you gotta go to court to divorce a character if you’re 18+ and you’re lustin over a teenager you’re an absolute freak straight up


OBITO SUCKS like i have a lot of sympathy for obito as a child and its super fucked up that he had to go thru all of that but hes,,,, an adult now and honestly isnt sympathetic enough for me to give a shit bc hes an asshole. 

i understand that he was abused and manipulated as a teenager, but my ability to feel bad for him has a limit because as an adult (a 30 yo man!!) he is continuing that abuse and manipulation on to other teenagers. like he fucked sasuke up. real bad. he literally drove sasuke into a super intense panic attack and dissociation episode until he passed out and then proceeded to tie him up and force him to listen to him anyways. he then continued that abuse by manipulating sasuke into taking part of his own weird fucked up and dumb ass plan which caused sasuke to act recklessly in trying to kidnap killer bee and then the kage summit (which was basically a suicide attempt lol) like he just really hurt this 16 year old kid and madara did the same to him but hes grown now and there arent excuses for that shit hes THIRTY.

along with that most of his motivations are literally based around him being friendzoned by rin as a kid. like he hates kakashi bc rin had a crush on him. he wants to do all this weird fuck shit bc he got friendzoned like thats boring thats weird thats so straight who cares. 

he kills his teacher, his teachers pregnant wife, and tries to kill their baby. like! YIKES. thats so extra and dumb why would i like someone who does all that? and then he goes on to help kill his entire clan? writing wise that barely makes sense but thats awful and dumb lol. 

NOT TO MENTION THE WAY HE TREATS KAKASHI. hes awful to kakashi he makes it known that he blames him for rins death and insults and hurts him and its terrible. i honestly cant believe ppl actually srsly ship the two of them bc 

like honest THIS is fucking heartbreaking. its horrible watching obito call kakashi trash. watch him beat the shit out of kakashi wo him even try to defend himself. watch kakashi agree over and over again thats hes an awful person. its terrible it hurts i dont wanna watch kakashi hurt like that at all. fuck obito he can die again for all i care. 

and im p sure thats the primary reason most people hate obito. hes a piece of shit that made kakashi feel like shit and were all defensive and thats fine! thats valid! fuck people who hurt kakashi! kishi made a writing choice to have him fuck up kakashi and now everyone hates obito! GOOD

and its so weird seeing people compare him to madara and sasuke bc thats the main thing i see when ppl talk abt “why does everyone hate obito” (bc i think its fine to like him but like….. ofc ppl hate him) and it just?? doesnt work that way??? 

i like madara bc hes a villain. flat out hes the bad guy with a dumbass plan and when he dies ill miss him bc hes hot but im not gonna ask for a madara redemption arc. i think madaras backstory is engaging and heart breaking and interesting. i think madaras motivations are valid and make sense altho the end results r bad writing. i dont feel the same for obito. hes boring and kishi kept pussyfooting around him being a villain or not and im not interested in him all like that. 

i like sasuke bc sasuke did nothing wrong. like theres more to it but sasuke is a 16 year old boy who repeatedly makes bad choices but ones that are born from oppression, trauma, manipulation, and vulnerability. hes only 16 and most of the super dumb shit he does can be attributed to the abuse he faces at the hands of adults (obito! being! one of them!) if sasuke grew up to be 30 and abuse and manipulate a teen then id probably hate him too lmfao. but that doesnt happen. obito does tho! bc obito is a grown fucking man!

and thats the thing that i keep saying over and over again: obito is an adult. everyone in this series has faced trauma and abuse and manipulation. theyre ninjas for fucks sake. but obito is continuing that on as an adult who should know better. i have no sympathy for grown men that rely on their childhood abuse to justify the ways they continue that on. i dont care about a 30 yo being hurt as a kid if hes also hurting kids. like. i dont care. just die already or at least try and look hotter when killing 200 men like madara does. 

can we just appreciate seto kaiba for a second? the guy was an orphan who got adopted by beating a wealthy CEO at a game of chess, when his adoptive dad abused him relentlessly he used it against him and took over as CEO at, what, 14????

he then changed the company’s business from war weaponry to card games in no time at all and opened up theme parks specifically for underprivileged kids to be happy

and he’s like 16??? sure kaiba might be a prick whose obsessed with card games but he’s also an abused kid who was able to overcome so much so early in his life

Just some AnE related thoughts:

