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Kingdom Hearts is low-key underrated. Like sure we’re all aware that’s one of the most successful video game franchises from Square-Enix, but most people don’t even realize that this series has connected with so many people in ways that rarely ever happens for any game. I honestly can’t think of many other video games that have the ability immerse you into its world as much as Kingdom Hearts has been able to do. People were literally in tears when Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced because of how much it means to them. 

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Hey can you recommend me like 10 or so books? I really need to read more. Love the blog and stuff.

YES telling people to read amazing books is like my favourite thing to do so thank you for giving me an excuse to do that, precious little muffin

*Cherub by Robert Muchamore - this is about kids who work for MI5 and is my absolute go to book series when I want to get out of a reading slump! Also there’s 17 books so… plenty of reading material. ALSO if you like books set in ww2 the prequel series is called Henderson’s Boys and they are also very good (you don’t need to read Cherub to understand it and vice versa)
*Lockwood and co. by Jonathan Stroud - ghost hunting and also lots of tea and cake. This series is also my current obsession and I won’t rest until everyone has read it
*Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz - teenaged spies again but with more gadgets and truly awful puns
*Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness - it’s set on a different planet where you can see people’s thoughts and it’s just. So. Good.
*Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan - demigods go around fighting monsters and it’s super funny
*The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani - another take on fairytales, the title makes it sound a bit ehhhh but they’re sooooo good! (btw @happyhippogames made me read these and she demands credit for that)
*The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer - fairytales again, but in SPACE!!!! Also a bit on Earth but… there are robots so it’s cool
*A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket - so gloriously miserable
*Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix - it’s a house! With another world in it! It is weird but good and I can’t explain book plots to save my life
*Eragon by Christopher Paolini - dude it’s dragons. It’s gonna be great
*Timeriders by Alex Scarrow - a bunch of people have to stop people messing with time and there are so many plot twists it’s insane help me
*Young Bond by Charlie Higson - this is exactly what you think it is.

Happy reading!!!!! xx

Kingdom Hearts, a summary: Intended for those not familiar with the series.

There was a war because of selfish people wanting to have more light than others. A ton of people died trying to become the controller of the source of light, called Kingdom Hearts.

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Hella years later the war is forgotten by most but this guy, Master Xehanort, does some research and thinks he’s found a way to gain control of Kingdom Hearts so he separates his apprentice into two parts and has them fight each other to create the key to the light.

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But since he’s old and wants to be young again, he also decides that he’s gonna put his heart(soul) inside his apprentice’s best friend since that friend has a knack for Darkness powers like he does.

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His plans fail and he ends up with amnesia. While amnesiac he becomes an apprentice to Ansem the Wise who wants to help cure his amnesia so Ansem decides to start experimenting with hearts(souls) and Darkness. This ultimately causes Xehanort(the old asshole) to be split into two parts. One of them calls himself Ansem, the other calls himself Xemnas.

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Both of them still want to gain control of Kingdom Hearts so they both make fabricated doors to Kingdom Hearts. Ansem makes his from the Hearts of a bunch of worlds, and Xemnas makes his from the hearts of hundreds of thousands of living beings who became Heartless.

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Sora(the hero) stops them both, and even kills them, causing them to recombine into Master Xehanort. He’s now been stopped three times but since he has back up plans on top of back up plans on top of black up plans he also had Ansem contact his younger self in the past and give him special powers in case all his plans failed.

His younger self then travels throughout time gathering thirteen vessels to all be part Xehanort. The true doorway to Kingdom Hearts requires a key made from thirteen pieces of Darkness and seven pieces of light. So he’s decided to be more patient and less hasty, he’s going to make a team of Xehanorts and they’re gonna fight against a team of seven good guys to create the key he wants. So far we know the identities of six of the Darknesses(Master Xehanort, Young Xehanort, Xigbar, Saix, Ansem, and Xemnas) and all seven Lights(Sora, Riku, Aqua, Kairi, Lea(who everyone calls Axel), Ventus, and King Mickey).

