the kid stays out of the picture

Cat Got Your Tongue Pt. 1 (M)

Word Count: 5,463

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: catboy!tae, comedy, fluff, eventual smut

Summary: When your boyfriend cheats on you you’re left heartbroken and lost all hope in relationships. Santa says you’ll find love soon, but what do you do when you’re beloved cat turns into a beautiful grown man?

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So @laquilasse and I figured out a way to solve at least a third of Gotham’s problems. Basically, the batfam uses social media. Specifically twitter.

For real, do you know how much time and effort this would save?? People could @ the bats on twitter and say “Help, I’m ____ and ____ is happening,” and it could save a lot of people because they wouldn’t all have to patrol and it could warn of specific things that they could help when there isn’t an Arkham escapee on the loose. Not to mention it could help legally, and give the police something to work with, too. Anyways, so here are some headcanons about the batfam using social media we came up with:

  •  It’s Dick who gets a twitter for Nightwing first. He’s the one who starts it all
    • He goes to a superhero convention in Gotham and he takes selfies with all the Nightwing cosplayers.
    • Later, he posts some on his twitter and says something like, “had so much fun at the convention today!! Y’all were rocking the suits <3” and then everyone in the photo realizes they took a selfie with the actual Nightwing and not some dude with a really realistic costume.
  • Dick shows Jason all the people tweeting at him and explains how it keeps him busy when things aren’t happening out in the open. Jason is immediately on board. Steph is, too.
  • The three of them are pretty much the go to vigilante when it comes to social media.
  • Jason really likes it because it helps him save people in a pinch like domestic abuse.
  • Bruce refuses to get a Twitter for Batman
    • He suspects Damian has one, though.
    • There will be instances where Damian will suddenly be like, “We need to go now,” and Damian leads him to someone in danger. It’s super efficient. He still won’t get a twitter.
    • Bruce Wayne, however, definitely does have a Twitter, and all it’s used for is business and gushing about his kids because he’s an actual dad.
  • As soon as all his siblings get Twitters, Dick tweets out:
    • “good news, gothamites! I’ve convinced the rest of the fam!” and then @’s all of his siblings’ different twitters.
  • Twitter goes crazy.
  • And then people get to witness twitter banter between all of them during the daytime
  • Someone @’s Nightwing and asks “does batman have one?”
    • Dick tweets “nah, he’s too much of an old fart who won’t admit that social media frightens and confuses him”
    • For as tech savvy as Batman is, he can’t figure out how to tweet.
      • Dick tweeting: “Actual thing I just heard in the batcave: ‘what the hell is a retweet?’ [insert a bunch of cry-laughy faces here]”
    • He’s pretending, though, and Dick calls him out on it.
    • Dick: “You tweet as Bruce, though.”
    • Bruce: “That’s different.”
    • Dick: “HOW?”
    • Jason: “It’s cuz he can’t batspeak on twitter. There’s no word for *grunts*”
    • Tim, sleep deprived: “I’m sure if you try hard enough there is. And besides, it’s definitely more of a *does a different grunt*”
  • On top of being great for asking the vigilantes for help, people can tweet and let them know if they see the criminal they’re looking for
  • Not to mention the vigilantes can tweet out and warn people if something bad is going down and if they need to stay away from a certain area
    • “Joker gang headed through 9th and 17th, stay in your homes or duck into a nearby shop. PLEASE stay safe everyone, and if you’re not, please let us know.”
  • Dick also posts pictures of things happening in the Batcave just because.
    • Nightwing posts a picture of Red Robin asleep at the computer with 6 overturned cups of coffee and an open jar of pickles for some reason
    • Caption reads: “sometimes I worry about my little brothers…this is one of those times”
    • Jason: “the fuck is that kid doing with coffee and pickles??? Ew???”
    • Steph: “NOT USING A FORK TO GET THEM OUT, LIKE A FUCKING SAVAGE” because, you know, Steph would totally know.
    • In fact, she took a video of it earlier, and she really wishes that Tim had been wearing his cowl in the video so she could post it as evidence.
    • But fate smiled upon Timothy it seems
    • Except, karma comes back to bite Tim in the ass when he wakes up with marker all over his face, courtesy of Damian (he owed Steph a favor, but he definitely would have done it anyways).
    • Cass drew a pretty rainbow that she’s very proud of, though
  • Speaking of Cass, she’s the one who seems to be one of the most popular on twitter, even though she was one of the last to make an account as a vigilante
  • But yeah. Just. The batfam using social media. It’s a great idea, and I need it implemented. There may be more added to this post
Pet Store Ettiquite

I figured I’d write this as a little guide, because I see people every day who don’t know or understand these things that make my job really tough or frustrating. Maybe you already knew them, maybe you didn’t, either way I hope at least a few people will learn!

If someone is getting you fish, please stand off to the side (not behind them) and not in front of the tank your fish is in. I know you want to watch them catch the fish but employees need to stand right in front of the tank they’re getting into and probably need some big elbow room too. Stand back!

If you want a specific fish, absolutely say so . But! Remember that for some fish this will be impossible to do. Or, the fish are for all intents and purposes identical so don’t try to pick a specific one please. Or at least, don’t get mad or think the employee is incompetent because they tell you they can’t.

Do not ask for help with a fish problem, receive an answer, then tell the employee there is no problem and you did nothing wrong. Please, 99% of the time, you did something wrong. Just fix it.

Do NOT open lids or stick your hand into the tanks!! For any reason!

Do not put your hands near or into the cage. Just don’t! 90% of the time you are scaring the bird and giving them lifelong behavioral problems. Remember, they have had around a dozen people try to poke them, scare them, maybe even yell at them or hit their cage. The public is stupid, don’t be a part of that. Politely admire the birds from a distance unless the bird is asking for physical touch.


This includes going into any employees only areas related to cleaning cages.


Do NOT open the cages.

Understand that you might not be able to handle the animal. This is, honestly, for the animals protection more than anything. Many people, including those who genuinely think they can competently hold the animal, cannot, and will drop or injure them. I’ve been doing this for 8 years. Chances are, you will drop that hamster so no, you can’t hold it.

If there is an open top type of enclosure, ASK if you may touch the animals inside.

Same as with mammals, you probably won’t be allowed to hold the animal. It’s just a safety thing, nothing personal. Please respect it and the animal.

Do not crowd the employee as they get you an animal. Lots of reptiles are fast and flighty and having you breathing down their neck will do one of a few things; distract them, make them uncomfortable, or get in their way.

Do not scream or jump if a reptile jumps or runs. I know this might be difficult, but try to expect it so it doesn’t startle you. If you react this way you can startle the employee, which may make them make mistakes or become nervous, which leads to more dropping/failure to catch the animal. Especially if they are new.

Do not take things from the top shelf! It’s dangerous, let an employee help you.