- There need to be more Lucifer fanfictions.
- What exactly is a nephilim in Blue Exorcist? If they are half angels, why haven’t we heard of them yet? Are they rare and special?
- I definitely want to know more about the Demon Eaters. I mean wikia considered it as a race other than human or demon. Are you born a Demon Eater? Or are demon eaters created by the Illuminati? How do they function? Why does Lucifer need them? I think the Demon Eaters are really cool and they need to be appreciated more.
- I honestly want to see some ability development in Rin. Yeah I know, he has the mighty blue flames, but I think it would be nice to see a more individual and complex power on him than just burning things with blue fire
- There are some characters who definitely need this character sheet. Like Lucifer, Nemu, Yuri, Illuminati Mom, Gedoin, Godain and Ryujis mom (I just forgot her name sorry). I don’t even remember if Amaimon and Izumo had such a thing.
- I honestly don’t understand why there are so many people hating on Arthur…I mean yeah, he’s kinda arrogant etc., but he’s a strong and individual character and I feel like people forget sometimes, that he has also really good character traits. For example he has a strong sense for traditions, morals and justice and that’s a good thing.
- What the fucking Satan is going on with Mephisto’s personality lately? He’s switching between the anime-loving funny clown and the creepy cunning demon. Is he schizophrenic or something? He confuses me and I feel like we need explanations.
- Izumos and Lucifers past make me really sad. I mean look at Lucy: He’s around 2000 years old. His body doesn’t even last 10 years. So that literally means he physically died around 200 fckn times! I think he’s one of the most misunderstood characters in the whole series. Also Izumo: Her sister has no memory of her, her mother’s been abused as a lab rat, she’s been bullied and also threatened by the Illuminati. Izumos past is the saddest one in my opinion.
- How are demons created? Can they have kids? Are they created by negative energy or humans believing in them?
- Is Gehenna actually like a parallel universe? How shall we imagine it?
- Where did the Baal live in Gehenna? Did they have some kind of hell palace there?
- WHY does Lucifer want to give Satan a new body, if Satan stole his perfect body 16 years ago and took Lucifers chance to end his suffering away from him?
- ALSO WHY does Lucifer want to create a vessel that lasts forever, if he wants to blow up the planet anyway?
- When exactly did Yukios mental problems start?
- I have reasons to believe one of the demon kings is actually a demon queen because in the flashback we’ve seen a female silhouette. I could imagine it to be Egyn.
- ALSO WHY THE FUCK IS IT “Yuri Egyn” and “Egyn - King of Water”? Do they have something to do with eachother?

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He doesn't have power over me. I chose to get pregnant. I wanted him in my life. He isn't exactly mature, his IQ is 92 and he's incredibly insecure about being dumb and acting 16. I act much older, I've been raised to appear and act as such. I never got to be a kid. My parents wouldn't even let me go to high school. Adulthood is all I know. I'm not some innocent kid. I'm a kid who's on a lease, getting her GED, 3 months pregnant and 4 months sober, because he helped me and loves me.

Thats….. literally a grooming tactic. Thats a textbook pedophile abuse tactic “I’m really just like you mentally” “You’re more mature than me anyway”

No 22 year old that isnt trying to get their partner tethered to them in a way that they will never leave no matter what, will encourage their partner to get pregnant especially before that partner even turns 18.

Im reblogging this with some screenshots of other peoples comments on my other answer because you need to see them

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Whenever someone is like "I don't support pedophilic ships," I'm like ok, but are we talking about a pre-pubescent child and an adult? Or a 16 y.o and an 18 y.o bc there's a difference hunty

Literally same. Like when someone posts something like “pedophiles are bad!!!!” It’s like ok do you mean actual pedophiles who are abusing kids bc yeah totally I agree or are you meaning people who ship a fictional ship with a slight age gap bc if so you need to stop

Just Abused Kid Things

It is WAY too easy to find other abused kids in the general vicinity for only 1 in 16 people to suffer through child abuse. It’s almost like that number is actually a lot higher and child services just doesn’t do enough to help us and should probably either be funded more or redesigned.

did someone say selfie party? (more like an excuse to post photos of myself)

aNYWAYS I saw that people were listing things they liked about themselves so here goes:

1) I’m a HUGE nerd. I let go of that for a while cause I wanted to be ‘cool’ but eventually got my head on right and I’m back to doing what I love! (reading until 4am)

2) I LOVE MY BODY. Honestly I’m crazy narcissistic, but I spent 16 years hating myself so when my friends tell me I’m too obsessed with myself I tend to ignore them.

