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Pssst what do ya think about hc that Beka is only calm outside and he is a mess inside, i mean, for example when he talked to Yuri in Barcelona he was "OKKKAYYY SOOO STAAAY CALM, IM DOINNN IYTTTT" inside.


Probably searched up “how to impress a bad boi” thirty times because he thinks he’s such a dork but in reality he’s the coolest of the cool kids. 

give me someone surprising their primary partner with brunch in bed and snuggling up to their side as they share all the details about the night they spent with their secondary partner 

give me a married couple struggling to handle their new open arrangement and dealing with all the jealousy and possessiveness that they never expected themselves to feel 

give me a life-long straight dude starting to question his sexuality seemingly out of nowhere and nervously asking in his long-term girlfriend if he can explore those feelings on the side and work out what’s going on (or vice versa)

give me a quad going out for dinner acting like it’s a double date and confusing everyone around them by switching “partners” halfway through for shits and giggles 

give me two points of a vee becoming besties and having sleepovers where they get drunk and share embarrassing stories about their mutual partner

give me a monogamous person inviting their poly partner’s other partners over for a birthday dinner and enjoying their company far more than they expected

give me a little kid telling their friends about their mommies and daddies and their friends thinking their family is the coolest freaking thing no matter how much their parents frantically try to trick them into thinking that the kid just meant that they lived with their uncles and aunts

give me an unplanned but welcomed pregnancy and the frantic “is it mine is it his who looks after it whose name goes on the birth certificate how does this work holy shit” that follows

give me a tacky YA love triangle all crushing on each other like crazy and realising one day that it doesn’t have to end with one of them getting hurt when they can all just love on each other instead

give me a couple that married for money and reputation striking up this unexpected friendship and encouraging each other’s so-called “affairs” with their respective high school sweethearts 


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That Boot Camp experience sounds legit like hell??? LIke why would your parents do that??? Did you enjoy any of it? Do you think it was beneficial?

omg did u guys think i was kidding??? i know it def sounds like one of those “and everyone clapped at the end” tumblr stories lol

um there were some parts that i enjoyed. it’s a really unique experience to be completely immersed in nature like that with zero technology or connection to the outside world. i remember one time we came upon a road ( actual paved road) and it freaked us all out. a lot of kids have issues with anxiety / panic attacks afterwards from being in buildings/confined spaces

i think it was and it wasn’t. on one hand it’s the coolest thing that i’ve ever done in my life lol, and makes for a great story/things to joke about

my mom: why didn’t you do this thing i asked of you??

me: what are u gonna do send me to arizona again?? 

and then we laugh and then realize how fucked up it was that they did that. to be fair it was very much a last resort for me. i had gone through 3 different high schools, homeschooling and 2 therapists at that point so my parents were kinda at a loss. but it’s still fucked up to just send ur kid away like that and expect them to come back magically “fixed”

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When the RFA boys find out you're pregnant with their child headcannons plz ? ;w;

yes ofc let’s go.  This kinda sorta also integrated to how they also react along the pregnancy??  I guess?? 


  • At first, he kinda freaks out.  He doesn’t want to be a shitty father, and he doesn’t at all want his kid to feel as badly as his mom made him feel if he messes up, or makes a mistake
  • Also worries because his practicing schedule is rigorous; when will he have time for the baby? He’ll obviously have to make time (no questions asks) but he also has to think about his career, which you can understand because it’s a huge part of what’s supporting your family
  • Then realizes that he has the power to make sure this kid grows up in the happiest, more loving household. He’s determined to fix what his parents did wrong for him (i.e., supporting all of his child’s choices, encouraging them, basically being a decent parent)
  • After he realizes this, he gets super excited and into it (”Do you think we need these clothes?” “These are for eight to twelve months; we won’t need it for a long while.” “But still…”)
  • Raves about how beautiful/attractive his unborn child will be, because “They have the most gorgeous father, and the most beautiful mother.  How could they not be?!”


  • Excited right off the bat; he’s amazed that he was able to take part in creating a human life!!!!  He’s ecstatic!!
  • Never stops talking about what kind of a dad he’ll be, and what kinds of activities they’ll get to do together (”Yoosung, they’ll be a baby; you can’t teach them how to play LOLOL until they can at least read” “I know, I know! I just can’t wait until I can!”)
  • Already decided that he will never buy baby food from the grocery store, and orders a food processor online.  That kid is going to get home cooked meals every day (”Yoosung, they can’t eat solid food until they’re at least four months old…” “I’m just getting prepared!”
  • Talks to your stomach all the time.  He just wants to meet them already! You can be on the couch watching TV, and he’ll come over just to talk to his unborn child.  (”We’re going to be the happiest family; I just know it.  Don’t worry.  We’re going to take care of you, okay?”) It’s the sweetest thing ever.
  • The first ultrasound you get becomes his phone background, he gets copies of it to hang everywhere, sends it to the group chat multiple times.  Everyone else is happy for you both, but they’re getting fed up with the “alien-life form spam” as Saeyoung so eloquently puts it (”Hey!  That’s a little me in there!” “Exactly.”)


