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5+1 things  - Saeran falls in love

This is so freaking cute and again I had to think of Kotoko and Naoki from Itazura na Kiss – best romance anime ever made, fight me – so I got really motivated to write this! Here ya go and I hope you enjoy! 

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating: General
Warnings: None
Categories: F/M
Relationships: MC x Saeran
Word count: 1874


Saeran sat on the bed in his room where he’d been hiding from his overenthusiastic brother for the past week when suddenly there was a knock on the door. He didn’t reply, which was usually enough for a clue for his brother to realize he didn’t want to be bothered. Not this time, apparently, as the door swung open almost immediately after. 

“Hey Saeran, look what I bought”, Min announced cheerfully, holding up a jar of what looked like those disgusting little candy hearts people liked to throw around on Valentines Day. Saeran rolled his eyes. Not that Min noticed any of that…or cared to notice. Instead she towered before him, opening the jar and holding one out to him.

Saeran looked from the pale blue little heart dangling before his mouth up to meet the girls eyes. She was beaming, patiently holding out the candy for him. Saeran looked back at the candy when suddenly Min moved closer, close enough for the candy to brush over his lips. Saeran closed his eyes, begging some kind of entity for strength.

“Come on, sugar makes happy”, Min said cheerfully after another minute of Saeran refusing to open his mouth. This was a game of patience and while Saeran was intent on winning, her pleading and hopeful eyes got the better of him. Begrudgingly he opened his mouth, letting Min put the candy on the tip of his tongue with a chuckle.

An hour later he sat on his bed – alone once more – with the jar between his folded legs. Saeran stared at the blank wall, eating one candy heart after another and questioning what kind of life choices he’d made that got him here. Whatever, they didn’t taste half bad and at least he’d gotten rid of Min after ten more minutes of being hand fed…


Saeran had just lain down on the couch, enjoying the freedom of having the condo to himself with Saeyoung being out on some sort of grocery run when the door was practically slammed open. His eyes flew open and Saeran froze at the loud, surprising bang only to groan when he heard Min’s familiar screech of excitement.

He didn’t up to reveal himself, instead covering his eyes in annoyance as he listened to her shout out to Saeyoung, running from room to room in order to find him. Without success, of course, as he wasn’t there. “He’s out”, Saeran eventually barked back angrily, having had enough of her loud commotion. He should have known better.

Min ran towards the couch, looking over to find Saeran glaring back up at her. Not that it stopped her from grinning right back, holding out what he thought to be a DVD. Sadly, it wasn’t a DVD per se. Oh no, it was some sort of tutorial thing that taught you how to dance like your favourite idols from a variety of bands, it seemed.

Min had pre-ordered said tutorial thing with Saeyoung a while ago – apparently those two idiots had been very excited about its arrival – and it had finally been released to the public. Eager to start their dance sessions she’d come run over but Saeyoung wasn’t there to dance along and it was so boring to do it alone so…

Saeran once more finds himself questioning his life choices as he stands in front of the TV with Min by his side, dancing along to some idol. She’s smiling from ear to ear, keeping up surprisingly well. Saeran hates her for roping him into this, but at least he can now say he knows how to dance like the guys from BTS or something. 


It was monthly movie night, his brothers dumb idea to get them together and ~bonding~ and because at this point Min was considered family she was not only invited, but it was her turn to pick the movie. Saeran generally didn’t care what was on the TV anyway, he clocked out 5 minutes in, but Min had a way of picking the worst. 

Min didn’t disappoint, as she managed to pic the most predictable movie she could have; Frozen. Not only was a princess Disney movie, meaning the last thing Saeran wanted to be subjected to for one and a half hours, but she also picked the blandest ones at that! Couldn’t it have been Aladdin or Mulan? Those at leas have some violence!

Saeran tried to block the movie out and fall asleep on multiple occasions, but Frozen just wouldn’t allow it. Every single time he somehow managed to tone it out, a new song popped up and Min and his brother began to sing at the top of their lungs. The fact that Saeyoung knew all the words to every song was sincerely unsettling to Saeran.

By the time the legendary ‘Let It Go’ came around, Saeran was forced to sing along. His brother insisted that the song was catchy and singing was good for the soul and when Saeran tried to talk himself out of it, arguing that he didn’t know the words, Min was quit to whip out the remote and turn on the CC. Damn them both.

By the end of the movie Saeyoung busied himself cleaning up after the three of them while Min turned to Saeran. She looked so hopeful when she asked him whether he’d liked the movie or not and asshole or not, those eyes just broke his resolve every time. His frown evened out and he smiled. “It wasn’t half bad”, he settled on, surprised to find it being the truth.


It was a shitty day for Saeran. From the moment he opened his eyes that morning he knew it wouldn’t be a good day and sadly, he wasn’t proven wrong. It wasn’t like anyone had wronged him. In fact, Saeyoung even made breakfast for him, but Saeran was irritated and lifeless at the same time. Naturally, he looked for a fight.

Saeyoung didn’t oblige though, probably luckily so. In fact, instead of being the overbearing brother he usually was he took the safe route and gave Saeran the distance he needed for the time being. After a couple of hours of being alone Saeran started to calm, to some extend, until once more Min unexpectedly entered the scene.

He tried to provoke her, fight her, insult her, but Min just never reacted the way he wanted her to. She remained calm and collected, no matter what Saeran threw at her head, whatever cruel words he used. After about half an hour he started to calm, words ebbing into a strained silence. That’s when Min stepped forward and pulled Saeran into a tight hug.

He didn’t dight her, merely sagging into her arms in defeat. He found himself seated on the couch, wrapped in a blanket with her feet in his lap and chocolate chip ice cream in his hand. Min filled the silence with her cheerful blabbering, gesturing along to her words as she told one story after another, not forcing Saeran to talk at all.

As Saeran sinks further into the couch, humming around another delicious spoon full of ice cream he realizes that he’s actually comfortable. Even with Min’s endless mostly mindless chatter he feels more at easy than he has in a long time. The fact that maybe exactly that mostly mindless chatter is precisely the reason for his comfort is strictly ignored.


It’s monthly movie night again, but this time Saeran gets to pick the movie. Which obviously results in being one of the goriest horror movies he could find available, after being subjected to Frozen and Toy Story the last two months. Saeyoung and Min try to object, but rules are rules and they end up on the couch, shivering before the movie even really begins.

Saeyoung seems to handle it relatively fine, although it’s obvious he doesn’t enjoy his brothers choice of movie either. Still, Saeran is sure his twin has seen worse, so he’ll manage a damn movie. Min, on the other hand, isn’t holding up too well. Other than shivering she finches and screams a lot, hiding her face in her hands more than once.

Saeran is able to ignore her fidgeting and squealing for the most part until the point he’s suddenly turned into a human muffler. Instead of hiding her face the pillow resting in her lap or her own hands like previously, Min decides that Saeran’s shoulder is apparently accessed much easier, wrapping her arms around his neck in the process.

He stiffens a couple of times at first, but eventually Saeran comes to expect it, although he refuses to wrap an arm around her in comfort. That is until Min suddenly stops moving and her breath evens out surprisingly. Upon looking down Saeran realizes that the girl fell asleep on his shoulder, peacefully oblivious to the movie and everything else.

The movie ends and Saeyoung once more excuses himself to clean and then to go to sleep himself. Saeran stays, listening to the even breath and wondering how he got himself in this situation. He still carefully reaches around Min to pull the blanket over her. He also doesn’t move up, afraid he’ll wake her, but no one needs to know that.


Saeran realizing his feelings for Min hits him like a ton of bricks, really. The girl somehow managed to lure him out of the condo and onto the streets of Korea where they’d spent the last two hours walking around some sort of festival. It was then that Saeran first started to notice these small things Min did, his body reacted strangely to.

Like when a man twice if not three times her size almost ran her over and yet she apologized to him, smiling despite him huffing an insult and marching off. Or when a kid ran into her and accidentally dropped his ice cream and she not only helped him up and apologized, but also offered to buy him a new one to make up for it.

However, it really hit him when he noticed that there was a stand that sold beautiful and extravagant fans that apparently caught her interest. Saeran could tell that she wanted to buy one of them and if he’d calculated right, she would have just about enough money left to buy one of them and maybe something to eat. She didn’t.

Min didn’t buy the fan, because she saw a group of kids sitting all by themselves, looking somewhat lost and sad. So Saeran watched her spent all her money and tiny toys and drums as well as a bunch of sweets and march over there with the brightest of smiles. He watched her hand them out to the kids, causing them to beam.

She even managed to teach them a song or two on the tiny drums and flutes she’s gotten, dancing with the children and playing with them, no care in the world it seemed. It was then that Saeran realized he loved Min with all his heart. “Shit, I have to protect this childish, beautiful, kind, dumbass…”, he whispered to himself before running over and joining in on the fun.

Letterman Jacket (egobang)

That picture of Arin that has been circling around today gave me ideas. So have some high school au fun!!

tw; implied drug use.