Please give your kids ground rules BEFORE taking them into the store. So many kids, every single day, come in and wreck the place or hit things because they had no idea they weren’t supposed to. If your child is old enough, before going into the store give the following rules

1. Do not touch the cages or tanks. (Look but don’t touch)

2. Stay with me/don’t walk away.

3. No running.

4. Put things back.

Will they listen? Maybe not, but you can’t get mad at them for getting excited to see a hamster and hitting the cage to get it’s attention because hey, no one said anything about that and you’re a kid so why would you think twice before doing it?

This is more for you than anyone but if you are STARTING to run out of cat/dog food, write down the brand/type (Or take a picture) and get some before you’re totally out. Many, many people actually forget what brand of food they feed and get frustrated when they can’t remember or I can’t figure it out (It’s a YELLOW bag. It’s chicken? Maybe beef. Small breed.). Having that picture will help you a lot! And employees. Heck, to save you even more trouble, call first and ask if they carry it and if it’s in stock!

If your dog is aggressive with strangers, small animals, or other dogs… Please do not bring them into a pet store.

On that note please do not bring animals to the pet store that would be in danger because of it. Like a bird without a harness, a hamster or mouse without a carrying case, or a baby ball python you got 3 days ago (please… stop).



There won’t be as many winners this time around because we don’t have to populate a whole school! Just one class! And we plan on featuring them in the next arc!

SEPTEMBER 19th 2017

We will not be posting the submissions (because we don’t wanna spam y’all). So submit your kiddo to us and we’ll put them in a secret folder somewhere to be screened by our illustrious panel of expert judges.


*Between the ages of 5 and 12.

*These kids are all from the same school but can be from different grades. They represent all of the children from that school who were able to get their parents to sign permission slips saying “Yes I am fine with my child going on a field trip where they will be going near monsters for educational purposes” …Either that or the child was somehow able to forge their way in, which would have proved difficult as the school REALLY doesn’t want to be sued.

*No  Wizards please.  We do not need wizard children at this time. Wizards are rare anyway.

*It is assumed that all the children live in Canada somewhere near Monster Town.

*These kids are NOT from the school that Frisk attended so it would not make sense for them to know Frisk personally.

Here is the blank sheet.  Fill it out and send us the filled out version. Remember to include pictures in the blank squares.


What we are looking for is a varied and interesting group of children with memorable personalities and designs.

Here is an example of a filled out form.


Good luck and stay determined!


Sojiro Shimada headcanons
  • he has an older sister who ran off with a lover when they were young. She visits sometimes to give his kids too much sugar and encourage them to do wild shit like express themselves. Of course you can finger paint on the walls Genji.
  • He liked sweets he kept a stash in his office.
  • God damn he loved his wife
  • it was a kind of business marriage, probably arranged for him, but they were lucky and fell in love. She was super funny?? It surprised him she seemed so quiet and reserved in meetings between their families he was not expecting dick jokes on the first date
  • They worked wonderfully together, he was a practical businessman and she was ruthlessly clever and charismatic. A perfect team the family had never done better. 
  • She died having Genji. His father never blamed him though. 
  • God damn he loved his kids!
  • He was always busy but still a damn good dad. He never ignored his kids and tried not to tell them “not now” if he could help it. He took every opportunity he possibly could to go out and do fun kid stuff with them. He’d do Hanzo’s hair for him and help him with his homework. He’d let Genji paint his nails and scribble on papers he didn’t need, just please, not the walls again.(Hanzo’s responsible attitude developed quite early. Think like, 4 years old following Genji while he crawls around, just kinda herding him away from things he shouldn’t touch. Probably making a face and sighing like he’s too old and tired for this, even tho he is doing it completely by his own will.This was helpful for poor busy dad.)
  • He told his kids stories before bed almost every night. Even when it was just Hanzo. When they were a little older and he pulled that “once there were two dragons who were grounded because they stayed out past curfew” Genji told him he should have ditched the family and written children’s stories. He low key liked the idea. 
  • There’s a picture of his wife on his nightstand and he talks to her sometimes. About things that are stressing him out, about how smart Hanzo is or how Genji looks exactly like her. 
  • He tried not to put excessive pressure on Hanzo, but Hanzo would just make up for it by putting pressure on himself. This is a little bit frustrating, he doesn’t wanna say, “maybe you shouldn’t aim so high”, but he hates to see Hanzo so stressed out trying to reach the bars he set for himself. He appreciates that Genji seems to take care of and support his brother, tho. 
  • He never pushed Genji to accept his role as heir to the family, but he did try to convince his son that there was a nobility in what they did. Even if they dealt in weapons and drugs and death, they provided jobs and second chances to unfortunate people, they were fair with their justice and they protected their city. 
  • He was constantly at odds with his wife’s older and younger brothers, who joined the family’s council of elders when they married into the family. The pair of them were greedy and underhanded and blamed Genji for the death of their sister. They went behind his back and gave the poor kid shit all the time.
  • He always has been and would still be very proud of his kids.

mmmm I’m feelin’ the AUs tonight in the theme of Halloween

Domestic Hunter McCree and Demon Hanzo where they get to spend their first Halloween off in god knows how long. They typically have quite a few cases to investigate this time of year, and sometimes it’ll even be a waste of time bc it ends up just bein’ some kids trying to spread a scare.

But listen-

The point of this is picturing Hanzo answering the door for trick or treaters without an ounce of glamour bc it’s the one time of year he can, and he’s just really sweet to the kids, man. Pl e as e… Big ol’ teefy grin… Of course they’re going to compliment him on his ‘costume’. He leaves them with a cliche/cryptic warning about staying out late and monsters

Him and McCree just cycle back and forth between giving out candy; McCree’s gear is too dangerous, but his normal cowboy gear does just fine

#MyParentsAreLosers - Batmom x Batfam

I couldn’t bring myself to write a “depressed Batmom” story today, and I really wanna write it well and all so…here’s a silly thing for you, to “wait” for an actual story. Warning : it’s stupid and not greatly written, probably a bit of a mess (I wrote that in three days, with 5 minutes available each day to do it so yeah…messy) This was requested (anonymously), a story about the Batboys introducing Batmom and Bruce to Instagram and Snapchat, but I can’t find the original message anymore so…Here, if you read this anon’, I hope you’ll like it :-) (I hope all of you guys will like it) :

My masterlist blog :


It’s Alfred who discovered it. 

He read it in the Gotham Daily (neither you nor Bruce ever had time to read any newspapers, besides, both of you were getting a bit tired about the fact that almost every “news” was about you and him…). 

As he was reading the article, for the first time in years, Alfred let it go. Thanks God he was alone in the house that day, as he bursted out in a loud and ridiculous laughter ! 

It made him laugh for hours, in fact (Damian and Tim coming home from school ruining his fun), and oh he had to tell you guys but…his majordome ways kept him from plainly coming to you and outright telling you. 

At first, he tried to leave the actual article in places you could see it. 

