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All I Want for Christmas

Summary: Fully inspired by the iconic karaoke scene between Troy and Gabriella in High School Musical, and even a bit of @mangosoldier‘s recent fic “Baby its Cold Outside”.

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Sighing quietly to yourself, your eyes drift back to the mini stage that was held inside the building. It was time for the yearly holiday party at the Avengers tower, your oh so great friend Natasha was the one who made you come here in the first place.

She insisted for you to come out and live a little, ease up while you sip away on some holiday drinks and laugh hysterically as people took turns to sing some karaoke. God forbid you to have a turn on that stage, you would instantly panic and drop dead if that were the case.

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Snowbarry week: Day 5 favorite granielle moment(s)

Grant: I love Danielle Panabaker, and I love working with her. She’s the best. The karaoke scene was one of my favorite scenes to shoot, and one of the funniest things that’s been on the show. I hope we do more of that, in the future.
Danielle: I adore him. We have such a great relationship, and he has such a youthful spirit. He’s also extremely sensitive and sweet, and I appreciate that about him.


allensbellisario  asked:

top 5 snowbarry moments :)


1. the karaoke scene

2. barry bringing caitlin back when she goes all killer frost on 3x07

3. the whole playful banter/flirting on 1x12 when barry tells cait she doesn’t have a life

4. 1x03 when bar goes with her to the particle accelerator 

5. the ‘will you stay with me until I fall asleep?’

Ask me my “TOP 5/TOP 10” anything!

anonymous asked:

Shay! Did you hear the new version of "Beauty and the Beast"?? The one by Ariana Grande and John Legend?? It actually gave me feels, and as a Royai trash, I suddenly remembered your BATB AU! I really hope you do write a oneshot featuring Beast!Roy & Belle!Riza. I love you and your blog and your writing so much!!! 💕

I did hear it, Nonny! And oh my god I loved it! I’m excited about the orchestral version too alsdfkjaksldfjafdj <3

I definitely plan on writing one ahhhhhhhh!!! Maybe I’ll write the ballroom scene…

The Bodyguard was an experience. Deborah Cox sounded sort of tired for the first act? Still sounded good tho. Thought the main guy just…really sucked. The dancers were amazing. It feels weird to call it a musical because all of the songs (save for one silly karaoke scene) were sung by two characters, and also almost all of the songs were diegetic. For the most part it was a play with songs.

And it was one of those tours that demonstrated p much everything I dislike about national tours. The whole production felt like a machine, with perfect choreography and placement and a lot of light show craziness and like, no spontaneity, no intimacy. And the fact that the orchestra was not in the pit but mic’d from offstage somewhere did not help. Really just felt like an amusement park event, which is not why I love theatre.

And the audience responded to it as such. VERY chatty, as if the actors weren’t there. The group in front of me must have injected espresso directly into their bloodstream with how much they were talking amongst themselves and fidgeting and literally waving their arms around.

But if it sounds like I hated it LET ME TELL YOU I did NOT because uh second act Deborah Cox was on!!! it!!! And the dancing was truly incredible, the play itself was…not *amazing* writing but really not as embarrassing as it could have been, and even if it was a light show spectacle, at least it was a really solid one

And ok so I Will Always Love You: Debbie was sounding great, I was enjoying it, she was wearing a very plain work outfit, whatever, and then the curtain came over her for an instrumental break and they projected the main characters’ faces and it was honestly the worst, I was cringing, and then THE CURTAIN OPENED BACK UP AND DEBORAH 👏🏽 COX 👏🏽 WAS WEARING THIS S T U N N I N G DRESS AND SERVED THE REST OF THE SONG and…..and……and…..ok when she stops for a second and it’s completely silent and then there’s the big *boom* AND IIIIIIIIIII? on the *boom* the SPOTLIGHT CAME ON and then on the “and I” moment SHE STARTED RISING ABOVE THE STAGE like a portion of the set was built to lift her up and I was truly living and the audience went WILD

I thought that would be the best part of the show but then as a post-curtain call they did I Wanna Dance With Somebody and oh my god…… was worth the $33 just so I could see Deborah Cox sing that song (one of my all time favorite jams, like, top five Songs I Must Dance To) with INCREDIBLE dancing (oh yeah the chorus boys were rlly ripped and hot, shocking) and it just. knocked my socks off. I have rarely been more willing to clap along in the theatre.

worth it

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are you excited for the musical episode? Do you know when its gonna air! Im excited to see Melissa and Grant together but I wish Chris was singing bc apparently he isnt :(

Yeah I’m excited and yeah I wish he was singing because what a missed opportunity but you never know we could be surprised. And if he doesn’t then he’ll probably get a karaoke scene in the future lol.

Grant: “I love Danielle, and working with her. She’s the best. I love that [Snowbarry] storyline. The karaoke scene was one of my favorite scenes to shoot, and one of the funniest things that’s been on the show. That’s really fun, and I hope we do more of that, in the future.”