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Hi! Lovely blog you have here! I have found so many fics I didn't know existed, so I thank you! Was wondering if you know of any fics where Stiles is just done, he just can't take anymore. So he decides to leave and maybe the pack or Derek beg him to stay but he just can't. Eventually he comes back and Sterek gets there happy ever after??? I've read like 2 but I am not sure of tags for this. Any help will be amazing, thank you!


Anonymous said: Do you have any fic where Derek and/or the pack hurt Stiles to push him away of them and keep him safe but with him not comming back to them after finding their real reasons? I’m really tired of those and I’d really like to see Stiles being really mad and hurt about them not letting him make his own decisions (Bonus: Steter, but not necessarily, like any fic with said prompt would be great)

I combined these two and updated the Stiles Kicked Out of the Pack Tag. In some he comes back and some he doesn’t. And since it’s an update it’s various pairings. - Anastasia

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Never broken just bent by Deathgirl777

(1/? I 293 I Not Rated I Sciles)

Stiles got kick/or push out of the pack. But save the whole pack three months from a monster (Greek) and he’s past come and bites him in the ass hard 

Plot Twist: Jackson and Isaac Choose Stiles by Sempiternal

(1/1 I 585 I Not Rated I No Pairing)

Just a little a one shot. Scott kicks Stiles out of the pack, and surprisingly, Jackson and Isaac have something to say about it.

Pressure by JustATaste

(2/? I 1,053 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Stiles has to get away from the pressure.

So he leaves Beacon Hills.

All Across the Tightrope by CurlyLahey (orphan_account)

(1/? I 1,404 I Explicit I Stiles/Barry Allen)

Stiles Stilinski felt as if he lost it all the day Garrett bit him, he was his Beta now. Garrett had murdered his dad, Scott and the pack shunned him and Derek left him for Braeden. The only friends he had were Isaac, Theo and Brett; the only ones who were willing to stick by him.

In a fit of rage, Stiles kills Garrett and becomes an Alpha; to top it all off, a vampire breaks into his house and just in time for the last semester of senior year too.

Stiles and his pack of Betas leave Beacon Hills to attend college and as they expand the pack along the way, they also gain some extraordinary allies in the process and it’s then this pack of misfits realize you can find a home in the most unlikliest of people and places.

Oh and they kick some serious ass too.

you’ll be sorry in the morning by Cantabo

(1/1 I 1,706 I Teen I Sterek)

“Hey, where the hell is Stilinski?”

No one called, until someone did. by queen_of_OTPs

(1/1 I 4,419 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles found that he hadn’t spoken more than necessary since August. Gone were the rambling rants, extravagant gestures, and range of vocal tones. Monotone sentences that were cut with sharp edges, words like knives and tone like venom.

No one had called.

True Spark Stiles by Kosu

(2/? I 5,724 I Teen I Sterek)

Everything has happened exactly like in Teen Wolf until Season 5. Except everyone is captured and dies tragically confronting the Dread Doctors and the only survivor is Stiles, who has undergone through many experiments. It unlocks his unlimited hidden Spark. It is a leftover from the Nogitsune and including the loss of the Pack it brings upon his madness. No matter what. Stiles is gonna fix everything.

It is only after years, that he has finally gathered everything for the Pack’s resurrection. However, something goes amiss and it sends him to the past instead, where he haunts his seven year old self. Everything will soon unfold. The Hale fire.

Stiles has a plan and decides not to involve his Pack. It’s to keep them safe. However, nothing goes according to the plan. Not with the Pack…

Deception by cecld

(9/? I 6,762 I Not Rated I No Pairing)

They left me here…

In this supernatural realm. The sorcerous’s domain. I’m his slave, he trapped me here…

I was surprised and hurt how easily it was for my pack to let me go.

So really…

They shouldn’t have been so surprised and hurt at how easy it was for me to let them go.

Why should I even go outside of this realm?

I’m home.

Fine Again by SilasSolarius

(4/? I 10,308 I Mature I Stiles/OMC)

Stiles has been hiding a few very important secrets from everyone around him. When tragedy strikes him under their noses, they start to discover just how much they don’t know.