Arin never really cared for any sport, but the football coach came to him anyway. He knew since he was a bigger guy they ‘needed someone like him on the team’, and after several months of getting hounded, Arin agreed and spent his summer in the hot sun with a bunch of other sweaty boys. He did admit that aside from the heavy equipment and being sweaty all the time, he did enjoy playing. He wasn’t a star athlete like the Quarterback, but the kids on his team did genuinely seem to like him, at least on the field and locker room.

It wasn’t until the season started that Arin noticed someone at almost every game. He had wild crazy blue hair and looked like…someone who was on a certain hallucinogenic.  He would always stand by the fence separating the field from the seats and watch the games. He was on the taller, lankier side, and wore tattered jeans, converse shoes and a flannel shirt. His clothes would change of course, but that outfit seemed to be the most consistent.

He really wanted to go and speak with the boy, Arin wouldn’t admit it outloud but he was cute. Its not like he ever could with his coach yelling at him. He would always look back and stare at the blue haired boy, he always stared back. It was on a cold October night that Arin decided that, at half time, he was going to talk to him. After his huddle with his team, he checked to see if anyone was looking and jogged towards him. The boy seemed surprised that Arin approached him.

“Hey.” The boy said,

“Hi.” Arin replied.

This was stupid. What he was doing was stupid. He has no idea who this kid is, or even if he went to this school. The boy definitely smelled like smoke, very earthy smoke. His eyes were only slightly discolored but were a beautiful shade of brown, like smokey quartz.

“I-I’m Arin.” He introduced himself.

“Dan,” the other replied.

“I see you at almost every game.”

“Yeah, my sister is one of the cheerleaders.” Dan said pointing to a girl who looked similar to himself.

“Oh, I didn’t know.” Arin was getting nervous and half time was almost over.

“Hey, after the game wanna grab something to eat? I’m dying for some chinese or something.” Dan said and Arin took his chance.

“Yeah! Sounds great! Meet you in the parking lot after?” Arin asked and Dan nodded.

“Meet you there. You win this game, i’m buying.” He told him, and that was all the motivation Arin needed to give it his all.

They lost, they lost badly. Their coach yelled at them in the locker room for messing up on basic plays. Arin was thinking about quitting, he didn’t much care for the sport anyway, and the yelling was wearing on his nerves. He packed up his gear and walked out to the parking lot, looking for Dan. How hard was it to find a tall blue haired kid, right? He eventually saw him standing under a tree by a red pick up, he was smoking…something.

“Hey! You lost so guess that means you’re paying.” Dan greeted him.

“I thought you said you’d buy!” Arin argued as he hopped into the passenger’s side.

“No. I said if you win I’ll pay. You lost, you buy.” Dan told him as he got into the driver’s seat.

“That wasn’t part of the deal.” Arin argued as he began to drive.

“I have altered the deal, pray I don’t alter it further.” Dan said in a gravely voice that wasn’t his own.

“Oh my god did you just use a star wars reference on me!” Arin laughed.

“Hell yeah I did. You fuckin’ like that shit?” Dan giggled.

They joked the entire way to the restaurant. Dan took him to a nice looking chinese place that was nearly deserted on a friday night. They sat down, ordered their food and sipped on their tea and water. Arin didn’t really know what to do or say. Dan was funny and very charismatic, even cute, it made him flushed. Dan told Arin about his passion for music and how he has been trying to make his own band for years. He needed people to play instruments, since he could only barely play the bass mostly, and preferred to sing. Wow, he was a singer. Why was Arin getting so flushed at the idea of Dan being on stage, looking as beautiful as he did, singing. Wait, what? He shook the thoughts away.

Dan asked about Arin, what his likes were, dislikes were, and when Arin talked about being an artist, Dan looked confused.

“If you are more focused on your art why are you playing football?” He asked.

“Because the coach wanted me on his team since I’m a bigger kid.” Arin explained but Dan scoffed.

“That’s no reason to play. If you don’t like it you should quit y’know?” he said and Arin nodded.

“Yeah, and I want to, especially after tonight.” He admitted.

“Yeah I feel ya. But hey, you’re decision on what you do or not.”

They were quiet for a little bit longer, just eating there food, smiling at each other.

“I’d like to see your drawings sometime, if you want.” Dan said after a while.

“Oh!…Yeah I can show you, only if you sing for me!” Arin said which made Dan laugh.

“Sure I’ll sing for you. Anytime you want.” Dan said. Arin really shouldn’t be blushing but he is.

Arin paid for their food, after Dan outright refused since their ‘agreement’ and went outside. A cold chill hit them like a wall and Dan nearly doubled over.

“Not good with cold are ya?” Arin asked. Dan, who was visibly shivering shook his head.

“Not at all.” He told him. Arin, as if by reflex, took off his letterman jacket and threw it over Dan’s shoulders. He looked surprised at the sudden warmth and looked at Arin, who has his arm around Dan.

“Let’s hurry up to the truck.” Arin said and Dan nodded.

“Yeah…okay.” They huddled together for warmth as they ran to the truck. Both of their cheeks were red, whether is was from the cold, or they were actually blushing, neither of them could tell or want to know. At least for now.

Lost In This Moment

Part 10 in the No Place Like You Series. 

Jensen x Reader 

Word Count: 1430

Warnings: Language. Cavities… lots of cavities. It’s too sweet haha. 

A/N: Remember, THIS IS FICTION. There is no way hate intended to his family. For the purposes of this series, Jensen is single. 

The town in this fic is not named, but I drew from the time I spent in Athens,GA, so you will see references to places in that town, because it very much represents the kind of town I pictured for this part. *ALL PHOTOS ARE FROM GOOGLE. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE IMAGES. ALL CREDIT TO OWNER.*  

Tags are listed below. If you would like to be added to one of my tag lists, just ask :) 

*Unedited- Please excuse any grammar/spelling/autocorrect fails* 


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The events of today’s FaceTime incident flood my mind as I make my way out to the front door of Y/F/N and I’s apartment building. I still can’t believe she would do such a thing, well, I take that back. I can believe it, but seriously. I mean why would she think that would be a good idea. I just hope tonight’s not all awkward. 

Jensen is right on time, greeting me with a smile as I step out. “Hey Y/N!” He says quite bright and cheerfully. Okay so far so good. 

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Disappear (Reprise)

Hey yall! I wrote this and gave myself feels oops! ………

Lights up on Evan and Jared standing facing each other, alone on stage. They’re both crying, and Evan is looking anywhere but at Jared.

[JARED, sung]
Look, I know that you
Were just the loser
Who kept waiting to be seen, right?
I mean no one seemed to care
Or stoped to noticed that you’re there
So you got lost in the in-between

If you could somehow keep them thinking of it
And become more than a lonely, worthless kid
Well that meant you mattered too
But Ev, someone already saw you there

No one deserves to be forgotten
No one deserves to fade away
No one should come and go
And have no one know he was ever even here
No one deserves to disappear

[JARED, spoken]
Look, Evan… when Alana posted the note- the letter, I… I knew it was yours, and I just-

No, no, it’s okay, you- you couldn’t have know, no one, I- I made sure that no one knew.

That isn’t- look, that isn’t the point Evan, okay? The point is, I’m your friend. Your best friend, and I should’ve known.

[JARED, sung]
And I wouldn’t let you-
I’d never let you disappear
Don’t disappear
I’ll be right here

The boys embrace, openly sobbing. Jared pulls away, wipes his tears, and smiles at Evan, grabbing his hands.

[BOTH, sung]



before the game, part seven

a/n: you guys said you wanted drama, so here it is…… part six if you need to catch up on the series!

“Dad, hurry up, let’s go!”

Liam waits impatiently by the door with his mother while they wait on Roman to join them. It’s a beautiful summer evening in Dortmund, so they decided to go on a family walk to a nearby park – except Roman is taking too long to put his shoes on.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Roman rounds the corner and slides his keys into his pocket. “Okay, let’s go.”

They head out the door and Liam walks in between them, holding one of his mom’s hands and one of Roman’s.

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Undercover Feelings

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Words: 1128


“Why must I go undercover?” Kylo Ren asked you. He was in the refresher room changing into his disguise and you were laying on his bed waiting for him to come out.

“Kylo, this is a chance to see what everyone does while you’re not around. Not to mention what kind of stuff they say behind your back.”

“What do you mean?”

You smirked to yourself, “You’ll find out when you go out there. Now hurry up!” You called out to your friend and colleague. 

He came out with a big frown on his face. You bit your lip to prevent you from laughing, “I look foolish.” Kylo Ren said. He fashioned a blonde wig, glasses, an orange vest, and a grey jumpsuit. 

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An Other Side of the War (Part 6)

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 7

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~ Year seventh ~

As you arrived on the Platform 9 ¾, you were surprised how many students came back in this year. You couldn’t decide it’s either bravery or stupidity, but you didn’t have time to think about things like this; your gaze met that so familiar stormy grey eyes, and before your brain could start to working, your legs already run, run into his arms, and in the next second you held each other so tightly like if you don’t, the moment will slip away and both of you’ll disappear.

When you released each other he cupped your face and looked deeply into your eyes so you had some time to examine his face. It was grey, serious and stern. It was a face that looked like don’t know how to smile anymore. You couldn’t look at him any moment longer; it hurt too much saw him like this. 

