the kid stays out of the picture

And I hate to be the one to break it to you kid, but this isn’t a movie. There’s no knight in shining armor who’s going to come in at the last second and sweep you off your feet. The mean girl doesn’t have a change of heart and accept you with open arms before it’s too late. The man you love isn’t going to run through the airport and beg you to stay. There is no montage of you suddenly getting your life together and finding your way. This is no movie kid, and I hate to be the one to break it to you but the real world kinda sucks. It’s messy and chaotic and nothing like the fairytale you imagined it would be. But that’s okay. You’ll figure it out eventually. And it might not be as picture perfect as you had imaged, but it’ll be raw and real and magical nonetheless.
—  f.a.w
Dating Kit Walker (after the asylum) would include...

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there needs to be more kit in this damn place i’m tired of waiting

- meeting after he gets out of the asylum at his garage

- him flirting with you non-stop while fixing your car

- looking around the shop and seeing a picture on his tiny desk

- “that’s my kids; Thomas and Julia (a/n: hehe not me)””oh…they’re quite cute””thanks; they’re all i have now”

- thanking him when he’s done

- going on a date

- where he’s a total gentlemen

- bringing you to meet the kids

- they adore you

- lots of late night calls

- staying the night sometimes

- waking up wearing his shirts

- helping him get his work jumpsuit on bc he’s too sleepy

- looking after the kids; playing with the lil cuties

- making dinner for all of you since he gets home around 6

- him coming home covered in grease but smiling

- kissing you

- “daddy, mommy made brownies!””ooo brownies””ah, ah, ah, after dinner Kit””aww but sweetheeeeeaaaart”

- mocking his Boston accent though you love it

- he puts the kids to bed

- cleaning him up in the shower

- heated make-out sessions

- sending the kids to Lana’s sometimes

- so you can have sex

- “back up and turn around like a good boy””damn Y/N””was that ok?””do it again babygirl”

- cuddling after as he smokes

- him giving you piggyback rides

- comforting him when he has dreams of the asylum

- trying to drive his truck

- “Kit?!””what? what’s wrong?!””nothing, I just wanted to hear your voice”

- he likes carrying you

- sometimes he’ll bring you to work with him

- being hella bored so you sit on his lap when he does paperwork

- making coffee for the both of you in the morning

- playing with his curls

- taking bubble baths together

- worshipping each others bodies

- “daddy kissed mommy””ew’’

- dancing together

- laughing bc he’s a dork

- him picking you up in surprise

- hearing him complain about his vision

- denying that he needs glasses though

- until you drag him to the doctor

- “wow Kit Kat you look like an old man””gee thanks babydoll””but you’re my old man- Kit stop rolling your eyes”

- many many m a n y dad jokes

- growing old together

- being there when he gets cancer

- “you better not leave me Kit Walker!””I won’t; I love you”

No Pictures (G Dragon x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. This came out soooooo long, but I love it and I hope you do. Enjoy!


Jiyong always wanted to have a family, settle down and have kids with a good woman. It was like his dream, he had all those blessings but he didn’t really feel complete without that. He felt like something was missing.

He met you while he was staying at a hotel in USA. He was there for a concert, you were there because you were visiting your family, but your sisters were staying over at the house with their husbands and kids, you were used to being alone and having your own place and privacy so you stayed at a hotel. He saw you at the hotel’s gym, it was past midnight and he liked to go when it was empty, like you. You were a night owl and the different time zones were kicking your butt. When he walked in you were sitting down, wiping your face with a towel, when you stopped he finally could look at your face, you looked beautiful to him. You had those big almond shaped eyes, the big eyebrows and cheeks but you weren’t completely round, you had faded cheekbones, your big nose and those puffy lips. You were unsually beautiful, you weren’t the cutie with the button nose, you were stronger, he could tell by the way you looked at him, you were full of stregnth.

