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I just had a long term sub (for like the first semester) because my teacher had to move back to Africa. The sub taught us the same exact lesson for months, gave us tests for another class, didn't have a firm grasp on English or French (the language we were learning), and my personal favorite thing: didn't bother to learn the kid next to me's name and called him Pablo for four months

Tell Pablo we said Hi

High school is absurd.

Listen y’all. I recently saw a post about things that happened at some other persons high school. I will say it was weird, but my high school takes the crazy cake I think. Let me give you a quick run down on some different goings on.

1. Classes just had no curriculum so teachers made up assignments.

2. Because of that in my forensics class I got hundreds on assignments like watch CSI or catch a fly

3. Same forensics class, just also we watched a pig decompose for six weeks.

4. I once spent an entire class period tied to the desk on the floor trying to escape. No one helped me. The teacher did not look up from her desk. I have video evidence of this once so please hmu.

5. A friend once turned in a paper that just had the word llama written on it 100 times and she got a 100 on that paper.

6. One of the english teachers turned out to be a porn star one year

7. I took a Spanish class where surprise the teacher only spoke english.

8. In some digital media class the kid next to me just made an animation of Obama riding in a car while a pig did cartwheels in the sky. He too got a good grade.

9. In that class we all just played games and my entire row would have competitions. Not like normal games though. Our big game was a game where you had put all the states on the map in the correct place. We did it so much I got to where I could do it in 45 seconds. 

10. There was a security guard that no one liked so kids would regularly just flip over his golf cart. 

11. He also once let me leave the school, but then wouldn’t let me back in to go to class.

12. One year a bunch of kids convinced the librarian that they were going to turn the library into a pool and she had a mental break and quit.

13. The color guard won the world championship contest and literally no one cared. They barely had an assembly to tell people about it.

14. One day some kid pulled the fire alarm so everyone went outside for a while until they figured out the truth, so we went back in. Ten minutes later there was a scheduled fire drill so everyone went outside again for a while. Then we go back in and within the hour there is an actual fire so we all return to the outside. 

15. I learned how to make a bong out of literally anything one day in my biology class. The lesson only took a few minutes that day, so my teacher decided to tell us about how he once caught a kid with a taxidermied raccoon that he made into a bong. Then he told us how to do it with anything.

That is just some of the wild things that happened. If you want to know more I will happily tell you. I think my school inspired Greendale Community College.

man i read a post abt shitty teachers on my dash and not only did i get reminded of my evil social studies + english teachers in 5th grade (literally they both lied to my dad abt my grades and made up assignments i ‘didnt do’ and just fucking HATED kids so much)

but in like. 6th grade? i had another teacher who fucking hated kids so much and like. the night before was some awards ceremony thing i cant remember what it was for. i got smth for art achievement i think. and like the next day in class shes calling attendance and when she calls my name she stops and starts berating me about last night bc “you need to learn how to walk in a skirt >:/”

shitty teachers blow my mind dude like get fuckt youre a grown ass adult picking on a bunch of gd 11 y/os

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#13, jikook ❤

“You’re lying, you’re blushing.”

“Shut up, I’m not!”

“Ready for the big game today?” Hoseok asks, plonking down next to Jungkook in the cafeteria. 

“Forget that. I’ve got to tell you and Taehyung about the world’s cutest transfer student on the planet.”

Hoseok’s jaw drops open so wide Jungkook thinks maybe he said something wrong.

“You’re kidding. Does Jeon-dead-inside-I’m-the-school-star-basketball-player Jungkook have a crush?”

Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Don’t make me regret telling you.”

“Sorry,” Hoseok says, stuffing fries in his mouth and leaning in.

“He’s from Busan and he’s in my English class. It’s like he has the prettiest bright red hair and the thickest lips. And those eyes, god-”

“You are so whipped,” Hoseok says, grinning.

“Am not,” Jungkook says, flicking a fry at Hoseok.

“What’s his name?”

“I think the teacher said it was Park Jimi-”

“Hey guys, what’d I miss?” Taehyung asks from right behind Jungkook and he jumps.

“God, Taehyung don’t do that-”

“Guess who I have with me. This new exchange student. He just transferred from Busan.”

“Hello,” Jimin says softly, grinning. “I think I’ve seen you in my English class,” he adds with a nod towards Jungkook who has turned bright red.

“Oh my god,” Hoseok says, hand flying to his mouth. Jungkook shoots Hoseok a dangerous look which Hoseok ignores.

“You have bright red hair.”

Jimin blinks. “Right.”

