the kid on the right gets it


Let me just say that it was such an honor to work on this piece of heaven right here!! XD I did the thumbnail art and the art for all the kids~<3 It’s so cool getting to see my work used in such an amazing way! 

(Video from Diggums YT channel) 

Imagine the other members jokingly cringe when they hear S.Coups and Jeonghan call each other by cute nicknames.

I was pretty much too excited to sleep much last night.

There’s a lot of gosh darn exciting stuff going on right now. My dad just booked tickets to come visit. My wife is coming to visit this weekend with her daughter, AD’s bestie. Well, one of her besties. My in-laws are coming to visit again next weekend. Then AD and I are going to visit them in FL in May.

Then the placement stuff. I’m trying not to get excited but we’re on two lists right now so that has to up our chances. Right? Yesterday’s call has my heart racing. I get attached to the kids from every call, even the ones we have to say no to. But these kids? I so want AD to have a big brother. And a twin. It would be so perfect. And I prefer a sibling set over a singleton. So. I’m really excited about this call. Which is not smart for my heart. It’s not even 10 am yet and I’m already badgering my agency. And having anxiety. 9-10 is when you typically get the morning news. Please please please please please.

Also exciting? The fact that I have an excuse to pretty much buy whatever I want because birthday money. There are 4 things I want from our antique mall. I also bought a repurposed fence post painted all happy and retro. I made an embarrassing purchase as well but I don’t want hate for it so I’m not posting it on the Internet ;-))

AD’s potential twin though. They would be in the same grade. I have SO MANY clothes for her. The photo shoots would be insane. And they would be so bonded. Sigh. Brain. Stop it.

More Spartan!Banter~!!!!
  • Spartan!Ruby, polishing her armor, the red spartan-III armor shining brightly against the plain white quarters the Spartans live in: Oh Ruby Rose you certainly out do yourself huh?
  • AI!Qrow, standing up out of the holobase fitted into a extension of the wall that forms a desk, yawns and speaks up: Hey kid, don't you ever get bored just hanging around? I mean, at least see if you can add some color to the room.
  • Spartan!Ruby, sighing, putting down the rag she was polishing her armor with: Yeah yeah, the base is already strict on supplies. You think I could go and get some paint just because my AI thinks the room needs some color?
  • AI!Qrow, laughing, a hint of mischief: Who said we need to ask eh? I've got the internal supply roster right here. Just a few encryptions, wasn't hidden very well. All you have to do is say the word and your request for some nice wall paint is 'approved'.
  • Spartan!Ruby, slowly narrows her eyes at the AI, after a long silence: ......can you RWBY's colors...?
  • AI!Qrow, with a few hand motions: Annnnd, done. The delivery boy should be here in a little b-
  • AI!Penny, forming from the holo-projector that's fitted into the wall next to the doorway of each Spartan's living quarters: Spartan Ruby Rose. There has been a strange technical glitch that routed four cans of paint to your quarters. Is this something you know about?
  • Spartan!Ruby, panicky and looks over to Qrow for advice, who gives her a peace sign and disappears as the holobase turns itself off, then glances back at Penny and quickly blurts out: N-no no idea what that's about ahahahahaha.
  • AI!Penny, saluting the spartan: Understood! Good bye to you Spartan Ruby Rose.
  • Spartan!Ruby, stays perfectly still as Penny dissappears, then scampers over to glare at the holobase that Qrow was on just moments before from inches away: You...are an ASS.




squeeneytodd replied to your post “It’s just…is the reason that people think Mabel was being selfish in…”

its almost like he was egging on a kid to feel bad about themselves to get what he wants

Crazy, right? 

Also almost like he was appealing to how Dipper felt in the moment, when he was frustrated that Mabel wasn’t helping him.

I swear sometimes I think Bill didn’t have Dipper’s best interests at heart in that scene.

OK. No. Tony is not the victim in this trailer.

“I wanted you to be better.” NO TONY. You do not get to put that kind of expectation on a kid. You have no right to be holding Peter to these ridiculous standards. Because Peter is literally just A KID. Don’t you dare dump all your guilt and regret and shame for screwing up, onto a child. 

Take away his suit for almost killing a boatload of people? By that logic, you, Tony, who created a self-aware AI death machine bent on world domination, and the direct result of who’s actions caused most of Sokovia - an entire country - to be completely wiped out–well, you should be in prison.

