the kid is the freaking coolest


Genji - After a little bit of a small freak out over the fact that his s/o is with his kid. not anyone else’s but his child, Genji is nervous and becomes a bit overprotective over the two of them. Even though his s/o isn’t that far into their pregnancy, he actively talks to the baby about how beautiful his s/o is and how they are going to have the coolest cyborg ninja dad. He often goes to Mercy to understand what’s going on and how he can help his s/o. Would also get s/o whatever they craved at anytime through the day. 

A Funny Thing Happened in a Ballroom at Balticon

Hey kids,

So if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been at Balticon this past weekend. It was a super super fun time - I got to meet a bunch of really cool peeps that hitherto I had only known online. @warsofasoiaf​ was there, and he is just as sassy and super-smart as he appears in his Tumblr answers. The kids of @historyofwesteros​ and @radiowesteros​ were there - all extremely nice, of course, and just cool people. @molicioushat​ came up to me all excited, which was crazy and awesome - you write stuff online, but you never expect (or at least I never expect) people to come up to you like some, I don’t know, minor ASOIAF celebrity. 

BUT. What was obviously the coolest part was freaking NEW CHAPTER FROM TWOW (and not to mention, the one I predicted - just saying)! Oh man, this was exciting. Now, I’m sure by now everyone who follows me has read various fan summaries at least four times. I know mine won’t be necessarily special in that regard, but I promised I would give you my thoughts on the experience, and I will. Obviously, under the cut, for those of you strictly avoiding TWOW spoilers. BEYOND HERE THERE BE SPOILERS, PEEPS.

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The first Pokemon I caught was a Starmie. It was around 9:30 so my dad decided to walk with me to make sure I was safe. No big deal, my dad’s cool. Almost immediately, a Starmie appeared in our front yard. My dad freaked out. He is huge nerd and he thought the AR camera was the coolest thing he’d ever seen. It was the happiest I’d seen him since his parents died a few months ago. He looked like a little kid seeing a magic trick for the first time. He was going on and on about how amazing it was that the Pokemon was right outside our house. When we got home, I made sure to name the Starmie after my dad.


OKAY let’s just sit down and have a little chat here. CAPALDI, right?

He’s what…57 or sommat? Been a life-long Whovian, yeah? Right so….after watching the new trailer…this guy is riding around looking like a BAMF on a horse, rocking the Bans while jammin out, battling motherfucking dragons, getting sassy with Daleks, chilling with Arya freaking Stark, leaping out of windows, and just in general being one of the coolest guys on television. Being the hero that so many kids and folks look up to…the same hero that he looked up to as a wee lad. 

I mean…if this guy isn’t having the time of his goddamn life, then I don’t know what life is. I am so freaking thrilled to see this trailer and to see how incredibly spectacular it’s going to be. 

You go, Capaldi. 

Ladies of PoI Art/Fic Challenge

To celebrate Person of Interest’s many incredible ladies, we decided to hold an ongoing challenge for all artists and writers of the fandom. 

While we adore all the badass ladies that the PoI writers have been throwing our way recently - and let’s admit, since the beginning of the show the ladies have been freaking awesome - there is so little we know about them. What does Zoe Morgan do when she’s not busy being the coolest? Was Joss Carter a nerd when she was a kid? Is Iris Campbell secretly a robot assassin? Who knows?

The idea behind this challenge is to rectify that lack of stories about our fantastic ladies by creating more and more stories, headcanons and art about them. Let’s celebrate their diversity - be it queer, women of color, coming from rich or poor backgrounds… Let’s all flood our dashes and the PoI AO3 tags with stories and images of the best ladies on TV.

To join us in this challenge, it’s really simple. Pick a table of prompts and a character, send us an ask to claim it as your own, and write, draw, gif, etc! 

Check out the rules and FAQ page for more info!

It’s amazing how much men and some women freak out if you put a pink harness or leash on a male dog.  It basically always goes like this 

Them: “That’s a boy dog, he can’t have a pink leash”


Them: “……….????”

Me: “oh I thought you must be kidding.  Isn’t it nice that dogs don’t care about the gender constructs of color of our species? Must be nice to not feel so fragile. :)) Also, fun fact! Did u know that the color pink is actually a trick of the mind? Which i’m PREETTYYY sure makes it the coolest color. Anyway, have fun on your walk!” *hands off leash and walks away* 

The Coolest Aunt

Hey everyone! Here I am with another one shot. While in one of my many freak outs over omelia with @jordan202, I had the idea to do something with Amelia on her PMS and having Meredith’s kids come over to her new house. So, that’s what came out of it. I hope you like it! As always, a huge thank you to @jia911 for proof reading this :)

It was a Friday afternoon, almost two weeks after her wedding day, when Amelia finally had time to grab some lunch, joining her sisters Meredith and Maggie at a table in the cafeteria.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you.” Meredith said to Amelia, between bites. “Zola asked me about you yesterday.”

“Really?!” Amelia shoot her head up to look at Meredith.

“Yeah, she asked me where was ‘Aunt Amy’”.

“And what did you tell her?” Amelia asked, a smile on her face and eyes wide open, really interested.

“Well, I told her that you got married and now you’re living with your husband in another house.” Meredith replied, not getting Amelia’s excitement.

“Oh, I can’t believe she misses me!” She smiled from ear to ear, showing off her dimple.

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