Lucius was even worse shape than Draco; only Narcissa has some express on her face that reminded you how the Malfoys used to look like, and she looked determined. 

„Is everything alright?” – you asked him after you found an empty compartment, but he didn’t answer.

„Listen. You have to stay close to me. Hogwarts isn’t the same anymore.”

„You don’t say.” – you said sarcastically, but his face remained stern.

„It isn’t funny, Y/N. Death Eaters will teaching us. Don’t think you’ll be safe because you’re pureblood. They’re know your name.”

„And do you think you can save me from them? From him?”

„I don’t think anything.” – he said after a few second silence. – „But I know I’ll do everything to keep you safe. I promsied that. Just please… stay put. And let me help.”

You nodded in silence. Of course it wasn’t your intention to get yourself killed, but Draco knew that sometimes you can’t shut your mouth. Only now everything’s changed – and you revalued your priorities. Draco is more important to you than everything, so you’ll swallow your pride to keep yourself and him safe. 

And it worked well, until a Dark Arts class near the end of the term.

„Oh, Miss Y/L/N! I don’t remember you practicing the Cruciatus Curse at all! Now come on now, show us something interesting… on him.” said Carrow cheerfully while nodded at a Gryffindor boy.

You slowly walked in front of the class with the boy that you recognized now: Neville Longbottom. As you pointed your wand at him with shaking hands, you could tell he doesn’t afraid. Not anymore

„Just do it Y/N.” – he mutters.

„See? He’s even asking for it! Don’t be such a coward, girl, do it!” Carrow looked happier then ever, while your mouth went dry and your hand just shaked more. You lower your wand.

„Aaah.” – Carrow sighed. „What a shame, Y/L/N. Your parents would be very dissapointed.”

The anger that you felt at the last minutes - and the last few months - expanded with that sentence. You lost your temper, pointed your wand at your teacher and shouted: „Stupefy!” As your stunning spell was too strong, he flown over the classroom straight to a bookshelf. Before he could stand up, Draco ran over to you and stood before you. „That was really stupid.” – he whispered.

As Carrow comes back to you with anger in his eyes, Draco pointed his wand on him.

„Do you think I am afraid of you?” – he laughed. „Your family lost that position ages ago, Malfoy. You don’t have the courage to do anything, so, put mommy’s wand away.”

„If you touch her, I’ll have the courage I swear.” Maybe it was the anger on his face or the dedicated look on his eyes, but Carrow frowned and lowered his wand.

„All right kids. Sit down. As for you, Y/L/N, you can come for detention today, 5 o’clock.” – he smirked, and Draco turned around but you stopped him and gave him a warning look. Everybody knows what a detention means with the Carrows.

It was almost 5, so you exit the common room with Draco on your heels.

„Draco if you won’t go back I’ll hex you. You can’t come there!”

„Do you know what will he do with you?” – he shouted desperately.

„I know, and I also know that you won’t control yourself if you see. You and your family is enough trouble already, don’t risk anymore because of me, please. I can get much worse than torture if you intervene.”

He slowly snuggled up to you and kissed your forehead, then raised your chin with his fingertip. „Please love, be careful.”

After nearly half an hour with Carrow, you were thankful that Draco didn’t come with you. If he could hear your screams, Godric knows what would he done.

The detentions was all the same: students practiced the Cruciatus Curse on other students. In your case, you get it from Carrow. It was beyond every pain that you ever felt before. It was in your bones, in your brain, in your veins, and after several minutes torture, you lost your energy to scream. You couldn’t see or move. As tears fell down on your face, Carrow knelt next to you.

„Well well, at least you take it better than your sweet mother.” You felt as he grabbed your arm and something hurt on your skin, but after the previous pain, it was like nothing. You heard the door swung open, but you cannot have the strength to look at the way, though you recognize the monotone voice immediately.

„What have you done to her?” – Snape asked.

„She earned her punishment, she stunned me at the class.”

„Carrow that poor girl barely alive! Get out.” And you felt Snape lifted you, but the next moment you blacked out. You woke up to Draco’s voice.

„Sweetheart, please talk to me, please, please…” – he prays to you, his hand on your cheek when you open your eyes; you were at the Hospital Wing.

„Oh thank Godric. Say something.”

„I’m okay.” – your voice is barely audiable and hoarse after the screams.

„No, you’re not. I’ve shouldn’t let this happen. I shouldn’t…”

„It isn’t your fault, Draco.” – you said to him and stroke his cheek with your weak hand. He gently grasped your forearm but you gasped to his touch and pulled your hand away from him.

„What is it? Where it hurts?” – he gave you a concerned look and you knew it’s unnecessary to lie to him, so you streched your arm. Draco rolled up your sleeve and a tormented, angry look appear on his face as he saw the blood traitor text craved in your arm. He stood up so quickly his char is fell over.

„I’ll kill him.”

„No, stop, come back here!” – your voice suddenly came back when he was almost already at the doors, but of course, Madam Pomfrey wasn’t happy to hear you shouting.

„This is enough, she needs to rest! Get out of here Mr. Malfoy, don’t bother her.” – she said angrily, but you grabbed her arm.

„No, please I want him to stay, please!” – you cried, more to Draco than to her.

„All right,” – she said finally – „but one more shout and you’ll be banned from here.”

„I won’t let him to get away with this, Y/N.” – he whispered as sat down next to you.

„You have to. Remember what I said earlier? About your family? It was my fault. I’m lucky to be alive after my parents anyway.”

„Don’t say that. Please. You’re the only thing that keep me sane. I cannot lost you.”

A few hours later he layed on the bed next to you, both of you in silence, just watching each other’s face. You remembered something; a late morning, back at the Malfoy Manor when you relaxed on the bed silently, examined every little detial on him, and he did the same as well. The memory of the peacful moment filled your brain when you heard his low voice. 

„Y/N. After all of this ends, will you…?”

„Yes.” – you cut him off with a weak smile.

„Let me finish.” He smiled too. „Will you marry me?”

„Yes.” – you repeated in a so natural tone, because it was the only thing that you were sure about.


You woke up two days later in the middle of the night to the noises, still at the Hospital Wing. You quickly dressed up and as you hurried down in the corridors, you bumped into Professor McGonagall.

“Professor! What is happening?”

“War, Miss Y/L/N. The rest of your house at the dungeons, if you please will join them.”

You immediately ran down to the dungeons. You have to find him. Or maybe he is with them? You could hardly concentrate, and before you realized, you were already in the common room. With fast breaths, you glanced around, but you didn’t see him.

“Where’s Draco?” - you asked Pansy.

“I don’t know. He searched for you but disappeared with Crabbe and Goyle - where are you going? Stay here Y/N!” - Pansy shrieked as you hurried back to the door. 

But you didn’t care; you have to find him, you have to know he’s safe. At the courtyard, there were chaos. Teachers and students defending the castle - and it’s flashed into your brain; why the other Slytherins are sitting at the common room while everything is falling apart?

As you saw a little girl, probably first or second year in front of a Death Eater, you yelled „Stupefy!” to save her, but you missed it. “RUN!” - you shouted at her.

The Death Eater turned to you, raised the wand, but stopped dead. And then, between the screams and cries and sounds of death, you hear a familiar voice behind the mask. „Get the hell out of here. Now!” – and she’s already ran away from you.

And in that moment, when you recognized your aunt voice, you understood everything. Of course no one in the Slytherin House joined to the fight; how could you? Hurt or kill people who raised you, were friends to you, people who you know since you were kid?

With tears in your eyes, you turned back to the castle, but in that second when you stepped inside, you felt a big strike on the back of your head, and with that, everything went black around you.

You woke up with somebody’s arms around you. Your head layed in something soft, and you smelled a familiar scent. A big hand held yours, and as you realized between the chattering noise, your head was in Draco’s lap; you slightly squeezed his hand, but didn’t open your eyes instantly.

“Y/N? Love, are you alrigth?” - you heard his hoarse voice and looked up to him. 

“Wha - what happened?” - you frowned, but at the sight of the other students, parents and teachers all in the Great Hall, talking calmly, you started to calm down too. You slowly sat up.

“I found you in the middle of the war. I thought… I thought you were dead. I was dragged away from your body but after he died I searched for you and Madam Pomfrey said you’ll be alright, you were just knocked out.”

“After he died? Voldemort is really dead then?” - you whispered as your voice was still weak. He nodded, and you, in relief, hugged him as tightly as you could. And you cried so hard like never before, for all those years of fear, now you maybe can live a whole normal life - with Draco by your side. 

(sorry for the pic, i messed up some stuff and deleted the ask)

AHHH, anon, i am SO PUMPED to talk about Kanan-finds-Ezra AU. you honestly cannot BELIEVE how EXCITED I AM. i LOVE THIS AU. and if i haven’t scared you off yet, let’s jump in!! @muse-on-mustafar and i talked a lot about this, so i figured that i’d basically summarize and maybe talk about what we talked about, if that works. i think all of your questions can be answered in that, but if i miss something, feel free to ask again!

alrighty, folks, let’s dive in for A Very Poor Attempt At Parenting, starring our very own Kanan Jarrus!!! yay!!!

