the kid is so wise


“We talked about it [about marriage]. I think, both me and Marzia, kinda feel like when we want to, we will, but we’re still young…we’re still beautiful. What’s the rush? You keep seeing these young couples getting married way too soon, you know, and it all goes to the shitter. You want that to happen? Is that what you want? Don’t think so….so until then…shut the fuck up” [x]


The Kombat Kids + their names.

Ask me things that most people don't usually ask


1. Do you consider yourself average?
2. Are aliens real?
3. What do you associate with the color green? Do you think of certain emotions or smells?
4. Have you ever lost somebody you love?
5. Who do you hate the most? Why?
6. Does anybody hate you?
7. How many followers do you have?
8. When was the last time you actually felt confident about yourself?
9. Describe yourself in one sentence.
10. When was the last time somebody told you they love you?
11. When was the last time you told somebody you love them?
12. Do you have any pets?
13. Have you changed personality wise since you were a kid? How so?
14. Where do you feel safest?
15. What’s your biggest fear?
16. Do you consider yourself to be healthy?
17. Have you ever had to see somebody for issues regarding your mental health?
18. Do you love yourself? Why or why not?
19. Do you like school? What elements of school do you like which ones do you not?
20. How did you get your URL?
21. Do you have any strange seemingly useless talents?
22. Do you understand yourself?
23. How much did you sleep last night?
24. Are you taking care of yourself?
25. What do you regret?

So today is day one in the 30 day Psychonauts challenge and it starts with what should be a simple answer.

“ Favorite character”

The problem is this game was chock full of amazing characters. I love so many of them but after all is said and done Raz is my darling child. I love this kid so damn much. He’s kind and brave. Naive and wise. His enthusiasm for being at the camp, his (seemingly) ridiculous ambition to BE a Psychonaut before his dad comes to pick him up, his geeking out over following his dream, everything is so infectious, believable, and so damned endearing.

I think it’s how he handles the process of helping the inmates that clinches it for me. Yes Sasha,Milla, and the Coach’s (basic braining) minds are fun but they feel safe. Once the inmates become the focus it’s a huge undertaking that Raz goes through to try to sort through the demons and baggage he finds there. He helps Gloria regain her inner light, lets Edgar know that he’s more than he’s allowed himself to be, taught Fred that your genetics don’t define you, and helped Boyd realize that he is the most powerful force in his own convoluted mind. And the Meat Circus?! The kid faced his own fears with an entire butcher block of someone else’s horrors as well.

I loved running around as this boy and helping him succeed. And I am so stoked to get to do it all again. So yes my favorite character is Raz, but as in the drawing there are a lot of other contenders that rank really up there too.

The Mom Ch. 6

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis: First words

Warnings: Flirting, fluff, the beginnings of angst. This chapter has it all! lol

Author’s Note: Remember that cliffhanger I left you with back in chapter 3? Yeah, it’s finally coming back into play. Sorry it took so long for me to work back around to it.
Also, thanks for being understanding about the delay with this chapter. I really appreciate having awesome followers like you guys! <3

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


It was only about a week into tour & Seung Hyun was already missing you and the twins terribly. He’d just finished his shower after coming back to the hotel once the show was finished. The others were all out partying, but his current foul mood didn’t make him good company to tag along. So instead he had just dragged his tired, moody self back to the hotel alone.

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How the hell did Derek find out about our deal? How do you think. You had a chance to get rid of him. Maybe it wasn’t Derek I was trying to get rid of…

reached out to three 10 year olds for some life advice today in my last class. i was like, hey guys, if you were really close friends with someone, but bad things happened and they were not kind to you and you stopped being friends, but their birthday was tomorrow…would you wish them a happy birthday?

and right away they shook their heads and said no. and like, obviously i knew the answer on my own but wanted to see what they thought. but kids are smart. they’re so wise beyond their years and i asked, “why not?” and one student thought for a while and said, “…well, we are not friends anymore…why should i?” which is so true.

my ex’s bday is tmr and i haven’t missed him or anything at all which is awesome and i’ve really come to terms that shit happens and people can be really awful and misleading and i’ve been moving forward instead of looking back. but his birthday is tomorrow and 1% of me, one tiny piece of me was like..hey….maybe i can just say happy bday to show that i’m fine and i’m good and just to have it as our final closure or something? but i know that i shouldn’t. so i asked my students and yeah, they reconfirmed it which is what i needed lol.

random but my first ever “bf” when i was 13 (ew lol) also had the birthday may 11, and now my last bf does too. weird.

anyways i’m gonna order some type of extremely gluttonous delivery for dinner so i can eat my feelings bc today was miserable and draining and so long and i’m beyond exhausted.

oh shit, it’s also exactly 9 months since i’ve arrived in Korea. life is so wild, so many things have happened, and time goes by quick.

got7 as students

jb / jaebum - that kid who’s always sleeping

junior / jinyoung - that kid who gets 99.5% on his test and is still unsatisfied

mark - that kid who’s virtually perfect academically and personality wise so u can’t hold anything against him

jackson - that solid b kid who would get c’s but the teachers like him

bambam - that kid who’s failing but shrugs it off

youngjae - that kid who’s always after school with a teacher

yugyeom - that kid who skipped a grade and everyone resents him for it

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So just been reading a lot of your spec on the baby recently & I was just wondering what you thought the possibilities of him becoming the new leader of Heaven would be? Since (correct me if I'm wrong) Heaven is still w/o a full fledged leader; especially now that Joshua is gone. Although now that I'm rereading this that wldn't be possible due to the portal destroying his body/soul. Sooo hmm. But the angels have human vessels w/ their hosts' souls still in there & they come/go as they please??