I know he’s been through shit, but all Tony ever does is shift the blame. He doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. He’s blaming Peter for just trying to do the right thing when he has no training. He shifted the blame for for Ultron to all the Avengers in Civil War when all they were trying to do was clean up Tony’s mess and save people.  And going back even further, he never actually apologised for being a literal war criminal in Iron Man 1.

Tony fucked up, and maybe he’s trying to make amends, but does not give him licence to put Peter on a pedestal, hold him to ridiculous standards and expectations, and expect him not to mess up a bit. 

Peter is not his pet to make into a better, more perfect version of himself.

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when their kid's a little older, veronica hears a noise. it's his hums, coming from the bedroom. she puts the chicken she's barely managing to get right back in the oven. somehow, the ashes on his clothes aren't dirtying her clean white sheets, but she feels dirtied inside at the fact that she still aches for him to be with his child. the small person has their head on jd's lap, and he smokes his cig as he strokes their hair. a strange- but fitting- domesticity, she guesses.

Maybe she says something like, “you were always a better cook than me. You should be the one making chicken.” And they both look at each other with the saddest smiles 😭

The Worst People in Whole World

OK, I have found the worst people in the world. And they are everywhere. So I’m gonna tell you all. It’s the people who stand at the top or the bottom of the stairs. And I mean it’s fine when the stairwell isn’t busy, but these monsters do it when the stairwells are booming. Like baby boom kind of booming. Kids are just every where. People are trying to get to class but these fuckers don’t care. And they’re horrible. There’s hundreds of places to stand and talk, off to the side, literally anywhere but there. But they don’t give a fuck. So in my book they are the worst people to walk the earth. Right after you know…. actually bad people.

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Could you think of a witchy playlist?

Here’s a list of songs that I listen to get into witchy mood.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Some Kind of Ghost
Bear McCreary- Dance of the Druids
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Fire Walker
Hozier- Arsonists Lullaby
Lana Del Rey- Body Electric
Hozier- Woods Somewhere
James Vincent McMorrow- Ghosts
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Beat the Devil’s Tattoo
The Black Keys- Chop and Change
The Black Keys- Strange Times
The Black Keys- Sinister Kid
Sea Wolf- You’re a Wolf

That’s all I got right now. Don’t know if you’d really consider them witchy. Enjoy. ⛤

My kids always ask me why I like Top so much and I wanna be like well, when I broke up with my last boyfriend I had a lot of Feelings™ and needed something to do with them and Top is just the right amount of unattainable, like it could happen but probably not, so I put all my feelings into him and basically it’s just an unhealthy coping mechanism and an excuse not to try to get to know anyone else because I don’t wanna get hurt again and really I don’t know him but the idea is enough

But I can’t say that so I just say he’s taller than me 🤷🏽‍♀️


So with all the #fancynewtech and #easilyaccessiblehipstermagic, finding babies and small children for the faeries to steal has become incredibly difficult. They need a new strategy because what is the faerie realm without changelings, right?

So they set up a summer camp for highschoolers that takes place on the flipside of a really old college campus. It’s for teens interested in pursuing the arts, it says. GENEROUS scholarships and financial help, it says.

And they get like couple hundred kids signed up, all on scholarships cause the fae don’t need human money they just need changelings, for this “PRODIGIOUS” month-long “ARTS INTENSIVE SUMMER CAMP”

And it seems fine and normal and cool!

But as they eat, they all gradually try these cool yummy exotic fruits that trap them in the faerie realm and make them less and less human with every bite – all except for the one kid who is allergic to basically everything and refuses to risk it. So that one kid is the only one who can still travel between our realm and the faerie realm and he gets very confused because sometimes there’s a bunch of college kids he’s never seen before and sometimes it’s completely quiet except for his campmates.

Then this one autistic girl whose special interest is faeries and magic, who ate one bite of the fruit but no more because its texture didn’t agree with her, figures out what’s wrong and they have to work together to free their campmates because before they all get stuck in the faerie realm and replaced with changelings forever.

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Wow. okay so hi. Again. The person who owes my friend icon and had them pay rush fees, is seriously doing a livestream right now working on other commissions they have backlogged (from Feb. according to their trello and has no rush fees paid on it too may I add! While three other people paid rush fees for icons)and said while I was in there to see what was up, that "oh there are people bugging me about their icon commissions, even though I told them it'd take a while" are you fucking kidding me?