  • so, let’s start with our darling boys at this stage in their lives - a ten-year-old Ezra Bridger. he’s a bit more rough around the edges than we know him now.
    • he’s mostly got the thievery thing down pat, but he’s still in a real rough patch, so he’s less scared than he was at seven or eight, but now that he’s not scared, he’s got room for other things - like anger
    • “[three years has moved him] directly from scared, terrified, sad to pissed-off, bitter, ready to blast the whole world,” is how @muse-on-mustafar described him, and I think that’s pretty perfect
    • he hasn’t got the façade we see in Rebels quite yet: he’s lacking the humor, the “i don’t care,” persona - instead, he’s being fueled by rage when he’s got no food 
  • and please welcome to the stage a twenty-three-year-old Caleb Dume - um, haha, Kanan Jarrus!
    • it’s barely ten years after Order 66 and Kanan is trying to fit into his new cowboyish, gunslinging persona
    • Kanan doesn’t quite have a “Kanan” personality yet 
    • mostly, he has one default setting - not Caleb Dume
    • Kanan’s great in a bar fight, full of a barely contained temper and a decent bit of swagger, but deep down inside he’s just a scared little kid who hasn’t stopped running and can’t seem to find shelter
  • so, this is when a very unsuspecting Kanan Jarrus shows up on Lothal looking for a job that means he’s got money for food and alcohol. mostly alcohol. 
  • and, naturally, runs into Ezra Bridger.
    • (now, @gladiolus-red wrote an awesome intro here, but i’m gonna leave what actually happened vague for sake of wiggle room.)
  • maybe he passes him on the street, maybe he literally runs into the conniving Loth-rat - whatever. but either way, Kanan’s left staring after the receding form of Ezra Bridger with one thought in his mind:
    • oh shit
    • that kid’s Force-sensitive.
    • now, Kanan Jarrus is definitely not Caleb Dume. because Caleb would be jumping up and down going “what’s that kid doing here? where are his parents? should we tell his parents? should we follow him? what if the Empire gets to him? should we make him our padawan? we can help him! protect him! feed him!”
  • so, instead, Kanan Jarrus turns around, walks away, and patently ignores the kid because, well, he should get on with his life.
    • “Shame,” he thinks to himself, as he remembers the raggedy clothes hanging off the kid’s raggedy frame, “but it happens all the time. Whatever.”
  • but, yeah, here’s the problem.
  • he can’t ignore him.
  • it takes maybe three or four days, or maybe that’s just how long Kanan can ignore it, but he begins to realize that the kid…that he knows the kid.
    • (not, like i have met him before or having a mind meld with with this strange kid where he suddenly knows all his secrets, of course. but it’s how he knew his friends back at the Temple or his master. he knows the kid, knows where he is with a vague mental map or tug or string that ties him to the kid, that tells him where the kid’s at.
    • and being tied - having pressure, responsibility - to the kid…that scares Kanan most of all, even more than the idea of the Empire’s jackboot coming smashing down on Lothal.)
  • by that point, Kanan doesn’t care how good the pay is at his job or that they even offered him his own apartment, free of charge, as an employee perk. next ship, he’s getting off this rock.
    • and so Kanan sits in the bar, slumped over a space whiskey or space mead or space ale or whatever, when the door slides open and he does his best not to jump out of his seat and run the opposite direction because, well, the kid’s here.
      • What’s a kid his age doing in a bar, Kanan thinks almost immediately, then thinks immediately afterwards: Why do I care, I don’t care.
    • instead, he doesn’t move, maintaining the careful look of a half-drunk, half-sleeping field worker (it isn’t hard)
    • meanwhile, he listens carefully to the argument going on in the corner of the cantina, which is getting more and more nasty 
      • (looks like someone thinks the kid owes something, the kid says he doesn’t, says he did the job, whatever) 
    • Kanan doesn’t care but suddenly the Force is telling him that kid’s about to take a knife to the gut so Kanan stretches leisurely and saunters over
      • Hey, he thinks to himself, I’ve been on Lothal two weeks and not gotten in a bar fight yet. Might as well acquaint myself with the locals.
    • so all the gang members look over and so does the kid, which is when Kanan finally gets a good look at him and is also when he inwardly groans
      • Kid’s got a nasty black eye and more than few scratches and bruises and has the look of someone who’s obviously malnourished 
    • Kanan, nice gentleman that he is, introduces himself
      • “Hey there,” he greets, “heard you were having an argument.”
    • the gang’s not too keen
      • “Get out of here, off-worlder,” sneers the biggest, nastiest brute as another stands up and, yep, Kanan was right - he’s got a wicked sharp vibroblade. “This ain’t your business.”
    • Kanan really doesn’t care
      • “Well, I don’t know about here on Lothal,” Kanan drawls, “but in the rest of the world messin’ with kids is a no-go.”
    • (at least it is in Kanan’s book, because he remembers what it was like to be young and defenseless.)
    • the kid’s looking at him like he’s lost his mind
    • meanwhile, the gang’s looking a little too angry, so Kanan takes action.
      • meaning he takes one guy and bodily flings him into the wall
      • “So,” Kanan says, slamming one guy’s head on to the table and cracking another’s head against the ground, “don’t do it.”
    • the kid, meanwhile, recovers his wits
      • “What?” the kid shouts in to the melee, “I can look after myself!”
      • “No, you really can’t,” says Kanan, glancing around at the stunned bartender and the other wide-eyed patrons before bodily shoving the kid and himself out the bar.

(and if you can’t see it because for whatever reason it’s not showing up on my blog, there should be a “keep reading” tag under here. if you can’t see it on my blog, just click on the post itself and that should direct you to the entire post. hope that helps!)

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Single Dad!Woozi

I started this like a month ago in my phone memo when we were driving somewhere but I completely forgot about it up until now ;; Idk if I like it but I hope all of you guys do

Rain hammered against the windows of the dimly lit and rather empty convenience store, the harsh sound rivalled only by the ruthless wind. The black clouds in the night sky ominously loomed over the small shop, the dull bulbs within the building barely lighting the way for the small man inside, who trudged through the aisles tiredly with one hand in the pocket of his large dark grey hoodie and the other closed around a young child’s. Jihoon sighed lightly and shrugged the thick material further onto his body, rejoicing in the warmth it provided; a shield from the bitter cold that tested the barriers of the automatic doors. He looked down at the boy beside him, who was perhaps a quarter of his height despite only looking around five or six years old, and his rather grumpy facial expression became one of fondness as the child reached out for the shelf on his right, making incoherent moans and protests of some sort. Jihoon turned his attention to the shelf in question to find that they were in the sweets aisle, chocolate bars and colorful bags of candy teasing the small boy as he tried to break away from his father and grab something.

“If you stop whining, I’ll buy you a candy bar when we leave. Right now we just need a few things to restock the freezer.” the elder bargained, making the younger one beam up at him and stop struggling.

“Okay!” he cheered before huddling up to Jihoon, his happy mood fading almost as soon as it had appeared; “Daddy, it’s cold.” Jihoon sighed heavily.

“I told you to wear your coat, but you went against me.” He raised his eyebrows at the child, who pouted. Another sigh. “I can’t really do much about it, Jaehyun-ie. We’ll be leaving soon anyway.” Jaehyun nodded reluctantly and detached himself from his father, the bright energy returning as he hurried away down another aisle. Jihoon groaned and laughed lightly, quick to pursue the child in large strides, He followed him to find him head-first inside one of the small store freezers. Jihoon laughed again, louder this time, at the sight of the boy who mere moments ago had been complaining about the cold, with his legs hanging out from the entrance and the top balanced on his upper back as he tried to reach something.

“You needed these frozen meals, right?” Jaehyun asked as he withdrew himself and slowly wiggled back until his feet were back on the ground, batting his eyes and smiling with childish innocence at his father as he held up three frozen microwavable dinners - all of Jihoon’s favorites. Jihoon’s eyes disappeared, with the wideness of his smile as he reached out to pat his smaller counterpart on the head.

“Yeah, good job, buddy.” he said proudly, taking the boxes from the equally proud looking boy and gesturing towards the fruit section. “Whilst I get a basket to carry our stuff, why don’t you go get us some apples?”

“How many?”

“The same amount we usually get.” Jihoon responded, leaning closer to the boy and speaking in a hushed whisper as if this was some extremely important secret mission. “You know how many.” Jaehyun nodded with a determined smile before hurrying off yet again, Jihoon marvelling at the way he could move so fast on such small legs. Jihoon headed for the stack of plastic baskets at the door, placing the boxes of food inside the uppermost one when the doors slid open, taking him by surprise. He looked up from where he had leaned down to grab the basket and found his mouth dropping open slightly when he saw you, strolling in calmly despite being soaked from head to toe. Wearing only a band tee, blue jeans, and thick boots even in this weather, with your hair wet and sticking to the sides of your face and your skin glistening with droplets of rain, it was amazing to him how unfazed you seemed by it all. Needless to say, he was interested immediately.