You knew who he was. You lived in Korea for a long time, everyone knew him and his band.You tried to ignore him and focus on your work out but his eyes never really left you, he took in every bit of information. How you put more pressure to your left leg that the right, porbably cause of an injury, how you whispered the number you were at a set when it started to get difficult.


He saw you again. You were walking out of your room, it was at the same haul with his, you smiled at him, a kind and wonderfull smile.


“Anyohaseyo (hello)”

You said back. he looked at you like an alien, it made you let out a giggle. A lot of people were very suprised that you spoke korean,  you grew up in an area that had a lot of asian immigrants, so since you were a toddler you hanged out with people of all ethnicities. You didn’t mind though, it gave you an open mind and free acess to delicious food.

“You speak korean?”

“I live in korea”

You replied. That brought a bigger smile on his face, if you lived in Korea that meant it was easier to come closer to you.


“Yes, I’m a kindergarden teacher”

That was even better. it showed to him how much you loved kids, which was true you always liked playing with kids, they were so innocent and pure.

“That’s amazing. So why are you here?”

“Family reunion, let me guess, you are here for a concert”

You said. he nodded as he let you walk in first at the elevator.

“Are you coming?”

“No, got better things to do”

You teased. He liked that, you were feisty he preffered women that had a bit of an attitude, it showed that they could stand up for themselfs

“Well then I guess I have to find another way to see you again”

During your dating they were a lot of things you both had to get over, plenty of times you tried to break up and take seperate ways, but you always ended up together,you were like magnets, no matter how far you went you would end up together.

Your relationship went through a lot. Having to hide it from the public, then a scandal came out that exposed you, which meant you basically had no privacy, the hate, the media talking trash. Jiyong didn’t know how you managed through it, you stood there stronger than ever, with your head held high and the fire in your eyes. He knew that there was no other woman like you, no one was as strong, as loving, as caring, as patient as you. That’s why one random night, when you layed next to him, he opened the drawer and took out a small box, he opened it and brought it in front of you, an amazing ring in it, that made your jaw drop to the ground and your eyes go wide.

“(Y/F/N) you are the woman of my dreams, no matter what we went through you turned the other cheek and stood tall, dancing your way through the fire. Will you marry me?”

You couldn’t speak, you just hugged him and kissed his lips, as the tears welled up in your eyes, it was the first time he ever saw you cry. He slowly placed the ring on your finger, admiring it.

“I love you”


The wedding was extravegant. Jiyong wanted this to be the most amzing wedding anyone ever saw, something that would shut the media, no one could say anything, it was perfect. Your beautiful mermaid dress, with a long veil that your two nieces held as you walked down the aisle. You got married in America, since you wanted it to be next to the beach, the sun was setting as you walked down the aisle, with a big smile and your dad by your side. Everyone you loved was there, supporting you and smilling to you, Jiyong teared up just by looking at you. No one could deny that you were the perfect couple, they could feel how much you loved eachother.

Your little boy quickly after. Jiyong wanted to have a kid as soon as possible, when you told him the knew he was happier than ever. He was with you through everything, he helped you at every single thing. He still could remember the feeling when he got the little boy in his arms, while you layed on the hospital bed asleep. The little man had his eyes closed, his tiny hands into fists, he was so tiny and innocent, he was the result of your love, a perfect combination of you and him. He let the tears run down as he promised to never let someone hurt him or you

Of course one kid wasn’t enough. When chanwoo turned one, you and Jiyong started trying for another one. A little girl this time came to your life, she was mesmerizing, Jiyong wanted to protect her through everything, from an injury to a heartbreak. Chanwoo fell in love with his little sister, even when she started crying at night, he was the first one to go to her room and slowly rock her bed, trying to calm her down, he wouldn’t go to bed until she went back to sleep. Little Areum had everyone protecting her

But of course the media weren’t as understanding. You tried to avoid public appearances with the kids, they were too small and innocent. You were very protective over them, no one could hurt them, you wouldn’t care who they were or what could they do, you would do anything for your kids.