  • Internally freaks the fuck out, but keeps the coolest exterior he can, because he knows you’re already freaking out about it yourself
    • it’s not that he doesn’t want the kid; it’s that he doesn’t know what to do.  If he reacted how he did for falling in love for the first time, what happens when he has his first kid?
  • Realizes that this is real, and happening, and honestly gets excited.  At the same time, extremely stressed because now he’s working double time.  
  • He wants to give this kid the world, and he knows he can, but for whatever reason, what you both already have isn’t enough.  He needs to work harder so that his kid doesn’t have to
  • You have to remind him that you need him, too, at least for the next nine months.  He can’t be working at all hours, because you’re getting hormonal and getting morning sickness, and insatiable cravings at three AM that he calls Jaehee to fulfill.  Obviously, you make sure to apologize and have her go back to sleep (”She’s my assistant.  This is what I hired her for.” “If that’s what you want, you wanted a maid, not an assistant.”)
  • Doesn’t talk too much about it (he wants to keep everything private from the public eye) but to the RFA members in person, he admits to how excited he is about this


  • At first, he thinks you’re playing a joke, but when you persist and show him the pregnancy test you took, he pulls you to him in a giant embrace, telling you how much he loves you and how happy he is
  • As the pregnancy goes on, he gets anxious about if old enemies will come to harm his new family, but he makes a silent vow to protect his child with everything he has
  • Like Yoosung, talks to your stomach all the time.  When they start to kick, he holds his hands against the bump and says things like, “I know you’re excited, but keep it in there!  I want to meet you, too, but you’re not ready yet!” (to which you reply, “He’s not a meal that hasn’t been seasoned, Saeyoung…” “No, but he’s definitely a bun in the oven!!”)
  • Talks about it all the time (to random strangers too!) (”See this beautiful woman, right here?” “Saeyoung, sto–” “She’s having a baby!  I did that!” “Saeyoung!”)
  • Late night cuddles where he likes to have your back against his chest, just so he can wrap his arms around your mid-section and hold the three of you together
  • Like Zen, gets worried about how he was raised, and how his mother was to him, but realizes that he’s in control of his life now.  He’ll never put his child down the same route of humiliation he had to suffer.
  • Okay but can we talk about UNCLE SAERAN BECAUSE

• The show opens with More Than Survive, but instead of bumping into Rich, Jeremy bumps into a kid everyone calls “Squip”, the coolest kid in school who everyone looks up to but stays away from, who pushes him away and stalks off

• After play rehearsal, Squip confronts Jeremy and tells him to stay away from Christine, his ex (she broke up with him because he was a jerk, he wanted her to change everything about herself so she could fit in more), and gets really close to his face and pins him against the wall

• Jenna being Jenna, she takes a picture of this from an angle and sends it to everyone, they all freak out, and rumor spreads around that the two are dating

• Later on, we find out that Squip has killed himself, and everyone’s freaking out and feeling sorry for Jeremy because his “boyfriend” is dead, and he’s becoming kinda popular

• Jeremy is freaking out at Michael’s house and doesn’t know what to do, but he realizes that he doesn’t want to lose his popularity, because it’s what he’s always wanted, and asks Michael if he’ll help him write fake emails from Squip to make it look like they actually were dating. Michael doesn’t think this is a super great idea, but wants Jeremy to be happy, so he agrees to help.

• Jeremy shows the emails to Rich, who had known the squip for 3 years, and was pretty upset about the whole ordeal. They had drifted apart the past year, Rich said he was starting to act a little strange, but Squip was the reason him and Jake became friends.

• He also shows the letters to Christine, who is also upset because she’s just a really nice person, and someone she used to be close to just killed themselves. Jeremy sings a version of “If I Could Tell Her” to Christine, where he lies and says that Squip told him that he did feel bad for how he treated Christine and cared for her, but couldn’t say anything. He tries to kiss her but she rejects him, and he runs away.

• Jeremy meets Brooke, who kinda thinks he’s cute and tries to console him whenever he freaks out (She thinks it’s because Squip died but he’s actually just freaking out about all the lies he’s telling), and they start dating.

• “Upgrade” is basically Jeremy wanting to stop all this before his lies get out of hand, but Squip appears and tells him not to, that everyone will hate him if he does and he’ll be a loser again, so Jeremy keeps on lying.

