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Shop Update - Introducing new fragrances inspired by Dragon Age’s Alistair, Cassandra, and Anders by Siren Song Elixirs

First Knight - Strong, dependable sandalwood and vanilla are at the heart of this shy and humble Grey Warden Alistair who is much stronger and braver than most give him credit for, even himself. Comforting, warm, and playful notes of creamy caramel mixed with toasty, fragrant marshmallow give a lighthearted sweetness to this young former Templar who maintains good humor in dark times and who has a love for bad jokes shared with a good friend. An alluring and sensuous musk emanates from him when hugged tightly, as he whispers honest words of adoration, as does the kiss of a single crisp rose, picked from the darkness, as a token of his honest affection for his love. Alistair’s innocence, sweetness, and honesty make him a rare man among many, fit to lead a nation as it’s King or to face the darkness in good humor as a Grey Warden. Either way, he will do so with the Hero of Ferelden by his side, never to part. 

Seeker - Cassandra is a Lady and a warrior, hailing from the ancient noble lines of exotic Nevarra from a famed family of Dragon Hunters but this noble lady warrior has dedicated her life to the Seekers of Truth who serve the Chantry. Her tough exterior shields her soft, inner romantic who dreams of romance she only finds in books and other “smutty literature.” She is a no-nonsense woman represented with beautiful notes of bold, intoxicating orchid and sweet, red pomegranate mixed with rich, golden honey, black currants and ripe pears. Bold florals burn away to reveal dark golden musk, amber, vanilla, patchouli, myrrh, and more delicate florals of rose and jasmine hidden found hidden in the depths of ancient dry woods like those found in the crypts of the Mortalitasi and used in the ancient arts of Necromancy. Honoring her heritage, there lies hints of the swirling pools of dark Dragons Blood spilled by her ancestors in the depth of this fragrance.  Key Notes - Bold orchid, juicy pomegranate, black currants, followed by deep, exotic musk and mellow spices that linger in the air. 

Apostate - Upon meeting Anders, a warm, sweet, sensuous musk lingers with longing amidst base notes of amber, sandalwood, cedarwood, myrrh, dragons blood, patchouli, and ancient woods creating an allure that is indescribable and unassuming and you find it has grown on you before you even realized it, conjuring tender thoughts for the mage even in his absence. Fresh herbal notes cling to the apostate healer of Darktown with faint wisps of rosemary, mint and elderflower from his selfless need to help others. Romantic blends of spices including cinnamon, clove, citrus and vanilla swirl with floral notes of violet, jasmine, rose, and lily to create the slow burn of a mage daring to fall in love for the first time despite the darkness that surrounds them. A splash of playful black cherry serve as a reminder of the sass and snark this former Grey Warden serves with a smile and a kiss. 

Dragon Age’s Krem Body Butter to be released by 03/22/17!


enticing silences
invisible encounters
the thorns the barbs

I followed a narrow path
from curious glances

and I am standing now in front of golden gate


where did I lose my key you stole my key
you stole it
or else I dropped it probably I did

I’ll wait here, under
shadows of lime trees, a line between two axes

in heliotropes

until the gate is miraculously opened

or I’m asphyxiated by the fragrance

  • Aries: Sultriness, Spring Burst Ether, Ferocity, Baby's Breath, Bounce, The Cosmic Dawn, Firelight, Conception, Detonation, Blast, Toddler giggles, Exploding Nebulas
  • Taurus: Cinnamon, Composure, Music notes, Entrenchment, Resolve, Saccharine, Rich, Fawn, Petals in the Dawn, Natural remedies, Aroma, Bouquet, Silk, Caressing, All four Seasons
  • Gemini: Splitting Bubbles, Freshly printed pages, The Sound of the Typewriter, Vocal chords, Childhood Giggles, Citrus Sorbet, The Winds of Change, Acidic Wit, Musical dialogue
  • Cancer: Caramel Photographs, Calligraphy, Nostalgia, Black and White Film, Ocean breath, The rabbit in the Moon, Lunar Love Notes, Psychic Moondrops, Heart swelling Newborn Cuddles
  • Leo: Mango Skyline, Delight, Rapture, Broadway Lights, Royal Glow, Cosmic Throne, Childhood Euphoria, Intuitive Jewels, Solar Kisses, Beating Heart, Spirit and Smiles, Sun Drench Haze
  • Virgo: Stitches, Herbal Aroma, Green Tea and Chai, Musical Tapping, Healing Honey, Cleansing, Crystal Lenses, Eco Villages, Intellectual Ingenuity, Fresh Paint
  • Libra: Whipped cream Piano Keys, Blossom Fragrance, Glass Bubbles, Held Hands, Lyrical Thinking, Rainbow Marbles, Flower Pastels, Dream weaved Intellect, Midday Sunshine
  • Scorpio: Morning Sex, Incense, Underworld Crystals, Crackling Charms, Musky Spellbooks, Crop Circles, Undying Devotion, Imbibed Immortality, Passion Pain and Pleasure, Stars at Dusk
  • Sagittarius: Passport Photos, Longitude and Latitude, Graduation Hats, Jet Fuel, Inflamed Intuition, Bursts of Consciousness, Running through the Woods, Scriptures, Rapture
  • Capricorn: Ice Sculptures, Saturn Rings, Cosmic Crowns, Success Sound waves, Starry Stepladders, Almond Hour Glasses, Snowglobe Cities, Appetite for Ambition, Wrinkled Hands of Wisdom, Grandparent's Love
  • Aquarius: Cloud breath, Low Riders, Lime Snow Cones, Psychedelic Ingenuity, Wifi Connection, Splashing Mermaids, Electric Air Bubbles, One World Government, Radical Protests
  • Pisces: Cerebral Symphonies, Uncorked Wine Bottles, Moisture Beads, Sea salt Window Panes, Poetry in the Sand, Winter Blankets, Meditation, The Moment between Awake and Asleep

Last week, Justin Bieber took to Instagram to tease his upcoming single, “Heartbreaker.” This week, he’s giving all of us a little bit more info about his latest scent, The Key (if only if it was the one to his heart instead!). 

Check out the short-and-sweet behind the scenes video for the top secret fragrance campaign >>


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