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Just venting I need to get this out:I firmly believe that there are Key 6, not 5, players in ASOIAF. And Sansa is one of them. GRRM has himself named Sansa as one of his key protagonists (there were 6 in total inc Sansa) and also that Sansa,Arya and Bran's journeys were paramount for him. I know this subject has been done to death &I'm really sorry for imposing on you but yeah to me,based on all this,Sansa is one of the Key 6. (you dont have to post it. Just venting. Thanks for reading)

Hi! Sorry to bother you again. I’m the Key 6 players anon. You don’t have to post my initial ask. I know the whole thing has been done to death. I was just venting and getting it out of my system. I hope I didn;t offend. Thanks for understanding.

Hi Anonny!

Oh gosh please DON’T apologize, you didn’t offend me at all in the slightest! I am just slow af and take forever to answer things and am generally The Worst… But my Ask is always open for venting! Especially venting about people who don’t ~recognize, respect, and appreciate~ the Noble and Poetic Land Mermaid that is Sansa Stark.

Yeah, the Key Players debate does continue to be a kind of ~weird bone of contention~ in the fandom for some reason. I think (and like to hope) that a lot of the time when people talk about or make fanart for the Five Key Players, that they aren’t excluding Sansa or leaving her out maliciously. I think they might just be going off of, or wanting to acknowledge, the five main characters GRRM listed in his original outline for the series in 1993.

But you’re right, I have definitely seen people who insist that Sansa is not a main character or key player in the story, which simply isn’t true. GRRM even identified her as a main character himself in 2016:

I’d thought the whole story could be told in three books, and that it would take me three years to write them, a year per book. That picture was taken just a few weeks after I blew my first (bot not my last, oh no) deadline on the series. Ah, how innocent I was… little did that guy in the picture imagine that he would be spending most of the next two decades in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros with Tyrion, Daenerys, Arya, Sansa, Jon Snow, Bran, and all the rest. (x)

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Lirael was certainly an experience. Since she is from a book series, The Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix, it was tricky to put it all together. I went moreso with the book cover art of the older editions, with some modified details.

Everything except the boots and base bells were made by me. It took 23 hours spread over a few months. The overcoat was hand painted using stencils. The under bodysuit took 8 hours alone! I used shiny spandex to mimic chainmail.

This was my first time making an eva foam sword, so it may not be the best. I used a dremel to carve all of the charter marks in. The bells are fully functioning and each have the charter symbol on them in correct order of name/usage in the book. I added the keys as a reference to the second book when she worked in the library. The belt buckle and Disreputable Dog statue were made from model magic, sculpted by me.

I spent only $60 on this! Part of it came from using a leftover wig, fabric, and foam from previous projects

When will I wear this to a con or proper shoot? Who knows.

27 Pieces of Advice for Writers From Famous Authors

Neil Gaiman -  Award-winning author of American Gods, Coraline, Stardust and many more.

Nnedi Okorafor -  Award-winning author of Zahrah the Windseeker and The Shadow Speaker.

Garth Nix -  Award-winning author of the “Old Kingdom,” “Seventh Tower” and “Keys to the Kingdom” series.

Karen Lord -  Author of Redemption in Indigo and The Best of All Possible Worlds.

Patrick Rothfuss -  Author of The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear.

Gene Wolfe -  Award-winning author of The Book of the New Sun and many other short stories and novels. He is considered to be one of the best living science fiction authors.

Jeremy Zerfoss -  Noted science fiction and fantasy illustrator. Co-author of the upcoming Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction.

Jody Lynn Nye -  Award-winning author of more than forty novels and one hundred short stories.

C.S.E. Cooney -  Noted author of science fiction short stories and poetry.

David Drake - Award-winning military science fiction author.

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David Oyelowo to play Scar in 'The Lion Guard'

Be prepared for the return of Scar.

