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Go Out With Me - Billy Hargrove

Request: None

Word Count: 902

Summary: Billy has you on his radar and won’t rest until you go on a date with him. 

Warnings: Language. 

A/N: So, here is my first imagine ever, hope everyone can enjoy it. Any mistakes on the text let me know, I’m still working on my english. 

P.S: Let me know if you guys want a part 2 or not, and REQUESTS ARE OPEN!

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You knew that the new kid in town was trouble, staying away from him was the logical thought, however that had been proven difficult once you fell on his radar. Part of you was angry at it, and the other, well, the other part liked it. Perhaps a bit to much, you’d say. 

 You were at your locker picking up the books for your next class when a familiar sent filled the air around you, a mix of cigarettes, cheap cologne and something natural. You’d never admit that it made you feel warm and slightly excited to smell that around you. Billy Hargrove leaned on the locker beside you, his half buttoned shirt fitted him perfectly in all the right places. God, he couldn’t fully button that thing to save his life. You weren’t complaining though, what he had of doucheness was equally matched by his looks. All of which made you extremely frustrated, it’s a damn waste of good looks in a shitty person

“Hey there princess.” He said at the moment you closed you locker. A smirk stamped on his face. 

“I have a name you know.” You said annoyed. 

 “I do. But, princess fits you better, Y/n.” He pronounced every letter in your name slowly while keeping his deep blue eyes gazing at you. You rolled your eyes and turned your back to him. Making your way to your next class. He followed you through the hallway. 

“Walking away while I was still talking to you… That’s rude princess.” He faked a disappointed expression and smirked. 

“Nothing you can’t handle Hargrove. Now, get lost.” You spoke without looking at him. He held you by your wrist stopping you from walking, so you turned around and looked at him. 

“I haven’t finished yet. Let’s go out Friday night. Try to find something fun to do in this shit town.” You sighed. It was about the hundredth time he called you out.

 “I’ll say to you now, what I did all the other times you asked: no.” You released yourself from his grip and walked away. 

 “We’ve been doing this for a month. How long can you keep this, hard to get act, princess?” He shouted to you. 

“Has long as I need to.” You said as you entered the classroom. 

 The next week wasn’t different, Billy made, yet another attempt at asking you out. And once again you rejected him. You admired his determination, usually a guy like him would just give up. In theory they are not the type to humiliate themselves for a girl. “There are plenty of bitches in the sea.” To quote something Billy said himself once.

 You were sitting at the hood of your black chevy malibu, after finishing your lunch, listening music, when you saw that familiar mess of yellow curls, blue eyes and tight jeans walking towards you. 

 “Twice in a day Hargrove, you really are desperate. What happened? Ran out of bitches?” You said raising one eyebrow at him. 

 He chuckled. “No. I just am not in the mood for bitches, princess.” He put one of his hands on the hood of your car and leaned in closer to you.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” You said. 

“Be my guest.”

 A brief moment of silence past and he spoke again.

“Come on, Y/n, go out with me. If you hate it, what I doubt it’ll happen, I’ll never bother you again.”

“It sounds like a very tempting offer, but coming from you… I just don’t buy it.”

“Your lack of faith in me is impressive. You really think so little of me?”

“I’m not even answering that.” 

He rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Okay, let me make a deal with you. If we go out together you get to pick the time and place. Hell, you can pick me up at my house if you want. After that if it is what you wish, I won’t bother you anymore. Regardless of you liking the date or not.”

You took a moment to think on his deal and you decided what you wanted. 

“I am shocked that you would humiliate yourself to the point of letting the girl pick you up. You most certainly are desperate to prove something.” 

You watched as his lips were pressed into a single white line and his jaw clenched. 

“However, if you really want to go out with me, you have to plan the hole thing. Impress me Hargrove. My demands are: take me to a public place and pick me up tomorrow at 8pm.” 

He smiled. You could feel his ego boost in the air.

Finally princess. It’ll be a night you’ll never forget Y/n.”

“I believe you. Let’s hope it won’t go down as my worst date ever.” You spoke and went back to listen to your music. 

You saw when he walked away, appreciating the view. Then you realized, shit, you accepted to go out with Billy fucking Hargrove. What in the hell was wrong with you. You closed your eyes and sighed.

 “Well, fuck.” 

You whispered to yourself. Then you had an Idea.

 You would make him wish he’d never asked you out. You’d turn that date into a living hell. You smiled widely at the thought. Billy Hargrove, you are in for a treat.


Taking Care Of You When You’re Sick

Author’s Note: This is my first Steve Harrington (& Stranger Things) writing so !!! Also it’s just a headcanon because it’s 1:30 am but I couldn’t sleep :) 

 Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader 

Summary: Headcanons for how Steve treats you when you’re sick. Let’s be honest, he’s a great boyfriend and a great babysitter. 