3) My stubbornness. It’s what’s kept me alive so far. It was my unwillingness to go to rehab that got me to quit drugs cold turkey and never look back. It got me through an abusive home, through living on the streets. Honestly I think it’s what I’m most proud of. 😛

How to tell if that new DID/RA survivor friend of yours might be manipulating you.

I’ve seen a lot of muckraking happen in the DID community surrounding one or two individuals who have been called out on their abusive behavior. I’d like to just say “thank you, everyone who has worked hard to document the abuse these individuals have committed against the community,” but I can’t. Not entirely, anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad people are brave enough to speak out. That said, I think we need to address this issue from another angle as well. 

When I first saw people sharing screenshots of abusive and/or manipulating things that the original sprite-wings did, I was hopeful that the conversation would broaden and people would start to take a hard look at who becomes popular in the survivor world and why. I was hopeful that the Kimi situation would launch thoughtful discussions about the fact that there are actually a lot of abusers online who pretend to be survivors. There are also a lot of people who technically are survivors but who are not “on our side.” This is especially true in the ritual abuse survivor community, where some survivors may still be cult-loyal or even running “errands” for active cult members.

I was *badly* abused by a popular RA survivor a few years ago, and sadly I don’t have screenshots. I don’t even know the full extent of what happened thanks to whatever method they were using to make me forget things. This happened to me long before I had ever heard of sprite-wings. Getting rid of individual abusers in communities is a positive step to take, but considering how much harm these abusers can cause, I really think we need to talk about the warning signs. What kinds of things did people notice about sprite-wings before programming triggers were hit off and screenshots were published? What signs can we look for in the future to keep ourselves and our communities safe?

I have some ideas.

If you are trying to evaluate whether or not a new friend in the survivor world is safe, ask yourself these questions:

1.      Did you feel like there was something “oddly familiar” about this new friend or like you had known him forever when you met? Did you feel more in-need of his approval or more desperate for his compliments than you ordinarily would be with a virtual stranger? If you are an RA survivor, be wary of people who feel “so familiar.” It’s possible you just made a fast connection or have a lot in common, but it’s also possible that the person is familiar for a reason – either you actually have met him before, or he’s emulating the behavior of an abuser you don’t fully remember. Be careful with sudden, unexplained familiarity.

2.      Does this person seem unusually fixated on you in spite of the fact that you just met and she has tons of friends already? Does she say things like “you’re the only one that gets me” or “you’re the first person who has ever really cared about me” even though she has 150+ followers who she seems to really enjoy talking to?

3.      Did/does their trauma have a shocking amount in common with trauma you’ve blogged about or shared on forums – down to the abuser’s hair colors, specific abuse dynamics, age ranges, alters created from it, etc?

4.      Does his DID system bear an uncanny resemblance to yours? Is it common for him to copy parts of your system by “suddenly remembering” or “suddenly discovering” new alters every time you introduce one of yours?

5.      Is she constantly revising her trauma story every time you share new information about yours? Did she suddenly grow a ritual abuse history the second you said you went through ritual abuse? Note: Sometimes being around other survivors can trigger memories to the surface, but abusers/manipulators, particularly those who copy other people, tend to go through this every time anyone says anything about their own abuse.

6.      Do her details seem a bit “all over the place?” Is it common to hear her say she was held hostage all through 2005 only to get on Facebook later and share fun vacation photos from that very same year?

7.      Is she constantly playing “hot potato” with the abuser label? Did she come to you in tears three weeks ago, claiming that your mutual friend Karen was an abuser only to change her mind the next week and insist that your mutual friend George manipulated her into believing Karen was an abuser only to change her mind yet again this week to suggest that she was “just upset” when she said all those things and none of them are/were true, then take that back and claim that your mutual friend Sarah is the true abuser, then take that back and accuse you of being an abuser?

8.      Does he fluctuate between candidly giving these intensely triggering, photorealistic details of his trauma and becoming suspiciously “foggy” on details whenever you notice logical inconsistencies in his story?  

9.      Does her story ever feel like a patchwork compilation of everyone else’s stories? Does she have a practical clone of your friend Karen’s trafficker, a system that’s nearly identical to your friend Rob’s system, and the same high school experience as your friend David?

10.  Does she seem to have no emotional connection to anything she’s talking about? Does it sometimes seem like as long as it gets her a lot of comments and “likes,” it doesn’t even matter to her if the words she’s writing are true or not?

11.  Does he frequently “accidentally trigger you? When he found out you were triggered by soap, did he randomly reblog 800 pictures of soap and claim you never told him that was one of your triggers or that he figured it wasn’t a serious trigger? Does he constantly post other people’s programming cues and then try to claim that that’s his way of “processing” something that happened to him?