On the kitchen counter, for example, while you took your breakfast…But you never paid attention to anything before your third cup of coffee, even if it was right there in front of you, and by then Bruce would have joined you and you and him would be too focused on each other to realize that this damn article was on the kitchen counter !! AND OH MY GOD COULD YOU STOP KISSING AND LOOK AT THIS DAMN PIECE OF PAPER RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU ?! But it was too late, your kids were coming in and your focus would slightly shift from Bruce to them, the article would fall into the Oblivion as you just completely ignored it while doing your traditional conversation with your family. It was an old routine Alfred knew by heart. 

He tried to put it in the bathroom, and found it soaked and teared…It was something, really, how you and Bruce could be so observant sometimes, and yet so blind some others. 

He also tried the bed, laying it on your pillow where he’d be sure you’d find it…But the day he did that, Bruce came home early from patrol and you rushed upstairs rather fast and…Alfred found the sticky and…oh he’d rather not think about it, and just imagined that you guys were very sweaty when sleeping and…Let’s just never mention that episode ever again. 

He put it on the computer in the Batcave, and found it, days later, under Bruce’s seat. How did it got there ? He had no idea, but what was sure is that the greatest detective in the World, the Goddamn Batman, didn’t notice that stupid piece of paper RIGHT ON HIS KEYBOARD ! 

His last resort was the library, where you spend most of your free times when the boys and Bruce weren’t around…He placarded it everywhere, putting it in every single books you were most likely to read that day and…What did you do ? Enter the damn library reading something already, so of course you didn’t pay attention to any of the articles, and you even used a few articles as bookmarks…Oh dear…

Alfred decided that it was time to stop trying to be subtle (though he could admit that his poor attempts at making you read this particular newspaper articles weren’t really “subtle”). 

He gave up one morning, after three weeks of trying to make you guys read that damn article, and just shoved it in your face, right in front of the cup of coffee you were about to drink, so that you just HAD to read it. 

“The children of the Wayne households post a series of pictures of their parents, and it goes viral” was the title of it.

What ?

It was early in the morning, and it took you a while before starting to understand what was happening. 

To understand that your sons apparently kept posting pictures on the internet, of you and Bruce, with the caption (or “hashtag” as they called it) : #MyParentsAreLoosers, followed by the sentence “But I still love them”. 

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More Behind the Scenes AU

-In the beginning, when they were still looking for someone to play the part of All Might, the director and crew didn’t even pick someone from the actors that tried out. They just saw Izuku getting dropped off by his blonde guy, promptly flipped because he WAS ALL MIGHT TO A T, and RAN over to ask him to try out.

-Toshinori was very surprised when he was nearly plowed over by a bunch of enthusiastic people asking him to try out as a character in the show. When someone asked how he knew Izuku, he just stammered, “well, I’m his father,” and that sent everyone into happy yelling again.

-Katsuki: “Does he always get this much fucking attention?”
Izuku: “No…”
Shinsou: “Izuku, let me know when your father leaves so I can get some sleep.”

-Toshinori ended up getting the part, of course. He was pretty happy with it, especially when he found out that All Might’s relationship with Izuku was meant to be so much like father and son. And then the actress playing Inko came up to shyly introduce herself to him and he was suddenly VERY happy about his new job indeed. Even if he was blushing stupidly and stuttering throughout his entire conversation with her.

-The first time Enji ever stepped on set to play Endeavor, he intimidated a lot of the teenagers. First of all, he was huge. Second of all, they all knew who he’d volunteered to play and weren’t sure whether he’d be bad-tempered or something. One of the first things he did was introduce himself to Shouto. It was quite a sight: this burly guy towering over Shouto while Shouto blinked up at him, a little nervous.

-Enji: “So, I guess we’re gonna be working together, huh?”
Shouto: “I— Yeah.”
Enji: “Well, I’m looking forward to it. Heard a lot of great things about you here.” And he smiles as he shakes Shouto’s hand and Shouto is left with a lot of relief and his ears tinged pink. He ducks his head and mumbles, “thank you. I look forward to working with you too.”
Enji turns to the director and pouts. “What the hell, how am I supposed to pretend I hate this kid?”

-Needless to say, they get along fine. Shouto would never admit it aloud, but his real father is out of the picture now, and he honestly wouldn’t mind if Enji really was his father. He has a lot of trouble acting in the scenes where Endeavor’s abuse is shown.

-Though he doesn’t have too much of an appearance in the second season, Shinsou stays with the crew almost every day. Even when he has nothing to do. Everyone asks him why he doesn’t just sleep at home, he does nothing but sleep here. His answer to that is, “Aizawa lets me sleep in his dressing room when he’s not there and that bastard dragged his own mattress in there.”

-Aizawa denies that he went through the trouble of hauling a mattress into his dressing room. The rest of them (mainly Kiri and Denki, who are nosy as hell) make it their personal mission to prove whether or not he’s lying. It’s going slow though, because everyone is a little scared of Aizawa.

-Hizashi, Aizawa’s friend and the actor of Present Mic, stole a megaphone on the first day on set and yelled in his best Mic voice: “DAY ONE GUYS!! WHO’S READY?!”

-Katsuki jumped and yelled “FUCK,” Izuku dropped his script, and Shinsou woke up shouting about how he was going to murder all of them for this.

-Hizashi never got to continue the countdown in the following days because Aizawa promptly snatched the megaphone from him and threw it into the trash.


a/n: so @sowhatshawn and i were talking about stuff the other day. and i got this idea. so. here. it. is. 

You made your way through the warm bodies shuffling around the house, trying to find your boyfriend. He had promised he wouldn’t get drunk, but you knew better. You knew he would celebrate this tour ending by drinking his body weight in alcohol, and by the end of the night you would be the one dragging his ass to the car, and helping him into the apartment.

Peering around the corner, you smiled when you saw Shawn tossing the ping pong ball into the red cup at the other end of the table, cheering when the beer splashed out. “I won!” He cheered, high-fiving a tipsy Matt. “I fucking won!”

“That’s the third time you’ve won, dude.” Matt laughed, nodding at you. “Hey, your girl’s looking for you.”

Shawn spun around, dopey smile on his face as you walked over. “Hi, baby!”

“Hey, hun. D’you think you’re about ready to head home?” You asked, since it was nearing one in the morning, and you were exhausted.

“Y-yeah, lemme just go say bye to everyone.” Shawn nodded, stumbling past you into the other room.

Matt looked at you, concerned. “You gonna be able to get him inside by yourself? I can help you- he weighs more than he looks.”

You laughed, nodding. “I’ll be fine. Thank you, though. I’ll text you when I get him inside.”

Megan walked over to Matt, and you bid the couple goodbye before going to find the lanky mess of a boyfriend you had.

Turning off the ignition, you pulled the keys out and grabbed your phone. You got out of the car, and set your purse on the hood, before going over and tackling the sleepy man inside the passenger side. “Shawn, bubby, you’ve gotta help me here.” You laughed, almost falling over when he got out, and leant all of his weight into you. “Jesus, Shawn, how much did you drink?” You asked, the smell of beer strong on him.

“S-so much.” Shawn mumbled, working with you so you two could get inside.