“And you’re an exchange student from Busan.”


“Thick lips and pretty eyes in Jungkook’s English class.”


“Jungkook has the hugest crush on you!” Hoseok squeals and Taehyung almost falls backward the way he’s standing there gaping at Jungkook like he’s just discovered the sun was really a star.

“Shut up Hoseok, no I don’t,” Jungkook mumbles, hands covering his too-red face.

“You’re lying, you’re blushing.”

“Shut up, I’m not!”

“Well,” Taehyung says, smirking a little too smugly, “I’m sure Jimin thinks you’re cute too.”

Jimin winks at Jungkook and Jungkook thinks that red is a good color both on Jimin’s hair and Jungkook’s face. They look good together.

OTP Drabble Challenge!

Teenage Days

Prompt: Underage Dean

Dean’s One Week Writers Challenge

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Words: 1,225

Warnings: Some language.

A/N: Last prompt of the challenge!! Tomorrow I’ll be writing a post thanking everyone who joined this 2.0 time ♥ Tbh, I really don’t know about this fic, this might or might not be the start of another series… Who knows, I’m tired and delusional. Thank you for reading, feedback (reblogs+likes) make me happy as always  and are really appreciated ♥ Enjoy, xoxo.

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Small town after small town, bunch of bullshit stories my dad would tell the world on why  we had to take off , but what I hated the most of my fucked up life is that I’m standing in front of another new school, I hated having to be the new girl in school on the middle of semester. Good thing it’s my last three months of this hell and then I’m off to college, my only solution to the hell I live. Someone smaller bumped with me, looking down I saw his cute face, “Sorry” the kid with long hair told me, wearing the same I hate this face expression as me. I smiled at him, “Is okay bud”, he returned the smile and kept walking into the school.  

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High School AU prompts based on my high school experiences

inspired by @paintdripps‘s post

  • “I brought some roadkill to school for science class but the science teacher was super freaked out and I don’t know what to do with this now please help?”
  • “You bought the last Honey Bun in the vending machine and now we have to fight to the death for it, square up scrub”
  • “Yes you are right this cup is full of black coffee, you are also right in inferring that I took it from the algebra teacher, yes I can help you steal some as well”
  • “I have a class right after you and I saw that you forgot your bag, I was gonna ask if you want me to bring it to you but the only thing in it is a tupperware bowl full of birthday cake and a single page of geometry homework. Anyway can I have some of the cake?” 
  • “You just pulled a cup of ramen out of your bag and asked the teacher if you could borrow her microwave to cook it, do you have any more in there?”
  • “You came over to my house to study for midterms but we ended up eating macaroni and trying to play the flute”
  • “I was standing on my desk and you just picked me up and put me on the floor, do I weigh anything to you??”
  • “I’m terrible at math and you’re terrible at English and we sit next to each other in both of those classes, I’ll help you cheat if you help me?”
  • “Everyone think’s you’re a great kid but it turns out you’re also the school’s main drug dealer, nice”
  • “You texted me at 3 am to look at the AP English vocabulary list because you replaced it with nothing but a low-res picture of Nic Cage”
  • “You have turned in every single essay in this class in 14 point Comic Sans, how are you getting better grades than me????”

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Pumpkin pie, lemon tart, cheesecake, green tea ice cream💚

Thanks for asking 💚 

Pumpkin pie: what were your interests as a child? I used to read a lot cause my family didn’t have cable TV. I loved mystery books, like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Bros was my shit. I also loved making jewelry and embroidering and that kind of thing.

Lemon tart: how many languages do you speak? I speak the English. I took three years of Latin but thats not really a speaking language lol. I’m learning Italian right now cause I’m hoping to study abroad in Italy next year (or possibly the year after. We’ll see)

Green tea ice cream: who was your first crush? The first person I can remember having a crush on was this kid in my kindergarten class named Jaime and I thought he was cute cause I was really shy but he was super nice to me and I remember thinking he had beautiful hair.

100 ways to say ‘I love you’ No. 20: “I just wanted to see you smile”

For: @protectcastiel
Pairing: Destiel
Words: 3 thousand and something soz
Tags: okay Clem I’m gonna warn you now I didn’t mean for this to be so sad but here we are, WWII, kid!fic, London, The Blitz, minor character death, mute!Cas, refugees, happy ending though I’D LIKE TO STRESS HAPPY ENDING, Dean is the sweetest friend ever, there is some fluff, and also Cas just trying to handle loss and stuff?!, this spun a little out of control I’m so sorry, but here you go, also sorry for my tagging it’s getting worse every time…

Please don’t hesitate to request one if you want one my loves!