Simba’s big bad uncle is heading to season 2 of The Lion Guard, Disney Junior’s epic series continuation of The Lion King, and this time around, the iconic villain will be voiced by Golden Globe-nominated actor David Oyelowo (Selma, A United Kingdom). Jeremy Irons voiced the reprobate lion in the 1994 movie.

Obviously, there’s one key question to be asked: How would Scar, who ended his screentime in the original film at the clawed mercy of his angry band of hyenas, be able to turn up now? The character will appear on The Lion Guard in the flames of a volcano, summoned by grandnephew Kion (Simba and Nala’s son) after he unintentionally calls Scar by invoking the powerful Roar of the Elders during a fit of anger.

“The Rise of Scar” will premiere July 29, shortly after the series’ second season premieres on July 7. Other guest stars to expect this season — alongside returning cast members like Rob Lowe, Gabrielle Union, and Max Charles — include Renee Elise Goldsberry (as a zebra!), Christopher Jackson (as a gorilla!), Common (as a crocodile!), AJ McLean (as a golden mole!), and Sinbad (as Uroho, a comedic baboon!).

Note: Oyelowo’s casting, though perfect, is not to be confused with Disney’s upcoming remake of The Lion King, which has yet to announce its Scar face.

The Lion Guard comes from Disney Television Animation by way of executive producer Ford Riley, co-EP Howy Parkins, composer Christopher Willis, songwriter Beau Black, and author/cultural advisor Sarah Mirza.

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Yo book recommendations? In a bit of a slump ATM pls help (ily)

yes, I would love to give book recommendations! it does depend on the kind of stuff you like to read, but here are some of my favourites and hopefully there will be something you like! x

  • The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer - fairytale retellings set in the future with robots and spaceships. I read these last year after finishing exams, and they’re really gripping!
  • Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan (or any of his books really) - super fast paced and exciting, and really funny! Also you learn so much about Greek mythology, I have learned more from Percy Jackson than from my first year of a classics degree I swear
  • Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz - 14 year old spy goes around saving the world but doesn’t actually want to do it and is super salty about it the whole time. He does get really cool gadgets though
  • Cherub by Robert Muchamore - teenaged spies again. These books won’t win any literary prizes, but they are really easy reads and have been very successful in getting me out of reading slumps
  • Lockwood and co by Jonathan Stroud - ghost hunting! With the most precious characters you will ever meet, and a really sassy skull which lives in a jar and hates everyone
  • Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness - kind of hard to explain the plot, but they’re great books! I read the whole trilogy over one weekend, although the ending is pretty distressing
  • The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani - a lot better than the title, sort of a twist on fairytales. They are also pretty funny and sooooo easy to read! They’re not the smallest books in the world but you can zip through them. Also they have illustrations, and that’s always a plus
  • Timeriders by Alex Scarrow - time travel!!! So many twists and turns throughout the series though
  • Magisterium by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare - magic school, sorcerers etc.
  • And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie - the only Agatha Christie I have ever read, but it’s a great mystery! a group of strangers invited to an island, then they start getting murdered one by one…
  • Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix - there’s a really cool magical world in these books
  • The Glory by Lauren St John - this one’s a bit more fluffy, and involves a horse race with very high stakes and stuff… idk I just really liked it. It’s not mind blowing, but it’s nice
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket - they are fun short books with a really interesting narration style. Really unique and you can get through one in a single sitting, perfect for a reading slump
  • Itch by Simon Mayo - this one is about a kid who finds a new and very dangerous radioactive element and all the repercussions of that. It’s pretty exciting for a book about chemistry!
  • Harry Potter by JK Rowling - if you haven’t already read them! my absolute favourite books of all time

Summary: Regardless of who’s the captor and who’s the captive, the captain and the prince can’t deny what they both want from each other.
Rating: M
Notes: Kinky romantic EF AU Captain Charming for @mahstatins to congratulate her on finishing her CSBB story. This was inspired by a conversation about beta-reading, I am not even joking. Happy Captain Charming Friday, I guess?