The two of you walked into the bedroom, and you disappeared into the closet to grab a pair of pajamas for your boyfriend, and he was sitting on the bed, giggling.

You started unbuttoning the dress shirt he had on, hands working fast since you knew he was going to start getting drowsy.

“She’s so pretty.” Shawn said out of nowhere, smile playing on his lips.

You quirked an eyebrow up, and walked over to him. “Who?”

“Audrey.” Shawn said, catching you by surprise. “Her lips were so plump. A-and they tasted like strawberries.” He giggled like a little boy, hiccuping.

“What? What do you mean?” You asked, heart rate picking up.

Shawn stripped off his shirt, and you felt your breath catch when you saw the hickeys on his chest. They were dark, and looked fresh. “Shawn, honey, when did you get those?”

The brunet looked down at his chest, and let out a breathy laugh. “So dark.” He poked one. “Audrey said she wasn’t going to leave marks. She said Y/N would get mad.” His head whipped up, and you swore he realized who he was talking to.

But, when he spoke, you felt your heart shatter even more. “It felt nice.”

You stayed silent for the rest of the night, waiting until Shawn’s breath evened out before getting out of bed. You left a water bottle and some Advil on the nightstand next to him, and quietly grabbed your essentials.

You let a few tears out as you padded across the hardwood of the apartment, collecting your purse, coat, keys; stopping at the picture of you and Shawn on your anniversary. You were in Europe, Paris to be exact, and Josiah had snapped the photo of you two in front of the Eiffel Tower. Kids in Love. Paris. 2016. You let out a rough laugh at the engraving on the frame, before letting the photo fall from your hands.

With one last look around the place you had called home, you opened the door, and stepped out into the night, temperature matching your feelings. Cold.

You didn’t make it far. instead, you stopped a few blocks down, and walked into the 24-hour mini mart at the corner. You dialed one of the more familiar numbers on your phone, pressing it to your ear. “Can you come pick me up?”

a/n: sorry it’s short. but i already have a part 2 ready to be posted. 

No but really, are they doing it this transparent on purpose?? Like he announces his single and suddenly Nasty gets her personal pap pics, she makes sure to show she stayed in London cause she doesn’t want anything to do with this kid, Louis spends 6 months without even staying in LA for more than 3 weeks but suddenly he is back being papped with this kid out of the blue and now back on his IG which since it has to be all about promotion for his single needs to include this poor kid according to the genius mind of his team and of course this picture come the 1st of the month, and exactly 3 weeks after the last time they were papped……like…its so obvious they are showing to fans that louis only uses this kid when he has to promote himself they dont even care to show he is a real father anymore, they only want you to think this is the kind of person he is and i truly cannot understand WHY they think all this is helping to sell or is the right way to promote their artist. It’s so sad and heartbreaking that they dont have nothing better to do with him when they saw the reaction to the interview and how people would love him just for himself and his music.

things I associate with the types
  • ESTP: the earth beneath your fingernails after a long day, waking up feeling full of light and ready to get up, summer evenings, the press of a friend’s hand into yours, tan lines that pop on your skin, the chill of rainwater as it slides through your hair, feet sticking out of car windows, running around backyards as the sunlight fades
  • ESTJ: the jarring echo of a microphone when bumped, mowed grass, a newly immaculate room with everything accessible, the fresh smell of rental cars, neat calendars pinned above desks, new school supplies stacked up in your room, monopoly games, sliding into a perfectly made bed at the end of a long day, unpacking in a hotel room, taking yourself out for dinner
  • ESFP: throwing your arm around a friend, gaudy beaded bracelets put together by your little cousin, the quick pant of an excited dog, the smell of campfires, paint stuck in the crevices of your hand, taking neat notes for the kid who’s absent, an instagram full of pictures of you and your friends, screaming the lyrics to songs as you ride down the highway
  • ESFJ: staying after school to help a teacher clean up, biting your tongue to try to stop laughing during class, a sticky kiss from a child, kindergarten art rooms, listening patiently to stories you’ve heard before, staggering around in your mom’s high heels as a kid, walking around town with ice cream and friends, squeezing lemon juice into your hair
  • ENTP: having to do a group project by yourself, walking back and forth to calm your excitement, desks cluttered with papers, the sound of quick typing, the rush of relief after walking out of uncomfortable situations, lying to get a reaction out of someone, the sting of tears brought on by anger, the perfect comeback, mascara smeared down your face
  • ENTJ: protest signs, pinning magazine cut outs to your wall, walking to the front of a room to give a presentation, the click of high heels, tilting your chair back and crossing your arms to show your disapproval, the smell of paint, friendly debates with loud words and wide gestures, losing track of time and blinking tiredly at the clock, perfectly tailored suits left wrinkled on bedroom floors
  • ENFP: bulletin boards with inspiring quotes, humming along off-key beneath your breath, bare feet on hot sand, pinterest projects, curling ribbon with scissors, sewing your own clothes, improvised road trips, bubblegum pink lipstick, convincing a friend to buy themself that new outfit, silly nicknames, candy wrappers littered on the floor, compliments from strangers in public restrooms, good morning texts
  • ENFJ: cute notes left in people’s lockers, talking a friend through their self confidence issues, cleaning your room at two in the morning, dark thoughts that only slip into your mind late at night, the press of a kiss to your forehead, picking out your clothes the night before, convincing a friend to come dance with you, the hand on your shoulder
  • ISTP: taking apart pens and examining the individual parts, spilling out emotions that you’ve kept tightly wound inside, the smell of rubber tires on pavement, writing down your thoughts to better understand them, clenched fists, research papers laid out across a table, jumping off a rock wall and letting the cord catch you, polaroid cameras
  • ISTJ: setting yourself deadlines, slipping candy to a worried friend, puns, stretching after a long day, downing too much coffee so you can stay up to work, drawing tablets, buying Christmas gifts a month in advance, the smell of grass after a rain, sitting in comfortable silence with a good friend, before and after pictures, old family trinkets
  • ISFP: petitions passed around classrooms, a friend’s artwork hanging on your wall, the weight of a child on your hip, getting up early to see the sunrise, interior design, vinyl albums, sitting on rooftops with friends, detailed journals from years back stacked in your closet, the warmth of a cat curled up on your lap, sleepy kisses goodnight, the walk up on stage to collect an award
  • ISFJ: buying friends gifts for no occasion, old photo albums lining bookshelves, waking up knowing that today is not yesterday, holding a bun up with just a pencil, splattered paint on brick walls, doing homework on the way to school, bitten lips rather than angry words, tentative hugs, the smell of vanilla, hair falling in front of your face when you duck your head
  • INTP: dead languages, long winded speeches that change topics multiple times, sweater vests, chalk boards covered with writing, lost glasses that are on top of your head, botanical gardens, finals week, bouncing up and down on the balls on your feet as you rant, unbrushed hair, library fines, the glow of a laptop late at night
  • INTJ: packing for college, perfectly winged eyeliner, beakers overflowing with bubbles, schedule overloads, chess games that last until late into the night, the feeling of silk on bare skin, locking your door while working, texting while walking, leaning forwards into discussions with your elbows on the table, rapid-fire conversations, makeup lined up along the sink
  • INFP: community gardens, braiding flowers into a friend’s hair, giggles, playing guitar to an empty room, yellow daisies, sudden anger, reading by candlelight, unexpected hugs, empty forest paths, make believe, whispers that you know no one can hear, understanding nods during rants, lifting someone up and spinning them around, the smell of new paper, forgotten tea that’s turned cool
  • INFJ: hanging lightbulbs, thick books where the spine curls inwards, shoulders shaking forwards when you won’t let yourself cry, absent kisses laid on top of heads, lying beside a friend in bed and talking to the ceiling, dessert left at a friend’s door, watching the people below from city windows, little notes from friends kept for years, the key to your childhood diary
♡ masterlist ♡