You caught his warm brown eyes as you entered and smiled briefly before taking off towards the ice cream freezers by the nearest wall, your expression becoming one of concentration as you looked for a particular flavor. Jihoon stood straight, basket now over his arm, and found his eyes still fixated on you. You looked around his age and, even though you were drenched and he barely knew you, he was inexplicably attracted to you, and it was confusing him to no end.

“Pretty…” he murmured before he could stop himself, not realizing that Jaehyun had made his way back to his side with a clear bag of apples clenched in his small fist.

“Pretty? What? Who?” It didn’t take long for him to know who his father had suddenly become so struck by; it was nearing midnight and, besides the cashier who slept peacefully at the checkout, there was no one else in the store. Jihoon didn’t miss the mischievous glint that flashed in his son’s dark eyes, his own widening as he remembered that Jaehyun had a knack for spilling everything. He could not keep quiet. Lost in thought, Jihoon didn’t realise that the boy was now tugging on the hem of your shirt, fruit still in his other hand.

“Hi there!” you greeted the young child suddenly by your side cheerfully, crouching to around his height and giving him a little wave. You pointed at the bag and smiled widely.”What have you got there?”

“Fruit. By the way, my daddy thinks you’re pretty.” He replies rather bluntly, his childish innocence returning in his grin. You frowned, confused for a moment, before looking up to find a red-faced man who you could only assume to be the boy’s father standing before you both. You couldn’t help but chuckle as you stood back up - even in this light you could see the color in his face, his eyes flickering over yours as he ran a slightly shaky hand through his chocolate brown hair and smiled shyly at you.

“Aha, kids, right?” he asked in a mumble, scratching the back of his neck as Jaehyun lost interest and ambled away to look at the flower display nearby.

“Yeah, they can’t keep anything quiet, can they?” you grinned, moving a little closer. You had to admit he was incredibly cute, and his current shy state was endearing.

“I’m so sorry about that.” Jihoon grumbled, growing redder by the second and looking down at his feet, clearly embarrassed by the situation.

“I’m not offended by you calling me pretty or anything, you know.” you laughed, stepping closer and placing a tentative hand on his shoulder. “I’m Y/N, and if it makes any better, I think you’re extremely adorable.” you said, a smirk playing your lips. Jihoon’s face lit up and he looked at you in shock, chuckling softly and cocking his head.

“Really?” At your nod he seemed a lot more at ease, his bashful demeanor becoming more relaxed and chill. “I’m Jihoon, and that’s my son, Jaehyun.” The young boy waved wildly at you when he heard his name, making you giggle and wave back with just as much enthusiasm.

“He’s almost as cute as you are.” you murmured, Jihoon only able to smile and shake his head in response by this point. “So are you single?” You felt at ease with him despite only just having met him, and you felt an uplifting hope within you when he gave you a positive hum as a response. He turned back to steal a glance at his son, who was poking the heads of the delicate red roses and smelling his finger afterwards. “Ah, a single dad. That must be tough.”

“I do get busy sometimes, so I feel bad for the kid. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me, you know?” Jihoon smiled tenderly at both you and the child, looking between you both and shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Maybe you’d like to go on a date sometime?” you suggested, knowing you sounded as hopeful as you felt.


“You’re sweet, he’s sweet, and you think I’m pretty.” you laughed yet again, Jihoon revelling in the soft sound, music to his ears. “I feel drawn to you, as cheesy as that sounds. So let me take you out sometime?” Jihoon didn’t reply, making it seem like he was deep in thought when in reality he knew what he wanted to say.

“You free next Friday?” he responded as nonchalantly as he could, trying not to show his burning excitement and stay calm. Then again, it had been ages since he had dated.

“It’s a date.” you smiled gently, pulling a tub of ice cream, the one you had been searching for, from the freezer. He pulled his phone from his pocket and unlocked it, handing it to you on a new contact so you could give him your number. He searched your eyes with his as you took it, admiring you as you quickly put your number in and headed for the counter. You awoke the cashier and paid for your treat before going to the doors, about to leave.

“See you later, cutie.” you hummed, pecking Jihoon’s flushed cheek and winking at him before turning to head out into the now clear night. Before you could pass the doors you felt a hand envelop your wrist, pulling you back ever so gently. You turned to find Jihoon now sporting a thin white tee, his hoodie balled up in his hand which was extended to you.

“You’re all wet and it’s still cold out. I don’t want you to catch a cold.” You raised an eyebrow at his explanation, gratefully accepting. Upon first meeting him you hadn’t expected him to be so considerate, yet here he was, handing you his clothing and holding his son close to his side in a protective manner. You smiled, sighing in relief and happiness at the warmth now provided. It was cozy and homely and smelt of him, making you feel at peace as you bid him one last goodbye and thanked him once more before leaving.

“Well, Jaehyun.” Jihoon began as he put his basket before the cashier, walking back to the flowers and taking up the red roses Jaehyun had been so fascinated by and looking down after not hearing a reply to see the child waiting for him to continue. “Looks like you’ll be staying at uncle Soonyoung’s house next Friday…”

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"I just came down to get my water"

Ashton Irwin imagine

Requested: No

Pairing: Ashton x reader

Warning: Maybe smut (may contain some swearing)

(sorry if this is shit it’s 3 am)

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Coldflash 9

9. ‘meeting online’ AU

((as usual, I screwed it up a bit lol. AU where Len is a hacker, and Barry is still the Flash.

Warning for suicide mention: very brief, and it’s just a misunderstanding, not real intent, but still…))

Len’s fingers fly over the keyboard like angry hummingbirds, his eyes fixed on the code on his screens as he mentally counts down the time he has to bypass the STAR Labs’ security protocols before everything goes to shit.

He’s twelve seconds early, which might be a little disappointing due to the lack of a dramatic effect, but after a short wait while he downloads everything there is to find, Len is proud of himself anyway as he sifts through the encrypted files, deciding what to keep and what to ignore. Some of these will fetch quite a prize on the black market - however, the schematics aren’t really what he’s looking for tonight (even though that absolute zero weapon looks intriguing as hell).

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Miss Emmy had her physical therapy eval this morning. She was easily the most clingy grumpy baby shes been in ages. No idea what her issue was. Shes got a bit of Torticollis like we suspected. But its not too bad. They want us to work on getting her to look to the right to help her stretch those muscles. She doesnt seem to have any tightness anywhere else which is good. 

Kid has been babbling MAMA constantly. Everything is Mama… unless you ask her to say it lol. I’m glad to see her babbling more and saying mama. Walking is coming along well and shes gained the weight back that she lost when she was sick. Huge relief there. Walking is becoming much steadier and shes more likely to walk down the hallway or across a room now. Not quite able to stand up again after she falls so she crawls to a place where she can stand up then walks again. 

We went to a bagel shop after her torture session and walked to the library to see when they had baby stuff going on. They have a session Monday mornings so I’m going to try and get us up in time for that and schedule therapy after if possible. Maybe she wont be such a grump :P The library has greatly improved their baby area since I was there last. They have this exploration area and TONS of kid books and baby board books. Very impressed! 

amby-vs-life  asked:

(1/2) Ok so hear me out what if since Peter was erased Derek never lost Laura and they never went back to Beacon Hills right? &Derek is happy for the most part but he keeps dreaming of the sheriffs kid who went up to him after the fire and handed him his wolf toy and said here he keeps me safe but you need him more and maybe his wolf toy looks just like Derek's wolf. And maybe just maybe he keeps dreaming about how this boy would grow up right? And one day he cant stand it anymore so

Derek tells Laura he’s going back to beacon hills cause he has unfinished business with a boy who doesn’t even remember him & he goes back & he starts looking for the boy & no one knows who he is so he goes to the sheriff & is like hey where’s your son I have to give back his wolf and the sheriff is just like I don’t have a son & Derek is all like yeah you do he gave me his & he shows the sheriff the wolf & then Stiles is saved b/c even tho Derek got his “life” back he still needed him

But wait wait wait, when everyone remembers Stiles does that mean Derek’s life also goes away?? Does he literally have to watch as Laura slips away into the void???? Again???? I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN TAKE THIS, ANON. I REALLY DON’T.

Now all I can imagine is Derek unknowingly giving up Laura for Stiles and even though Derek tells Stiles it’s okay it’s so not okay and Stiles can’t bear it - he begins to go insane with the guilt - so he leaves BH without telling anyone where he is going and spends a full year hunting down anyone who knows how to bring back the dead. 

Stiles comes back hardened, scarred and a little hollow in the eyes but he also has one Laura Hale in tow. His grin is a little manic as he enters Derek’s loft and watches as Laura runs to scoop up her baby bro, and his sarcasm is much crueller than anyone remembers. 

No one really knows how to engage with Stiles at all, not even Laura who literally was dead and saw a lot of what Stiles saw to get her back here. 

Derek never gives up though because Stiles is still that boy - the one who gave him his wolf toy. And yeah, he gets the Stiles he had in his head for so long is not the Stiles standing before him now - no longer a soft, gentle boy - but it doesn’t make Derek any less…taken with Stiles. He likes that Stiles doesn’t hold back when he’s angry and he hurts when Stiles tries to reach out to his dad and Scott, only to be met with unsure, hesitant responses. 

