the kardashian sisters

anonymous asked:

Do you think the Kardashian sisters are mean to Kylie? I've seen a lot of this on the show

probably not intentionally, but as you know they don’t really like (idk how to put this right) individuality?? if that makes any sense?

remember awhile back when kylie dyed her hair blue and kim and basically her entire family hated it? and then kim said did this: 

or when kendall, kourtney, and kylie were sunbathing and kourtney said kendall was the only one she liked in the family, i can’t find the video but it’s out there lmao. 

but now that kylie has ‘conformed’ to more of what her family is into; a.k.a. the black culture, it seems that they like her a lot more and are more welcoming to her. 

remember how kylie’s style was a lot more grunge, and she wore flannels? 

and now all she wears are bodycon dresses and just tight fitting clothing and she changed her hair:

anyway, now that kylie has pretty much conformed to what her family likes kim seems to appreciate it a lot more:

and now kylie is looking a hell of a lot more like kim:

so yep.