  1. “Don’t want my baby girl in pain”
  2. “Sweet little baby, can’t wait to hug her”
  3. “I’m just admiring the view”
  4. “I love your cuddles”
  5. “I’m not Niall” (Part 1), “You seem pretty cool” (Part 2)
  6. “Stop being grumpy, I love you”
  8. “I really really love and appreciate you”
  9. “I’m so fucking sorry for letting you down”
  10. “Thank you so much for making my son happy”
  11. “Get your ass down here bc I miss you”
  12. “Aw, can we take naps together?”
  13. “Because I feel like she’s replacing me”
  14. “I just miss my baby a lot”
  15. “Do you want me to lie”
  16. “Oh wow you really don’t get it, do you?” (Part 1),“Wow you really are childish” (Part 2), “I fucked up, I know that” (Part 3, written form)
  17. “I’ll just have to deal with all the horny teens”
  18. “But minutes ago I was cheating on you”
  19. “Baby doll”
  20. “Don’t doubt yourself”
  21. “I’m the luckiest”
  22. Harry wants to surprise you
  23. You swoon over Harry pictures from the Dunkirk premiere
  24. Harry is doing promo in America but you want cuddles
  25. Harry went to the gym then took a picture with a fan and you drool over it
  26. You watch harry’s performance and tell him how proud you are of him
  27. Harry surprises you with a holiday and you surprise him with something else
  28. Harry regrets breaking up with you
  29. You drunk text Harry
  30. Harry joins you on your family holiday where he meets your family for the first time
  31. Harry is your boss and he asks you on a date 
  32. You tell Harry about the new addition to your guys’ family
  33. You show Harry the new bra you bought
  34. Harry is dating your older sister but drunk texts you
  35. Harry gushes over you at the premiere you attend
  36. You’re hinting that you’re pregnant but Harry’s in a meeting
  37. Harry is supposed to be away but he stayed and surprised you at your front door
  38. Harry and Liam got in a fight because he tells Harry he loves you and you find out through text
  39. Harry is your best friend and you went out clubbing where you both express how you feel towards each other
  40. Harry asks for nudes
  41. Harry is nervous to announce your kids that he’s going to be their stepfather
  42. Harry wants round two of your guys’ night before
  43. Harry’s in America and you see a picture of him with another woman
  44. You ask Harry for a nude
  45. You’re insecure about being plus size so you ask Harry why he’s with you
  46. Harry gets hard on stage when he sees you enjoying yourself
  47. Harry is jealous of Ashton Irwin from 5sos and his overprotective side comes out
  48. Harry wants to meet up after 5 years to talk about you two
  49. Harry’s on tour and you’re missing him so you drool over pictures of him


  1. You’re literally all I need
  2. “Promise ring”
  3. New York // Part 1Part 2
  4. Wedding in Hawaii // Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3


  1. “Well, u better do blondie. X”
  2. “I’m the nerd of the band”
  3. “I don’t think it works baby girl”
  4. “I wish I could cuddle you right now”
  5. “Please, don’t cry, princess”
  6. “So I’m letting you go”
  7. “Horan, chill your titties”
  8. “Your ass in my hands and your legs around my neck”
  9. “I don’t wanna see you” (Part 1),“You better not or I’ll mess your face up” (Part 2)
  10. “I’m not mad, don’t worry” (Part 1),“I wanted to cuddle and watch movies with you” (Part 2)
  11. “Get your shit together I’ll be there in 5″
  12. “I’m just a bit shocked”
  13. “I’m lucky to have you”
  14. Niall wants you back
  15. Niall wants to be more than friends


  1. “Sing your heart out, super star”
  2. “Been too long since I saw your handsome face”
  3. “I really need to see her”
  4. “Fuck you, Liam”
  5. “I’ll just break up with you now”
  6. “I don’t want to hear your voice right about now”
  7. “Can you please forgive me baby?”
  8. “Why would we get sued”
  9. “This is crucial for me to know because?”
  10. Liam and you react to each other’s shirtless pictures


  1. “Brother from another mother”
  2. “You my love are insatiable”
  3. “I take pinky promises very very seriously”
  4. “You honestly look fire baby girl”
  5. “The boys said I fancied you”
  6. “I’m buying you chocolate and giving you cuddles”
  7. “The love of my damn life cheated on me”
chowder hcs nobody asked for
  • fucking instagram famous
  • does live shows like twice a week and people actually watch it
  • he mostly posts selfies and dog pictures, people follow him for the cuteness and stay for the positivity
  • he got lost in the woods when he was a kid and instead of staying where he was he just started walking and crossed state borders while doing so “the girl who loved tom gorden”-style
  • is a sucker for conspiracy theories, aliens are real but they just wanna be friends … don’t be mean .. they’re curious, they don’t wanna take over our planet, dex, stop
  • nobody ever sees him work out??? how does that boy stay fit??
  • wants to learn cooking so badly, but he once burned pancakes so badly that they had to throw away a pan and since then he has to be under supervision while in the kitchen
  • loves nursey patrol, because nursey gets affectionate and talks about how much he loves his friends and that’s like chowders favorite thing to do so it’s a win-win situation
  • he kissed everyone on the team at least once, he just gets excited okay, he loves people a lot, make platonic kissing a thing 2k17
  • (farmer finds it cute)
  • ALSO farmer, he loves her a lot, lets talk about that
  • he had no idea about volleyball but once he met her he watched the entirety of haikyuu and read the wikipedia page so he knows(tm)
  • they went on a date in a nice italian place and woke up a town over in onesies none of them owned before the next day, when asked what happened chowder just smiles and looks into the distance
  • boi can hold his liquid, he only drinks with friends but he doesnt really feel it??
  • speaks swedish fluently for some reason
  • backpack-hoarder(tm), why wasnt one backpack enough?? why does he need fifteen?? reasons, just let him be
  • also t-shirts.
  • has pinterest and always pins cool diy projects and never does them
Business and Pleasure - Part 19

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 2,418

Warnings: Swearing

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

It was just like any other normal Saturday night. At least it should have been. You were snuggled up on the couch with Bucky, watching a new horror movie (at Bucky’s insistence), a bowl of popcorn resting on top of your belly, which seemed like it never stopped growing over the past few months.