Word Count: 466 

Warnings: cussing

  • you missing school because you’re sick & Steve missing you all day
  • he skips his last two classes & drives to your house
  • uses the spare key under the mat to get in
    • this isn’t the first time he’s used the key ;)
  • seeing you in a pile of tissues and blankets on the couch makes his heart hurt
  • his baby is hurt! that is unacceptable!
  • mom!steve
  • “y/n, sweetie how are you feeling?”
  • “Steve? What the hell are you doing here?”
  • “Shhh it’s okay. I’m here now.”
  • Steve warming up soup your mom left on the kitchen counter
  • he does the “hot test” to the soup
  • he also cleans up your tissues
  • even though you protested so he wouldn’t catch your germs
  • “I honestly don’t care. You should’ve seen Dustin when he was sick. Man, that little shithead can get reeaaal bad.”
  • covering you in blankets as you lie on the couch
  • he sits on the ground near your head
  • playing with your hair !!
    • it lulls you to sleep
  • Steve ends up cleaning the whole living room in search of something to do while you’re sleeping
  • your nap only lasted 25 minutes before you jolted up to a crashing sound in the kitchen
  • Steve managed to drop 3 pans and a pot in the kitchen ??
  • that boy is so clumsy I swear
  • and you end up with a headache due to all the noise he makes
  • “Baby, I’m so sorry. Can I get you some medicine or maybe I could go buy a—”
  • “Steve, I *blows nose* swear to god if you don’t *blows nose* stop making so much damn noise I will personally *coughs* kick your ass.”
  • he can’t stop giggling at how cute you look trying to threaten him with tissues up your red nose and swollen lips
  • in all serious though Steve;s actually very sweet & helpful
  • he brings you meds & soup
  • keeps you warm
    • even climbed onto the couch despite you trying to push him off
  • when your mom gets home she’s not surprised to see Steve sitting at the foot of the couch, holding your feet to keep them warm as your peacefully sleeping
  • “Hello Steve.”
  • “Hey Mrs. (Y/L/N).” he whispers so you don’t wake up
    • because he’s already woken you up once
    • and being threatened by you is cute & all but he knows you’ll actually kick his ass when you’re feeling better
  • the next day you stay home again
  • Steve shows up again (in the morning)
  • he’s wrapped in a blanket with a box of tissues
  • “Hey so this annoying kid I know from my English class got me sick. Wanna hang out together?” he smirks
  • sick day together!!
  • both of you being too sick to actually take care of yourselves but that’s fine
  • at least you’re sick together
My Messy Artist

Jughead x Reader


Requested: Anonymous-  Can you do an imagine where jughead is fond of a art student?? And he’s kinda shy about it?

A/N: okay so I’m thinking of posting twice a week now because I liked posting on Wednesday idk, what do you guys think?

Words: 3027

Warnings: N/A 

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I sat alone in the art class swirling one of my paint brushes in a clean glass of water trying to think of something to paint for my last portfolio piece. I had to come back after school to paint and draw for my portfolio because it was considered an outside project by the school because I was only a sophmore so most days I stayed after school and spent my afternoons painting and drawing.

Usually I start right away but today I had run out of ideas so I sat in front of my easel mixing paint colors and stirring the water in my glass, trying to think of something to paint. I suddenly jumped at the sound of the door slamming open, “Geez,” I said before turning in my seat to see who had caused the huge commotion, “Want to pick up the door there buddy?” I chuckled as the boy stood there looking quite sheepish.

“Sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be in here.” He chuckled nervously, “Do you know if I can find tape in here?” He said quickly before I could answer his first sentence.

“Depends, you’re not going to use it for anything kinky are you?” I smirked and hopped off my seat in search for tape.

“Oh with who?” He smirked and followed behind me, “You and I are the only ones here, everyone has left.” He said watching me pull boxes off the shelves and rummage through them.

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New Kid (M)

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PART 1 of 2

╳ Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

╳ Genre: some angst, future smut

╳ Summary: What happens when the new kid in your class happens to be from a famous group?

(let me know if I should continue this! also, I’m literally a Namjoon blog and I have yet to write anything about him like who am I ???)

New kid. New kid. New kid. That’s all you’ve heard all day. You can’t walk down the hall for 5 seconds before someone brings it up. It’s starting to get on your nerves.  You push my phone in your back pocket and turn around to see your best friend Rylee standing there.

“Hey, have you heard about the new kid? They said he’s supposed to be coming later today.”

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Peter Parker - New Girl

hey!! this is my first imagine on this account and i hope you like it:))

my requests are open and im always ready to talk!! i do peter parker, tom holland, teen wolf, shawn mendes, and if you request a different tv show or celebrity ill try my best to do them!!

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“honey you’ll do great i promise!” my mom gave me a bright smile but i didn’t return it. i was angry i had to move away from my old life, now i was here in new york. my mom and i lived in some small apartment, school was a short bus ride away. a bus ride i was dreading.

mom practically pushed me out of the house, i had school and she had work. the elevator was broken so i had to walk down twelve flights of stairs. to put it in nice words our place was a dump but it still put a roof over my head so it was better than nothing.

the walk to the bus stop was quick, i had my headphones in slightly bobbing my head to the music as my y/h/c hair swayed with the movement. a bus quickly drove by stopping at my stop and picking me and the others around up. this bus ride was horrible, someone sneezed on me, coughed. it was horrid.

the bus came to a halt and i ran off as fast as i could. when my y/e/c eyes looked up i saw a large brick building crawling with teens. nervous was an understatement i took a long, deep breath and began taking nervous steps forward.

when i was met with the large double doors that are the entrance to the school i pushed them open. what a surprise. the inside is just a packed as the outside. i had no idea where i was supposed to go, i grabbed my backpack tightly and made a sharp turn to go right back out of the school and run, run because that’s all i ever knew to do.

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Bruises - Sprace

Soulmate au- spot hates the whole soulmate thing that is until he meets the cute guy who just so happens to be in detention with him and just so happens to have the same bruises as spot does.

- first ever time writing on tumblr so sorry if it’s bad?? also i’ve never written a newsies fic before so probably ooc.

- if you want a next part lemme know i guess???


“This whole soulmate thing is fucking bullshit.”

Jack looked up from the sketch he was working on for art class to see his foster brother, Spot, burst into his room. Spot, who had been hiding in his room all day, seemed to have a very impressive bruise on his cheek.

Jack whistled as he put down his pencil, “That’s some bruise you have there. Who’d ya get in a fight with this time?” He asked.

