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What images would you want on the Scottish money when we get independence. Personally I'm thinking of having the Equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington on the tenner

Fuck that, I want the highlands, glasgow shipyards, Irn Bru, Castles, Kelpies, Falkirk Wheel, Salmon on all the notes.

And it’s gonna be called the Smackaroonie and it’s gonna be perfect.


i havent’t rly been able to draw for AGES bc i’ve super busy….. with t h i s

yesyes i have a buppen now and also i went to melbourne for a while anyway but :thinking:
she’s a red acd x kelpie!!!

anyway i hope i can start trying to draw properly again soon i miss it

this was just supposed to be a sketch but then I got carried away….a lot…but anyway I think this is the final design for my take on a Kelpie. I wanted it to be more monster like than they are usually depicted since they are demons that….disembowel children. At least in most cases. There are some nice ones in legends too so I wanna see how far I can take designing maybe like, different forms of them and stuff. As well as HOOMAN forms?? I dunno we’ll see.


I’ve had this idea of druid/emissary Stiles capturing a kelpie in my head for a while now hah.

Kelpies are malevolent shape-shifting water spirits from Scottish folklore, most commonly portrayed as horses, who lure their victims to them and trick them into touching or riding the kelpie, before drowning and devouring them. According to one of the tales, if a kelpie appears already wearing a bridle, it can be captured by removing the bridle. A captured kelpie supposedly has the strength and stamina of at least ten horses, and its bridle has magical powers.

I love to romanticise everything that is mundane yet vaguely pleasant, such as:

  • going to the shop to purchase a delightful bread loaf
  • exiting a train station
  • consuming a vegetable
  • taking my shoes off
  • screaming “witch, thou shalt suffer” in the middle of the lake at all the kelpies who have lured me to my doom

My good pal @socknessmonster and I have been tossing around ideas for a li'l story we’re gonna write
And yes we have actual characters that I’ll probably share but i have a bad habit of worldbuilding monsters-first so here are the kelpies that patrol the beach and inland waterways of the setting. Though superficially similar to horses they share a closer lineage to the hippopotamus with an attitude to match. They usually mind their own business, but are fiercely territorial and will attack (and often eat) small annoying animals such as children that try to ride them. This has earned them a reputation as maneaters, and they were promptly hunted to near extinction. Small coastal populations still exist because local communities believe they keep away mermaids, which despite being rarer even than kelpies, they inexplicably seem to be perfectly adapted to lure wayward sailors close with their eeirily humanlike “faces” and reported habit of strategically stalking and even “playing” with their prey to draw them to the water’s edge.