I’d get a refund asap and be done with that person. A beware too. I seriously do not wanna deal with this artist ever.

- Snake Mod

5 Things

I was tagged by the lovely @myteenwolf-world! Thank you, dear :)


1. My wallet
2. Chapstick
3. Loose change
4. Headphones
5. So many hair ties


1. Minerals (I have a collection)
2. Nailpolish
3. Lots of pillows
4. Books and journals
5. Clothes and shoes…everywhere


1. Travel the world
2. Give a TED Talk
3. Win a Nobel Peace Prize
4. Have a family and a mini-farm
5. Visit the Svalbard Global Seed Vault


1. Bucky Barnes and Marvel stuff
2. Supernatural
3. Sleeping
4. Sebastian Stan interviews
5. Watching birth vlogs (I’m having baby feels okay, don’t judge me)


1. Get ahead on my school work (lol who are we kidding)
2. Go skydiving
3. Schedule classes for next semester
4. Figure out what the hell I’m doing with my life this summer
5. Finish the book I’ve been trying to get done for several months now


1. I cry a lot
2. I watch a lot of celebrity interviews on Youtube
3. I am terrified of birds
4. Fog is my worst fear
5. I love being outside

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honestly the arc hit me pretty hard for the same reasons, but also bc in many narratives, the whole "weak kids gets bullied and is an outsider" happens at the BEGINNING of stories which usually foreshadow how the protag is probably gonna get stronger and defend himself later in the story, but this time we already know mob, we know how kind and loved he is, how he hates conflict and violence despite being powerful so seeing this makes it so hard because he shouldn't. have. to. go. through. this.

god, you’re right.

That’s why this is so jarring - this is supposed to be a ‘trope’ that we see at the beginning of the story, something that defines the protag. But that’s not how it happens.

Instead, by the time this rolls around, we already know and love Mob - and so do so many others. We already see how he’s working to make himself a better person, how kind he is.

And then comes this. Mob shouldn’t have to go through this and yet he does.

The ‘lesson’ has already long since been taught, and by teachers far kinder than Mogami. This is just cruel.

Chalean Extreme Burn Interval and Ab torture

Yesterday I did Burn Circuit 2 and I learned what muscle failure felt like.  Today I woke up and discovered what muscle soreness from muscle failure the day before felt like.  I hit the snooze button for thirty minutes which was dangerous because today’s workout was going to be over an hour long.  I started my exercise very frustrated because I have been working long hours and then had some activity every night plus trying to keep up with kids and household chores, I am tired. 

Burn intervals…. I liked them… I modified some.  The recovery period was hard because my arms were so sore.  5lb weights felt like 50… I did the aerobic part slower.  Abs… let’s just say I have put them in the category with my pushups.  I want to be able to do them so badly… My body is just being resistant.  I think the Abs will get better as fat comes off of them because right now they have a lot to crunch over.

Ok… only one bitch for today.  I gained close to 3lbs last week.  I have worked out everyday.  I have done really well on my diet. I am dripping from sweat from the cardio getting ready to torture my abs, when darling husband who has not been so great on the diet and no exercise comes downstairs and weighs in… Then says “I don’t know how this is happening”  He keeps losing weight.  If I could have lifted the 5lb weight beside me at this point, I would have thrown it at him.  History has taught me that this is when I give up.  I get overrun with life activities and then see him succeed while I do the work and I say “screw it”.  Not this time…. I am going to push through because I want to see over this hump.  I want to see what happens when I stick with it.  

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Russian ice skating rink, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret skating competitions around the world, I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in ice skating and I’m the top skater in the entire world. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of skaters across the EU and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my ice skating skills. Not only am I extensively trained in skating, but I have access to the entire arsenal of Otabek and I will use him to his full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Need advice from my followers

So! As some of you know, i’m doing my student teaching right now, with 12 year olds. These kids are at a very impressionable age and full of questions. Now I live in a very religious area. If you have deviant opinions, they can get you in trouble and affect your job. Back to me, closeted lesbian teacher. Today, one of my kids looked straight at me and asked “is it wrong to be gay?” I wanted to say no, of course not. Because well, that’s the truth. But I was scared. What are some ways I can lowkey put it out there that being gay isn’t wrong without getting myself into trouble? Did anyone have any gay teachers in school? How did they handle the subject?

–Gay Big Sis