He loves that he gets to be privy - sometimes solely -  to Stiles’ rants. They don’t happen often - not like Scott and the Sheriff say they used to - but when they do happen, Derek is captivated. Stiles moves his hands with a clumsy, wild grace and even though his eyes remain haunted, they fill with something that makes Derek light up inside. 

He starts to see Stiles holds back on purpose; that he’s cruel on purpose. He has night terrors where he screams things like please remember me and I’m here, I’m here! Laura says he already looked dead when he pulled her from the spirit world. 

Derek doesn’t know what to do but he knows it makes Stiles happy when he remembers he likes pizza rolls and that weird flavour of ice ream. He texts Stiles throughout the week with things like I saw this and thought of you. He’s careful not to say overly dramatic things like I won’t forget this when they fight or romantic things like I’ll always remember this the first time they kiss. Sometimes even the words “you remembered” are too much for Stiles, as Derek witnesses on Scott’s birthday when Stiles hands him some old video game. Stiles had laughed in response, clapping Scott on the back with an of course, before spending the remainder of the night curled up in the back seat of his jeep. Derek had wanted to take him home but instead climbed into the front seat and played Stiles a mixed tape until Stiles finally fell asleep. 

When they make love, Stiles is rough but his mouth is gentle and he tries, he really tries, to be tender. He whispers words that Derek knows don’t come naturally to him, not anymore, and when Derek whispers them back Stiles cries so hard sometimes he struggles looking Derek in the eye the next day. Derek knows Sties likes rough and hard, he knows he can deal with ugliness much better than softness, but he can’t help it sometimes - being slow, gentle, kind - because, at the end of the day, he knows, deep down, it’s what Stiles craves but doesn’t know how to have anymore; scared it will be taken away from him. (And Derek can understand that, perhaps more than anyone.)

It’s not a perfect relationship but it’s good, and Derek has never loved anything more and he hopes - he thinks - Stiles feels the same.  

Let’s Play

Title: Let’s Play!
Sam x Reader
Other Characters: Dean & well, the baby boy; Jude.
Request: samwinchesterimagines asked: Hi hun, could i make a request where the reader is a single mom to a year old baby boy named Jude. She’s currently dating Sam and when they get really close she introduces him to Jude and they hit it off automatically, making her love him more?
Word Count: 1,297
Note: So this is my first request in a long time and the first time I write again after almost a month of nothing. So, I am hoping from the bottom of my heart that it isn’t sucky and you guys like it. Please, give feedback if you’d like. It can be bad or good. Anyways, yeah. I couldn’t come up with a title, so I put the last thing I wrote.

“Babe, hold on.” You say to your boyfriend who is on the phone with you. You sigh and put the phone down, running to your baby boy who is on his way to the bathroom and of course, to do what all babies like to do; Play with the water in the toilet. It was nasty and you didn’t get why, so you tried to keep the door shut at all times.

You finally pick up Jude, kissing his cheek and bringing him back with you to the living room. “Come on, baby boy. Sit here and play with your toys,” You tell him as you bring some toys closer to him and pick up the phone again. “Sorry, babe.”

All along, Sam was listen to what was happening and wishing that he was next to you. But even if he was in town, there was no way that you were going to actually let him in if Jude was around. “Can I ask you something?” Sam finally spoke, a small smile playing on his lips as he opened his eyes.

“Yeah, go for it.” You say to him and smile. You could easily picture his smile, which made you smile right back at him and melt.

“What’s it like? Being a parent?” Sam questions, waiting for your response when you take a deep breath.

You look right at Jude and smile. “Hard,” You let out a small laugh. “But it’s also the most amazing thing that can possibly happen to anyone, Sam. It makes you grow up in ways you couldn’t even begin to imagine. And..” Jude looks back at you as you pause. His adorable smile shining. “A baby brings an unexplainable joy to your life. It’s like, it has it’s bad moments, you know? But still, you wouldn’t trade it for anything, trust me.”

The whole time, Sam is smiling while hearing your answer. He was positive that Jude was the best person in your life but hearing you talk about it, it just gave him a feeling he knew he wanted to feel. Even though he didn’t know Jude, he had a special place in his heart for him because you would always talk about him. “I’m proud of you, baby.”

Again, you’re smiling at Sam’s comment. “Thank you,” He was always so understanding of you and understood the times that you needed to leave unexpectedly because Jude needed something. “When are you coming back?” There was something that you wanted to do when he came back. You wanted him to finally meet Jude and have him over more often, have Jude get to know him.

“I’ll be home tomorrow mornin’.” Sam smiled through the phone, the excitement quickly filling him. He couldn’t wait to see you. “I can’t wait to see you already. I miss you.” Your sweet boyfriend spoke through the phone quietly and gently which made you close your eyes and smile at the sound of his gentle voice.

“I miss you too and plus, I want to introduce you to someone.” You say smiling, but not mentioning any names. Of course, Sam was a smart man and he knew exactly who you were talking about.

“Really?” Sam’s shocked voice made you open your eyes again, thinking that you had said something wrong. “I can’t wait.”

You relaxed at the sound of his voice again. “Alright, well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow morning. I have to go now, though.”

Sam sighed but nodded, even if you couldn’t see him. “Yeah, I understand. I love you,”

“I love you too,”

“Dude, will you relax for a moment?” Dean yawned, watching his brother pace from one end to the other. It was early in the morning and they both should still be asleep. “Why are you so nervous anyways? You’ve seen her a lot…” Dean mumbled, opening his eyes and stretching out his arms. Suddenly, he stopped. “Wait.. Are you getting laid?” The smirk is Dean’s lips made Sam want to smack his older brother.

“No.” Sam answered, rolling his eyes. “or, I don’t know.” He furrowed his eyebrows, shaking the thought away. “I’m sure she wants me to meet Jude today and I am nervous.” Sam explains, sitting down for a moment.

“Who?” Dean looked at Sam, completely lost.

“Y/N’s son.” Sam informed him, giving a dirty look. Sam would talk about you and Jude enough for Dean to know already.

“Right.. Right..” Dean nodded, “I’m sure you’ll do fine. Kids love you.”

“I hope so.” Sam says, standing up and on his way out to your place already.

Sam waited outside patiently for you to open the door. Hearing your footsteps near and the sound of you unlocking the door, made him smile wider. This was finally the moment that was about to change his life for good.

“Hey.” You greet him, smiling and instantly hugging him tightly.

Sam doesn’t think about it twice before wrapping his arms around your waist and holding you close to him. “Hey,” He whispers in your hair, smiling softly and kissing your head quickly. “I missed you.” He speaks quietly, looking down at you as you guys pull away.

“I missed you too,” You say and get on your tip-toes to kiss him quickly.

You two share a small kiss before you heard the small footsteps behind you, making you pull away. A smile on your face as you look at Sam, instantly noticing that he was a little nervous.

“Come on, buddy.” You speak softly to Jude who is looking at Sam strangely and almost hiding behind you. You pick him up quickly and face Sam again, smiling wide. “Sam, this is my little treasure, Jude.”

Sam’s smile grew wider too as he reached out for Jude’s hand. “Hey buddy, I’m Sam.”

Jude looked at him again but he cracked a smile when Sam grabbed his hand, “Ta.” Just smiles at you and looks at Sam, making you grin. You didn’t think that he’d smile at Sam this fast.

“Yeah, baby. That’s Sam,” You grin again.

Sam looks at you, his smile fading. “Can I—Can I hold him?” He licks his bottom lip as you nod. Sam smiles at Jude again and reaches his arms out, which Jude instantly does the same as well, repeating ‘ta,ta’  as Sam carried him.

It was a matter of minutes before Jude was playing around with Sam comfortably and Sam seemed to be enjoying the moment. Kind of made you wish that Sam would have been his father all along but right there and there, you knew that this was going to last for a long time. Seeing Sam play with Jude made you feel better and it made you love him even more.

“Call Mommy over!” Sam smiled at Jude and then looked at you.

You grin and walked over to them, sitting down on the floor next to Sam. “Let’s play!”

So, I have this issue where I get a little too inspired by music and try to look cool (even if I’m home alone, as I was when this incident happened). Why is this a problem?

Sitting there listening to the soundtrack for My Hero Academia, right? Stand up to go find my glasses before getting a headache and I jump in time with the music. I’m not quite sure what happened, if I just landed on my foot weird or if I stepped on a lone shoe and it decided to get revenge or something, but I lost balance. Normally this isn’t bad, I can usually regain balance when this happens (I lose balance a lot but rarely fall from it). Yeah, no not this time. 

Suddenly,  a lovely crack goes through the room, and I hit the floor hard. I’m starting to freak slightly because, fuck that hurt, my ankle feels weird and tingly and I’m getting really light headed. Wrist is hurting and I can’t breath. Finally, I manage to crawl up onto my bed and get myself to stop freaking out enough to get all the proper things so that my ankle doesn’t swell too much (except ice, as I didn’t have a baggie for ice). Big toe also hurts, somehow. 