You gripped Bucky’s hand tightly as the suspenseful music picked up again, signaling that something was about to happen. Your every last nerve was on high alert, which seemed to amuse your husband. You never did understand his odd fascination with these horror movies, but you decided you’d humor him this time. After all, he had agreed to watch the musical with you last weekend even though you knew they weren’t his favorite. It was the least you could do.

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An Introvert's guide to dealing with extroverted personalities

SUBMITTED by anonymous


- Don’t let them boss you around. Whether it’s literally your boss, a spouse a family member or a friend, ExTJs naturally take control over things and more often than not….people. Especially introverts because they make less “noise” so to speak. It’s not always meant as a bad thing, in many cases they think they’re doing you a service. But let them know that you have your own ideas and thoughts, they can very responsive to that.

- Show confidence. In regards to the last point, they will especially be prone to walking over you if you look lost or doubtful. Again, not necessarily bad in their eyes, they may think they are helping you. But if you show you have quiet confidence and can stand on your own two feet, they will respect that. 

- Respect their lavish lifestyles. Te-doms are often naturally successful at life, mostly in academics and business. And likewise they also LOVE to show off their success, through materialism, appearance, social status etc. (especially ENTJs) It’s not always shallow, it’s really what they like. Realize that in many cases, they actually…..did work really hard to earn that stuff. So check to see if your disdain about this isn’t actually the jealousy bug.

- Listen and appreciate their advice. Te-Doms are just really good at helping you out if you approach with any kind of problem. But yes, they do have a tendency to talk about you as if you were them. Keep that in mind.


- Understand that they have a hard time with “reserved” individuals. This is the bane of all ExFJs. They like to communicate, get you out there, and sometimes force you into uncomfortable situations. Understand that not only do they mean no harm by that, it’s actually because they have an interest in you, otherwise they wouldn’t bother. Be open minded while at the same time reminding them that you like your personal space. 

- They like to talk. If you have to deal with an ExFJ and hope that the two of you will just stay quiet, tough luck. Prepare for at least minimal conversation. 

- Respect everything they openly share. Pictures of kids, food and various events and messages flooding your Facebook wall. This is especially a strain for IxTx types, but understand that yes, ExFJs do indeed like attention, that stuff also means something to them. Either validate it or refrain from criticizing it.

- Be very careful with humor. The raunchy and offensive type of course, especially if it’s about something or someone that really matters to them. Fe usually hates that. I once replied with a joke on an ENFJs’ political status on Facebook. That was the last I ever heard of her. Keep it more PG and light-hearted with ExFJs. Many other types will appreciate your R-rated humor. 


- They are intense! You have been warned. If you like peace, quiet and taking it slow, then by all means stay away from them as even ISxPs may find them overwhelming. If you want a good time however, they are your go-to people. 

- They know what’s “in”. Look no further for fashion advice or what’s trending. Many extroverts are keen on this, but none like ExSPs

- Speak directly. Metaphors, being passive-aggressive and worst of all “you should know…” will drive them absolutely up the wall. Yet at the same time they’re really good at picking up on you so… You got something to say, say it clearly and quickly, that’s their communication style. Don’t mice words, especially with ESTPs.

- Do not lecture them about being impulsive. Chances are they already know that or they don’t care. Either appreciate that aspect of them, offer advice or stay out, but being a disciplinary parent to them will not work.


- They are mentally stimulating as well as exhausting. You INxPs may be able to keep up with them but for you other introverts, be prepared for rapid-fire questioning and topic shifting. But by all means, you can halt them when they open up a topic or debate that interests you. Just be prepared that this said topic, will also be dissected quickly on all fronts.

- Respect their flight of ideas. As an introvert, you need time to process things, they don’t. Do NOT tell an ENxP “Hey…weren’t you supposed to do what you said you would do?” Unless it was a contractual commitment or something of that nature. That irks them. Ideas are fun for them to shoot out, but follow-up can be another issue altogether. When they are serious about something, you’ll know, don’t worry. Actions will speak louder than words.

- Religion and politics are NOT off limits! This is sacred and personal to you? Though luck, ENxPs will put it on the table sooner or later. ENxPs will most likely bust you open and ask all the details of your personal life, sometimes even moreso then Fe-Doms. So either be ready, embracing of that, or let them kindly know what’s off limits. 

- They have a “geek” side. Especially ENFPs. Respect and appreciate that and please don’t knock it. “You’re too old for….” will absolutely bring out their anger. Dom Si and Fi are usually good at respecting that because they know about sentimentality, but other introverts need to thread lightly. 

Note that many of these points are also valid for extrovert on extrovert. But this was written for all introverts’ processing downtime and reservations vs. extroverts’ rapid assessment of their surroundings and better ease with people in mind. 

If one of you extroverts want to do the opposite guide, be my guest.

What Dating Them is Like

Just starting off with Jonathan and Steve, if you want anyone else please ask!


  • he always has his hands on you somewhere, hands, waist, shoulders
  • lots of PDA
  • driving around all day
  • babysitting with him
  • the kids love you and he loves watching you with them
  • helping each other study
  • lots of passionate kisses
  • playing with his hair
  • being good friends with Nancy
  • him climbing through your window every night
  • meeting you by your locker
  • baby being his favorite
  • him knowing exactly how to cheer you up
  • staying at his house when his parents are out of town
  • and vice versa
  • just basically loving each other so much


  • Not being too fond of PDA
  • occasional hand holding
  • kissing in private
  • but they’re the most passionate kisses
  • treating Will like a little brother
  • always having pictures taken of you
  • going on road trips
  • listening to his mixtapes
  • you make a few mixtape for him as well
  • calling him Jonny
  • him calling you princess
  • late night horror movies
  • with tons of snacks!!!!
  • Joyce loving you
  • always being over at each other’s houses
  • enjoying each other’s company so much
  • being so in love
Hurricane Preparedness -- What To Take When You Evacuate

There are tons of informational lists out there for hurricane prep.  But if you’re getting hit by anything a category 3 or up, I personally recommend just evacuating.  This is my personal recommended list for what to take when you evacuate:

Flashlights (I recommend the little headlamps with adjustable elastic bands.  They use cheap but bright LED lights, cost as little as $1, and leave your hands free.  Don’t use candles – even if you manage to keep your matches dry, open flame presents a fire hazard and kids are likely to burn themselves.)

Water (1 gallon per person for each day – don’t forget some for pets).

