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how would you describe each member of twice?

hi nonnie!! sorry this is so late! I really wanted to sit down and write this all properly so it took a while ; __ ; forgive me juseyo

also this is kind of long…. sorry.

  • Nayeon: twice’s mommy 1/3! vocalist and fake maknae of the group, Nayeon’s our bubbly, cheerful bunny. she’s the oldest but acts the youngest (hence fake maknae). all she wants is Tzuyu’s kisses :3 despite her childish nature, Nayeon takes care of the other members as well in her own way, this side of her usually more evident around Chaeng/Momo. As the oldest I feel like she naturally has this instinct to take care of the younger girls, and the concept of her (or Jeongyeon) taking care of Jihyo is a concept I love to pieces. Is actually a really responsible member and knows exactly when to joke (she goes all out during these times) and when to be serious. Make up expert and queen of selfies and self confidence :D
  • Jeongyeon: twice’s mommy 2/3! no jam ½! severely underrated! Jeongyeon’s voice is very unique and I can always recognize it even if I’m listening to the song for the first time (it takes me a while for the other members). Jeongyeon’s very quietly protective of the group (if you blink you might just miss her mom-like moments). Her actions are very small but they all say a lot about Jeongyeon as a person and her love for her members. I feel her extra-ness and level of care for image is rivalled only by our resident dubu, Kim Dahyun.
  • Momo: a badass dancer in the body of a soft peach bun! a pure bab that just wants to eat good food, let her eat good food!! eats very well. the only things she loves more than jokbal is probably dancing and her members. Insane dance skills but isn’t given enough chances to show off these insane skills :c a pure cinnamon roll that’s very affectionate with everyone. VERY CUTE WITH BUNS, THEY’RE LIKE PEACH BUNS ON A PEACH BUN.
  • Sana: gravity’s most hated person!! gets scared by a lot of things! BUT though she may be clumsy, don’t let Sana fool you! she’s actually very smart and very badass in her own way. Sana was smart enough to do something different for her first challenge on sixteen and I will always remember that moment because it showed Sana’s potential as more than just the clumsy member of the group. Likes kisses more than she likes her own life, probably. Kisses everyone. 24/7. Someone please give her kisses too. #ShyShyShy representative. Probably dyed her hair the most number of times among the group, and looks good in every sort of hair color.
  • Jihyo: THE LOML twice’s mommy 3/3! 97-liner Park Jihyo might seem more mature than she actually is, mostly because she’s the dear leader-nim and has a responsibility of setting an example for the younger kids and leading the group! she’s actually a kid though, a troublemaker alongside Jeongyeon and occasionally Nayeon as well, has so much aegyo her aegyo level shoots through the roof! she’s very sweet and is everyone’s mom friend. Gets more hate than she deserves, let her live!! HAS THE PRETTIEST, SHINIEST BIG EYES YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. can speak some chinese and english (and probably japanese really tbh) I mean WOW??? love leader-nim, protect her, give her kisses.
  • Mina: our quiet star ballerina Minari~ Mina may appear to be quiet and elegant but she does have her badass and BIAS WRECKING moments. Mina is our resident awkward penguin. Loves Jihyo a lot. Not-so-secretly really loves Momo too :3 a very very very very talented dancer just like Momo, especially so when it comes to ballet. very good at any sort of game, be it jypnation superstar or a kendama toy like some sort of gaming goddess?? Mina is definitely someone to keep an eye on, considering that she debuted and has been succeeding so well after a mere 1 year of training! who else can do that? LEGEND ONLY
  • Dahyun: twice’s very own dubu baby! has cheeks so soft you wish there were pillows made out of them so you could sleep forever. she is and always will be my #hairgoals. more extra than you can believe someone could be. sometimes I forget that Dahyun is one of the youngest :c she’s just a baby. she’s also the leader of the after school lunch club :D I see Dahyun as someone who is very strong, mainly because she has been balancing group schedules with school, and on top of that has her own schedules (replies that make us flutter, weekly idol) and she’s kickass at all of them. I admire Dahyun’s strength a lot and she deserves more love (and also more rest pls @ jyp!!!!)
  • Chaeyoung: no jam 2/2! A BADASS RAPPER IN A SMOL BODY OF A LIL BEAN. smol but mighty, Chaeng is talented af and everyone know’s it, she’s also really a fluffy bean that is A+ cuddle material. Has the cutest dimpled smile in the whole wide world. An artist! A writer! Chaeng is a very creative person and expresses herself a lot (and very well) through these creative outlets.Though she is one of the youngest, Chaeyoung takes care of other members! Mostly Tzuyu, but also Dahyun every now and then too. Just generally a sweet lil baby bean.
  • Tzuyu: the tollest maknae ever, probably. jk. but she is pretty tall. has introduced herself as “the long-legged maknae” of twice. A PURE CINNAMON ROLL. Savagery levels through the roof. Has no time for your bullshit, she’s straightforward af (also partly because she cannot lie lmao this baby). secretly really likes kisses and asks for kisses as gifts from her unnies. a hard worker that is improving by the day!!! is more than just a pretty face, that’s for sure :D she’s so weak for dogs, but is actually a pure puppy herself.