• Jeremy starts ignoring Michael, and getting too caught up in his popularity to realize this.

• During the Halloween party, Brooke catches Chloe trying to sleep with Jeremy and runs out, crying. Jeremy finds Michael in the bathroom, and after basically ignoring him for months, all Jeremy says to Michael is “Hey you don’t have to worry about the emails anymore, I’ll just do them myself, it’s more believable that way”, and walks out. Michael feels like Jeremy doesn’t care about him anymore, and now he’s alone. After the party, Jeremy’s dad confronts him and they get in a huge fight, and “Good For You” is sung by Mr. Heere, Brooke, and Michael.

• Jeremy is devastated, but Squip reminds him how pitiful his life was before, and he’ll have to give up everything if he tells the truth

• Christine confronts Jeremy at school, and wonders if he made everything up, and in a panic, Jeremy shows her a suicide note that he wrote over the summer, when he tried to kill himself but failed, and pretends it’s Squip’s.

• Jenna happens to overhear this conversation, freaks out, and tells Brooke, and a version of “The Smartphone Hour” begins, and soon everyone heard about the suicide note.

• After the play, Christine starts crying because she thinks she was the reason Squip killed himself, and people at school have started yelling at her. Everyone in the green room (basically a dressing room) starts yelling and arguing, and Jeremy can’t take it anymore. He breaks down and tells the truth, and everyone gets really mad at him, and he runs out of the room.

• He runs into Michael, who can see how upset he is and comforts him, saying how he doesn’t hate him and still wants to be his friend. Mr.Heere tells Jeremy that he knows he hasn’t been there a lot, but still loves his son and isn’t going to leave him like his mom did, and sings “So Big/So Small” to him.

Be Less Chill

Be Less Chill
A universe where Michael had the Squip instead of Jeremy—even though this has probably been done before I’m going to do it bc have ideas and I’m going to roughly plot them down here smh.
Basically, instead of Rich going up to Jeremy about the Squip he goes up to Michael because Michael seemed more fit to be a “popular kid” bc of his taller + wider frame. Michael has been really desperate to be cool lately because Jeremy has been really bummed out about being a loser, so Michael is one step ahead of Jeremy and he’s going to help him and shit. Because what’s a friend for if bros don’t help bros be the coolest bro they can be??

So Michael gets the Squip in the middle of getting some new Bob Marley albums in a shitty store. The first thing the Squip does is tell Michael everyone in the music store thinks he’s a freak for being so big yet breaking down to the floor because of the pain, and Michael is just like “yeah man!! We’re all freaks lmao who else gets Bob Marley music anymore.”

Then the Squip keeps saying mentally abusive shit to Michael and it just phases right through him, and he doesn’t repeat it at all. Michael barely improves and then the Squip brings up that “you have to obey” bullshit. So Michael hops on board, and says “everything about me is just terrible!” enthusiastically because he’s doing this for Jeremy, and if this gets him to improve then why the fuck not repeat it??

The Squip gets frustrated, because everything he’s saying like, “wow that hoodie is absolute trash get a more jock-like shirt,” passes through Michael and Michael does it easily. The Squip is supposed to be designed to break the associate so they can be molded back together in the way the Squip likes, but Michael is way too chill for that. Soon, the Squip realizes that he’s so chill because Jeremy is by his side, and he’s doing this for Jeremy so it’s easy to let every insult thrown Michael’s way pass. So Squip does the obey thing again, but it’s different.

“Michael, you have to obey and feel. If you want to be popular, repeat after me.” The Squip says, and Michael nods excitedly.

“Hell yeah, I can do that dude!” Michael grins, obviously not getting it, but happy to comply.
“Oooohhh, everything about you makes Jeremy want to die.” The Squip grins at the blank look Michael gives him.

“What? No! That, that isn’t-”
“Aren’t you doing this whole thing to change? For Jeremy?” Jeremy, what a pathetic boy. Soon enough, though, Michael will focus on something entirely different then that loser.

Michael nods and obeys, his voice cracking.

After another round of that, the Squip speaks again. Michael is so confused because, is that true? Does Jeremy truly hate him?

“But Michael Mell, soon you’ll tell, that if you obey well, if you obey well.” The Squip clasped his hands together.

“Everything about you is going to be wonderful!”
In the background, people sing.
“Jeremy’ll love everything about you!”

That’s when the Squip messes with his vision, and every time Michael sees Jeremy, Jeremy “ignores” him, (but of course it’s the Squip fucking around and it’s not actually Jeremy), and Jeremy is forgotten.