Spot only groaned as he flopped down on Jacks bed, “That’s the problem. No one. Instead my soulmate decided it would be fucking perfect to get into a fight and get as many bruises as possible.” Spot grumbled as he crossed his arms.

Jack sighed and closed his sketchbook, already knowing that a rant was about to come, “So there’s more than just one?”

“There’s so fucking many, Jack! Like yeah, I get into fights but I’m never fucking stupid enough to get this beat up! It’s all over my fucking ribs, I honestly think whoever it is has their fucking ribs broke it’s that bad. Not to mention either that there’s fucking hickeys on my neck that definitely came from my soulmate because lord knows I haven’t hooked up with anyone lately.” Spot took a breath before continuing, “I don’t even understand why the hell we have soulmates. Sure, you and David turned out lucky. But do you know how many turn sour? I mean just look at my parents, that was all messed up. I don’t understand why we can’t just choose our own damn partners. What if I wanted to be alone for the rest of my life? I wouldn’t be able to because this whole soulmate shit won’t allow it. And who in the fuck thought it was a good idea to have it so when your soulmate gets all fucked up you do too? Now Medda is gonna think I’m off causin’ trouble again!” Spot finished his rant, his Brooklyn accent becoming thicker as he got even more pissed off.

Jack just rolled his eyes, “Spot calm down. Yes, okay it is stupid that when your soulmate gets hurt you get the marks too but at least you can tell who you were destined to be with. And yes, maybe your parents relationship did turn sour but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen to you,” Jack paused, “You’re a good guy, Spot. You deserve to be with someone who will stick with you. And concerning the Medda thing, if you explain to her that it was your soulmate she’ll be fine with it. She knows you weren’t out today, so you won’t get her mad or anything.”

Spot, who was taken aback by the sudden niceness of Jack, sighed and stood up, “Oh fuck off with all that nice shit. I just wanted to rant. Besides, I don’t care if I ever meet my soulmate. Hell, they could die for all I care.”

Spot was about to leave the room when Jack spoke up. 

“Spot, just don’t give up, okay? Maybe this soulmate thing won’t be so bad after all.”

Spot just mumbled a “Whatever you say, Kelly.” in response and walked out of Jack’s room to go out onto the fire escape to have a smoke.


That Monday Spot was sat down in the school’s cafeteria with a pissed off look on his face, his now bruised knuckles now gripping onto the table.

Jack, David, and all his other friends all made their way over to Spot’s table. Everyone was talking about different things as they sat down but once they noticed Spot’s expression they all quieted down.

“Woah, you looked more pissed off than usual, Spot.” Elmer exclaimed.

“Your knuckles are bruised and bleeding.” Blink joined in.

“Who’d you soak?” Asked Romeo.

“What the hell happened this time?” That was David, or as Spot liked to call him ‘Mouth’. He was the responsible one out of them all and sometimes pissed Spot off, but he was Jack’s soulmate and Spot’s kind of friend, so he didn’t mind him all that much.

Spot rolled his eyes, “The Delancey’s. Fucking assholes think they own this damn school, someone had to knock them down a peg.”

Crutchie, who was quietly sat down next to Finch, spoke up “You get in any trouble?”

“Of course I did. Weasel hates me, loves the Delanceys. Got detention for two whole weeks.” Spot snapped as he gripped the table tighter.

Jack let out a laugh, “Well hey, I’ll be happy to report you’re not the only one in detention today.”

“What? Jack, what did you do?” David asked as he looked at Jack who just chuckled again.

“Oh chill out, Davey.” He said as he wrapped his arms around David’s waist, “It wasn’t me. There’s this new kid in the school and he’s in my English class. So Mr. Pulitzer was going on one of his famous rants about how the gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married and that it was a sin. Along with something about not drinking that tap water because the gay’s put chemicals in it to make all the straight who drank it turn gay? Anyways so this kid right, his name is like Tony or something, he went off on Mr. Pulitzer. Callin’ him all these names, at one point he even grabbed the kid next to him, another new kid, and kissed him. They seemed to know each other so it was fine but still. And now, because Mr. Pulitzer is a homophobic piece of literal shit he’s got detention for god knows how long.” Jack finished his story with a small laugh, “Guy’s got balls.”

“Damn, Spot he seems as bad as you!” Finch said as he stabbed at the cafeteria food with his fork.

Spot just shook his head with a small smirk, “No one is as bad as me, Finch.”

“Yeah, you’re right. But I’d love to see him try to beat the number of days you’ve been in detention with Denton!”

Spot just chuckled in response as David cut into the conversation once again.

“Alright enough about Spot’s habits. Everyone eat or you’ll start complaining halfway through fourth period that you’se hungry.”


Spot walked into the detention room and greeted Denton who was sat at the desk.

“Hey Denton. How was your day?” Spot asked as he took his normal seat down in the back.

Denton laughed, “In again, Spot? Whatcha do this time? Terrorize some freshmen? My day was shit, as usual.” He replied as he pulled out Spot’s “Days in Detention with Denton” sheet and put down a tally mark before putting it back in his desk.

Spot just shook his head, “Nah. Beat up the Delanceys. You know they really don’t pay you enough.”

Denton was about to answer when the door to the classroom opened. In stepped the new guy, at least that’s what Spot assumed. He never seen him before, and Spot knew almost everyone.

The new guy looked around before deciding on the seat right next to Spot in the corner. Spot watched him quietly. The guy had blond hair and bright blue eyes, his skinny jeans were tighter than Finch’s and he was about half an inch taller than Spot. He walked with confidence and sat down in the seat, kicking his feet up onto the desk.