The couldn’t stay in the house all the time. Jiyong had just come back from a tour and wanted to treat you all, Chanwoo loved to go to the park, and Jiyong wanted to take you out for some fresh air, you loved your kids but you were tired, he knew he had to do something to relax you.

At first no one paid attention to you. Chan woo runned around happily with Jiyong, while you played with 8 month old Areum who just started crawling. You started noticing a few paps, you quickly got up with Areum in your arms, going to Jiyong

“Baby, paps are here”

He turned and saw them. He huffed and looked back at you, he wasn’t going to let them win

“They will take a few pictures and then leave, we are not ruining our day because of them”

He reassured you, giving you a small peck on the lips, before your son looked at you and said ‘ew’ making you laugh. You decided to make the kids eat, Areum had just stopped breastfeeding, Jiyong fed her with her bottle, while you helped little Chanwoo eat.

The paps were getting more and more, they were starting to get closer and screaming. You started getting anxious, you didn’t want them to get near your children.

“Jiyong let’s just go”

You said. You weren’t taking no for an answer, when they saw you packing up they started yelling and getting even closer. Jiyong held little Areum in his arms, while you held Chanwoo’s arm

“(Y/N) did you lost the baby weight?”

“Are you having more kids?”

“Show us their faces”

The voices were demanding. Areum got scared and staryed crying, you were getting mad, as jiyong bounced her and gave her kisses trying to calm her down. Not only you got mad, but also Chanwoo was furious, a pap that got too close was met with an angry toddler, that pushed him back with all his power

“Leave, no pictures! my sister’s sad!”

He yelled. He was adorable, you got him up in your arms, trying to get to the car, but he just kept talking

“Bad people, I hate you! my sister is scared. I said no pictures”

You kissed your son’s head. When Areum was born you were scared he would get jealous, but no he was the happiest kid alive. He loved his little sister and protected her. He even made Jiyong look all over the room to make sure no monsters were there to scare her.

“Stop it!”

He said, while you got in the car. He went close to his sister who was slowly calming down and slowly pet her head, smilling at her

“It’s okay, don’t cry. We love you”

He said to her. You looked at them, feeling your eyes burn, seeing your little man loving his sister so much was so adorable and so rewarding, you did something right.

“No crying, they are gone”

he said and kissed her cheek. The little girl stopped crying and smiled at her older brother, you hugged your son and gave him a kiss

“You are such a good boy”

“They are bad people”

He said, reffering to the paps. You and Jiyong giggled at his adorable pout

“They are, but they won’t hurt you”

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I’m picturing Ford and Stan having a conversation after DD&MD, where Ford asks Stan why he’s letting Dipper hang out with him now (with Ford thinking that that’s a huge change from when Stan told him “stay away from those kids! I don’t want them in any danger!” just a few days before)

Stan: well I figured if the kid is gonna idolize you, we may as well take advantage of it
Ford: what do you mean?
Stan: that boy has showered maybe three times over the entire summer, if you tell him he stinks, he’ll shower twice a day for the rest of his life and the nightmare will be over

Class grown up au!!!
  • Okay so like grown up gang leading the next gen of mildly confused teenagers, because they can’t deal with the end of the world forever. 
  • Tanya working at Unit to clear up the ocrruption, but also sending the alien orphans to coal hill
  • Matteusz working as school councillor/ mentor for all the kids of the school. 
  • Super domesetic Marlie
  • Miss Quill sometimes forgetting Matteusz is technically staff now, and sometimes telling him off for being in the staff room. 
  • Matteusz being the best cook in the world and making dinner for crying kids tired of dealing with aliens. 
  • Three out of the six kids are from outer space
  • Charlie being the ultimate stay at home dad, who writes childrens books based on the nursery rhymes of Rhodia, and occasionally Quill nursery rhymes
  • Married Miss quill, whose lessons still don’t make sense but its rumoured that you can get out of detention if you compliment her wife- and the many pictures of her Quill has in her office. 
  • Tanya still being a genuine! Ray! of !sunshine! does her best to make unit clear up the mess. 
  • Leads her own unit squad, who are the least corrupt and problmatic unit squad ever depsite the fact shes the youngest person to ever be a commander in Unit, but probs the most qualified.
  • She may or may not have been adopted by martha 
  • April and Ram runnign a none for profit sports centre that helps disabled kids break the ‘glass ceiling of sport 
  • their defo not dating, most of the time
  • Ram running a charity and doing a degree like the smart Mf he is
  • April doing music and making a name for herself on the folk scene without her dad’s help.
INFJ Confession #2858