The Promised Land by StaciNadia

(1/1 I 10,952 I General I Sterek)

Pushed away from the pack, Stiles has had enough of Beacon Hills.

Molotov Cocktail by CurlyLahey

(6/? I 10,957 I Explicit I Stiles/Everyone)

Stiles had never been sure where his place in the pack was but one day, Derek had no problem reminding him that he didn’t have one in the first place.

A dejected and distraught Stiles mostly spends his time with Danny. Skyping Isaac and Jackson is a necessity and the three are inseparable; well as inseparable as one can be from an ocean apart.

Then he and Danny meets Aria, a Fairy with sarcasm oozing out of her very pores. The three form an unlikely (not really) bond during the last few months of school that lead into summer and when Isaac and Jackson come back for junior year, it’s a hell of a ride.

The five begin to venture into uncharted waters in the form of feelings for each other. It’s a fire, a hungry and raging fire they’re all too willing to feed.

Who would have guessed; the Werewolf, the Fairy, the Kanima/Werewolf Hybrid, its Master/Witch and the Elemental (Yes, Danny can control the elements). One thing you can count on is the Hale-McCall Pack suffering and definitely missing out.

Limits by HeadmasterFelix

(4/? I 13,131 I Explicit I Steter)

Stiles has fallen from the man he used to be, pushed to the edge by the monstrous nature of Beacon Hills as well as a strained relationship with Scott and his pack. When he hits his limit, he takes his future into his own hands, and Peter finally gets what he’s been after for so long.

Love will win in the end by evilcupcake

(11/? I 18,660 I Mature I Steter I Rape)

The last thing she remembers is scoring the winning goal and then Jackson dying. The lights had gone out and someone had shoved a sweet-smelling cloth over her nose and mouth. She remembers struggling and then the world got dark. She didn’t get a look at who attacked her but she did feel that the person had major muscles and that they were taller. She could feel their breath on the back of her neck and it made the hairs stand up.

With You, I Belong by brandileeder

(12/? I 24,396 I Mature I Deucalion/Stiles I Rape)

Despite Stiles doing all he can to help ‘his’ pack, the continue to toss him to the side. The undervalue and under appreicate him, and honestly, Stiles repects himself too much.
So he leaves.
But then the Alpha Pack is there, and Deucalion is there, and maybe, just maybe they aren’t all that evil after all.

or the bad friend scott and bad alpha derek and stiles leaves the pack fic that I really, really wanted man

We’ll be Better Around the Second Time by Cantabo

(12/12 I 26,589 I Mature I Sterek)

It’s been months. Months of fading contact with the pack. Months of the silent treatment from his father. Months of nothing but himself and the occasional lesson with Deaton to entertain him.

It’s too much, and eventually, Stiles leaves.

For years, everything goes great, until of course his dad gets injured, and he is suddenly forced to deal with people he thought he left behind in his past for good.

OR: Stiles gets pushed out of the pack, hits the road, makes new friends, learns how to grow up, and falls in love.

Well shit, Sourwolf by ColdHeartedBitch

(39/? I 29,809 I Not Rated I Sterek I Girl!Stiles)

Derek left Beacon Hills. Stiles is 17 and pregnant. Her father kicked her out, the Pack don’t give a shit about her since her baby is Derek’s. Somehow, she manages to find new family and home. Derek finds her and tries to win her forgiveness.

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to be fair there was that "who's Erica?" dance scene in season 2 with ~intense~ Jackson/Isaac staring when they tried to poison the kanima/find its master. but still

does that mean Isaac is bi too

hot news: everyone in BH is bi, except for Stiles and Derek of course, these two are 100 % heterosexual lmao

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Top 5 teen wolf eps?

5.) Night School, Season 1 episode 7
What a classic. Five frenemies trapped in the school with a homicidal werewolf. Like I know that technically Teen Wolf started in “Wolf Moon”…but this is when Teen Wolf started. Here we have the birth of Scott’s original “pack.” Plus, Lydia’s my fave and I always love looking back at how much she’s changed (and the freaking Molotov Cocktail scene. There’s the badass Lydia Martin that I love).

