My brother and I were singing along to ’ ‘Kiwi’ and my brother goes “Kiwi stands for ‘Kendall I Wasn’t Interested’ ” and I swear that’s one of the truest things I’ve ever heard my brother say


The clapbacks from Biggie’s mother, Suge Jr. Knight, and Sharon Stone though 😭😭😭And that apology was probably written by someone from their team cause it says the exact same thing and was posted at the same time. But how did Kendall and Kylie think this was gonna go? Then had the nerve to sell it for $125 😭😭

It’s been a year since Kimye pulled the whole snapchat thing and “exposed” Taylor Swift so lets review what has happened since

The Kardashians have

  • done blackface
  • photoshopped their faces on legendary musicians merchandise and tried to sell it as their own
  • publicly supported Donald Trump
  • did that Pepsi commercial

and Taylor has 

  • gotten into a relationship
  • …..probably baked some cookies