A lingering glance. A lick of the lips. A blush at what should have been an innocuous comment.

David had known it was only a matter of time before his captor had him figured out.

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Friendly reminder that Sora doesn’t have multiple keyblades, he has keychains that he equips on his Kingdom Key that changes its appearance and stats. Which makes it all the more interesting that Riku’s main, base keyblade has an eye on it, where it’s just a chain of Sora’s that does. (◕‿◕✿)


A Court of Winds and Ruin

(Spoiler free but some allusions to key events made) 


Some I knew. some I Didn’t. Still the killing field stretched onward under the sky. Mile after mile. The kingdom of the rotting dead.

And I still looked”

In a nutshell…

A Court of Wings and Ruin is the final book in the Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas. It’s not surprising that this book has been nicknamed ACO-WAR as war is very much the backdrop and inescapable reality of this book.   With all characters in this book are faced with the ultimatum of what they would give up to save Pryrthian;  Fayre has gone behind enemy lines to protect her loved ones by acting as spy and saboteur whilst those left behind work to rally the forces in the upcoming war. 

My Thoughts


What I felt in the last book was a good collection as the culmination of subtle hints throughout the first book into one big juicy reveal, was probably dwarfed by the last 100 pages of this book. I’ve titled this section in capitals as the amount of subtle references and mentions from the whole trilogy which are rounded off in this final section is breathtaking and reflecting back on this book it’s amazing to see the scale of the gasps, fist pumps and tears I shed, within that final sitting. I was always expecting a situation similar to that of Gandalf returning to Helms Deep but I did not anticipate much else of what happened in the final showdown and it’s twists.  

📖 Shock 

I knew whilst reading this book that war was coming and my loved ones might not be protected. I tried to prepare myself for this, but as time wore on without any gut punches, I eventually became relaxed. That is until the final section, where I got a feeling close to that of reading The Battle of Hogwarts for the first time. So many of my favourite characters were off in different places and facing different dangers that I could barely read on. There was a concentrated dread in my stomach as the tension rose and rose……… until finally, the guillotine fell… I had to put the book down and stop reading for a bit… then I read the following chapter in tears as I dealt with the aftermath. 

📖 Character Drives

A key chunk of this book is trying to unite forces against a common enemy, however, given certain blood rubies, it is a harder task than anticipated. What I really liked about this book is the complexity described behind each character’s motivations for either united or leaving the fight. There were a surprisingly large number of characters who I kept me guessing for a long time, about their trustworthiness, and it was the ones I didn’t expect which gave the biggest twists, right when didn’t expect them.

📖 Nesta and Elain

I’ve always been on the fence about the Archeron sister’s worth, there was clearly an unexplored depth to be discovered after the last book which I really enjoyed uncovering in this book. What was most satisfying, however, was watching the interactions between the three sisters and how they supported each other through this book. It was something I didn’t expect from the first book alone but I’m so glad to have seen their strength and am grateful especially for one particular scene in this book. 

📖 Badassery

I’ve always appreciated that Fayre was the class of character who knew that to get shit done some undesirable things might have to be done along the way. She’s the type of character I instantly warm to because she’s so proactive and smart so it was very satisfying to see her fully unleash herself fully in this book. In an equal extent, it was also very rewarding to see the same with Rhys, who is truly every part her equal in this book and their relationship is the iron core of this book, and it was great to see it strengthen again and again. 

I would rate this as…


I could probably write an entire essay on why I love this book, these characters, and this series; so please forgive me for this longer than usual review. My final note on this series is to say that if you are someone who likes the sound of Lord of the Rings mixed with Beauty and the Beast then please conciser picking up the first book in this series and take the rest from there… as if you’re anything like me, you’re in for a treat. 

