the karaoke scene

If Iris West was played by Danielle Panabaker instead of Candice Patton, and Caitlin was played by Candice instead of Danielle, this stupid ship war would not exist...

…The existing SB shippers would ship Westallen.

…They would never complain about Barry putting his fiance, his future wife and the mother of his future kids before a friend.

…The existing SB shippers wouldn’t be mourning Caitlin’s death.

…The existing SB shippers would actually ship Caitlin with Cisco, someone who has consistently shown love and support for her.

…Iris would never be slut shamed for what she wears.

…Iris would never be erased from the narrative. There would be so much talk about the importance of family and friendship and history and true love and blah blah blah.

“Being a doctor doesn’t make Caitlin’s life more important than Iris’. That’s his soulmate and the MOTHER of his kids.”

…Caitlin would get called out for all of her incorrect medical terminology and procedures. Her schooling and medical liscense would be questioned every episode.

…Iris would never be called selfish. She would get coddled and be given every single consideration a person could strum up.

…Patty? None of the existing SBs would have shipped Barry and Patty.

… That karaoke scene that Sbs cling to so much and after when Caitlin was drunk and offered Barry a “peek of her goods,” OMG Caitlin would have been demonized as being thirsty or slutty or irresponsible.

I could literally list 100 more things that would be different, but I’m not in the mood.


Thank you! Now that I have your attention, guess what?! We are hosting another jaylos week as per request of @jayandcarlos . This year our lovely fandom week will be in June from the 18th to the 24th

To repeat, June 18-24 is jaylos week!
The topic this year are different from last year to avoid reposts and bring in new fantastic material. Here they are!

June 18- Rivals
(Jay and Carlos are rivals, do they hate eachother? Or do they have secret crushes on the other they can’t reveal? Do they go to rivals schools or are they competing for a position on the tourney field? YOU DECIDE! )

June 19- accidental magic
(Whoops! Look like something went amiss with some magic! Did Carlos eat a love cookie? Did Jay loose his ability to talk, unless he kisses his crush? Did some spell accidentally get the two off them stuck together?Who knows! Pull out your brain caps and scan some old hogwart fanfic because we’re about to go down the accidental magic and its consequences road. BUCKLE UP!)

June 20- supernatural
(Alright, alright, calm down. This theme can go both ways, is this theme a supernatural TV au, or is it simply a theme about werewolves, vampires and witches? Do the boys steal an impala and drive away from their destiny’s to fight as Michael and lucifer’s sword or do they deal with the horrifying drama when they find out Jay is really a vampire!? Ooooo spooky!)

June 21- runaways
(Weather this story takes place on the island, in Auradon or a modern world our characters have made plans and are sneaking out of the house for good! Did they plan to run away together or did the two of them meet under a bridge seeking shelter from the rain? Living on your own ain’t easy but this couple is running as far away as they can)

June 22- fashion
(Admit it everyone has wanted to be a model or a fashion designer at least once, and now we will be! Or at least Jay or Carlos will. Is Jay a designer who found his muse on the street, or is Carlos the stage crew during the popular runway show falling in love with the playboy model?? Is Auradon high having a fashion show? Are Carlos and Jay stuck as Evie’s models? You tell me!)

June 23-High school Musical Au
(Everyone remembers that supper sappy cheesy high-school musical movie from 2005, that was revolutionary at the time right? Good! Because that’s the story were telling. But it’s up to you if the kids are simply doing a HSM play, trapping our favorite couple as the main charecters or if Jay is Troy Bolton and Carlos is Gabrielle? Do you dare consider the two of them working together as Chad and Taylor as they attempt to break up one of the beloved couples (evie&doug, mal&ben) You can always re-shoot the iconic shy karaoke scene or dance around the pool as Audrey sings out faboulus! You chose.)

June 24- personality swap
(Uh-ooh! It’s a personality swap! Cast Jay as the shy insecure computer nerd, and a confident bad boy Carlos as the two of them embark on the embarrassed and backward path toward love! Does Carlos ride a motercyle? Is Jay short now, or is he still tall, and just intimidated by a bite-sized flirty blond? So much drama!)

I hope you all decide to join in and have fun! Everyone is welcome and is free to join whenever they can! Spend the word and if you having any questions just contact me @musiclovercd3 or my dear friend who got this week on the road @jayandcarlos we’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you guys in anyway!

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Has Amber done any other musical work apart from OMWF?

Oh boy do I have a treat for you.

HERE is Amber singing Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me for a Rocky Horror Picture show 25th anniversary special. She is adorable and slightly awkward because she’s singing in her undies and it’s the most endearing thing I’ve ever seen from a Rocky Horror anything.

HERE is Amber singing Joni Mitchell’s My Old Man with Russell Brown to help raise money for Worldbuilders in 2014.

HERE is (my personal fav) Amber singing The One I Need, which is a song she did for The Killing Jar soundtrack - a movie she also starred in. Her lower range makes me feel some type’a way.

And HERE is a cover of Baby it’s Cold Outside that Amber and Challenger’s Comics owner Patrick Brower did just this past Holiday Season. 

She doesn’t do nearlyyy enough musical projects, in my opinion, and it’s really a shame because her voice is so beautiful. I’m guessing she miiight have done more musical-y things when she was younger and still doing theatre, but we may never know. 

EDIT - embarassingly, I missed a few gems! can’t forget:

HERE, @headcannonwip has so generously shared Amber singing Tom Dooley with Union Maid (Adam Busch’s band) - definitely listen to the whole track for Amber’s great laugh!

and the most amazing karaoke scene in any lifetime movie, HERE you can watch Amber sing Juice Newton’s Queen of Hearts in the movie 7 Things to Do Before I’m 30. It’s adorable, watch it, fall in love all over again.

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I sort of forget that it's only the second episode, and we've already gotten so much great evak content like??? Can you imagine what julie has in store for us? also let's never forget that there is a karaoke bar scene with EVERYONE


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what do you think the show would be like if danielle wasn't cast as cait?

Good question. I guess we would have an older more cold Caitlin. I dont think she would be that close to Cisco and Barry as well since of the age gape. So, we wouldn’t have a karaoke scene or any scene where Cait and Barry bound and connect the way they did in the last few seasons. 

Grant: “I love Danielle, and working with her. She’s the best. I love that [Snowbarry] storyline. The karaoke scene was one of my favorite scenes to shoot, and one of the funniest things that’s been on the show. That’s really fun, and I hope we do more of that, in the future.” 

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Ahhh!!! I think we're gonna be getting the karaoke scene on Friday!! Chris won't be there because when they were filming that scene Ina was actually in Berlin!!!! I desperately want Noora, Isak, Jonas, Vilde and Sana singing karaoke

i knoooooow i’ve been gushing over that scene with @skamforfaen a little bit earlier and WE’RE BOTH SO EXCITED

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I swear to god if Eskild isn't in the Karaoke bar scene which has been speculated to have everyone in it I'm gonna just commit

omg i know imagine him singing some cheesy pop song and dancing? i would sell my soul for this. but i’m not really sure because carl was on his vacation for a long time?!