the kates of hell


How is it like to give life to two women who work in a world dominated by men? “Normal. It reflects our world today. Gender, race and religion barriers to job opportunities are becoming more and more archaic. That is, at least I hope so, we are moving towards a world that hires people by their skills and talent and not by the color of their skin or the bathroom they go to.” — Stana Katic photographed by Nino Muñoz for ELLE España (2017)


The hope you gave me….
~ Jack/Ashi ~
(anime playlist)

I’m the only one who can save myself even if it seems nothing is right, the last bit of hope getting out of my sight.

HOWLING -  Abingdon Boys School
Now I’ve lost it
I know I can kill

Born Legend - Matsuoka Akio 
Tenderness will become our shield, and power will become our sword. Once we’ve known true pain, we’ll have the power to understand everything.

Cross My Heart - Daybreak
Yes, it was your sweet voice calling my name that saved me from despair when I stood at the cliff’s edge.

Flower of Hell - Shimamiya Eiko
Escape, escape, from this sorrowful fate.
You are not a flower of Hell. 

To the Beginning - Kalafina
The light of the beautiful moon sinks down to the beginning,
Far beyond the sky and into your grieving eyes.

The Eternal Country - Seikou Nagaoka

The Source of Love - Kasahara Hiroko 
It was a very small and fleeting eternity.

Cass had to wear stilettos for an undercover mission. Barbara, Kate, Selina and Steph were all unavailable. Like hell Harper knows herself. So who teaches her how to walk in heels?

Dick fucking Grayson.


Kate: Javi I love you plz tell me u feel the same!
Javi: no habla es English.

Alternative choices:

Kate: Javi, I’m In love with u
Javi: I’m gay.

Kate: Javi, do you love me??
Javi: hell naw. to the naw naw naw!

Kate: Javi I-
Javi: Yeet!

Kate: Javi I love you lets be together :)
Javi: *makes peace sign and disappears*

Kate: I LOVE U
Javi: wrong number. 
Kate: I'm next to you?
Javi: wrong address. LEAVE A MESSAGE AT THE TONE!

Kate: <3

Kate: *inhales* 
Javi: No.