12.  Was he a whole hell of a lot nicer and easier to get along with when you met him than he is now?

13.  Has at least one person told you that you need to seriously re-evaluate your friendship with your new friend or suggested to you that your new friend is an abuser/manipulative/deceitful/belongs in jail/etc?

14.  Do they tend to only talk about aspects of their trauma that are “en vogue” at the moment? Do they seem magically capable of only ever needing to “process” the same things that everyone else in your group of friends is processing so that their needs will always be compatible with the group’s, making it impossible for anyone to ever ignore them or miss one of their posts? 

15.   Does this person frequently make excuses for a “good abuser,” a cult member who has “changed” and should not be judged, a “kind” programmer, etc? Does this person expect you to feel comfortable spending time with or hearing positive things about their incestuous mother simply because she “sort of apologized,” their abusive ex who “changed,” or the person who trafficked them but “has a good heart?” Does it seem like your new friend barely knows the difference between a good person and an abuser? Is your new friend seemingly unaware that there’s even a problem with this way of thinking? 

Edit/Note: Many survivors deal with feelings of loyalty to abusers, and many survivors who *don’t* feel this way have at least one system member who does. The difference tends to be that survivors make “special exceptions” for their own abusers that they would never make for other abusers in general (ie: “it’s wrong to hit your kids, but MY dad had a good reason’ I’m sure none of your dads did though”), whereas the abusive DID community member will sometimes 100% acknowledge that a person is an abuser but then talk about how that doesn’t take away from how funny, cool, attractive, cuddly, kind-hearted, wonderful, etc their abuser is. Frequently, these “devotional” statements are made right after you’ve said something about not wanting to forgive your own abuser or having recently stood up to/reported/cut off your abuser. It’s meant as manipulation/guilt-tripping in a way. 

16.  Does this friend seem like he’s in a constant one-uppmanship battle trying to prove he’s the most damaged survivor on the planet?

17.  Is this person manipulating you into letting them stay at your house?

18.  Does this person or one of this person’s alters have a porn blog full of sadistic imagery that they constantly share with people without bothering to trigger warn or without adequately warning them that it’s a violent porn blog?

19.  Does this person ask for tons of details about your story but then never really respond when you share them? This is a particularly bad sign if you’re an RA survivor or anyone whose abusers might want “reports” on what you do and don’t remember. Avoid sharing your entire story with people who have not earned your trust.

20.  Does this person try to convince you that your friends are actually abusers when there’s not really a good reason to do so?  

This is not a complete list and these items may not mean someone is an abuser on their own. However, they should all raise red flags.

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oh man, honestly, one of the things that irritates me most about the fandom is that so many people deliberately twist the characters' personalities, motivations, and actions around to suit their anti-whatever-character needs. Like, people with Sasuke for example, excusing everything he does and acting like every decision he made was right while putting Naruto down for everything he does and saying his decisions were wrong, he never understood sasuke, etc etc. (1/?)

And people do the same for Naruto. It’s a thing that bothers me a lot because neither Sasuke nor Naruto really understood each other for a long time. Naruto didn’t understand Sasuke’s actions and anger until Jiraiya died. Sasuke didn’t understand Naruto’s actions and determination to chase after him until the very end of the series. A lot of people ignore the changes both of them go through, and the main argument is “one should’ve tried to understand the other!” and they’re not wrong, but they’re like 12-13 years old in the first part, and kids make mistakes all the time. They’re still really young during the second part, like 16-17 years old, and of course teens make mistakes. Yeah, it would’ve been easier if they’d tried to understand each other, but why are you gonna hold their mistakes against them like that and act as if they’re the most selfish people in the entire series for not being understanding? 

And I really, really hate the way people twist their characters when they talk about why they dislike them. They ignore the rough childhoods both had. Sasuke was mentally tortured and abused by his older brother. Naruto was largely neglected and hated by an overwhelming number of the villagers (almost the entire village, I’d say) and was ostracized. Like, you can’t ignore these things when they had a direct effect on how Sasuke and Naruto grew up. It doesn’t make their behavior okay, but it would be nice if people would stop saying Sasuke was selfish for not trying to form new bonds with others in Konoha, or calling Naruto “thirsty” for being a clingy 12 year old when it comes to his relationships (and wow that one pisses me off a lot because of the way Naruto grew up). Aahh, I’m sorry for the long rant .A.

Rant away! I strongly agree with all of this. 


So, I just got another ask from another MAP. I now have to respond to this.