The Squip convinces Michael that Jeremy is a worthless prick who is nothing but a dick, and that he can find much better people who can hang with such a cool guy like Michael. Soon enough, Jeremy is out of their daily self-deprecating sentences. The Squip makes Michael completely self-dependent on him, so Squip does his usual “Everything about you makes me wanna die,” instead of “Everything about you makes Jeremy
wanna die.”

After enough convincing, Michael gets the upgrade. Then, Michael starts going through the “rungs of popular.” First Brooke, then Jenna, then Madeline, etc. etc. This AU is called “Be Less Chill,” because while Michael was too okay with saying shit about himself and changing himself, he also makes it seem like he doesn’t give a fuck about the girl he’s with and that sex is no big deal, to which the Squip is frustrated about.

Then it’s about time the Halloween party rolls down.. We know all about that, but what the fuck is happening with Jeremy?

Jeremy over time:

“Michael! Hey, wanna listen to old music while playing Apocalypse of the Damned when high?”

“Michael, why are you ignoring me?”

“Dude, um. I heard you cheated on Brooke, man, what the fuck? That’s so not cool - nor is ignoring me.”

“Mr. Big, bad, and popular! Talk to me, for once!”

“To think you were my favorite person. You never even said I was yours, either.”

“‘More than survive,’ what bullshit. Now I can’t even just ‘survive’ anymore.”

“I already know what it’s like to be the loser. I should find out what it’s like to not be the loser.” (Aka Jeremy is in the bathroom when Rich set fire to Jake’s house and is going to let the flames burn him, but he passes out from the smoke, and Jake is like “Jeremy dying? I thinketh the fuck not.” So he’s okay.)

Then, the Squip thinks it’s time to start the next part of his time. He mentions all The Pitiful Children, saying that everyone will be nice to each other from now on and no one has to worry about anything. Michael agrees to it, and regrets it soon after. Remember Jeremy signing up for the play? That’s still a thing, though Michael comes to watch one of his many girlfriends instead of saving Jeremy’s ass. Then everyone is all of a sudden Squipified, and Michael panics because he doesn’t have his usual Mountain Dew Red. But then Jeremy shows up with Mountain Dew Red.

Michael is all like, “How’d you know about Mountain Dew Red?”

“I almost died at the Halloween party and had to go to the hospital. Me and Rich had a lot of time to talk, let’s just say.”

That’s all I have rn- Oops.

Welp, at least I got this out.

anyway shout out to my little pony for having an episode where their physically disabled character was being made fun of specifically for her disability, ending with her her mentor, who, may i remind you, prides herself on her physical ability, sitting her down and going, “listen, whether or not you ever start living up to able-bodied standards doesn’t matter, we love and support you either way and you’re still the coolest kid i know, and the cool stuff we already know you can do is more important than the stuff you can’t” instead of giving scootaloo a freaking recovery arc and making her suddenly able to fly

I just really wish I could have been on MasterChef Junior
I mean you get to friggin cook for Gordon Ramsey
And all the kids are so nice and supportive of each other
And the judges are soo positive
I mean a girl starts crying cause she thinks her mashed potatoes are too salty
Which anyone might do because they were under a lot of pressure
And Gordon comes round and tastes them. He says that they’re not too salty, she just needs to stir
And he wouldn’t leave until she smiled again
This will draw in so many kids who realize they want to be chefs
This show is just so freaking cool OK?

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i've been thinking about iwaoi with a daughter and im dying oh my god

me too pal, me too. I MEAN

- that kid would be spoiled rotten. iwaizumi cannot resist teary puppy eyes. oikawa probably use that against him too. he’d totally deny it but iwaizumi loves indulging them and basically he has no authority in their household ??? he’s weak. the kid pouts at him and he’s gone. he’d fetch the moon if she asks him to. “you’re such a big softy hajime” “*grumbles*”

- oikawa struggled a bit when they first adopted her but iwaizumi was a natural. he’s the baby tamer of the two. “well i’ve been dealing with a child throwing tantrums for the past decades i know how to handle it by now”

- oikawa spends like half of his pay check on cute toddler clothes and iwaizumi is just ??? “tooru, our child is not a doll for you to dress up, what does she need all these tutus for anyway ?” but then he sees a godzilla onesie and insists on buying it

- ALL THE PHOTOSHOOTS OH MY GOd, oikawa is spamming his text groups with daily pictures of his baby, especially his family group. “ok uncle tooru not that she isn’t cute but do you really need to send 23 pictures of the same angle ? my phone storage can’t handle this anymore” “oh takeru you only wish you were this cute at her age”

- iwaizumi standing in the bleachers with the kid on his shoulder, watching a japan vs [foreign country of choice] match, and oikawa running to them when his team wins, dropping kisses all over the child face : “who’s the best ?” “papa!” 