Now, it feels weird to stand in a certain position, and I get a sudden feeling of feeling like the bones in my ankle are separating or something. But, hey, I can walk without pain now, so I don’t think i broke anything. 

So that’s how 2018 has started for me. I feel so optimistic about this year already.


You don’t “hate Selena Gomez”, you hate how the media has been portraying her. She’s not the “Snobby bitch slut that used JB for fame.”

She’s a beautiful, talented, and sweet woman. She spreads love everywhere she goes and is genuine.

Children look up to her, teenagers do, and even adults. She’s a hero. She’s the youngest ambassador of UNCIEF.

Here’s some of her charity work:
A Day Made Better
Alliance For Children Rights
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Elton John AIDS Foundation
ENOUGH Project
Free The Children
Malala Fund
Rosie’s Theater Kids
Ryan Seacrest Foundation
Stand Up To Cancer
St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital
Teen Cancer America

Selena has been through so much, from the media, haters, and heartbreak. She lost all her confidence and became insecure. But one day, she woke up and felt brand new. And she accepted and loved herself.

My point is, if Selena can love herself even through all the things she’s been through, you can love Selena Gomez.

Bad Feeling

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: You wake up one morning feeling great and realizing this is the best morning that you and the boys have had in awhile, until its all ripped away. You should know if its too good to be true, it probably is.

This is my absolute first fan fic ever. I have never done this before. This story was actually going to be a request that I was going to send to my all time favorite writer, but I ended up having so many ideas that I would literally be sending her a story just to reblog. So somehow I got up the courage to write it myself. I’m crazy nervous about this. So if you read this please send me feedback. I can tell you I’ve read it over and over trying to make sure its good, and I’ve realized that this first part is a little slow go, but I promise it’ll pick up. Its pretty long so it will be multiple parts if you guys like it. I also want to thank one-shots-supernatural for helping me through this and inspiring me! Sorry for ranting! Hope you guys like it.

Your POV

I slowly start to open my eyes. After my eyes adjust a little, I realize I’m staring at my nightstand. I feel like I’ve been sleeping forever. I lay there deciding whether or not I want to get up or lay here longer. Surprisingly I feel more rested than usual. I feel like I’ve slept forever and I’m well rested? Whats that about. I’ve never heard that come out of a hunters mouth.

I let out a groan as I reach for my phone to see what time it is. I’m praying that I didn’t just sleep the day away. From how I’m feeling I’m guessing I did.         7:10 am…..I sighed as I rolled back over. “Thank God.”

I stretch a little as I throw my legs over the side of the bed. I took a quick shower and then threw on my favorite jeans and light blue tank top. I headed down the hall making my way towards the kitchen. I pass by Deans room. His doors still closed, so hes probably still sleeping. Sams door was open and empty, so hes either in the library or out for a morning run.

I make it to the kitchen and notice that Sam is nowhere to be found. He must be out on a run, and Dean must still be sleeping. My mind starts wandering to the thought of how much I would love to be laying next to him right now. Asleep or not, I would love for his arms to be wrapped around me.

I was pulled from my thoughts as my stomach started to growl. That’s weird, I’m not usually hungry right after I get up. I look around and try to figure out what to eat, when it hits me. Deans asleep, Sams out, we have nothing urgent to get to anytime soon. Why not make breakfast for the three of us. Its not everyday that we can enjoy an actual meal that isn’t provided by a diner, fast food stand or a gas station.

So I’m going to go all out, I’m making eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, and pancakes. Why not right. If I’m going to spoil myself and the boys, well then I’m going to do it right. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and opened up my music. I need something to keep me pumped while I make this feast. I have it loud enough to keep me going but quiet enough so it doesn’t echo down the hall and wake Dean. He should get his sleep while he can. Oh ya, I feel great!

Deans POV

A smell I couldn’t pin point pulled me from my sleep. I look over at the bright red numbers on the alarm clock to see what time it is. 8:00 am. Y/N nor Sam have come to get me, so usually I would just roll over and go back to sleep. But this smell was pulling me from my bed. I cant go back to sleep, it smells delicious, now I’m hungry.

I start making my way to the kitchen when it hits me. That smell. It smells like home. I would wake up to this every so often as a kid. Mom didn’t always make breakfast, but when she did, this is exactly what happened. I could never go back to sleep. It always got me out of bed in the morning.

I turned the corner to peer into the kitchen. I let out a breath as I took in the scene before me. There she was. The most beautiful women I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Her beautiful Y/H/C hair lay wavy over her shoulders and shes wearing that light blue tank top. God I love that top on her. It brings out her gorgeous Y/E/C eyes. The ones I always seem to get lost in. How does she do that?

I don’t know how long I was standing there, but it must have been long enough that she felt me staring, or at least sensed someone in the room. She turned her head to look right at me. There, that smile, just like her eyes, her smile makes me melt. Oh who am I kidding, everything about her ups my heart rate. Whats wrong with you Dean Winchester! This isn’t you.

“Hey Dean. Morning!”

“Hey….Morning” I was admiring her so much I didn’t even hear her music.  “Whats all this for?” I look at the counter and see a stack of pancakes next to a plate of bacon and sausages. A pan of eggs off to the side. Shes taking the final pancakes off the griddle. Were we expecting company?

“I just figured we don’t have a case lined up yet, I just had the best sleep in what feels like forever, and I just thought to myself….why not celebrate? Hopefully its as good as it looks because I don’t remember the last time I cooked a meal.” She shot me a sympathetic look in case the years without practice have indeed shown themselves.

Your POV

Dean then shot me that breath taking smile. “I’m sure it’ll be great” Oh God that smile. I don’t know how my legs can keep me in the standing position, they must be stronger than I give them credit for.

As Dean and I start to grab some food, we hear the bunker door open followed by footsteps. Sam stopped as he saw us pilling food on our plates.

“Hey…..whats going on?” Sam said with a light chuckle

“We’re celebrating!” Dean answered with a grin and a piece of bacon sticking out of his mouth. I couldn’t help but let out a little laugh.

“What are we celebrating?” Sam asked with slight confusion thinking he might of forgot something.

“The couple hours of normalcy that we’ve had this morning. Now grab a plate before something decides to ruin it.” I urge him hoping we haven’t already jinxed it. Without a second thought Sam grabs a plate. 

The three of us sat there, eating and chatting like we had somehow just gave up the hunting life for a normal one. I haven’t seen Sam and Dean laugh or smile this much in awhile. I was in tears a couple times from laughing so hard.

My stomach dropped when I heard Deans phone ring. Paradise had just been ripped from me with one simple sound. The boys looked a slight disappointed too. At least I wasn’t alone.

Dean reached across the table and grabbed his phone. He looked confused as he stared at the screen. Sam and I glanced at each other then back at Dean wondering who it could be.

Still confused, Dean answers “Hello?” There was a slight pause and then Dean spoke again. “Okay,what do you need help with?” This pause seemed to last awhile. You could slightly hear the muffled voice on the other end. Sounded male.

“Seriously? How did that happen? Did you just hand him your keys?” Dean shakes his head. “okay, okay. Where are you?” Dean chuckled. He reaches across the table for a pen and pad of paper. He starts to write something then stops. “Wait…..Hey, Garth….Your cutting out man. Where are you?” Dean goes back to writing. When hes finished he drops the pen on the table. “Alright, I’ll be there soon.” Dean hangs up.

I started to feel a little worried. “Is Garth okay?”

Dean looks at me with a ‘you’ll never believe this’ look.                                      “He was after a demon, and just about to gank him when somehow he got loose and then he stole his car. So now Garth is stranded, he needs me to go get him.” 

Sam and I had no idea what to say to that. We looked at each other for a second, then back to Dean. He chuckled, probably at our faces. We had to look completely dumbstruck. Somehow I found my voice “When did demons start stealing cars?” Dean looked at me and shook his head. “ I’m guessing he only did it so Garth couldn’t go after him. But other than that I’ve got no clue.” I just stared at him. Dean turned and headed to his room to change. Even though the situation was funny, I sat there watching Dean walk down the hall, and I couldn’t  shake this bad feeling that started to grow inside me.

I try to brush it off thinking that I just hated how our morning was interrupted. That I was just bummed that our fun had ended. I start grabbing our plates and head back to the kitchen to clean up the food that we hadn’t been able to eat. I think I made a little too much. Sam helped me finish up the dishes and we got all the food put away. Can’t complain about left overs.

“Thanks Sam, but you didn’t have to help me clean up.”

“ Oh come on, your the one who went through all the trouble and hard work to make everything. The least I could do is help put it away.” I let out a light laugh.

“ Well thanks.” I shot him smile and patted him on the arm. He gave me a smile. I turned to walk out of the kitchen, right as Dean turned the corner to enter. He had his duffel in his hand. This man…hes always prepared. I silently chuckle to myself. Hes going to pick Garth up but hes not taking any chances.

“Alright, he doesn’t seem to be too far out so it shouldn’t take me too long.”

“You want me to come with you?” I heard Sam ask from behind me.