I often find myself stuck between the two versions of me. The person I believe I am inside, and the person I have become to survive my environment. Growing up, I was such a loner my parents wondered if I was autistic. Seeing I am a girl, and back in the 80s autism wasn’t known as it is now, they focused on the fact I was different and did everything in their power to bring me out of it. I thought I was normal, I was just doing what I wanted to do. The harsh reality of life made me change to adapt. I perfected so well the picture of a well adjusted kid in high school. I was still the quite person everyone thought I was, but I was friends with everyone. Actually, a more accurate thing to say is that everyone had a friend in me. I was loved by all but I remained selective about who I let in. This persona I created stayed with me all through college. Then I slowly started to shed away the persona and step into myself. This, to my family and friends, led them to believe I was retreating, becoming introverted. They don’t know that this is who I’ve always been. That it takes days for me to recover from a weekend getway full of extroverted activities, or from a party or a conference where I have to speak to thousands of people on stage. That I can’t focus when I am in a noisy environment and have to physically remove myself from it in order to be able to function. That I am constantly thinking, over thinking, worrying, stressing, helping, analyzing, that my mind is always ON and that’s why I fall in and out of depression because I am sponge. I don’t know if I should be upset they never noticed, or if I should be freaked out by how good of a liar I’ve become to survive.

4 writing prompts for November

1. The sun is caught in a spider web. The spider refuses to give the sun back. Choose an animal protagonist and go get it back.

2. You saw a huge spider in the bathroom, but it wasn’t venomous and it wasn’t hurting anything so all you did was warn it to hide from your coworkers and stay out of the cold. You never expected the spider to return the favor.

3. We’re neighbors and we’re on decent terms but now somebody left an unearthly-looking kid on your doorstep and you need help and honestly this is not how I pictured becoming a parent, but ok let’s do this.

4. Your cat appears to have kidnapped the local librarian’s parakeet. It’s scared out of its mind, but alive and you call the librarian to say they should come get it. Oh crud, that’s not a parakeet, it’s breathing fire! What kind of librarian are they?!

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re: Scandalore - you know, the simplest, but definitely not the easiest, way to keep Anakin and Obi Wan occupied and fulfill their needs to be needed etc may be to have and adopt more kids. The boys stay home and Satine and Padme can get their work done without their ridic husbands getting up in their business. (Padme hires a company of Clones to help out with the kids though. She loves Anakin but Rex has more common sense)

Hahahahaha, oh man I’m just picturing the chaos and mess this would make. I hope Padme Space-Scotchgarded the furniture. Also Anakin is basically another, larger child so thank GOD she called in some clones to assist. (Rex and Cody, working a shift together, agree that dealing with both Generals and a gaggle of small children is, on occasion, slightly more harrowing than their typical outings with these guys were during the war.) Anakin builds the kids a SWEET treehouse. Obi-Wan reads to everyone and EVERYONE gets the crusts cut off their sandwiches. THIS AU IS GETTING SO CUTESY I’M MAKING MYSELF SAD SOMEHOW. 