Castiel remembers the sound of the sirens screaming. It’d been the dead of night, he’d awoken from a dream, chasing the memory of kissing Alfie on the cheek in the school field, when it started.

He’s pretty sure there’s human screams somewhere in there too, down the street, down the corridor where he and his mother live.

“Mum?” he says into the dark, scrabbling to escape from the warm clutches of his blanket to pull on his shoes. He turns to the bed he shares with her, reeling backwards with a stab of panic.

It’s empty.

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So, I just remembered something that happened to me and my mom a few weeks ago. We were at a tanger outlet and we were looking at the map, and this white woman who was also looking at the map said, “where the hell are we, I have no idea,” so my mom said, “excuse me, we are here,” and pointed to the map that was labeled as “you are here.”

Then, the white woman started making like these weird gestures with her hands and she changed her tone of voice like, “OH WOOW, THANK YOU, you’re RIGHT.” It was almost like watching a kindergarten teacher speaking to one of the kids in class, and I was like, wtf is she doing, why is she talking like that all of a sudden, what’s with the gestures, then she turns to ME and says,“ English REALLY good!" 

There you have it. So that’s why she made all those alien gestures and spoke down to my mom like she was a fucking baby with those exaggerated expressions and tone. So my mom was just about to leave and I was pissed so I just went, "next time, why don’t you read the map more closely, since you seem to think that you know how to speak English better than us.” Usually, I just glare at white people who do this and just leave because it’s nothing new tbh, but this woman was really pushing my buttons. 

This is not the first damn time white people thought we couldn’t speak English and spoke to us like we were children, but this woman had to be the most ridiculous by far. 

Schools in rural China suck

So I teach English at a high-school in Zhongwei, Ning Xia, China. I lived in Shanghai as a kid (expat family) so Ive seen all the big cities and all the tourist spots. So I jumped at the chance to move somewhere off the beaten track. Zhongwei is an ancient city, its history goes back to the Tang dynasty and was founded on the old Silk Road and more recently has had some serious development because of the mineral wealth of the surrounding lands.

Anyway you aren’t here for a history lesson. So Ive been teaching here for just under a year now. I teach Gao 2 (final year before uni). One thing I’m not used to is the huge classes. The biggest is 92 students cramped into a room that barely fits 60 (“normal class size”). The fucked up thing is they separate them into classes based on their skill level. Basically the brightest ones get a small class of 44, then we have the middle of the road classes, kids move around these every semester, going up or down based on their performance but with 4 classes of around 60 students each they are all pretty much the same. Then you have the low class of 92 of the “stupids” as the head master calls them behind their back. When ever a kid gets moved from to or from of the top or bottom classes they make a big deal of it in assembly in front of the whole school (upwards of 1000 students). Its fucking heart breaking to see the kids faces when they get moved in to the lower class, no one stops the stadium full of their peers from laughing and talking while the headmaster reads out their report card in front of them all, the teachers join in. OFC everyone claps when a kid gets moved up. In the time I’ve been here we have had 8 suicides. Most of them were just faceless. Chinese schools are not great at developing individuality. One kid in the high class stayed in my mind. Really bright, really hard worker and that is a whole different ballgame in China. He had asked me for some extra English lessons weeks before it happened. He had always been the best of the best and he was becoming just one of the best. I wish now that I had said yes but at the time I was just to busy (still am but now I’m teaching extra classes in my lunch breaks) and so was he. All the students are fucking hard workers and TBH the difference between the top and the bottom classes is absolutely nothing.

Anyway, after 6 months I had started getting to know one or two of the kids by face if not by name. When you teach more than 600 kids a week it can be hard. There was one kid that really got to me. I was diagnosed as Dyspraxic when I was young (you can thank spellcheck that this is legible) so when I saw the signs in a kid in the bottom class I was fairly sure I could help. I took it to the head of English (my boss) and he didn’t quite understand. I told him about the problems the kid was having and suggested some stuff that helped me in the past. He just brushed it off saying the kid was just dumb so I went online and found some literature on the subject to show him. He looked very concerned after reading the translation I wrote and just responded that “We can notice him” (his english is atrocious). So, happy that I did a good thing, I went back to preparing lessons. I looked for the kid in class next time I had them, hoping to see him with a laptop (the school just bought a bunch of laptops for the teachers and we had hundreds lying about) but I didn’t see him. Next week was the same. I went back to my boss and asked him about the child. He told me that the kid had been moved. I assumed he meant to a special school.