“Nah, like I said, I shouldn’t take too long and we don’t plan on going up against anything. It wasn’t even his actual car, it was stolen. So there’s no point in going after it.”

“Alright.” Sam turned and headed to the library to catch up on some research and undoubtedly looking for a case. I looked at the floor as I heard Sam leave the room. I still couldn’t shake this bad feeling. In fact its gotten worse in this short time period. I felt nauseous, really nauseous. Something just isn’t right.

“Hey, you okay?” I heard concern in Deans voice. He must have noticed the nervousness on my face even though I was looking down. Hes just that good.

“Ya I’m fine.” I said a little slowly, and it took me a second to look up, trying to ignore the nausea. I couldn’t fix the way I looked, I just couldn’t, this feeling was just way too overwhelming for me to hide. I wanted to, I didn’t want to worry Dean with a “feeling”

“You don’t look fine.” I sighed and turned away. “Come on Y/N. We hunt ghosts for a living, and yet, I have never seen you look like you’ve actually seen one before. What’s going on?’

“It’s nothing. It’s stupid.” I still couldn’t make eye contact with him. I felt my temperature start to rise. The nausea still there, along with butterflies.

“Y/N, the last time I saw you that pale, you had the flu. I seriously doubt that it’s nothing. Let alone stupid. Come on now, spill.” He took a couple of steps closer to me as he spoke. Maybe hes right, when was the last time I had a bad feeling, let alone this bad. I looked up at him sighing and gulping trying to keep my nausea under control. His face was drenched with concern but he had a slight half grin, probably trying to comfort me.

“I don’t know.” I said looking away again. “I just…I don’t know why, but I just have a really bad feeling about this.” His smiled dropped and he hesitated a little.

“I’m just going to grab Garth and take him back to his motel. This is the most normal and safest thing that any of us have done in a long time. Aside from the breakfast this morning, we’re just a normal nine to five and an animal running around here away from an “Apple Pie” Life.” His voice was soft and comforting. He got a chuckle out of me and I got a grin in return. He was just as confused as I was for why I would have a bad feeling about this.

“I know, and that’s why I said it was stupid. So just don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine.” I gave him the best smile I could and he reciprocated it.

“Okay.” He paused for a minute and just stared at me. “Well hey, thanks for breakfast. I don’t know how any day can be a bad one starting out that good.” He reached out and grabbed my shoulders. “I’m sure everything will be fine.” Then he pulled me into a hug. I gripped tightly onto the back of his shirt and he pulled me closer and held me tighter.

“Please just be careful.” I said slightly muffled into his chest. He pulled away slightly to look at me.

“Careful’s my middle name Sweetheart.” He replied with a cocky grin.

“I’m serious Dean.” my face was stern, and even though I tried to fight them, my eyes started to get a little blurry with tears. Dean looked at me with a sad face. I didn’t want to make him feel bad. But at this point, with this feeling, I rather feel stupid later than have Dean hurt. Or worse.He pulled me in close and kissed my forehead, lingering for a minute.

“I promise.” He whispered into my forehead. He gripped me tight one last time and then pulled away. Giving me a reassuring grin, he grabbed his bag.

“I’ll be back before you know it.” He turned and headed to the garage.

“I hope so.” I said quietly as he shut the door behind him. The feeling still there, even after all of that.

Deans POV

As I turned to walk away from Y/N, my body was screaming at me to turn back around and hold her again. Not only did I want to comfort her, but that was the best couple minutes of my life. I want to tell her how I feel, but I just can’t. This life is just too dangerous, and there are no happy endings.

I threw my duffel in the trunk and then slid into Baby. Before I started her up I took one last look at the door. ‘I hope Y/N is going to be okay, I’ve never seen her that worried before’ I thought. That’s the thing about the three of us, we know how to hide our thoughts and fears pretty well. I know that’s not always a good thing but we do. So the fact that Y/N was that worried over something so small……I couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. But hey, I’ll be fine, this is nothing. With that, I started baby up and took off down the road.

I pulled up to an abandoned warehouse. I looked down at the paper with Garth’s address on it. 2580 S Monroe. I looked back up at the sign out front, this is it. I got out of the car and slowly made my way to an entrance with two sets of double doors. This place is starting to look a little sketchy, but Garth did say he was after a demon, so maybe he had him tied up here.

“Garth!” I made my way down a hallway that broke off from the main lobby looking area. Empty boxes, broken chairs and tables, and a lot of other crap scattered everywhere. “No ones used this place in a long time.” I mumbled to myself. Well if Garth was going to tie up a demon, or any other creature for that matter, this would be the place to do it. I pulled out my flashlight as I proceeded. It started to get a little dark in here.

“Garth!” I took a peak into a room to my right. No one. I see a staircase that heads downstairs up ahead. The only place I can go from here. I turn to start heading towards the stairs when I stepped on something. Something slick. I point my flashlight down to my feet. Crimson red. A little pool of blood lays at my feet.

“I should have told you to take a cab Garth.” I moaned as I pulled out my gun. It wasn’t a lot of blood, but it definitely hasn’t been there since this place was abandoned, too fresh. Which means somethings going on. I’m just hoping that it’s not Garth’s. I slowly make my way to the staircase trying to listen for any noises from Garth or anybody……..or anything.

Suddenly, something grabs me from behind and throws me up against the wall. I let out a groan. I dropped my gun and flashlight. Dam. Suddenly a hand comes up to my face and I see a bright blue light and within seconds everything goes black.

Your POV

Deans been gone for a little over two and half hours. I know I’m probably overreacting but shouldn’t he be back by now. This horrible feeling is overwhelming. I’ve been trying to keep busy. I did some laundry, deep cleaned the kitchen, went through the fridge and got rid of expired food. I cleaned the bathrooms, I also straightened up the living room and the library.

Once I finished I joined Sam in the library trying to look for a case for when Dean got back. But I was having so much trouble concentrating. I had to stop reading a couple of times to rub my eyes, sit back in my chair, lay my head down on one or both of my arms on the table. I was trying not to but I was probably annoying Sam. I’ve never felt this overwhelmed in my life. I wanted to scream!

“You know, if your tired, you can go lay down for a bit. Dean or I’ll come get you when we figure out dinner.” I knew I was annoying Sam. I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back. Well at least I wasn’t so annoying that he couldn’t smile at me.

“I’m sorry” I sighed

“Why are you sorry? It’s not everyday that we can get extra sleep. Continue to celebrate, go take advantage of it!” He was very enthusiastic. I kept a small smile.

“No, it’s not that. I’m not tired.” He looked at me confused. I propped my elbows up on the table and laid my head in my hands.

“Well then what’s wrong?” I heard the concern in his voice. I sighed and grunted, then I lifted my head. I kept my gaze on my hands, afraid of Sams reaction just like I was with Dean about this ridiculous feeling.

“Sam.” It almost came out as a whine. “I have a really bad feeling about this, and I haven’t been able to shake it all day.” He furrowed his eyebrows. 

“About what? Research?” He looked down at his book, then to his computer, then back to me, even more confused.

“No! Dean.” I groaned and looked back at my hands. I reached up to pinch the bridge of my nose as I closed my eyes.

“Why? Hes only grabbing Garth and then he’ll be coming back. This is the safest thing hes done in a long time.” I could tell he wanted to say more but I cut him off. 

“I know, I know. Dean told me the same thing. Hell, I’ve told myself I don’t know how many times today.” I know I sounded irritated, and I was, but not with Sam. I hope he knows that.

“So you told dean?”

“More like he pulled it out of me. Because I was just as transparent as I am now.” I sighed. “ I’m sorry Sam. I don’t mean to snap, it’s just….I can’t stand this feeling anymore! And no amount of cleaning or research is taking my mind off of it!” I let out a defeated sigh.

“How long have you felt it for?”

“Ever since Dean got that phone call from Garth.” I looked up at him. He gave me a sympathetic look. Thank God, cuz I wouldn’t be able to take it if he was going to start picking on me.

“Have you tried to call or text him at all since hes left?”

“No. I don’t want to bug him with this. It’s stupid.”

“I don’t think it’s possible for you to bug Dean, and this is definitely not stupid. The fact that it’s been bugging you for this long…….We’ve had this life long enough to know when and when not to trust our gut. You’ve had this feeling going on what….almost three plus hours now. I think if it was nothing, it would’ve gone away by now. Especially with all the work you’ve been doing.”

Sam was right. But that’s not good. Because if he was right, and my gut was right, then that just means something bad has or is going to happen. That moment of relief that I had because Sam had my back quickly disappeared at that thought. I looked at Sam for a moment and he gave me a sad grin. Then I reached for my phone. I was just about to hit call when there was a knock at the door. 

I looked back at Sam. I know we shared the same confused look. We both stood and headed toward the bunker door. Sam pushed me behind him and pulled out his gun. That’s one thing that I absolutely loved about Sam and Dean, but it also could annoy me at times. They know I can take care of myself but they still protect me like I’m the freaking president. They’re my family.

Sam slowly opened the door, just enough so we could see who was out there. My heart and stomach dropped. I know I stopped breathing. That bad feeling….just doubled. I didn’t know that was possible. But it happened.

Part 2