(Happy Ending AU) Real talk, though, when Eleven inevitably gets sick for the first time living outside the lab, Mike would pull every excuse in the book to make him mom let him stay home from school. She doesn’t relent, telling him that Joyce is more than capable of nursing a sick child and that he doesn’t need to catch what El has, anyway. As soon as they get about a block away from the house, Nancy puts her hand on her brother’s shoulder and tells him with a smirk that she’ll cover for him at school. It turns out that Joyce had to go to work, anyway, leaving Jonathan to look after El (and ultimately turn a blind eye to the little Wheeler kid snuggled up in bed with a pile of picture books, comics, and hot chocolate on the nightstand and a certain sniffling girl at his side). Jonathan is in the kitchen making stacks of Eggos to help El’s medicine go down easy 

If Hogwarts Had School Trips

- Hermione constantly explaining what everything is
- Fred and George pranking innocent muggles
- Ron eating all of the muggle sweets he can buy
- Them staying at a hotel/hostel and asking where all of the house elves are
- People staring at them because they keep on trying to get the pictures to move
- Slytherins scoffing every time a muggle walks pass
- Professors trying to keep the kids under control
- Muggles wondering where they are from because they always come out with weird words like ‘polyjuice’
- Teachers relieved after the trip is over and say 'we are never doing that again.’


Sophia drew President Obama a picture of the beach house she plans to own when she grows up—but she asked the President to make sure we’re doing everything we can to fight climate change so that the beach stays where it is! Today, Sophia came to the White House for the 138th annual Easter Egg Roll to help celebrate the progress we’ve made to combat climate change.

Check out Sophia’s letter to President Obama, and see what we’re doing to help protect the environment.

And now, a three picture thread of something that’s just…. just look:


People are actually judging the guys who opted out of the study because of the side effects - and apparently, because some women experience the same side effects but decide for themselves to stay on whatever birth control they’re on, these guys are heralded as ‘pansies’ ‘infants’ and ‘cowards’?! What the fuck?!


I guess that fucking makes me  a coward and an immature baby for opting out of a few experimental trials for cancer due to side effects then! What?! There’s no difference here! There are plenty of experimental trials out there, and the side effects were rough but not directly deadly. So if you’re insulting them by saying this bullshit, then I’m a fucking pussy for opting out of my experimental study. It’s that simple.

The way some of the people I myself know are reacting to this is sickening, to say the least.

@iicraft505, @nunyabizni, @typical-atheist-scumbag - thoughts?

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Writing this made me realise how much I can’t wait to see his dork become a dad of my kids lol OKAY SORRY DON’T SHOOT ME but yeah a n y w a y s !!! Tweaked this a little and got carried away writing this, it isn’t thaaat much of a big fight cos I can’t bear to write about that /heh/ but I did try to stay within the angst genre so I hope you guys enjoy this (I actually kinda really like how this turned out) ^^

Pregnancy – the gift of life, a miracle, the fruit of your labour, the all so beautiful creation of another human being…or so they said.

And as much as you pictured yourself flawlessly gliding around your home or going out and about your daily life completing day to day tasks effortlessly, the sweat that was starting to form under your pits from the mere short walk out of the cab and into the elevator up your husband’s office even in this fucking cold weather was doing nothing to make you feel better about yourself in addition to the fact that he had completely forgotten about your doctor’s appointment despite reminding him just yesterday.

“Ji Eun!” Gray greeted you as you walked into the office. “Wow it’s been some time since I last saw you and…you got really pregnant.”

“Hey…” You smile out of politeness, unsure if that was a nicer way of him saying that he has noticed the 16 pounds that you’ve gained now that you were into your third trimester but decided that you were too tired to even go into that right now. You didn’t even notice when you started becoming this cranky but with this belly getting in your way of everything, sigh…it was just hard not to. “Is Jay around…? He didn’t pick up any of my calls…”

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Anime aesthetics: Resembool Kids (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Whenever we’d stay out too late, mom would flash a lamp from the second story window.  It was bright, and it cut through the darkness, all across the hills, and no matter where we were, we could see it, and we’d come running home.

I just want to say something!! Our whole fandom is so fucking annoying!!

I sit back usually and stay out of the drama because I want to be a blog that not only everyone likes but also just to enjoy my time on tumblr.