- oikawa is usually the one doing her hair but when he’s away for plays iwaizumi watches hair tutorial videos, takes freaking notes, attempts to do the fancy braided updo she usually likes and fails miserably. the kid still wears the crooked braid without complain and glares when some kid laughs at her

- their daughter sharing oikawa’s alien obsession and iwaizumi having to convince them to NOT have an x-files marathon on a school night

- iwaizumi deals with the boo-boos because she could be crying for a scrapped elbow and oikawa will join in the panicked tear party 

- she ends up loving volleyball as well and oikawa’s beaming with pride until she tells him the ace is the coolest position. “*dramatic gasp* so that’s what betrayal feels like….” “that’s my girl !” “iwa-chan don’t support this madness”

- she’s like, the golden child of her volleyball club since her dad is a retired olympic medalist but she practices extra hard to feel like she rightfully earned her regular position 

- oikawa swings by her school volleyball club sometimes to coach them. “ladies we’re bringing this team to national” “DAD what are you doing here we already have a coach go away you’re embarrassing me” but the team is delighted so she has to endure the snickers whenever oikawa calls her stupid nicknames 

- “why are you crying who is it i’ll beat them up” “IWA-CHAN DON’T CONDONE VIOLENCE but also yes i’ll join in too”

- oikawa cheers very loudly at her plays. he basically leads the cheering audience, and probably argues with other parents about how his kid is so much better than theirs. iwaizumi pretends he doesn’t know him but he, too, cheers and swears loudly which earns him some glares from the other scandalized parents

- talking about swears, iwaizumi probably struggled with toning down the cursing when she was a child. “iwa-chan if her first word is a curse you’re sleeping on the backyard” “excuse me ????”

- ALL THE CUDDLING she sneaks into their bed after a nightmare (”goddammit tooru she’s too young for your dumb alien movies”) and they hold her between them and they’re happy and thankful and im in tears

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Danganronpa parenthood au

1. Mahiru is basically everyone’s mom so of course I’m gonna have a headcanon about her. She’s always either the really nice and fun parent or hellmom. There’s no in between. If it’s a good day and the kids are behaving, she’ll take them out for ice cream and other fun stuff and of course take lots of cute pictures and it will be a good time. But if they misbehave they get the scOLDING OF A LIFETIME. Timeout isn’t even necessary, they learn their lesson immediately.

2. Souda would be that one parent who tries his best to be a good dad but makes dumb mistakes. He’d be walking through Walmart and suddenly be like wAit where’s my kid????? Then he’d freak the fuck out of course. It could have taken five seconds to find the kid and he would still act like it had been two weeks. And obviously, his kids would have the coolest remote-control cars.

3. Sakura would honestly make such a great mom? Like, she’s really soft-spoken and wouldn’t pry or be nosy be she’d still want them to be open and feel comfortable talking to her about things, and they probably would. She’d be really gentle but also very stern. Her kids would definitely look up to her.

4. Akane is already pretty much the mother figure for her siblings, so it’s needless to say that the experience would make her a good mom to her own children. She wouldn’t be too strict with them, but she would definitely make sure that they’re respectful to the people around them. She would work really hard to make sure that they have a much better childhood than she had.

5. Nekomaru would honestly be such a fun dad like, he’s so patient and has such a big heart his kids would love hanging out with him. And whenever their friends came over for the first time they’d see Nekomaru and be absolutely terrified, but by they time they left he’d be like their other dad.

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I think Warren is one of those people who is secretly really good with babies/kids. He's sort of awkward about it at first, but they LOVE him so they don't even notice, they're too busy trying to get him to play. Also, they would be OBSESSED with his wings. They'd think they're the coolest things ever. And that would make him happy, 'cause most people think he's a freak because of them, but here these munchkins are, going on and on about how cool they are. (I just have a lot of Warren feels ugh)


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Idk bout you but I would rly love some living in together Janstar hcs

•Weird Neighbors™
•don’t question it they’re in love
•Janna bring home too many plastic skeleton skulls
•"Janna pleased you’re freaking out the laser puppies"
•Star brings up marriage and kids too many times
•stop giving Janna heart attacks Star
•their house on the outside looks ok but inside it’s a Mess™
•Marco is repulsed at the sight of their house
•both take turns feeding the puppies and other responsibilities
•Star works as an animator
•Janna works as the coolest math teacher in the world
•both love their jobs a lot
•after 6 years of living together they finally get married
•2 years after that they adopt a kid
•the kid’s name is Hugo Marco Butterfly
•Marco is crying tears of happiness
•happy weird family


Genji - After a little bit of a small freak out over the fact that his s/o is with his kid. not anyone else’s but his child, Genji is nervous and becomes a bit overprotective over the two of them. Even though his s/o isn’t that far into their pregnancy, he actively talks to the baby about how beautiful his s/o is and how they are going to have the coolest cyborg ninja dad. He often goes to Mercy to understand what’s going on and how he can help his s/o. Would also get s/o whatever they craved at anytime through the day. 