That DOES fill a good hole. I sometimes worry about how that is a very Cas-sized hole, even if everything about his character arc suggests that’s a bad idea for him emotionally. If the nephilim ISN’T outright evil, it might be interesting to see what happens there, but I can’t imagine it would be entirely stable, unless the kid was so wise beyond its years it literally conveys a better job of being God than God did and seems to genuinely be up for the job. If the “son of Lucifer” thing is even a point of contention or doubt, which it WOULD be for the angels, then it’s got an uphill struggle that the people it would rule all think it should be dead on principle. And if it whammies them all into blissful compliance like Cas, then that’s a no-free-will option as bad as Heaven ever had it back in the days of the archangels and Naomi that we knew in season 4. And the angels would probably line up for the lack of free will - if CAS was won over with the nephilim’s sales pitch, the original free will angel, I can’t imagine any of the others will do any better at resisting it… (which seems a contradictory problem to the first but I’m just running through scenarios here :P)

I suppose we’ll see what happens - if it lives, and if so, will Buckleming are going to creepy fast forward age it and how will its development compare to Amara etc. She certainly started as too powerful for her own good, but neutral in many ways, and with one personal bone to pick. The nephilim doesn’t even have that, starting as a blank slate, and it COULD be guided to be neutral and benevolent if it really has bonded with Cas out of approval of his policies, but we don’t know yet, so… Let’s see :P 

so cut through the heart cold and clear

an: I couldn’t not. These are my three favorites, and no amount of fic will ever give me my fill of them. Title is from “Frozen Heart” (from Frozen because why would I use anything else)

so cut through the heart cold and clear

David has become a father twice-over in the span of a few years (or thirty, depending on who you ask, it’s really difficult to say for sure which rules of time he’s going by) and to make matters all the more difficult, his daughter is a scant two years younger than him, a full grown woman who’s been making decisions her whole life without needing the help of his sage, fatherly advice.

Though she’s recently come to him for his ever-so-wise council (who is he kidding, he can barely change a diaper - she’s been a mother longer than he has a father) he still feels hesitant dispensing it at will, and now is hardly the time.

Shooting a quick glance into the backseat, David has to hold back a groan and yet another reprimand - running off without backup, stumbling upon danger like she’s drawn to it, worrying the hell out of all the people in her life who love her so dearly, he just wants to keep her safe.

Perhaps she’ll listen better to the other source of David’s current frustration, the one she’s curled into, leeching warmth from him while she shivers beneath a pile of blankets and a black leather coat that was apparently heavy enough to make her grunt when it was dropped about her shoulders.

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‪wow I don’t know why I’m watching homeschool mums on YouTube but I’m so inspired honestly my future kids are getting homeschooled they become so wise, you get so much done, your kids are productive, you tailor their learning needs to subjects they find difficult,they become independent, and you can teach them about the Deen, wow I’m so inspired I love it I’m already thinking about my unborn kids and I don’t even know if I will live to have any?? Why am I like this???? 😭❤️

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Hey:-D!!!! I really love your fics!! Do you think you can write a fic about Athena kind of stalking percabeth from Olympus? Then maybe realizing that Percy is a super great boyfriend? Please?

hey anon! thanks so much!!! this is actually an amazing prompt! i struggled a little writing from the perspective of a goddess, but i hope i’ve done it a small amount of justice. and thank you for saying please!!

Annabeth had never been really close to her mom (not by mortal standards, anyway), even before the whole disaster of the goddess being demoted from Athena to Minerva and going slightly insane. Sending Annabeth after the Mark of Athena had put a lot of strain on an already tense relationship, and it wasn’t like they’d had much opportunity to talk at the Acropolis. 

Athena was proud to a fault (she was a goddess, after all) and Annabeth had remained really angry at her mom for a long time, which wasn’t exactly the ideal state for an open conversation about what had gone wrong. 

Some part of Athena knew that she owed her favourite daughter an apology - despite how necessary the quest had been, and despite the fact that Annabeth had made it out alive, the goddess found herself wishing that things had happened differently. Strategically, her hand had been forced, but that didn’t mean that she hadn’t spent weeks after the defeat of Gaia going over all the things she would have done differently, if only she’d been of her right mind. But that was the whole point, wasn’t it? The Athena Parthenos had to be reclaimed, or they all would have been doomed, and the only person who had any hope of bringing it back was Annabeth.

So Athena couldn’t bring herself to apologise. And she knew now, more than ever, that Annabeth was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. But that didn’t mean that she wasn’t going to keep an eye an her.

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