Denton didn’t care, never did. The sooner he could get out the sooner he would be less miserable.

“Alright, boys. Spot, you know the rules. Tony, no talking, no texting, basically just sit there for an hour and reflect on what you’ve done. Or don’t. Not like it makes any difference to me.” Denton said then got up to leave the class room, Spot knew he’d be gone for at least ten minutes, Denton always went on a few smoke breaks during detentions.

Spot turned towards the new guys, “So, Tony, huh? Little rumour going around school that you told Mr. Pulitzer where to go.”

Tony, who didn’t bother looking at Spot, just replied coldly, “Yeah, what’s it matter to you? And it ain’t Tony, it’s Race.”

“Ah so you don’t know who I am.” Spot said. Tony, or Race, just shrugged.

“Oh I’m sorry, your highness. Forgot there was such thing as royalty in this goddamn school.”

Spot just rolled his eyes, “The names Spot Conlon. That ring any bells?”

Race looked over at Spot and raised an eyebrow, “So you’re the famous Spot Conlon, huh? I was told to watch out for you.” He scoffed, “I thought you’d be taller. How does someone so small win a fight?”

Spot wanted to choke the guy. Race was only like half an inch taller than him and a lot skinnier too. Not to mention the bruise that was on his cheek was a dead give away that he probably lost a fight, or at least got the shit beat out of him before he could stop the person.

Spot gritted his teeth, “You can’t say anything either, asshole. That bruise you got on there is pretty nasty. Did you loose a fight?”

Race just clenched his jaw in response, deciding that someone like Spot wasn’t worth wasting his breath on. Instead he took out a cigarette from his pocket and started to chew on it, praying to Jesus that the hour will go by quick. If he had to deal with that asshole for even another five minutes he was going to out right kill him.

Spot was sat back in his desk, staring at the white board in front of him. He turned, looking over at Race who was now completely zoned out and that’s when he payed more attention,

The bruise was the same size, colour, and in the same exact spot as Spot’s was. Believing it to be a coincidence Spot let his eyes trail towards Race’s neck and almost straight up left the room when he seen the three hickeys that was on Race’s neck, once again in the same place as Spot’s.

Holy shit.

Placing a hand over his own neck where the hickeys were he quickly pulled out his phone and texted Jack.

To: Annoying Brother (jack kelly)

   jack holy shit i think i just found my soulmate??

Needless to say Spot was not ready for what was about to come next.

part two now up!
Perks Of Being Deaf

Request:  “ Goooood evening; I have recently become a fandom slut for the new movie IT and was wondering if you would write a Bill x reader one-shot were the reader is deaf and just a whole lotta fluffy shit ((please make it long; I’m trying to neglect my responsibilities as a young adult. Help me procrastinate through life.))” 
Words: 1242
Request here!

I’m deaf, yeah it sucks major ass but I fight through it every damn day. It’s hard, but worth it sometimes. Especially since it helped me get my lovely boyfriend Bill Denbrough, even if it was in the weirdest way possible.

It all starts at the beginning of the school year, we’re freshmen. I’m just walking down the halls, avoiding the gazes I was receiving. Being new had its downfalls I guess.

I walk to my first class and take a seat, luckily my teachers knew I was deaf so they put me up front. There were some classes that I couldn’t take with other students but for the most part I was pretty well off.

I scan the room as each student comes in my eyes landing on a boy that comes and sits beside me. I pay him no mind, it looked to me like he wasn’t paying me any mind either.

“Hey, you must be n-new. I’ve n-never seen you bef-fore. W-what’s your n-name?” The kid asks me. I don’t hear a word he says, and since I’m not looking at him, I can’t tell he’s said anything either.

The boy frowns and huffs, turning back to his desk and looking forward. I feel a guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach, like I’ve done something wrong but I don’t know what it is.

It’s not long before the teacher begins class, writing more things on the board than usual I’d assume. The class looks confused but then the teacher explains, and the murmurs flow throughout the room.

Class ends sooner that I had expected, guess I was having fun. When I get up to leave, I feel a hand rest on my shoulder. I turn to see that it was the boy who sat next to me in today.

I can tell his lips are moving and I give him an ‘are you serious?’ look. He shuts up after that, realizing his mistake.

Weeks pass and I see the kid throughout the halls and in class. Turns out we only have one period together, not that I care, I can’t even talk to him.

Truth be told it gets lonely out here, in my old school I had plenty of friends who knew sign language so I could talk to them. Here nobody knows it, hell it seems they barely know English from what I’ve seen on their papers.

Today’s different though, that boy actually walks up to me this time. Luckily I’ve learned how to not scream when I talk, after years of practice. He has a look on his face that tells me he knows what I’m going to say, so I keep my mouth shut. His hands lift up and he starts, to my surprise, using sign language.

‘Hey, I’m Bill Denbrough. I didn’t know you were deaf that first day at school, sorry for being rude.’

My brows knit in confusion, he was being rude?

‘How were you being rude? You didn’t know and that’s okay,’ I sign back to him, making sure to have smile so he knows I mean no harm by it.

His eyes twinkle and he sighs in relief, was he that worried about it?

‘Oh okay, I just thought that what I did was rude but I guess it wasn’t. I’ll see you around,’ he pauses, I chuckle and sign ‘my name is (y/n).’

He nods, his face turning the color of bricks, and spins on his heel, heading to his next class. I walk to mine too, a little skip in my step as the encounter plays round and round inside my head for the rest of the day.

This goes on for days, each day getting brighter because of it. I found out that Bill could be a pretty funny guy when he wants to, I like it a lot. The more I see him, the cuter he gets it seems. I’m not complaining though, he’s about all I got in this town, other than my parents but it gets to be too much when all you have to talk to is your parents.