Images: The first image is of the ask I just got; I’m using a screenshot and this post because I want to block the IP, but I can’t do that and answer the ask. The second image is from an ask I got from a 15 year old dating a 25 year old, which I answered here. The third image is an ask I got from a 16 year old dating a 23 year old, which I answered here.

As usual, I will be responding to this ask in list format. With background information taken care of, let’s jump right in to dissecting this idiotic fuckery, shall we?

1.) Go fuck yourself.

2.) “You need to stop trying to end relationships that aren’t bad.” 

LMAO, okay. Now, I have a question. What in your book constitutes a “bad” relationship? Like, the 15 year old is legit saying she is uncomfortable with the age difference and is not happy with that partner. That isn’t a good relationship, you unbelievable tool.

Putting aside the fact that one of these underage girls LITERALLY SAID SHE WAS NOT HAPPY IN HER RELATIONSHIP, a relationship between a 25 year old and a 15 year old IS A BAD RELATIONSHIP. A relationship between a 23 year old and 16 year old is also inherently a bad relationship.

You do realize, there’s a fucking reason we have an age where a person is legally an adult. Brain development is just one of those reasons! A relationship between a CHILD, because that’s what these girls are CHILDREN, and a grown ass man is unhealthy, immoral, and illegal.

3.) “Just because someone 18+ is dating someone under 18+ doesn’t mean they are creeps or trying to take advantage.”

First off, you’re being full of shit. Aside from your bogus point here, you’re being full of shit, and if you aren’t a complete imbecile, you know if. We aren’t talking about a 16 year old dating a 19 year old or 15 year old dating an 18 year old or a 17 year old dating a 17 year old or even a 17 year old dating an 18 year old.


We are talking about high school freshmen dating men who have graduated college and began working in their careers. We’re talking about men who closer to being 30 than the girls are to being able to even drink legally in America. We’re talking about children who still live at home with their parents dating grown men who have their own houses, cars, jobs, etc.

It’s gross. It’s creepy. It’s disgusting that these men are dating 15 and 16 year old girls.

They are most certainly fucking creeps. They are most certainly taking advantage of these girls. There is something wrong with them. There is something wrong with any adult over 20 who is fucking with 15 and 16 year old kids! Gender aside, there’s something wrong with them.

And odds are, there’s a reason people their own age won’t date them. If they’re abusers, statistics show they’re more likely to go for people younger than them, because kids will put up with more shit because they don’t know not to.

Morals, ethics, and all that aside, IT IS LEGALLY WRONG.

These girls by law are still children.

In some states, they can’t even consent to engaging in sexual activity. By federal law, if they go across state lines with their “boyfriends” without the consent and knowledge of their parents, the men can be charged WITH FELONY KIDNAPPING CHARGES. Like, a felony charge isn’t nothing.

Like, life tip: If you can’t take your girlfriend to an amusement park a state over because you could possibly get charged with felony kidnapping, YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN’T BE DATING HER.

Mind blowing, I know.

4.) “Stop being so negative.”

Originally posted by justalittletumblweed

Someone please tell me this is just a joke? Please tell me one of my friends thought it would be funny to get me all riled up about pedophiles for no reason.

Please tell me there isn’t a human being on the planet so fucking stupid that they actually think that men dating minors 6-10 years younger than them is something I’m just being “negative” about.


Do you realize how utterly fucking fucked that line of thinking is??? “So what grown men are dating children! Stop being so negative, lol.” By that logic, why stop at 15 or 16! Hell, men should be able to date girls as young as they want them! Why not 14 or 13? Ah, what the hell! Why not 11 and 12 year olds!? Everything is fine here! Don’t be so negative!


If a 15 year old girl comes to me, says she’s dating a man 10 years older than her, and says it makes her uncomfortable, I AM GOING TO TELL HER TO RUN IN THE OTHER FUCKING DIRECTOR.

If a 16 year old girl dating a man 6 years older than her comes to me and asks me if that’s normal, I AM

What in the actual fuck is wrong with you? Were you born this disgusting, or did you just bathe in shit every day for the last decade?

Telling young girls they shouldn’t be dating men that a) make them uncomfortable and b) are 6-10 years older than them isn’t “being negative.” It’s protecting them. It’s keeping children safe from situations where they could be harmed. All that aside, it’s obeying the fucking law, you twat.

Ugh. You’re gross. You’re disgusting.

Unfollow me. Wait, I’ll block you.

Anyone that agrees with you, there’s the door. Bye. Leave. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, I’d have to sanitize it.

