the kid from jurassic park

List of characters that can beat Kyle Ron in a lightsaber duel
  • Rey
  • Finn
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Leia Organa
  • Capt. Phasma
  • Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Sheev Palpatine
  • Count Glamnor Dooku
  • General Grievous
  • Asajj Ventress
  • Darth Maul
  • Mace Windu
  • Puppet Yoda
  • CGI Yoda
  • Watto but with real money
  • C-3PO but with the red arm
  • The comatose husk of R2-D2
  • 12 Porgs dressed up as Han Solo
  • Space tiddy walrus
  • BB-8, but he’s on an AT-ST
  • Laura Dern but she’s actually Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park
  • Benicio Del Toro
  • That one kid at the end with the broom
  • Snoke’s floating Force torso (with robot legs as a final form)


  • ghost Luke Skywalker, apparently

I just read from Huffington Post about the theory that Owen Grady is the kid that Dr. Grant scare from Jurassic Park! I love things like this. Can someone make a gif for this?!

Imagine that is the reason that Owen knows the Raptors attack patterns and he based their relationship with them on respect?! my feelings are all over the place!!

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I just love looking at your fanarts so much! They're all so adorable.<3 And I don't know if you take any art requests or not, but can you draw the New Kid dressing up as Alan Grant from Jurassic Park, please? My version of the NK in Phone Destroyer may be technically dressing up as a Cowboy(for now), but I tried to have him look more like Alan Grant from JP. I pretty much view my version of the NK in PD as a Paleontologist instead of a Cowboy. LOL!

Thanks dude! Yeah I guess I do take requests if I am really bored or I like their prompts. 

I don’t know what your new kid looks like so I just used mine as an example, I hope you don’t mind that (and the fact that I included Cartman). Also yeah, Alan Grant’s clothes do look like the new kid’s cowboy outfit.


It’s been 22 years since your grandfather decided to build an amusement park with live dinosaurs. You were 8 years old when you first set foot on Isla Nublar where Jurassic Park was set to bring kids and adults from all over the world. It’s where your fascination for dinosaurs grew. Getting almost eaten by the reptilian cannibals was not what you imagined your vacation to be like though. 


1) everyone who says velociraptors are ruined by feathers because they’re just fucking chickens is this stupid kid

2) i remember this kid from mcgee and me, always pulled me out of this scene

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I see a to of people worried about all the hate Olicity is getting. And I can't help but think that hate is good. It creates buzz. Olicity is such a known term that even people who have never watched the show have heard about it. All haters talk about is Olicity. I feel like everyone with an ounce of intelligence will know that Olicity alone cannot ruin the whole series if the rest of the plot had been good. (1/2)

Hi, Anon! Thank you so much for your kind words - they are genuinely very appreciated. :) I’m not sure if there’s a better way to answer your asks all as one - I’m still pretty Tumblr illiterate - so I did this the old fashioned way. Screenshots! 

I’m going to start with a personal story because it’s super late as I’m writing this and Late Night Laura turns into Goofy Laura from time to time. Here goes: 

I haven’t been watching Arrow live for three seasons; I’ve been watching live for one season. After it was decided over the summer that I’d be writing about Arrow, I went on a massive marathon. Multiple episodes per day. Late into the night. It was a very broody time for me. I was on episode 8 or 9, I think, when I told a superfan friend of mine that I’d started watching Arrow. Because I was farther into the season than I probably should have been after only two days, I let him think I was only two episodes in. I mentioned that I may have already developed a slight crush on the lead for his shirtless scenes and that the show was pretty good as a whole. This exchange is (more or less) what followed:

My friend: “So, episode 2…you’re probably shipping Lauriver at this point, right?”

Me: “Seriously? You think that I’m so pathetic that finding a guy attractive means I ship myself with a fictional character? Thanks, dude.”

My friend: “…I meant Laurel.”

Me: “…I was kidding?”

I was like a T-rex from Jurassic Park - I literally forgot about Lauriver when it was not immediately on screen in front of me. My mental acuity was based on movement in front of me.

Regular readers of my asks/answers can now add Jurassic Park to the list of things that I’m totally nerdy about.

Anyway, if I’m at all indicative of the fandom at the time of the original airing, I think that apathy was a contributing factor in killing Lauriver with a large chunk of viewers. I can’t say that I think that Olicity hate is good, but I don’t think that negative fan buzz about the couple will have any effect on how the show is written.

With regard to media coverage, hate can affect the material produced. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of “click bait,” but it’s a method used by some members of the media to produce headlines that will be most pithy on social media. For example, articles with headlines such as “Why Olicity Is The Best Couple Ever” or “Why Olicity Is Killing Arrow” tend to be click bait. It doesn’t necessarily reflect badly on the content, but headlines can be affected by the loudest voices. To be a huge snob, I’ll use myself as an example:

I have a running joke in my Arrow reviews about Oliver and/or Felicity throwing the other up against a wall for however I choose to euphemize “wall sex” that week. If I titled my reviews “Olicity Wall Sex - When Will It Happen?” or “Is Lauriver On The Horizon For Arrow?” I’d get more views than my regular dull “Arrow S0XE0X: What worked, what didn’t, and what needs to happen next.” Honestly, I probably should click bait and spice things up a bit.

I’ll admit that I do read the comment sections on my articles. I’ve found that hate tends to be poorly phrased, poorly constructed, and poorly supported by any narrative evidence of the show rather than the comics. If detractors elsewhere as well want their opinions to be heard and respected in content produced, they need to construct their arguments with more maturity. I think that hate can often be overblown, and I’m personally not the least bit worried about it.

Besides, Olicity took up minutes in Season 3. Minutes. If Olicity managed to ruin the show for certain viewers, perhaps those viewers were not tuning into the show that they expected and should tune into one that they actually enjoy.