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か is for からす (karasu): crow
is for きつね (kitsune): fox
is for くま (kuma): bear
is for けしごむ (keshigou): rubber eraser
こ is for こうもり (koumori): bat

Happy learning °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°  


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[#Kanji of the Day] Monday April 24, 2017 (Heisei 29):慟哭

Japanese Romaji: doukoku
Japanese Meaning: wailing / lamentation / wail / lament

dou - be sad / grieve

koku(ne, na) - weep / wail / moan

Chinese Pinyin: tòngkū
Chinese Meaning: to weep bitterly / to wail / to cry one’s heart out

tòng - extreme grief / deep sorrow / sadness / weep bitterly / wail / mourn / be moved

kū - to weep / to cry / to sob / to wail / to whimper

Kanji Count | Word Count: 2812 | 1758

Kanji for 23 April 2017 / 平成29年4月23日

  • ON: モ
  • Kun: しげ・る
  • Nan: うむさ、き、し、つとむ、む、もて

overgrown; grow thick, be luxuriant

茂林 (もりん) “luxuriant (dense) forest”

繁茂 (はんも) “luxuriant growth, rankness (of weeds)”

Refresher! Yesterday’s kanji: 厄 (ヤク; none; none)

KAD Classic

  • ON: ドク
  • Kun: none
  • Nan: none

poison, virus, venom, germ; harm, injury, spite

anonymous asked:

hello this question is out of nowhere but i was wondering you are learning japanese right? Do you know any good apps for it? Ive been looking around but i cant find anything good

I wouldn’t say there’s any good apps to TEACH you, but some that can help.

google translate: NOT good for translating sentences, but good for kanji. free

memrise: I can’t say much about this since I haven’t used it heavily yet, but it’s good for learning words and phrases. free

Japanese: I use this app to look up kanji (it’s not like, a full dictionary, just a sort of beginers guide) and study kanji I forgot how much this costs…maybe like 2$ max?

Kana: if you don’t know Hiragana and Katana yet there’s plenty of apps that can help. I used this one  free

Hello talk: I use this app to talk to other Japanese students and natives to try to pratice it more  FREE

Human Japanese: I used this one just for general lessons and grammer stuff. Costed like maybe 2-4$ per app 

Not sure if I mentioned before, but I love Shindou’s name. It’s like his parents said, “let’s see how many positive kanji we can cram into his name!”

Shindou is 真道, where 真 is “truth” and 道 is “way”.

Koujirou is 幸路朗 with 幸 meaning “joy”, 路 “way” again, and 朗 “light/bright”.

And then he goes around wearing that face most of the time. :D;;