TLDR; Fuck You. You’re gross. Bye.

Jerome Valeska

// Here is this Jerome fic aka me being trash.

Warnings: Mentions of violence, abuse, murder, death (duh xp). Mentions of alcoholism, cheating(in a relationship). Possibly offensive term for a girl who sleeps around a lot. Jerome being cute. Jerome being innocent and fluffy. Murder.

Rating: Mid-fluff.

Need to know: Gotham background. You live with the circus (like Jerome, but a little different?)  Eeeyyy *finger guns* Also, in the beginning, (y/n) is around (y/n) is around 16-ish, and Jerome is around 18-ish. (y/n) isn’t necessarily “stable”, as she was lied to and mistreated (emotionally) as a kid, (by other kids who went to the circus making fun of her for living at a circus, if that makes sense) so yeah. Also her father cheating. Ye.

Please enjoy this lovely story, and send in requests! I’m also currently doing ships, so if you’d like, send one in! I’ve almost reached 100 followers, (which is crazy) so I was thinking of maybe doing a few special stories for that milestone if I even reach it. I’m not sure what I would do, but if you have suggestions, send them in? (Maybe I could do….*gasp* personalized stories? If you guys want??? Send in ideas, and if you like that idea, I will be posting if I reach 100, and you can send in your request.

(Update: I didn’t get to post this before 100 followers. So, ha! Thanks to everyone who follows! It makes me really happy that people like my stuff I make, and so if you have ideas please send them in! I’d be happy to do personalized story things, or just stories, ya know, stuff like that? I will be posting something explaining what personalized stories means in a few minutes to when this is posted. *screams* thanks for being so cool you guys! ) //

You sigh as you walk around the Circus. Your dad had gone to see Lila again-big surprise. He seemed to be seeing her more and more nowadays, and if your mother knew, she didn’t say anything about it. At least not when you were around. You didn’t know much about Lila, just that she slept around a lot, and was a very heavy drinker. Lila had a son. You didn’t know much about him though. You’d only seen him once in your life, and that was years ago, when your dad had first gotten with Lila. You were only five at the time, and you doubted he still looked like he did back then. There wasn’t much of a conversation, so you didn’t really get to know him. But sometimes, to this day, you wonder about him. But your mind goes completely blank when you reach Lila’s trailer, and you stare up at the door. Your father was cheating on your mom with this woman. You climb up the small steps, and throw the door open, ready to let out all the built-up anger, ask all your questions. When you first walk into the trailer, it’s very dimly lit, and you can barely see anything. But then you hear something. You can hear a woman’s face shouting, and the sound of breaking glass. You turn to the left and see Lila standing alone in the room. She turns around sloppily, and your gaze drops to the floor instantly.

A crumpled figure lies on the ground, his chest rising and falling quickly. You can see the wet gleam of blood covering his clothes, and the floor. His head turns to look at the door, and his eyes meet yours. Lila shouts incoherently before she picks something up, and raises her arm. With how small the trailer is, it doesn’t take you long to reach them. Before you know what exactly you’re doing, your body shields his from the oncoming bottle. The glass shatters against your skin painfully, and whatever liquid was in their mixes with your blood, and stings your cuts. The sharp stench of alcohol fills the room. You feel yourself standing up quickly, and you whip around. Your hand smacks across her face like a whip, and she stammers backwards.

You, don’t lay a hand on him!” You hiss, moving forward and pressing your index finger to her hand like a weapon. “Or else you’ll get what’s coming to you,” your voice calms down to a whisper, and you lean in closer. “Hear me?” Lila stares at you with astonishment in her eyes.

“You used to be such a good kid…why do you even care about my boy?” She asks, her eyes meeting yours. “Is there something here? Slut!” Lila shouts the last word at you, and reaches out to strike you. Jerome is up in an instant and knocks her over.

“Leave her alone!” You see him grab something under the couch, and swing it violently at her. She falls to the ground and he keeps swinging what you can now make out to be an axe. “Do the dishes, Jerome,” he says, mocking her voice. “Clean the kitchen! Go outside! Don’t come in here, Jerome. Why aren’t you doing your chores, Jerome?” He swings the axe again, although she is already clearly dead. “Do what I say, Jerome. I’m your mother, Jerome!” Before he can swing the weapon again, you grab his arm. He whips his head around to look at you, his chest rising and falling heavily.

“She’s dead.” You say, meeting his gaze. “We need to hide the body.” He stares down at you for a long time, and drops the axe. “I know someone who will help.” You say, turning to leave the trailer. Jerome grabs your arm and pulls you back to him. He kisses you softly, running his hands through your h/c hair.