With each passing day, Bill and I grow closer and closer. Then one day when he comes to hang with me, there are other people with him.

‘(y/n) I want you to meet my other friends I talked to you about,’ Bill signs to me and I nod, remembering the conversation we had about The Losers Club.

They all introduce themselves through sign language (which I soon found out that it was Bill who taught them everything they know) and we begin to get along great. I felt my heart leap with joy as I stare at my new friends, and it’s all thanks to this one boy who thought he was being rude.

I had gotten super lucky this year, I heard about the Bowers Gang from Bill and my parents, but I hadn’t officially run into them. Until now that is.

I was walking home from school when I saw them waiting by the statue near my house, how did they even know where I lived? I try to avoid them, but it was no use, they saw me already.

The leader begins to taunt me and call me names, but I can’t hear a thing. He grows frustrated pretty quickly and I roll my eyes, not thinking about the consequences. It only makes him burn with anger, so he does the only other thing he can do, hit me.

I fall to the ground, my face stinging from the pain of the punch. Damn that hurt like a bitch, I bet that’s one of the names he called me.

They all gang up on me and beat me with all they’ve got, but I’m tough. I can take it, I refuse to break for them. They’re bullies, that’s all they’ll ever be. A bunch of bullies with no time on their hands.

Suddenly the hits stop coming and I look up to find my friends scaring away the gang. They run from the scene as Beverly helps me get back on my feet. I sign a quick thanks to her and begin to thank everybody else for helping me.

‘No problem,’ they all sign back to me. I notice Bill looks pissed, probably because of Henry and his goons.

As I return home, Bill helps me through the door. He looks deep in thought, so I tap him on the shoulder and sign to him, ‘hey what’s up? You look a bit down.’

‘I need to tell you something. I like you (y/n). I’d go as far to say I love you. These past weeks, no months now I should say, have been amazing. But when I saw those dumb asses beating you up today, I got so fucking mad (y/n) I didn’t know what the hell to do. But now I do know what to do, and it’s this,’ he signs quickly and before I could ask, his lips are on mine in a gentle kiss.

I close my eyes and melt into the kiss, but before anything else could happen, he pulls away and waves goodbye then runs out the door to his house. A dopey smile is set on my face the rest of the night. I can’t wait for tomorrow, but I can tell it’s to be exciting.

Requested by @this-cute-shit-xo

anonymous asked:

I just had a long term sub (for like the first semester) because my teacher had to move back to Africa. The sub taught us the same exact lesson for months, gave us tests for another class, didn't have a firm grasp on English or French (the language we were learning), and my personal favorite thing: didn't bother to learn the kid next to me's name and called him Pablo for four months

Tell Pablo we said Hi

Creepypasta #1322: Don't Tell The Teacher

Length: Long

I was a tattletale when I was a kid. There’s no getting around it, I was a little brat in school. I don’t know why I was like it. I guess I just really wanted to impress the teachers. I didn’t care that my classmates hated me for my reputation, or about the fact I was a backstabbing little bitch. If I saw some slight going on in the classroom - real or perceived - I’d run and tell the teacher.

You’d have thought this would’ve made me the teacher’s pet, but no. I guess I thought I was at the time, but looking back now, they must’ve hated me. Three, four, five times a day I’d go running to the front of the class, leaning in to whisper in my teacher’s ear about what one of my classmates had done. Johnny was prodding the gerbil. Gemma had eaten her eraser. Billy punched Reggie. I saw Carly steal an apple. When nobody was doing anything wrong, I’d make things up. I’m sure I genuinely convinced myself I was in the right.

“Miss, miss, Angela’s doodling on the desk,” all because I’d seen her holding her pencil close to the wood. “Sir, sir, Jal’s eating with his mouth open,” because I’d glimpsed him opening his mouth to take a bite of his sandwich.

By the end of each school year, every Elementary teacher who ruled over me had learned to ignore my petulant tattling. But it didn’t dissuade me. I’d throw my arm up in the middle of class to tell on someone if I thought they needed it.

As you can imagine, I didn’t have any friends.

Somehow, by the end of Elementary school, I hadn’t grown out of it. My classmates would glare at me with resentment each day as we filed out the school doors, and I’d run to my mom, waiting outside the school gate, throw my arms around her waist and get in the car, completely oblivious to the looks I was getting.

Middle school rolled around. As usual, I’d spent the summer with my family, going on vacation to Mount Robson in Canada, camping with my mom, dad and older brother in Forest Glen National Park, all the family activities we normally enjoyed. I was excited for Middle school though. A new school, a fresh start, and heck, I’d be taking the bus for the first time in my life.

The bus was the first indication that something was wrong. As I strode down the aisle, looking for an empty seat, all the kids shifted to make sure I wouldn’t sit next to any of them. I frowned, not really understanding why. When I eventually sat on the back seat, they all turned to look at me.

“Don’t tell the teacher!” they chimed.

Of course, my immediate response was to tell the teacher. My first subject of my first day at Middle school and I was already tattling on the entire class. Our English teacher, Mr. Hollander, was a kindly man with thick eyebrows, thin-framed glasses and a gentle smile. He told me, quietly, that he was sure my classmates were just over-excited to start at a new school, but he’d keep an eye on them.

Throughout that first day, as we changed from lesson to lesson, it finally dawned on me that my classmates didn’t like me very much. Moreover, they appeared to have conspired against me over the summer. No longer did they commit acts of mischief against each other. Instead, their attention was entirely turned on me. They didn’t do things to me, either. Oh no. It was what they said.