Toilet paper, pads, & tampons

Trashbags in multiple sizes

Non-perishable food (Lipton cup soup, ramen, tuna, jerky, pretzels, etc)

Important documents (birth/marriage certificates, licenses/ID, professional certifications, wills, etc – a cheap and easy way to store these is in gallon Ziploc bags)

Pet food (non-perishable), leash/harness, comfort toy or bed

Diapers and wipes (even if you have a potty-trained toddler, grab a couple days’ worth becuse kids tend to regress in stressful situations)

Chargers (have an alternative on hand, like extra batteries or solar/car chargers)

Phone numbers and contact info (write it down, your phone may not be accessible)

Spare tire, jack, motor oil, antifreeze, radiator stop leak, portable battery charger

2-3 changes of clothes for you and your kids 

First aid kit and comfort medicines (Tylenol, antihistamines, etc)

Prescription medicines and a list of dosages

Medical information kit for everyone and any pets (blood types, allergies, etc – write it down)

Identifying information and a current photo for everyone with you (including pets)

Comfort items (blankets, pillows, pictures of loved ones, a favorite book, toys for kids and pets)

Remember, if the professionals say you should evacuate, then fucking evacuate.  Your house and your stuff is replaceable, you aren’t.  If you do stay behind, remember:

  • Keep a life vest or flotation device on hand if you get caught in a flash flood.
  • Don’t drive through moving water.  If you do feel your car starting to get swept away, immediately roll down the windows and undo your seat belts so you can get out in a hurry.
  • Don’t go into an attic, climb onto the roof.
  • Stay away from windows or make sure they’re boarded up securely (100+ mph winds can turn any projectile deadly).

If you are undocumented, write down contact information for immigration lawyers ahead of time.

If you have special needs, leave early.

Better safe than sorry.

Remember: Hurricanes happen every year.  Yes, they can be devastating, but they aren’t the end of the world.  We can and do survive and rebuild.  Don’t panic and don’t make yourself sick with worry.  Preparedness is for peace of mind.

Reblog and add anything else you think of.

Dating Kit Walker (after the asylum) would include...

Originally posted by casa-n-sheeit

there needs to be more kit in this damn place i’m tired of waiting

- meeting after he gets out of the asylum at his garage

- him flirting with you non-stop while fixing your car

- looking around the shop and seeing a picture on his tiny desk

- “that’s my kids; Thomas and Julia (a/n: hehe not me)””oh…they’re quite cute””thanks; they’re all i have now”

- thanking him when he’s done

- going on a date

- where he’s a total gentlemen

- bringing you to meet the kids

- they adore you

- lots of late night calls

- staying the night sometimes

- waking up wearing his shirts

- helping him get his work jumpsuit on bc he’s too sleepy

- looking after the kids; playing with the lil cuties

- making dinner for all of you since he gets home around 6

- him coming home covered in grease but smiling

- kissing you

- “daddy, mommy made brownies!””ooo brownies””ah, ah, ah, after dinner Kit””aww but sweetheeeeeaaaart”

- mocking his Boston accent though you love it

- he puts the kids to bed

- cleaning him up in the shower

- heated make-out sessions

- sending the kids to Lana’s sometimes

- so you can have sex

- “back up and turn around like a good boy””damn Y/N””was that ok?””do it again babygirl”

- cuddling after as he smokes

- him giving you piggyback rides

- comforting him when he has dreams of the asylum

- trying to drive his truck

- “Kit?!””what? what’s wrong?!””nothing, I just wanted to hear your voice”

- he likes carrying you

- sometimes he’ll bring you to work with him

- being hella bored so you sit on his lap when he does paperwork

- making coffee for the both of you in the morning

- playing with his curls

- taking bubble baths together

- worshipping each others bodies

- “daddy kissed mommy””ew’’

- dancing together

- laughing bc he’s a dork

- him picking you up in surprise

- hearing him complain about his vision

- denying that he needs glasses though

- until you drag him to the doctor

- “wow Kit Kat you look like an old man””gee thanks babydoll””but you’re my old man- Kit stop rolling your eyes”

- many many m a n y dad jokes

- growing old together

- being there when he gets cancer

- “you better not leave me Kit Walker!””I won’t; I love you”

anonymous asked:

can you please do scenarios/headcanons where MC joins RFA like original, but MC is cousin of RFA + V + Saeran + Vanderwood? BUT for Choi brothers, MC is their father's married wife's daughter which makes MC a half-sister to Choi brothers. this is obviously not a romance scenarios/headcanons. thank you!

This one was fun! We changed some of them slightly (making MC the sister instead of a cousin), so we hope you don’t mind! Spoilers for the secret ends for Seven’s, Saeran’s, and Vanderwood’s scenarios. 


  • He thought your name looked familiar in the chatroom
  • You also thought his picture looked familiar, but you weren’t sure
  • A few chats later, you guys exchange stories and find out you are cousins
  • You two were really close when you were kids, but he ran away and things changed
  • After this realization, you two start bantering like no time had passed and get close again
  • He doesn’t have his brother or parents anymore, so he practically adopts you as his little sister
  • When he found out about the bomb in the apartment, he goes even more ballistic than usual
  • Even after it’s resolved, he doesn’t like you staying in Rika’s apartment
  • He has the extra room, so you just move in with him
  • Life is going great…until he realizes you and Jumin have been in chatrooms a lot
  • “What? Do you like him or something?” he scoffs
  • “Yeah…kinda.”
  • Aw heck no he tries to dissuade you real quick
  • Whenever Jumin is in the chatroom, Zen purposely picks a fight
  • If Jumin gets really friendly with you, Zen tries to call you out of the messenger to do something else
  • But of course, you pick up what he’s trying to do
  • Knowing he can’t really fight it, he reluctantly agrees, but constantly fights with Jumin anyway
  • You actually find it amusing and endearing


  • He recognizes your name right away
  • You recognize him too, but you haven’t talked to him in a long while
  • He was usually close with Rika, and you and Rika didn’t get along too well, so you never got close
  • At first he’s excited to have you in the RFA…until you start nagging him about his gaming habits
  • After awhile, he finds that he’s logging in more just to talk
  • You and him end up having late night conversations about what happened in the family
  • You help him deal with Rika’s death by sharing memories with him
  • You guys get really close over time
  • Which really annoys the others because you have SO MANY inside jokes
  • And if you’re not doing that, you’re just getting into silly arguments
  • In the mornings, you send each other photos of what you cooked
  • Sometimes you’ll exchange recipes
  • After you joined the RFA, Yoosung feels so much at peace because he’s reminded what a blessing family is…even when they point out your bad habits and help you grow up a little


  • You two recognized each other at once
  • She was very confused how you got dragged into this
  • In reality she was just shocked to see you, as you hadn’t seen each other since before she left for college
  • At first, the RFA doesn’t believe you’re related
  • You like to joke around a lot and tease her, and she’s…well, she’s Jaehee
  • They think you’re all chill until one of them messes with Jaehee
  • You’re super protective of her, because she was actually your role model growing up
  • Despite being on the Jaehee Defense Squad, you’re really good with the other members too
  • You somehow manage to persuade Jumin to lessen her load without causing any problems between her and her boss
  • You also help her open up to the other members too, by dragging her out to meet them and hang out
  • You help her blossom into who she really is, and encourage her to pursue her dreams
  • When she opens up the cafe and asks you to partner with her, you cry