Watch on

#2) STREET SHARKS (1994)

 an American-Canadian animated television series about crime-fighting half-man/half-sharks. It was produced by DIC Entertainment and aired from 1994 to 1995, originally as a part of the Amazin’ Adventures lineup. Later, in 1996, the Street Sharks teamed up with the Dino Vengers and the show became “Dino Vengers Featuring Street Sharks”. It was created to promote an existing Mattel toy line of the same name. The creators were David Siegel and Joe Galliani of Mr. Joe’s Really Big Productions.

A university professor named Dr. Robert Bolton had invented a gene-manipulation device for peaceful uses on animals with his fellow professor named Dr. Luther Paradigm. In the first episode, Dr. Paradigm tested his gene-manipulation techniques (which was referred to as “gene-slamming”) on a marlin and a lobster which resulted in the creations of Slash and Slobster. Dr. Robert Bolton attempted to destroy Paradigm’s research and was transformed into an unseen inhuman monstrosity by the evil scientist using the gene-slamming device on him before escaping. Dr. Paradigm later kidnapped Bolton’s four sons John, Bobby, Coop, and Clint to transform them into sharks


Ladies, gentleman, and everyone else I give you the TMNT rip-off to end all rip-offs.

This series is so stupid, so ill-conceived, and transparently a blatant toy vehicle. Look at those character designs, look at those bad guys, look at the vehicles, look at all the weapons. There’s so much advertising going on that the characters could have tattoos of other Mattel franchises and nobody would bat an eye.

At the time of its relevancy everybody knew it was a rip off. Kids, parents, even your uninformed senile grandparents who just knew their grand kids “liked the show with the turtles” knew Street Sharks was a rip-off.

Yet that never came up as a problem because the franchise is SO FREAKING BAD ASS. Sharks are one of the coolest sea dwelling animals, and one of the deadliest predators on the planet so of course boys were going to be suckered in by it. This was helped completely by the fact that the toys were really awesome.

External image

they were big, thick, durable, and they were the right size that they fit in well enough to play with our Ninja Turtle figures.

The series isn’t really anything to write home about. It’s the same as TMNT; the heroes fight other mutants, coin a bunch of shark related catchphrases, and eat their favorite foods. It doesn’t really get much more involved than that.]

Except it gets EVEN MORE AWESOME in the later season of the TV show when the Street Sharks teamed up with another team called the Dino Vengers; alien dinosaur super heroes.

External image

They were later rebranded as Extreme Dinosaurs for their own spin-off series.

External image

But man, sharks and dinosaurs? What was going on at Mattel in the 90s that they were so in-tune with the things boys loved?

It was an advertisement campaign that worked in spades, and it was glorious.

The only downside is… the dreams of many children, of a crossover between TMNT and Street Sharks never came to light. Not in any medium; animated, live action, comic, or even web cartoon.

It was just not meant to be.


  • In 1996, Archie Comics released a short-lived comic book series based on Street Sharks. They published a three-issue mini-series which were based on the first three episodes of the series, and a regular comic series, which lasted three issues.
  • every episode title has a shark pun


Other than the total absurdity and bad assness of the franchise, nothing about it is really that memorable by anybody other than those who were religiously dedicated to it and had tons of the toys.

That’s the folly Street Sharks has in being such a gigantic rip-off of TMNT, it came and went, and hasn’t really been heard from since. It could stand to be revived since the toy line was so quality but that’s pretty unlikely and I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up.

But one things for sure, if there’s anything that personified how EXTREME the 1990s was, it was definitely Street Sharks.

Season 1 and some parts of Season 2 are available on youtube, but luckily a dvd of the entire series has been released and it’s ridiculously cheap and easy to find.

If you’re an old school fan, go pick it up, everyone else might not be fond of it though.

Come by tomorrow when I reveal to all of you THE #1 TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES RIP-OFF

Dad!S.Coups: Request

So this sorta turned from raising your first kid to just Dad!S.Coups. I feel like this is a lil short idk. But I hope it’s okay and still satisfies the request!~

For the sake of this AU (is this considered an au?) you can choose whether you’re married or not based on your preference/morals or whatever, but you live together obviously lol. B/N = baby’s name.