“Don’t tell the teacher!” they’d hiss, whenever I walked past. “Don’t tell the teacher!” if they caught me looking in their direction. “Don’t tell the teacher!” if one of them so much as dropped their pen.

On Tuesday, I stood up to go to the bathroom while our Math teacher, Mrs. Rhinehardt, was out of the room. “Don’t tell the teacher!” my entire class chimed, in unison. I fled from the classroom, trying to hold back tears. On the way back I encountered Mrs. Rinehardt and told her what had happened. She just scolded me for excusing myself without permission.

On Wednesday, I was sitting alone in the yard, eating my lunch. Carly, Gemma and Angela walked past me. Carly reached out and swatted my sandwich onto the ground.

“Oops! Don’t tell the teacher!” she hissed.

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Snuggle - Peter Parker

I needed some cheering up after doing terribly on my Chemistry exam, so… this is totally, totally self-fulfilling, sorry.

Your name: submit What is this?

I slammed the door to my room after entering, practically dropping my things on the floor next to the door as I groaned. I had just done terribly on my Chemistry Quarterly exams, not even able to finish the first part of it.

“Jeez, Y/N,” I told myself, practically yelling, “Would you stop feeling so terrible? Your grades don’t define you! They’re just stupid numbers on stupid pieces of papers!” I yelled, allowing myself to fall on my bed, trying to play music loud enough so I couldn’t hear it. “It’s just one stupid quarter! I can make up for it!” I said.

I heard tapping on my window, making me huff in annoyance and frustration as I opened the window with force, sticking my head out. “What?” I snapped.

“I- uh- rough day?” Peter asked. I huffed, stepping back and allowing him in. The masked hero climbed into my room and, just like I did with the door, I slammed my window shut, prompting Peter to flinch.

“Stupid pieces of paper, stupid ink, stupid chemical reactions and math, stupid, stupid, stupid!” I grumbled, going back onto my bed. “Or you know what? Maybe, just maybe, there’s something wrong with my brain! I’m just so slow! I can’t answer quickly, can I? No, can’t even guess!” I huffed, crossing my arms.

“You’re not stupid…” Peter mumbled, unmasking himself.

“Yeah, well it really feels like it! What kind of person can’t even finish––” I stopped myself as my throat began to close up. “I’m an idiot. I’m such an idiot.”

“Don’t say that. You know that’s not true,” Peter sat next to me.

“It just feels like it,” I reiterated.

“It was a tough exam,” Peter defended. “You’re a genius! Didn’t Ms. Terra say you scored highest in the Psych exam?” He asked.

“That’s Psych. This is Chemistry, Peter!” I whimpered. “I used to be good at it!”

“You still are!” Peter defended. “You just don’t like test-taking.”

“What’s the point, Peter? What’s the point of studying if I don’t even get a good––”

“The point, Y/N, is that you love to learn. You’re Ravenclaw, through and through,” Peter chuckled. Tears welled up in my eyes the more I thought about my failure and shortcomings. I felt incredibly incompetent, and, sadly, Peter wasn’t helping. More specifically, Spider-Man wasn’t helping. Peter was an honour student and a superhero at the same time. I wasn’t one to judge or assume, but he made it look so easy, like it was natural, while I studied my ass off for hours and I couldn’t even finish a stupid exam.

Peter sighed next to me, sensing my growing frustration and discontent, laying next to me. “You’re really smart in English class,” Peter told me. “Psych, too, as mentioned. You’ve got great ideas that you could communicate; the kids loved you in Public Speaking. You really test ideas in Civics, too.”

“What’s your point?” I asked.

“The point, Y/N, is that if you were good at memorising and Chemistry, it just wouldn’t be fair. I mean, it should be illegal to be that smart.”

You’re that smart,” I retorted. “And a superhero at the same time.”

“No,” he shook his head, “Not as smart as you. I mean you… you’re first hand up, last hand down. You’ve got all the answers in that head of yours and you could explain them in the simplest terms. You’re… God, Y/N, I know answers, but you know reasons. Do you have any idea how jealous I am of you?” I looked at him, eyeing him, completely unconvinced. “Ms. Terra won’t shut up about you in Psych, and Mrs. Kat won’t stop making us read your essays, like––” I blushed.

“You’ve read my essays?”

“Every single one at least five times. Really liked your Orwell one by the way. Remind me never to get on your bad side,” Peter chuckled. “So, sure, maybe you’re not standardised smart or test smart, but you’re smart in other ways.”

“You think so?” I whispered. Peter grinned at me.

Think so? I know so.” I smiled at him, actually, genuinely smiled at him. I nuzzled myself up against him as he put his arm around me.

“Thank you, Pete,” I murmured.

“’Course,” he grinned.

“By the way, you have nothing to be jealous of. You’re incredibly intelligent. Plus, you’re a superhero, so you’re also super cool.” Peter chuckled.

When I got my test back and saw I did, in fact, do terribly, it wasn’t so bad. I wasn’t alone, and I had Peter with me. And we had come up with an agreement, too. I told him I’d help him write his essays and he’d help me with my papers. In the end, it was a win-win situation.

High school is absurd.

Listen y’all. I recently saw a post about things that happened at some other persons high school. I will say it was weird, but my high school takes the crazy cake I think. Let me give you a quick run down on some different goings on.

1. Classes just had no curriculum so teachers made up assignments.

2. Because of that in my forensics class I got hundreds on assignments like watch CSI or catch a fly

3. Same forensics class, just also we watched a pig decompose for six weeks.

4. I once spent an entire class period tied to the desk on the floor trying to escape. No one helped me. The teacher did not look up from her desk. I have video evidence of this once so please hmu.

