the kerouac cat

the-kerouac-cat replied to your postI accidentally microwaved a spider and it survived…

Let it bite you. Become a spider-themed superhero.

proper-superhero-shit replied to your postI accidentally microwaved a spider and it survived…

IT’S AN IRRADIATED SPIDER, let it bite you!!! or send it to me.

Ok friends

I don’t know where the spider went but I’m going to wait seductively in the kitchen and hope it comes for me

erik-goatie  asked:

Oh thank god. I felt seriously down about Peter. This is not Peter Parker. This is not Spider-Man. It's a half-assed, unoriginal attempt at being edgy, and everyone is treating it like its something new. And I didn't even know about Doc Ock and MJ, so that just cements it.

Yeah man, the whole thing felt more like a publicity grab than a genuine attempt to break ground and take the characters to new places. Disappointing across the board. I just don’t have time for it.

the-kerouac-cat replied to your postSo. Superior Spider-Man. What’s up with that?

Also Superior Foes looks pretty cool and tons more interesting.

It is! I’m a sucker for antiheroes and rogues at the best of times so I’d be following it even if it was mediocre, but Nick Spencer & Steve Lieber knocked the first issue out of the ballpark. Great concept backed by a great creative team, such a joy to read.