  • Okay so Dad!S.Coups makes my heart weak. Like someone give him a child asap.
  • I definitely feel like he’d be the first of the members to have a child. Maybe not the first to get married, but idk.
  • I don’t see him as the type to be like “we have to get married before we have kids!!!” like as long as you’re settled down, but also I don’t think he’d actively plan for you to have kids before you were married or anything.
  • So first of all, when you tell him you’re pregnant he’ll be so happy. He’ll jump up and hug you super tight. He’ll ask so many questions and just be crazy curious about everything.
  • The next time he has practice with the boys he’ll like call a group meeting and he’ll stand in front of all of them like usual.
  • They’ll all be like ??? Because he’s beaming and can’t stop fidgeting and finally he’s like “I’M GONNA BE A DAD” and all the members are just !!!
  • They’re all so excited omg. They can’t wait to have a smol Seungcheol & Y/N running around.
  • Pretty sure that booseoksoon would all actually be in tears and like clutching each other as they continued being extra af.
  • The members crashing your quiet baby shower even though they were invited and all the other guests are like what is going on? 
  • Now instead of “guess the baby food” it’s “who can get the messiest without Y/N yelling at us”
  • Mingyu is out for blood in Don’t Say Baby and is snatching clothes pins like his life depends on it.
  • Of course you love them and you’re actually happy that they came and livened things up because you were kinda bored. 
  • You end up tearing up because they all chipped in to buy this expensive bouncer that you can hook your phone to and play their music, as specified by DK, for your baby.
  • And so your pregnancy goes smoothly, besides Coups’ constant hovering and you having to swat him away like a fly.
  • He’s the type to watch the birth, and the whole gross out factor would never even cross his mind as he watches his little one being born.
  • Cries when he holds them for the first time. Cries when they make cute little noises. Cries when they cry. He loves them !!!
  • So imma say that your first kid is a lil baby boy. I just see Coups as loving the whole “big brother to watch over the younger ones” aspect.
  • You bring B/N home to an amazing nursery that you both designed together.
  • The crib was definitely assembled by all 13 members even though Coups only asked Jun if he could borrow a screwdriver.
  • Basically all the work is done by Minghao and Woozi while the rest of them coo over all the baby items with Coups.
  • Even though he has practice and schedules all day most of the time Coups always comes home and feeds B/N and rocks him to sleep so you can go to bed first.
  • The members begging for him to bring B/N to practice and sometimes he does because he knows you deserve some time to yourself to nap and whatever else.
  • The boys cutely calling B/N “little carat” i’m not crying 
  • B/N just happily cooing in his bouncer while watching the boys practice and every time they turn around they all make funny faces to make him giggle.
  • And even though Woozi won’t really outwardly express his affection, anytime B/N isn’t in his bouncer he’s most likely on Woozi’s lap in his studio as he works on a track. goodbye
  • Coups lives for domestic activities like feeding B/N and even cleaning up after him. Basically anything that has to do with B/N makes him extremely happy.
  • Coups does the cute thing where you recreate the photos. He does it with one you took of B/N on his 1st birthday.
  • So every birthday after that he does it, but he happens to be on tour on his 4th birthday and he’s like crying to you on the phone saying he’s a horrible dad.
  • When he gets back you hand him an envelope and when he opens it he’s almost crying again because you recreated the photo and it means so much to him !!
  • Imagine how nice it is to have 12 babysitters at the ready though.
  • But like one night everyone but Vernon & Dino are busy and they’re like freaking out because their hyungs are always there to help.
  • You just smile at them and say “you’ll do great” because you and Coups love and trust them unconditionally.
  • Daddy Coups being the one that brings snacks to sports games even though that’s a “mom thing” and cheering louder than anyone else. probably has one of those homemade noise makers that’s like rocks and a coke bottle cus he’s a nerd
  • Once B/N starts school he brags about how he has the coolest uncles ever and when another kid is like “me too!” he raises a sassy eyebrow like uncle Kwannie taught him and is like “but do you have 12?”
  • As he gets older his personality develops and you can kinda see how you and all of the boys have influenced him in all these good ways and he’s just this perfect little human.
  • Whenever B/N asks for Coups to check for “monsters” in his closet he walks in with his chest out and barges into the closest and scares the “monsters” away.
  • He starts begging for a sibling and you’re kinda like ehhhh but Coups is like yes !! a girl !!
  • After B/N is all tucked in and stuff and you’re in bed Coups will cuddle into you and say sweet things like “thank for our miracle” and you can see so much love in his eyes it makes your chest ache.
  • Coups being a really open dad and never lying to him and telling him everything he wants to know about the world. 😍
  • So even though things are hard sometimes with him being an idol, Coups always puts his family first.
  • And honestly he wouldn’t trade his crazy family of you, B/N, & the members for anything because you guys are his reason to be the best man he can be.
A Funny Thing Happened in a Ballroom at Balticon

Hey kids,

So if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been at Balticon this past weekend. It was a super super fun time - I got to meet a bunch of really cool peeps that hitherto I had only known online. @warsofasoiaf​ was there, and he is just as sassy and super-smart as he appears in his Tumblr answers. The kids of @historyofwesteros​ and @radiowesteros​ were there - all extremely nice, of course, and just cool people. @molicioushat​ came up to me all excited, which was crazy and awesome - you write stuff online, but you never expect (or at least I never expect) people to come up to you like some, I don’t know, minor ASOIAF celebrity. 