5. A friend once turned in a paper that just had the word llama written on it 100 times and she got a 100 on that paper.

6. One of the english teachers turned out to be a porn star one year

7. I took a Spanish class where surprise the teacher only spoke english.

8. In some digital media class the kid next to me just made an animation of Obama riding in a car while a pig did cartwheels in the sky. He too got a good grade.

9. In that class we all just played games and my entire row would have competitions. Not like normal games though. Our big game was a game where you had put all the states on the map in the correct place. We did it so much I got to where I could do it in 45 seconds. 

10. There was a security guard that no one liked so kids would regularly just flip over his golf cart. 

11. He also once let me leave the school, but then wouldn’t let me back in to go to class.

12. One year a bunch of kids convinced the librarian that they were going to turn the library into a pool and she had a mental break and quit.

13. The color guard won the world championship contest and literally no one cared. They barely had an assembly to tell people about it.

14. One day some kid pulled the fire alarm so everyone went outside for a while until they figured out the truth, so we went back in. Ten minutes later there was a scheduled fire drill so everyone went outside again for a while. Then we go back in and within the hour there is an actual fire so we all return to the outside. 

15. I learned how to make a bong out of literally anything one day in my biology class. The lesson only took a few minutes that day, so my teacher decided to tell us about how he once caught a kid with a taxidermied raccoon that he made into a bong. Then he told us how to do it with anything.

That is just some of the wild things that happened. If you want to know more I will happily tell you. I think my school inspired Greendale Community College.

ilov-eu  asked:

#13, jikook ❤

“You’re lying, you’re blushing.”

“Shut up, I’m not!”

“Ready for the big game today?” Hoseok asks, plonking down next to Jungkook in the cafeteria. 

“Forget that. I’ve got to tell you and Taehyung about the world’s cutest transfer student on the planet.”

Hoseok’s jaw drops open so wide Jungkook thinks maybe he said something wrong.

“You’re kidding. Does Jeon-dead-inside-I’m-the-school-star-basketball-player Jungkook have a crush?”

Jungkook rolls his eyes. “Don’t make me regret telling you.”

“Sorry,” Hoseok says, stuffing fries in his mouth and leaning in.

“He’s from Busan and he’s in my English class. It’s like he has the prettiest bright red hair and the thickest lips. And those eyes, god-”

“You are so whipped,” Hoseok says, grinning.

“Am not,” Jungkook says, flicking a fry at Hoseok.

“What’s his name?”

“I think the teacher said it was Park Jimi-”

“Hey guys, what’d I miss?” Taehyung asks from right behind Jungkook and he jumps.

“God, Taehyung don’t do that-”

“Guess who I have with me. This new exchange student. He just transferred from Busan.”

“Hello,” Jimin says softly, grinning. “I think I’ve seen you in my English class,” he adds with a nod towards Jungkook who has turned bright red.

“Oh my god,” Hoseok says, hand flying to his mouth. Jungkook shoots Hoseok a dangerous look which Hoseok ignores.

“You have bright red hair.”

Jimin blinks. “Right.”

“And you’re an exchange student from Busan.”


“Thick lips and pretty eyes in Jungkook’s English class.”


“Jungkook has the hugest crush on you!” Hoseok squeals and Taehyung almost falls backward the way he’s standing there gaping at Jungkook like he’s just discovered the sun was really a star.

“Shut up Hoseok, no I don’t,” Jungkook mumbles, hands covering his too-red face.

“You’re lying, you’re blushing.”

“Shut up, I’m not!”

“Well,” Taehyung says, smirking a little too smugly, “I’m sure Jimin thinks you’re cute too.”

Jimin winks at Jungkook and Jungkook thinks that red is a good color both on Jimin’s hair and Jungkook’s face. They look good together.

OTP Drabble Challenge!

I just remembered the first time I read the word ‘Teenager’
It might have been during elementary school or early grammar school…
Fact is, I already knew the word and its meaning since it is one of the many Anglicisms we have in the German language but I hadn’t seen it written out before back then. So seeing it for the first time was a bit confusing - especially since it did not come up during English classes but rather German classes.   

You see, “Tee” and “Nager” are existing words in German so my first thought was that this must be a compound of these two words. Naturally, I read it as a German word to myself then and…. I can’t even describe how lost I felt for not knowing what the hell a “tea rodent” is

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ok sorry i know i said this already but idc i saw a post saying that this summer was going to be the summer of LotZ but i dont see any new story post on both tumblr sites and i wanna know how cap is and what shenanigans the zodiac are up to seriously and i understand if you have been busy but i wont understand if you have been lazy >:[

Okay so I would like to just officially apologize I promised all of you this would be the “Summer of LotZ” but have yet to update the series. I am so, so, so, so sorry. See, when I posted that announcement school hadn’t ended yet and I assumed that, like every other summer, I wouldn’t have any plans bc I have no social life and no job. Unfortunately however June has been crazy busy for me and I haven’t had much time to work on LotZ. I’ve been doing a lot of college visits and my school required all rising seniors to do this week long college application bootcamp thing, I’ve been volunteering at this Harry Potter camp my school does for younger kids and at Give Kids The World, I’ve got summer assignments I have to do for my English class next year, and I’ve had a bucketload of family-friends and relatives come to visit (and according to my mother it’s rude to spend time on the computer when we have guests over). Along with that, LotZ started off as a fan-requested thing so (since it technically wasn’t my own idea) I’ve always struggled a bit with my muse for the characters and the story. And ON TOP OF ALL THAT I’m in the process of editing the three previous chapters of the story because there’s just so many issues with them (especially part 1) so I can’t really post chapter 4 until I’ve finished with those.

