the kardashian family

anonymous asked:

I'm a taylor fan who tends to avoid social media for the most part and honestly the general public is like not even that interested in this kimye scandal. Everyone who I heard discussing it were just like "oh yeah that happened." Plus when you think about it, what average person takes ANYTHING the kardashians do seriously anyway? NO ONE. they're a joke, and most people would just assume everything is PR for their trash show and lives'.

Exactly. As a normal, human being with a brain you would believe Taylor over the trashy kardashian family any day. And that’s exactly why we should because what a surprise, they did it for the pr

i never thought i’d be on the side of the kardashian family (or even have to type in the word “kardashian”) but a broke clock is right twice a day, and i’m always down for someone clocking taylor swift. her and her whole “squad” of faux-feminist, mostly white(/passing), skinny ambivalent chicks need to have all of the seats (except for zendaya; blessed be the young queen for always coming correct). everyone of them is on twitter talking about “let’s focus on the real issues of the world,” but i don’t see them talking about Black Lives Matter, gun violence, Trump, immigration, the global refugee crisis, the economy, politics, or anything else of substance, so why the plea of civic engagement all of sudden? stay pressed! this new class of “star/celebrity” is weak as they come.

i’m just minding my own business going through tumblr when all of a sudden i see that kim kardashian and taylor swift are trending. i go ahead and check out the tags and i start reading all the posts and i mean i don’t keep up with them nor do i have any clue what is going on. but…like…why am i having such a good time? why am i laying down in the dark softly chuckling to myself?? i really feel like i’ve made a grave error in judgement.