  • Of course he recognized you right away
  • You’re his little sister
  • Only he hasn’t seen you in ages because you lived in another town for so long
  • He makes sure he logs in the chat often to make sure you’re comfortable with everything
  • It confuses the other members because he’s so kind and loving towards you
  • They’re not used with seeing this side of Jumin
  • But just because you’re his soft spot doesn’t mean he won’t scold you from time to time
  • In fact, you hate when he turns on his big brother mode in front of everyone
  • He doesn’t mind you staying at Rika’s since he understands you might want the independence
  • But, he will make sure you visit him at least once a week to catch up
  • He really doesn’t want to lose touch again
  • As time passes, he notices you’re getting a little too friendly with Zen
  • He’ll call you out right in the chatroom, which embarrasses you, but doesn’t stop you from your feelings
  • He can see you really like Zen and vice versa
  • He doesn’t like it he actually hates it but he won’t overstep his boundaries
  • Doesn’t mean he’s not petty as heck
  • When you and Zen start dating, he sends Zen a congratulatory basket…full of cat food and cat related trinkets
  • On a completely “unrelated” note, he gets you a kitten
  • “Oh, Zen can’t visit your house anymore? What a shame. I suppose you’ll have to meet in a completely public area with lots of people.”


  • He finds out who your parents are during the background check
  • When he sees you’re the prime minister’s daughter, he’s against you joining
  • Still, V insists that everything would be fine, so he begrudgingly agrees
  • You notice he avoids a lot in the chatroom though
  • And when he is there, he’s very cold towards you unlike with the other members
  • Then one night, he finds a chatroom where you were venting alone about your mother and how she puts way too much pressure on you and never grants you any form of encouragement or affection
  • You also talk about your dad…his dad…and what a kind person he is
  • He always suspected his own mother twisting things for her benefit, but you only confirmed it
  • He finds his curiosity growing and starts warming up to you a little
  • When you continue to accept him while at Rika’s apartment, he spills about how you’re related
  • He thinks it’ll turn you away, but you just go on about how you want to save Saeran
  • He’s so touched and secretly commits his loyalty to you as a brother
  • When Saeran is finally rescued, you wish you could stay with them, but you can’t because of the whole family situation
  • You manage to convince him to have a secret reunion with your father
  • It isn’t in the public eye, and it’s barely for an hour, but it’s the closure he needed
  • He considers you such a blessing in his life


  • He knew exactly who you were when he sent you as bait for the RFA
  • The reason he had sent you was partially to get revenge on his father
  • But he never expected things to go as they did
  • He didn’t expect you to come back for him at Mint Eye
  • Seeing how much you cared for him was one of the things that helped him find purpose in life again
  • He appreciated that you were a little tougher on him than Saeyoung was during the recovery process
  • He always sought your advice and found you were a great listener
  • He wasn’t accustomed to having family who could actually be there for him
  • To have a younger sister–even if you were only a half-sister–meant so much to him
  • He was super protective of you though
  • If Saeyoung teased you a little too much, he jumped on his case
  • That didn’t mean he didn’t tease you from time to time though
  • He loved your little banters as you seemed to be the only one to get his sometimes corny or morose humor
  • He often asked about your father but he never showed interest in meeting him
  • You even offered to set up a reunion like with Saeyoung, but he refused
  • He wasn’t ready for that, and he wasn’t sure when he would be
  • But he was so glad he had you at least


  • When he gets the notification about someone entering the chatroom, he‘s surprised
  • When he finds out that someone is you, a cousin he’s very close to, he has difficulty keeping his composure
  • He’s so conflicted because he knows Rika is behind it
  • He’s scared saying something would only put you in danger
  • So, he logs into the chatroom often because he’s so worried something might happen to you
  • When you find out about the bomb, he calls you right away apologizing
  • He even visits you once Seven deems it safe
  • You two have a disagreement, obviously, but you know how self-sacrificing he can be
  • So in the end, you work it out
  • He stays at the apartment for the next few days to help with the party
  • It’s kind of like the old days, and you even do stupid things you used to do as kids
  • He hasn’t felt so light hearted in such a long time
  • After the party, he tries to be more involved in your life since he seemed to disappear after he started dating Rika
  • You two support each other


  • He heard from Seven about a new member joining the RFA
  • He doesn’t think much about it until Seven keeps slacking off
  • That’s why he offers to watch the CCTV for your safety
  • When you finally appear on the screen, he recognizes you as his little sister
  • Of course, he had to abandon you years ago when he joined the agency
  • He’s shocked and conflicted, but tries not to show it
  • It’s very hard when he can hear the whole situation about the hacker
  • He had joined the agency to keep you safe and you were in danger anyway
  • His protectiveness starts slipping up when he hears Seven talking on the phone with you and realizes the younger hacker has feelings for you
  • He cracks down on Seven ten times as much and gets mad when you seem to be returning the affection
  • Sometimes he’ll even eavesdrop on phone conversations and wait until Seven says something sweet
  • “That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Don’t say something like that to her again.”
  • Forget tasing, he almost killed Seven when he found out about the whole bomb thing
  • You’re one of the reasons he quits the agency later, when you come to rescue Saeran
  • He reveals who he is then, and you start crying and he almost cries himself though he denies it
  • He can’t do much about Seven since you seemed to have committed yourself to him
  • But he sticks around and plays the big brother role he never got to play while you were growing up to Seven’s chagrin
  • It takes a awhile to get close to him again since he’s not accustomed to opening up
  • But in the end, he softens up and you two are really close

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okay i posted this and now i can’t stop thinking about what blogs the different silm characters would run so y’all are gonna suffer with me

  • eru iluvitar is tumblr staff because he created everything but does absolutely nothing to maintain it and every time there’s drama he’s just like *opens one eye* “what are the kids up to these days?     ah. murder again.” *closes the eye*
  • eöl probably has one of those blogs that’s like “i’m everything tumblr hates. feminists and SJWS beware, you’re in for a scare”
  • yavanna has a nature blog. lots of cute pictures of animals and trees, sometimes selfies. v classy, stays out of the drama but has Opinions
  • fingon: mostly music, occasionally gay porn
  • maedhros: sends supportive asks to fingon on anon and then pretends it wasn’t him. questionable political views. has a separate, private blog on which he also posts gay porn (and cryptic, emotional vent posts)
  • fëanor: tumblr famous. always involved in some kind of drama. 90% of all the Discourse™ can be traced back to him
  • sauron reposts everything, never gives credit, and self-promotes on literally every single post (”follow this evil overlord! you will love him on your dash”). everyone hates his blog and maedhros keeps trying to report him but he always comes back somehow
  • turin has a monochrome blog with gifs from old french films and depressing quotes on black backgrounds. he only has 2 followers and one of them is beleg (although he later blocks beleg after they have a fight and the two of them never speak to each other again)
  • galadriel has a social justice blog and constantly calls everyone out on their bullshit. her selfies get like a million notes because she’s gorgeous and kinda looks like she could kill you with her brain
  • maeglin: ominous shitposting
  • melkor: “welcome to my twisted mind”