Life went back to normal, I had a spring in my step at helping overcome a students difficulties (that I lost 2 months later when a kid in the bottom class killed herself by throwing herself off the top of one of the school buildings). The worst thing was that I could not remember her face or anything about her, students here spend most of their time head in books. One of the girls friends had taken the loss about as hard as anyone would take the practically ignored suicide of a classmate, so I tried to talk to her but got nothing. I talked to her friends but all I could gather was that her parents moved often for business so she lived at school. Her grades were slipping badly, she was disrupting class and I think she was getting drunk before school (not uncommon among the older students and teachers). I went to my boss to bring it up, she lived on campus so if she was getting drunk it was certain other kids were as well. I told him that I thought the kid needed help and he responded that he would look into it. I looked out for her in class the next week but didn’t see her. I went back to my boss and asked him if everything was alright. I’ll never forget what he said next “she has been dealt with”. That was all he would or could give me. At first I wasn’t sure what he meant and I’m not even sure he was. There were no other schools for miles, some of our kids had a 3 hour drive into school. We were the end, we occasionally took in “troublesome” kids from the high-school in the main town but the only way kids left our school is if their parents moved away.

In china the students stay in their classroom and the teachers come to them so I never took register or even counted them as it would take most of the lesson. After then I made a point of trying to remember each of the kids I taught. I never had to do any marking; that was handled by other teachers, so I never had a good idea of who was in my classes (I was the only person in the city who had ever spoken english outside of the classroom so my time was precious to the school). In classes of that size we would always have sick kids or kids who were absent but looking at the lowest class of students I recalled the first few months with them, cramped into a freezing room with 2 or 3 kids to a desk. I looked at the class, all staring at me intently and noticed something I hadn’t before. Several of the desks were one to a child. This was the norm for most of my classes where there was enough desks for each child but the bottom class had always been so crowded. I was teaching the passed tense to that group for the umpteenth time when I decided to do a headcount. 75. 75 students. Down from the 92 I had at the start of the year. We had had 2 suicides in that class and 7 had moved up but 92 to 75 was strange. The school had just recovered from flu season so I put it down to that. I continued my headcount for each class. The top group had gone up by 5 since the start of the year. The troubled kid in their group still was with us at that point and we had only had 2 students move down, both of which I can happily say are settled into their new class and doing better without the pressure. That brought us to a total of 47. I confirmed the number with a headcount. The top group didn’t take many sick days. I kept a log of each class and how many students in each. The middle group had lost some students to moving up or down to the “special” groups. But each class was more or less the same as when they had began. The only difference was in the bottom group. I asked off hand to the head master what happened if we needed to expel someone (we never did, you cant imagine how tame kids are here). We were literally the only school around so we couldn’t. We got other schools undesirables.

Schools in China get funded based on how many students they have but more importantly, how well they do at their end of year exams. We were the run off school for the province yet we had one of the best pass rates. One of the main reasons I took the job was because of the great pay, better than anywhere else in the province. Well I have kept up the head counts for the bottom class (everyone else’s stayed the same). We are going into exam time now and even though we have had 8 new students join us we are down to 67. I ask the other teachers but they just say the students moved if they reply with anything at all. Ive been to the police here, but they do nothing. Sitting here in my office, looking out across the mountainous reaches I think I may have solved it. Every day at 5am truckloads of people go out to work in the mines that make this little town so wealthy. At 8pm they come back. After counting the kids in the class of “stupids” I cant bring myself to count the trucks for fear of seeing a familiar face.

C: Last week I wore my natural hair to school, and I haven’t wore it like that to school since last school year. I always wear it straightened but never in its natural and beautifully wild manner because of my personal issues. But I took a chance and wore it. Everyone really liked it, some of my teachers, my friends and even people I didn’t even know! It was really nice until the end of the day. This kid I sat in front of in my English class had turned around and said “Whoa, did you get electrocuted or something?” and smiled as if it were a joke. I rolled my eyes and just ignored him for the rest of the period as he didn’t talk to me either. After the day ended, I regretted not saying, “No. This is my hair and it’s beautiful. And the next time you see a black girl with hair like this, don’t use their appearance as the butt of a joke.”

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In year 8 I sat next to this new german kid in my english class, people would tease him because english was his second language. We bonded over the language gap. I taught him english and he taught me german. We got together at the end of year 8. Unfortunately his parents split up in year 9 and he moved back to germany but we skyped once a week. 3 years later were still together and we're doing a gap year around Europe. He waited 3 years to see me again and I'm so in love. I had to tell someone