I want to celebrate all the Girls’ accomplishments because what they are doing is amazing!! We aren’t reblogging gif sets of competition dances anymore, we are reblogging gif sets and pictures of the girls dancing on SYTYCD, being in movies and magazines and off Broadway shows! These kids are growing far beyond the show of dance moms and the competitive dance world. They are growing and blossoming into beautiful young stars and talented kind young women. They are basically becoming better than their moms :) and for that I’m so proud! I’m honored to be in their fandoms and to celebrate every thing these girls do right. Because they do a lot right!

So why aren’t we celebrating these kids? Why can’t we say Maddie is killing it right now with her magazines and being on So you think? Why can’t we say Chloe has grown so much and I can’t wait to see her improvement from center stage to cowgirls story? Why can’t we say Mackenzie is doing great with her Ralph Lauren photo shoots and I’m wishing her all the best? Why can’t we say I’m so happy Nia is in NYC living her dream and absolutely slaying on an off Broadway stage? Why can’t we say Kendall’s recent photo shoots are absolutely gorgeous and I’m happy for what’s in store? Why can’t we say I’m proud of Jojo for working with Claire’s, a huge well known store in America? Why can’t we say Kalani’s commercial modeling game is strong lately and I can’t wait to see her slay at TDA? Why can’t we say Brynn is killing her modeling lately as well (I don’t know the exact agency she does it for) and she’s adorable and kills Abby’s horrible DM choreo? Why can’t we say Brooke and Paige look so happy recently, especially because Brooke just graduated and Paige has a new boyfriend, so we are so happy for them?


BC NO!! Almost everyone in this fandom is a fucking hypocrite including myself. I’ve been one too. I’m not perfect by any means but I know for a fact that I would defend all the girls and that I don’t talk bad about any of them.

Bc it’s so not worth it and it’s so rude! Why the fuck are you critiquing teenage girls when they’re more successful than you and they’re having the time of their lives?


Let them live and be kids and love their lives especially as kids. They don’t have forever to do this so be good supportive fans plz

Or ignore them and just be civil

You don’t have to love Brynn or Mackenzie that’s cool

But please don’t talk about them badly just ignore any mentions of them if you don’t like them

ignore the stupid people In the fandom too. Answering rude or inappropriate asks or calling attention by screenshotting someone else’s blog is so immature and is just giving attention to the stupidity. Ignore it, block it and move on

If you want to defend one of the girls that’s fine but be civil and use straight facts. AND DONT PUT ANOTHER GIRL DOWN TO DEFEND YOUR FAVE

EVERYONE DOES THIS^^ Maddie and Chloe stans alike

PS I HATE the whole Maddie stans Chloe stans thing why are we calling each other those things and categorizing each other? It’s so obnoxious and makes me uncomfortable. I’m sure it makes others uncomfortable too. It made me feel guilty to follow other blogs Bc someone might hate me for it. But I got over it and now I reblog from whoever the hell I want to. So please can we stop doing this to each other? I’m not saying lets meet up and go out for ice cream Bc that’s definitely not going to happen. We don’t even have to be friends. Let’s be civil though and try to appreciate all the girls for what they do.

Let the girls and our happiness for all of them bring us together as a fandom. We can do it I know!!

Anyway rant over :)

-dancegirlsnotmoms 💜

Imagine Dean finding out he has a daughter years after he left.

He walked though the house. It hasn’t changed since he last saw her. Every picture stayed in its place and some were new, well one was new. He walked slowly to the fireplace and saw a framed photo hung there.

“Who’s this” he asked curiously as she looked down at her feet.

“That’s (Y/N), your daughter. She’s gone shopping with friends today so she won’t be back until later” she answered quietly as he stood there in shock.

“My- my daughter?”

“Yep. My little angel” she smiled.


mark is suffering

“I can’t be in a relationship with a guy who thinks he’s putting in his time with my son. He’s the most important person in my life and I want to be with someone who’s as excited about him as I am”