I’m very sorry I’ve made you all wait when I promised I was going to be doing a lot of LotZ related things and chapters this summer. I’m actually hoping to finish the new/edited first chapter tonight or at least by tomorrow morning. Thank you all for your patience and for not berating me about this :) I couldn’t ask for a better fanbase! <3

man i read a post abt shitty teachers on my dash and not only did i get reminded of my evil social studies + english teachers in 5th grade (literally they both lied to my dad abt my grades and made up assignments i ‘didnt do’ and just fucking HATED kids so much)

but in like. 6th grade? i had another teacher who fucking hated kids so much and like. the night before was some awards ceremony thing i cant remember what it was for. i got smth for art achievement i think. and like the next day in class shes calling attendance and when she calls my name she stops and starts berating me about last night bc “you need to learn how to walk in a skirt >:/”

shitty teachers blow my mind dude like get fuckt youre a grown ass adult picking on a bunch of gd 11 y/os

Teenage Days

Prompt: Underage Dean

Dean’s One Week Writers Challenge

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Words: 1,225

Warnings: Some language.

A/N: Last prompt of the challenge!! Tomorrow I’ll be writing a post thanking everyone who joined this 2.0 time ♥ Tbh, I really don’t know about this fic, this might or might not be the start of another series… Who knows, I’m tired and delusional. Thank you for reading, feedback (reblogs+likes) make me happy as always  and are really appreciated ♥ Enjoy, xoxo.

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Small town after small town, bunch of bullshit stories my dad would tell the world on why  we had to take off , but what I hated the most of my fucked up life is that I’m standing in front of another new school, I hated having to be the new girl in school on the middle of semester. Good thing it’s my last three months of this hell and then I’m off to college, my only solution to the hell I live. Someone smaller bumped with me, looking down I saw his cute face, “Sorry” the kid with long hair told me, wearing the same I hate this face expression as me. I smiled at him, “Is okay bud”, he returned the smile and kept walking into the school.  

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High School AU prompts based on my high school experiences

inspired by @paintdripps‘s post

  • “I brought some roadkill to school for science class but the science teacher was super freaked out and I don’t know what to do with this now please help?”
  • “You bought the last Honey Bun in the vending machine and now we have to fight to the death for it, square up scrub”
  • “Yes you are right this cup is full of black coffee, you are also right in inferring that I took it from the algebra teacher, yes I can help you steal some as well”
  • “I have a class right after you and I saw that you forgot your bag, I was gonna ask if you want me to bring it to you but the only thing in it is a tupperware bowl full of birthday cake and a single page of geometry homework. Anyway can I have some of the cake?” 
  • “You just pulled a cup of ramen out of your bag and asked the teacher if you could borrow her microwave to cook it, do you have any more in there?”
  • “You came over to my house to study for midterms but we ended up eating macaroni and trying to play the flute”
  • “I was standing on my desk and you just picked me up and put me on the floor, do I weigh anything to you??”
  • “I’m terrible at math and you’re terrible at English and we sit next to each other in both of those classes, I’ll help you cheat if you help me?”
  • “Everyone think’s you’re a great kid but it turns out you’re also the school’s main drug dealer, nice”
  • “You texted me at 3 am to look at the AP English vocabulary list because you replaced it with nothing but a low-res picture of Nic Cage”
  • “You have turned in every single essay in this class in 14 point Comic Sans, how are you getting better grades than me????”

So, I just remembered something that happened to me and my mom a few weeks ago. We were at a tanger outlet and we were looking at the map, and this white woman who was also looking at the map said, “where the hell are we, I have no idea,” so my mom said, “excuse me, we are here,” and pointed to the map that was labeled as “you are here.”

Then, the white woman started making like these weird gestures with her hands and she changed her tone of voice like, “OH WOOW, THANK YOU, you’re RIGHT.” It was almost like watching a kindergarten teacher speaking to one of the kids in class, and I was like, wtf is she doing, why is she talking like that all of a sudden, what’s with the gestures, then she turns to ME and says,“ English REALLY good!" 

There you have it. So that’s why she made all those alien gestures and spoke down to my mom like she was a fucking baby with those exaggerated expressions and tone. So my mom was just about to leave and I was pissed so I just went, "next time, why don’t you read the map more closely, since you seem to think that you know how to speak English better than us.” Usually, I just glare at white people who do this and just leave because it’s nothing new tbh, but this woman was really pushing my buttons. 

This is not the first damn time white people thought we couldn’t speak English and spoke to us like we were children, but this woman had to be the most ridiculous by far. 

100 ways to say ‘I love you’ No. 20: “I just wanted to see you smile”

For: @protectcastiel
Pairing: Destiel
Words: 3 thousand and something soz
Tags: okay Clem I’m gonna warn you now I didn’t mean for this to be so sad but here we are, WWII, kid!fic, London, The Blitz, minor character death, mute!Cas, refugees, happy ending though I’D LIKE TO STRESS HAPPY ENDING, Dean is the sweetest friend ever, there is some fluff, and also Cas just trying to handle loss and stuff?!, this spun a little out of control I’m so sorry, but here you go, also sorry for my tagging it’s getting worse every time…

Please don’t hesitate to request one if you want one my loves!

Castiel remembers the sound of the sirens screaming. It’d been the dead of night, he’d awoken from a dream, chasing the memory of kissing Alfie on the cheek in the school field, when it started.

He’s pretty sure there’s human screams somewhere in there too, down the street, down the corridor where he and his mother live.

“Mum?” he says into the dark, scrabbling to escape from the warm clutches of his blanket to pull on his shoes. He turns to the bed he shares with her, reeling backwards with a stab of panic.

It’s empty.

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