BUT. What was obviously the coolest part was freaking NEW CHAPTER FROM TWOW (and not to mention, the one I predicted - just saying)! Oh man, this was exciting. Now, I’m sure by now everyone who follows me has read various fan summaries at least four times. I know mine won’t be necessarily special in that regard, but I promised I would give you my thoughts on the experience, and I will. Obviously, under the cut, for those of you strictly avoiding TWOW spoilers. BEYOND HERE THERE BE SPOILERS, PEEPS.

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Some quick Malec/Alec/Magnus/family head cannons because I can’t stay silent anymore:

-Alec is secretly that dad who is really good at doing their kids hair

-Alec teaching their adopted child to be badass with a bow

-Magnus teaching their child all about magic and how to mess with Alec using said magic

-Alec just sitting in their kids room for hours reading a book while the child just plays and does their own thing on the floor- Magnus secretly records it and sends the videos to Izzy who freaks out over it


(lol izzy & Jace fighting over who is the coolest aunt/uncle) (it'sactuallyclary)

Fall Out Boy is about to kill me

Okay, so I have sight-sound synesthesia. That means that I see sounds. Well, it’s not EXACTLY seeing as in they’re a thing I see as being out and about in the world around me or anything, it’s more like seeing them “behind my eyes” as I’ve always put it. It’s kind of a separate sense altogether, in a way. Synesthesia is where the wires of perception get crossed and your senses overlap. So it’s kind of like a separate thing entirely; I see, I hear, and I synesthese. Sounds register as having color, shape, direction, depth, intensity, brightness, and they move in and out of the sense. For example, a well tuned middle A on a piano is spherical, rich royal blue, and comes in from behind and curves down until it flattens out into a ripple-like disc shape. Cello registers as a deep purple/mahogany color, and has a thick thread-like shape that fades out at the edges like someone blurred it in photoshop; for some reason, Josh Groban’s voice is extremely similar. I can also tell when something’s been autotuned cuz it looks like a scalene cone sort of thing (I know that’s not a thing but now it is). Everyone’s voice has a unique color and shape, and sometimes I notice the shape more than the color and vice versa. The cool thing is in music, the shapes and colors move with the melody, and it’s just really awesome to experience. It’s not something I notice ALL the time; most of the time it’s just there in the background, the way you feel air around you. You only notice when something’s unique about it– you feel the breeze, or if it’s cold or hot or something. It’s like that with the sightsound, too.

All that background is leading up to this: Today I bought the American Beauty/American Psycho album, and I got to Novocaine, and THAT THING THEY DO ON THE “FILLED IT UP WITH NOVOCAINE" LINE IS ACTUALLY LITERALLY 100% ABSOLUTELY THE COOLEST MOST AMAZING SOUND EVER IT’S BEAUTIFUL. I’m seriously freaking the heck out over it, I’ve listened to this song 12x in a row I kid you not, I just can’t get over it!!!!!!

Patrick’s voice to begin with is seriously one of my favorite things because it’s the shape I notice most– it’s really fun and unique, cuz it’s sharp. Not sure how else to describe it, but it’s got sharp points and tips, but all really close together. And the edges of it are like torn paper, and it sits at the top of my ‘line of sight;’ I don’t notice the color that much, it’s kind of a bright intense redgreenblack??? I don’t know, it’s hard to describe, and I can’t find a swatch that matches. But that “filled it up with novocaine,” it just swoops back and shears the edges like a razor blade and it leaves this shredded, frayed gradient of black and silver and grey tatters, and the way it curves toward the back under one layer and then loops around back toward the front and then shoots up and trails off into the top and kind of explodes on “just stuck” and falls down on everything, and the way the drums pool out behind it the whole time with this deep dark red ripple disk and I AM ACTUALLY DYING OVER HERE IM FREAKING OUT SO MUCH IT’S BEAUTIFUL AND I CAN’T EVEN DRAW IT CUZ I CAN’T DRAW IN 3D UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH

Having a similar though slightly toned down freak out over that part in Uma Thurman where it goes “I slept in last nights clothes and tomorrow’s dreams,” cuz that spikes so clearly up and down over and under that bottom base line that’s humming along in the back, and it’s like watching someone wrap a ribbon around a rail but with big points instead of soft curves and it just hangs there and GAH