the keep on the borderlands

the holy trinity of lives ruined by jack

(not shown: jack being moonshot into a volcano off-screen)


Roland; It’s nice to finally be out on a mission, just us guys.

Brick; Forget the guys talk. I’m here to meet touch, and/or become a unicorn.

Mordecai; I hear if you lick a unicorn’s neck, it tastes like your favorite flavor in the world!

Roland; Mordecai, I will make sure you lick that unicorn’s neck. Because I care about my friends.


Wow, a lot of people seem to like my sketches. Since I doubt I’ll ever really clean these fellas up, I guess I can just put em up for viewing. Sorry for the image spam folks but thank you all kindly for the nice comments! 

This was back when I first got into the series. Started with Tales. Done in-between breaks from my Final Year Animation Project in school. Woot!


Some of the few sticky-note drawings that I’ve actually cleaned up. That last one is for my buddy emmodii. Nothing fantastic. Just thought I’d post something. Haha.

Borderlands 3 Wish - Rhys

All I want… for BL3… is for Rhys to give me a mission(s).

I want that cinnamon roll of a CEO to gush about how cool my Vault Hunter is with every little task they perform, get shy as he tries to think up new tasks for them, and at the end…

Says thank you for taking his mission as he/she was his first Vault Hunter. (Successfully contracted anyway.)

And… I wanna see him dork out over my Action Skill and Second Winds. (Gotta have it.)

He better be my new Handsome Jack, dammit. Jack talking during BL2 and Pre-sequel made the world less empty and way more fun. They need a presence in there along with ridiculous missions (maybe picking up precious stolen cargo that ends up being socks.)

Why not make that wonderful presence Rhys?

And if the Vault Hunter REPLIES? *spazz*