the kid from bastion

Kingdom Hearts II - Hollow Bastion (2)

- Sora’s like a kid from the 80s, the minute a computer does something, anything, he’s blown away.

- Well as long as he doesn’t go around claiming he’s a fat, evil Zidane, then I don’t care.

- So we have two Ansem’s, one is Tanned Sephiroth who’s still not dead, another looks like a nice version of Saruman and somewhere in between, we have this other guy who leads that group of goths. Well, as long as it doesn’t get any weirder than this, we’re fine.

- Why do I feel that’s a comment on the general reaction to Final Fantasy X-2, it’s simply “not worth mentioning”.

- Oh fuck, it’s Sephiroth again and I’m not ready.

- Well this went all very Lord of the Rings.

- So the leader of the goths is called Xehanort then or is that the original name of Tanned Ansem.

- Also, this is seriously getting a little atmospheric, I mean we now have prison cells inside the castle and something with what looks like old, rusty armour.

- So Xemnas is the leader then?

- I like the idea that Cortex on Ice just mumbles and monologues to himself for hours as he traipses through the castle, complaining about how everyone is interfering with his work.

- Well enough expository banter, now we continue to fight like ladies, and men, and ladies who dress like men.

- Don’t provoke mullet goth, who knows what he can do.

- Well, that’s one down, only, what, 8 more to go?

- Oh fuck, Mickey’s pissed and he’s out for blood.

- Well that just qualifies for best part of the entire game.

- Wait, this is Diz isn’t it, I mean the voice kind of gives it away.

- Right, so we have Ansem and we have Xehanort and apparently Xehanort did something that resulted in creating a Heartless and a Nobody, the Heartless is Tanned Sephiroth and the Nobody is Xemnas and the real Ansem is somewhere with red tape all over his face. Just so we’re clear.

- If I wasn’t gay already, I would go gay for Xemnas’ voice alone.

- Well that was certainly an experience, if this was the first game, I feel that would have been the final world. Also I guess the story is just going to keep getting more and more serious and intense, no matter how many songs we sing under the sea.


The Kid

“He was the spittin’ image of Slinger Jawson with that pike and them pistols.”

For today’s daily Inktober challenge, I did “the kid” from Bastion, a game by Supergiant Games (you should definitely go play it, it’s a beautiful game!). The story is bittersweet, with a lot of emotion tied into it. I drew the Caelondian kid here with one of my favorite weapon sets in the game.

Inks done with Micron Pens and Chinese ink and bamboo brushes, then edited in Manga Studio 5 for the sepia/grainy effect.

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm having a really hard time choosing who to cosplay, do you have any advice on how to pick?

Cata: Ask yourself four questions:

What am I interested in?

Is there a show, video game, book, movie, etc. you’re really interested in right now? Is there a character or design you want to cosplay from that source? Alternately, did you see a character or design somewhere and it really grabbed you for some reason?

Whenever we look at our next cosplay, we turn to our interests. I cosplayed as the Kid from Bastion because I love that game and really wanted to make the Brusher’s Pike. I’m working on Lion from Steven Universe because I really love that show. Queadlunn is working on a Tricorder because he loves Star Trek. Look at what you’re interested in and use that as a starting place. It can even be something general like “I feel like making a school uniform.” Great! Look at sources with school uniforms or make your own design!

Am I interested enough to commit to working on this project?

Cosplay takes time, money, and your own personal drive. Is this a project you can commit to working on or are you going to get bored of it? I have plenty of projects I’ve abandoned or put aside because I wasn’t that into it and that’s perfectly fine! You can always come back to it later or find a new project! 

Sometimes having two projects or multiple parts of a project can be a good way of keeping your motivation going. When I was finishing up Kid, I started Lion to keep my momentum going. While working on Lion, I alternated between working on the armor and props to always have something to work on. This is something only you can answer for yourself, but if you look over the cosplay and realize there are things you don’t want to do or would find too boring or frustrating, it’s a good sign to find a different costume.

Is the character within my skill level/budget/do I have enough time/space?

The last part ties into this one. Sometimes you don’t have the skills needed to make a costume. That’s perfectly fine, everyone has to start at some point. But if you’ve never made armor before, choosing a super complex armor build might be more frustrating than its worth. That doesn’t mean you can’t cosplay the character, it might just mean you have to simplify the costume or spend more time. It might also mean you have to choose another character, but that’s a choice only you can make. 

Another question to ask yourself is “how happy will I be with this costume when I finished?” I’m happy with Kid and while there are things I might remake in the future, I’m happy with how he turned out. Gaige is a costume I’m 90% happy with, but I know I can do much better now and plan on remaking her. I would LOVE to cosplay Tali from Mass Effect, but I know if I make the costume now, I’m going to be too stressed out making the costume. I’d rather practice and build up my skills before tackling that costume. 

Money is also a big factor. While cosplay is as expensive as you want it to be, costs can add up. We tend to use sales and coupons as much as possible, but we’ve also made some pretty big investments in tools because we want things that will last over the years. I use a lot of foam and Sinta because its inexpensive, Queadlunn uses a lot of plastic because he already has a good supply. Neither of us use Worbla because its a bit too expensive. I’ve made stuff from scratch, I’ve also gone to Goodwill to buy clothes to modify. Just remember the amount you spend (or don’t spend) does not determine how good of a cosplayer you are. 

Also cosplay is not a priority. Taxes and other living expenses should always come first. Please don’t bankrupt yourself over cosplay.

Time is also a key factor. If you have a con coming up in a month, ask yourself if you have time to finish a costume in a month. Some people can finish a costume in a week. Some people take months or years. Neither is better than the other. It all comes down to your own pace and how much time you have.

Finally, space. You need a place to make the costume and a place to store it. If you aren’t the only person in that living space and they aren’t cosplayers either? This can further limit the space you have to work in. There are a lot of costumes we’d love to make, but simply don’t have the space for so we aren’t worrying about it. 

But this is all for making your own costume. If someone is selling the costume you want to wear or you can commission someone to make it for you? Great! There’s no rule saying you have to make your own costume to be a cosplayer. 

What will I learn from this cosplay?

Every single experience should be a learning experience in some way. Maybe this is your first armor build and you learn you really like (or hate) making armor. Maybe you try wearing a wig for the first time. Maybe you try styling a wig for the first time. Maybe this time you buy clothes to alter instead of making things from scratch. Maybe this time you buy a costume and you learn what its like working with a seller or commissioner. Think about what you want to do or don’t do while working on the costume.

This is also a question you should ask yourself after the costume. You could realize you really like styling wigs and want to work with wigs. You could also realize you hate styling wigs. Both will help inform your next project. 

I realize this is long, but this is actually the process we go through whenever look at new projects.

On a final note, keep a list or a folder with pictures of costumes you’d like to work on. It might not be stuff you work on immediately, some you might never work on, but having something to reference when you need ideas can be good. 

Good luck!