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(also, Stiles punches Jackson in the face so that’s cool).

4.) Insatiable, Season 3 episode 23
lemme tell you, this is one of the only Teen Wolf episodes I’ve watched live, it was the culmination of weeks of knowing someone was going to die, and it was the most anxiety-ridden hour of television I’ve ever sat through

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3.) Amplification + Lie Ability, Season 5 episodes 15 and 16
I’m counting these as one because I don’t want to pick and they’re pretty much one long two-parter episode. Oceans 11 style heist, the pack finally reuniting to rescue Lydia, Scott getting his alpha mojo back, and oh yeah… this????

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Lord. Help me

2.) Galvanize, Season episode 15

Ugh this episode is everything. It’s fun. It’s funny. It’s brightly colored and well-lit (miraculously). It’s got Stydia-detectiving and Scira flirting (and Scott having a good time for once yay). It’s got TWO iconic lines ( “I’m the hot girl” and “ANOTHER WEREWOLF???”). It’s Lydia-centric, focusing around her anxieties about her powers and is the first step of her learning to control them. 

And I’m really trying here to make this not be centered around Stydia, but c’mon. The red string of fate scene. This is what cemented my ass as a hardcore Stydia shipper for life. This scene is so moving and sweet and downright cinematic in its symbolism.

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(seriously tho my bb slays in this episode).

Honorable mentions (because f you for making me pick five lol):

- Party Guessed, Season 2 episode 9

Mostly because I’m such a Lydia Martin ho and the cold open of her in this is absolutely fantastic and horrifying. Also, it had the big reveal of Matt as the Kanima master! Yeah…it’s mostly because of the cold open, I’ll admit it.

- Perishable, Season 4 episode 9

I know. Whaaaaat? What is a Season 4 episode doing on this list? But Perishable was the one highlight of that entire season. Brunski was absolutely terrifying and they should have made him the main villain that season and cashed in on his natural villainousness instead of using that cheap bait and switch.

- Alpha Pact, Season 3 episode 11

An overall solid episode with two standout scenes: the Nemeton sacrifices and the first Stydia kiss.

- Riders on the Storm, Season 6 episode 10

All around sort of sloppy like we’ve come to expect from Teen Wolf season finales and Teen Wolf episodes in general in the later seasons, but it has too many epic moments to be discounted, including but not limited to the second Stydia kiss.

- Motel California, Season 3 episode 6

Because it’s Motel California and I’m basic like that, lol.

And finally….

1.) Riddled, Season 3 episode 18
The height of Teen Wolf’s powers, in my opinion. Suspenseful, terrifying, touching…I honestly don’t have much to say. This episode was thrilling from the moment Scott picked up his phone to the very end when HOLY SHIT STILES IS THE NOGITSUNE???


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(tbh, this list could probably be made up entirely of 3b episodes - Anchors, More Bad Than Good, Echo House are a few that come to mind - but I wanted to make this list at least semi diverse).

Re-Reading 3B: Druids & the Game, part 4A

Previously in this meta series:

Okay, I promised in this part I’d explain the chess board, and I didn’t quite realise what I was setting out to do when I said that. Because boy howdy, this meta is chock to the brim with my outlandish theories of what’s actually happening. You might disagree with my reading, and that’s totally okay. I’d love to read your take on it; you might convince me to change my mind. :)

Part A isn’t focused on Derek and Stiles (although I do still talk about them), as it’s giving background on the politics of Teen Wolf, especially the druids. In Part B, I’ll look at the chess board itself in light of the politics, and show how Derek and Stiles fit.

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Arboreal Dreams - Part 4

Summary: In a curious case of benevolent dryads, as thanks for sparing their lives, Sam, Dean and Castiel are gifted with a small but precious parcel: you.

Word count: 1200ish

Pairing: Eventual polyamorous Castiel x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings/tropes: UN-BETED, Size-difference (reader is like Thumbelina for the first few parts but she is NOT underage), creature fic, canon-level violence, UST and eventual graphic smut.