Want to chat about this book?
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Last year I wrote a novel-length Zelda/Ganon fic called The Modern History of Zelda. I had a lot of fun with the fandom, and the project meant a great deal to me, so I commissioned @dibeediboop to create character designs for Zelda and Ganon along with this illustration of a key scene from the story. It was such an incredible experience to work with her!

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Kingdom Hearts: A Summary

-a giant key that is also a sword
-everyone is either Xehonart or Sora
-god damn it, Riku
-darkness, darkness everywhere
-*cries forever*
-sea salt ice cream
-Sora, you noob
-everyone dies but not really

Nick Jonas joins Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland in Chaos Walking

The actor-singer will portray the on-screen son of Mads Mikkelsen 

Nick Jonas is ready to walk the chaotic, post-apocalyptic world of best-selling author Patrick Ness. The Kingdom actor has joined the movie adaptation of Chaos Walking, which already stars Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s Daisy Ridley and Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s Tom Holland.

Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) directs the film, based on Ness’ popular young-adult novel series, which began in September 2008 with The Knife of Never Letting Go.

In this dystopia, New World, women have been killed off by a virus and the remaining males can hear each other’s thoughts through a maddening stream of conscious referred to as The Noise. Todd Hewitt (Holland), a young man who feels out of place within his town, discovers there is in fact a woman, Viola (Ridley) — and she may hold the key to unlocking the secrets of this society.

Jonas, who capped his role on Kingdom with the series finale on Aug. 2, continues to build up his acting resumé with FX’s Scream Queens, Goat, and the Jumanji sequel, Welcome to the Jungle. He’s now set to play Davy Prentiss Jr., the son of the story’s villain, Mayor Prentiss (Mads Mikkelsen). Davy is a young soldier who becomes jealous of the mentorship between his father and long-time rival Todd.

Demian Bichir and Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter recently joined the cast, as well.

Lionsgate acquired the film rights to the Chaos Walking books in 2011, and production is now scheduled to begin this summer. Charlie Kaufman worked with Ness, Lindsey Beer, Gary Spinelli, and John Lee Hancock to adapt the material for the screenplay.

Chaos Walking is scheduled to hit theaters on March 1, 2019.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported the news.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Now that "Wizard in Training" is out, now is the "Realm of the Jaquins", which seems, Mateo, Elena, Victor and Carla are the main focus of the movie special...In Secret of Avalor he played a key role in the crossover movie and pilot episode of Elena of Avalor and now this one he will play a big part, even more than the crossover movie, what are your thoughts about it?

Well, aside from my initial excitement of my favorite character in the series not only appearing in the movie, but playing a big part (fangirl squeal!!!!), I think that this is a good reminder of the role Mateo plays in the kingdom of Avalor and in Elena’s life. I think that EOA fans who aren’t #teammateo sometimes underestimate his importance to the series. I get it, when its not your favorite character that’s easy to do. I’ve been guilty of the same thing!

Obviously, his exact role in the movie remains to be seen, we only have the show creator’s statement that its a big part. But what exactly does that mean? Does he come toe to toe with Victor and Carla? or do they break into his workshop and steal his tamborita? After Wizard in Training, we know that he has at least half a dozen tamborita’s stored in his workshop. Does he get kidnapped or injured? Will he and Elena combine powers to defeat the dangerous spirit that’s been released?

Though after Spirit Monkey Business and Wizard in Training, I wonder if there were things introduced in those episodes that will come into play in the movie? Like how the spirit world works and what it takes for a spirit to cross over into the human world. Or that Mateo can enter the spirit world unguided and survive. Or that when two wizards/sorcerers/etc… cast the same spell, the spell is more powerful.

We’ll have to wait for the movie to come out in a few weeks to find out. 

We know that ROTJ is the big set up for the overall story arc in season 2, so the fact that Mateo plays a big role in this movie, makes me think that he will play a big role in season 2.  Overall, I’m excited and looking forward to seeing how the story develops and the role our beloved royal wizard will play in it!