“Are you okay, y/n?” He asks. You nod, and smile, looking down at the floor.

“Yeah. But…are you?” Jerome smiles and hugs you tightly.

“Now I am.” He mutters, and picks up the axe. “Let’s get started. You said you know someone who can help?”

//Hope you liked it.//

Seeing some reviews of the finale of Teen Wolf, I can’t help but notice how many people, Stiles stans especially, seem to have missed the point of Alec.

I just saw a sterek fans review that somehow ended up on Scott’s tag on my phone, and they talked about how some Omega that showed up out of nowhere, completely missing what’s so important about the character, and why he was in the finale.

See, it’s not about Alec himself.

Alec is a bookend.

“I’m going to tell you a story. Maybe it’ll sound familiar. There was this kid, sixteen, alone, and running for his life. He couldn’t see them, but he could hear them getting closer. They had guns, crossbows, they were hunting him.”

“It started on the night of the full moon. Something came at him, something bit him. And it changed his life. It changed everything.”

That does sound familiar, doesn’t it? To another sixteen year old boy, who was scared, alone and running for his life. Another boy who was attacked on the night of the full moon, with someone coming at him, biting him, and changing everything about his life.

There once was a boy, a sixteen year old boy, called Scott.

“Is that what happened to you?”

And yes it is

Who does this remind you of? Why do you think that they picked a kid who looked like, and had a similar hairstyle to s1 Scott?

Alec is there to represent little sixteen year old Scott. He’s a throwback to that s1 boy who was running, scared, alone, with no one to help him. Stuck in a world that suddenly had turned against him, turned violent. And he’s there so Scott (and his friends), can help Alec find his place in a way that Scott had no one to believe in him, when he was that 16 year old.

Unlike Derek, who was violent, threatening and abusive, even when he was trying to help, Alec gets support, kindness. Alec gets told what no one told Scott. That he isn’t a monster, just a werewolf.He gets help, not just to escape the hunters, but to escape that torment of fearing himself.

That’s the beginning and the end of Scott’s story, of Teen Wolf’s story, that of a young boy, who grew up to help others, to give them the help he needed when he was in their place, the help he himself didn’t get. That’s why Alec is there, that’s why Alec is important, even if we’ll never see him again.

Chris Martin’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Evan Charmichael made a video about how to improve our lives by analyzing Chris Martin’s rules for success. And I must say this is my favorite video of all time.

It has inspired me to grow as an individual. This man has such a wonderful spirit and a whole inspiration as a human being and musician. #foreverafan

And to remind me all of his words in the video, I write again (quoting what he said :p) about the 10 rules for success by Chris Martin.


“Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically and people will like it more. Just go for it.”


“The idea of Ghost Stories for me was how do you let the things that happened to you in the past – your ghost – how do you let them affect your present and your future?

Because there was a time when I was feeling like they were going to drag me down and kind of ruin my life and the lives of those around me. And I was really lucky to met Sufi teacher who started to introduce me to the idea of if you sit with your experiences and the the things you’ve been through, they alchemize.

At the time he said that I was like, I don’t really know what that means, but I trusted that is would work. And the more that I was learning about that, the more music just started flowing through. The way that we see the world, there’s no point in being anything than being completely open and honest.”


“So I have that inspiration and then some other things in my life that just make me every time before we go up on stage, I really think about who’s showed up, how much the’ve been through to get there (the concert).

And also for us at the moment, we took a break from touring on the last album we called it Ghost Stories, so we’re so excited to be there and we know that nothing lasts forever, so I think that we just really more than ever living in the moment and trying to appreciate the fact that for some people, it’s their first show and for some people, you know.”

“We definitely went through a period about 10 years ago of feeling like, what are we doing, questioning everything and not really able to take in the joy of it. But slowly you keep going and you find great people who come in and hep you out and teach you things and I think the more that you let in, it’s very easy right now in social media to let in anything negative, whatever you do someone is going to slag it off online. So I made a decision, it’s easy to take in the bad stuff, so I’m going to really take in the good stuff and appreciate these people who have shown up and they want to sing our songs together and that’s great, I’m into it. It never gets old.”


“How I am with the universe is trying to accept that everybody goes through many challenges everyday on whatever level and you can never compare you challenges to someone else’s.

So even if you’re Bratt Pitt, if you’ve got a problem that day, then it’s a problem. It’s the same if you’re a dustman.

