the kid is not having it

In far less pleasant Tony and Kerry related events, a hater that I blocked AGES ago went SO past all decency yesterday that I’m just NOT going to let her get away with it, so here are screencaps. Nutjob compared Tony to Harvey Weinstein (I’m not even vaguely kidding, see her tweet) then in PURE Trump gaslighting fashion acted like she didn’t say ANY of the things she was called out for.

So she tweeted THIS. And see how because she is a complete coward and she KNEW she had gone WAY past the line of decency, she locked her account?

Now lets just for a second analyze the absolutely DISGUSTING thing she wrote. 1) Tony spoke up against Weinstein and of course, especially because he is a man, he ONLY did the right thing there.

2) Because this is one of the delusional FOOLS who want fake marriage to be real at all costs, she makes a COMPLETELY FALSE statement about Tony being overly touchy-feely with Kerry. Said statement is NOT AT ALL based on ANYTHING Kerry feels, because Kerry IS VERY touchy-feely with Tony HERSELF, as is normal given he is THE FATHER OF HER CHILDREN, but it’s instead based on THIS HATER’s own CRAZY feelings that “Tony can’t be like that with Kerry!! She’s married to the black man I desperately want to believe she’s married to!”.

Needless to say this both 1) makes a fool out of Kerry supposing she would keep up with things she does NOT like on part of a male co-star, without you know, simply going to HR at ABC or speaking up and 2) COMPARES TONY to a freaking sexual predator that he RIGHTLY denounced and does so NOT based on ANYTHING wrong Tony did, but based SOLELY on this hater’s CRAZY, SKEWED perception of reality, that by the way undermines EVERY woman who speaks up against ACTUAL harassment, because this crazy one here is making FALSE claims and putting out BOGUS accusations to Tony, and there’s NOTHING that damages the sexual harassment and sexual assault fight more than women LYING about it. And she is LYING about it. (And as I said, making Kerry look like a complete FOOL in the process)

So, SHAME ON HER, and on her other little friend hater jerEYEa who backs her up, the Bannon to Trump here.

And to complete the Trump-like behavior picture? She then unlocked her account and acted like she DID NOT say or imply what she was being DRAGGED for (of course consequences come at you fast), and others on THIS side are being crazy for accusing her of it. PURE Trump gaslighting style. These are the haters for you. Lying and insulting, then accusing others of doing that as they’re CAUGHT. EXACTLY like Donald Trump and his fans.

This is LAUGHABLE because of the evident cowardice of this person, and because she said what she did PUBLICLY, and EVERYONE with a brain can see what she said and did. This is clearly a KID who needs some SERIOUS wake up calls, because NO you are NOT EVER free from the CONSEQUENCES of what you say and you CANNOT act like you didn’t say stuff you DID say when EVERYONE sees it. Didn’t Trump teach her this at least? Evidently not.

Oh and, just so we’re clear: KERRY chooses to be wearing little to nothing in love scenes with Tony when she is FULLY CLOTHED in the same scenes with others. She CHOOSES, and the SCANDAL people and herself have made this clear a MILLION times. ACTRESSES choose whichever level of undress they’re comfortable with in a love scene.Take that slap in the face and start understanding that Kerry, unlike you, is a PROFESSIONAL who can and WILL speak up if a co-star is harassing her. Except said co star, Tony, IS THE FATHER OF HER CHILDREN. Yes, another slap in the face for you because YES, I (and others) have SEEN Isabelle and ANYONE who’s seen her KNOWS she is NOT the daughter of TWO black people, because she is very clearly biracial. So, you want to believe FAKE news, like Trump’s fans? You want to believe a FAKE marriage? Free to do so, but not EVER free to smear Tony over the LIES you choose to believe.

-Cough cough- so i was bored, and i wanted to do something like this so yeah..

An ask event owo //i might draw the answers ewe

You can ask me or my oc, KaZero, ((but nuthin personal ok? kahaha))
OR maybe even ask me about that au im thinking of making uwu

actually i have designs for it but the story isnt done (i only got le prologue done) so ye.

anyways the ask event is open yayyyy
wonder when itll be finished
o well.

First day at Camp Halfblood: Welcome!! here’s your cabin, here’s your new family, hey, don’t wanna fight? That’s fine! You can help out on the farm, invent, play, just have a good time you’re part of our family now and we love you and are so proud of you and

First day at Camp Jupiter: Ok here’s where we force our campers to battle to the death on a daily basis now go train in the woods for months with a pack of wolves who will probably eat you if you aren’t good enough to be here welcome to camp you little shit

i have a lot of mixed feelings about being around little kids like.. toddlers being toddlers often sets off my sensory issues. but like all my life ive always been apparently unusually good with really young kids (like 2-8) and i actually do like working with them sometimes. like ive babysat for neighbors and i had an internship in the childrens section of a library and children just. tend to really like me. i dont know what quality i have that makes it that way but it makes me happy

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Tyler getting jealous of the dogs because you’re attention more to them than him and he’s anything to get your attention lol 😈 it can be a imagine or blurb whatever is more comfortable for you.

“Oh yes, who’s a good boy? It’s you, yes it is,” you cooed, ruffling Gerry’s ears as the yellow lab sat on your lap, licking your face. Marshall and Cash sat beside you on the couch, with Tyler on a separate chair, glaring at all of you.

“I thought you came over here to see me, not them,” he grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Well, can’t I give my attention to all my boys? Some of us aren’t lucky enough to live in a place that allows dogs,” you replied.

“Yeah, but I’m your boyfriend and I’m lonely.” You didn’t need to look at Tyler to know he was pouting. “Come on boys, let’s go outside so the humans can get some alone time.”

The dogs, however, didn’t move from around you, with Marshall even rolling over so you could scratch his belly. “Bunch of traitors,” Tyler complained. “Y/N, make them get up so we can spend time together.”

“Tyler, are you jealous of your dogs?” you laughed.

“No!” he protested, as you raised an eyebrow at him. “Okay, maybe. But just because we haven’t had sex in, like, 24 hours and I’m horny.”

You rolled your eyes at his whining. “Okay, let me cuddle the dogs for ten minutes, and then we can take them out, and I’ll cuddle you instead. Deal?” Needless to say, Tyler had never been so excited to get the dogs out of the room when those 10 minutes were up.

I find some people’s attitudes to little kids really weird

Like I get not liking kids, I’m not particularly fond of them as a group (although there are individual kids I like shout out to my baby cousin he’s hilarious)

But like?? Being deliberately mean to and about kids???? That’s just weird

Do you not remember what being a child is like

Of course they’re gonna do socially unacceptable stuff they are little babies they don’t know what is and isn’t socially acceptable

Yes you are supposed to give them leeway “just because they’re kids” because guess what they are literally. Just kids. They don’t know shit. They’re little mini people who haven’t figured out this massively confusing world they’ve been thrust into and I don’t think you were perfectly behaved all the time when you were still in nappies so cut them some slack

Im sorry he’s so brightly colored xD but this is cory, he’s the same age as Evan, he is concidered a runt too but he’s larger than Evan, he has alot of defects, like he can only use his four main eyes he inherited from his mom, the rest are blind. He has trouble flying because his wings are a bit too small, he can fly, but only for a few minutes. He and his mother were kicked out of the society, and he never met his dad. He lost his mom a few years ago, he didn’t even get to say goodbye. Weither she’s dead or alive is unknown, but now all he does is wander.


THIS is one of THE MOST ADORABLE V moments I have EVER seen!