So, it’s understanding that everyone goes through that, whether you’re a pop star or whatever. But accepting in that it’s all how you look at it in my opinion. That you can turn anything around.

Let’s say, what’s your, the nice man over there who broke his wrist? So you bust your wrist up, now normally that would really bring you down for long time, but there might be some great blessing from it that you haven’t, maybe you get to be good with your left hand at something and then one day you play tennis against, I don’t know what it might be, but my relationship with the universe, you are really asking is that I trust that it is more positive that you might think.”


“We reached the stage where we was thought we can’t get much bigger so we have to try to get better. And it’s the whole thing of quality over quantity. We tough well, we need to practice a bit and improve.

You know I was feeling bad because I’m sure there’s some 16 years old kids who say they like Coldplay and then took some abuse for it on the playground. So I had a feeling about 18 months ago, that I would really like to make them proud by trying to improve.“


"Because the only other options is to find the bad in everything and that just makes you feel awful. My answer to you is this, it’s partly because I saw that my kids are growing up in time where social media is so hyper-aggressive and so I felt like I have to set the example to them.

You know what, people are going to say weird stuff about you, but just let it. Like Jay Z says, “just dirt off your shoulder.” It doesn’t mean anything. And so really in trying to help them out, it’s helped me out as a sort of bonus because in telling them, especially growing up now, you’re going to get a lot, especially if you’re going to put yourself out there on Instagram or whatever, you’re always going to get crazy stuff and just to understand that is isn’t real and it’s also okay.

One thing to remember about if somebody doesn’t like your music, or doesn’t like your show, that’s totally okay. There’s so much choice in the world of entertainment that if you want to come to our concert, then you’re going to have the best time and I’m so grateful. But if you don’t, I really don’t mind, it’s okay.

So I think once you let go of that megalomaniacal need to win everybody over, that’s a big relief.”


“I just love it, you know. I don’t know where they come from, so it’s always a surprise. And then for the example, recently because of Prince, I’ve been watching so much Prince stuff and he was obviously so monumentally talented, there’s also part of me that’s like, I have to work harder. So those three things combined the will to work, the normal passion for it and this sort of cathartic need to play music.”


“Any band is an influence because we look to them even how they operate as people and a band like The Clash. They’re just an influence. How did they get along together, they split up but then they wished that they didn’t split up, how do we avoid that, and so any group that is working together we’re interested in what their dynamic is ‘cause it’s always helpful.”


“You know, anything great creatively, often comes from chemistry. Because sometimes people do things all on their own, you know you’ve got your JK Rowlings and stuff but, often when you’ve got people that can surprise each other creatively or just feel safe with each other, so that one of them can be the gregarious out there person, the other one anchors it down. I mean, that’s what bands are. And so anytime I spot that somewhere else, I’m always keen to say it like, hey, protect that thing that’s got you where you are. Because often it’s the people behind the lens that are just as important as the people in front.”


“Something cheesy, always go cheesy for your first song.”

*deep breath* ---Riverdale Spoilers!!!----

Why the fuck are they glossing over Cheryl’s obvious deteriorating mental health and her abusive home life as ‘well she can be a real bitch’?? The girl needs help, she nearly killed both herself (twice) and her mother and would not have batted an eyelash. And why are all of these kids having sex at 15/16?? Like I know some kids do, but it’s a rather irresponsible thing for a network like CW to be romanticizing, I dunno maybe I’m just fucking old. Also YOU LET JUGHEAD BE HOMELESS FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG, I think it’s probably okay if he lives with the Andrews’ or at his dad’s trailer on his own for a while. God fucking dammit. And. Now that I’ve brought them up- WHY DID YOU SHOOT FRED ANDREWS??? He was only trying to do right by his son, who he was obviously so proud of, and he deserves so much better than a bullet to the gut. Leave Fred Andrews alone.

Riverdale is trash and it’s probably going to stay trash. Imma still watch it, tho.

Let Go. Part 3.

Ashley Purdy & Reader

Warning: Language, Smut

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

“Why did you bring me to a dog park?” Andy asked getting out of Ashley’s car.

“I wanted you to meet this girl.” Ashley explained as the two of them walked to the large dog section of the park.

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i still cant get over the fact that the same people saying 15 is “too young for adult subjects” are saying “the age of consent being 12-16 is ok :)” like it rlly baffles me how apparently kids are nothing but breathing sex toys to the lot of you. we dont deserve the same rights as any normal human but like, its totally legal to stick ur dick in us, thats cool. just dont let us ever believe its wrong or callout the fucked up implications of that. i guess.