A/N: Sooo, like a little something for New Year’s. It’s nothing much but just a teensy tiny hint of case-fic action. There’ll be more of that later on, mostly so that this whole thing ISN’T just romance and I can argue that there’s some semblance of plotty things every now and again…

ALSO. This chapter references the first season of Teen Wolf, but only includes Lydia Martin and a kanima.

ANYWAYS. Thanks everybody for reading and enjoying the previous parts! Your likes mean so much to me! ^^ Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful New Year and that you have a wonderful time whether or not you’re spending it with someone. Be well everybody and take care~

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3| Next Part

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The Kanima, a weapon of vengeance, is used to carry out the bidding of its master. The Kanima was once used by a South American priest who took it upon himself to rid his village of all murderers. The bond between master and servant grew stronger until the will of the master became that of the Kanima’s and whomever the priest deemed unworthy, the Kanima served his vengeance.

TW Rewatch 2x05: An abundance of hints, Morell stalls and Danny probably knows.

The rewatch continues at a snails pace :) For those in need of a slight recap 2x05 is the episode where Derek tests Jackson and Lydia to see who’s the kanima by feeding them both kanima venom. The theory is that a snake cannot be poisoned by his own venom. Lydia is targeted and the gang do their best to save her from Derek and his leather clad gang of misfits. 

In retrospect this episode gives us A LOT of foreshadowing and if you pay attention to the stuff in the background it actually reveals who the culprit is. Very amusing and obvious when you know what’s coming. 

The “pay attention” poster

This chemical warning poster has been foreshadowing all season that something is up. We’ve seen it in relation to Jackson, Scallison and Peter and Lydia to name a few. Jackson we now know is the kanima, Peter is mind-fucking Lydia and Scott and Allison are heading for a breakup.  I’m interpreting the poster to mean we should pay extra attention to the characters or conversation happening, and that it’s important to the story somehow.Basically it’s exclamation points. And since they’re not just limited to the chemistry classroom like you should think, but also in the hallways and library as well this makes them stand out even more. 

The first time we see it in this episode is in relation to Scott and Stiles. So what does that mean? I know we talk a lot about a possible schism between the two, but i don’t think this is meant to relate to this. Or maybe it is? I definitely think we should pay attention to what they’re talking about…. 

Stiles: All right, I only found one thing online called a kanima. It’s a werejaguar from South America that goes after murderers. 
Scott: That thing was not a jaguar. 
Stiles: Yeah, and I’m not exactly a murderer. 
Scott: Yeah, but you did see it kill somebody, which is probably why it tried to kill you. And it’s still trying to kill you, and it probably won’t stop until you’re dead. 
Stiles: You know, sometimes I really begin to question this “friendship.”

They are discussing a werejaguar from South America. We know that Jeff had intended to bring Kate back much earlier but scheduling made it difficult. So i think first and foremost these posters are telling us this little conversation is important. It will be significant one way or the other. At the time i don’t think Jeff had pictured it would take more than two seasons for it to pay off, but still. 

And as for schism - Stiles did - jokingly - question their friendship. And when Stiles jokes it usually comes true… just saying. 

Lots more below the cut!

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If I Can't Have You, No One Can - Matt Daehler Imagine

Request: Hi I’m new at you blog and I was wondering if I could get a one shot of matt daehler and the whole storyline of him being obsessed with Alison but instead of Alison it’s me

Word Count: 700+

[A/N]: I didn’t do the exact storyline, but I did include a lot of the things that happened between them. Hope you enjoy! :)

“Alright,” Sheriff Stilinski sighed, “I’m gonna ask you one more time, what happened at the party?”

You stopped tapping your fingernails on the desk and leaned forward, keeping the Sheriff’s loose jacket wrapped around you. “I told you nothing happened,” you shrugged, “or at least not anything that I know of.”

“So nothing happened between you and that boy…that boy—”


“Yes, him.”

You hesitated. If you let out even the slightest bit of information, would it reveal everything? Would he find out about the Kanima and its master? The hunters? The werewolves?

You knew the sheriff was uninformed of all those the things and the supernatural world in general. Stiles hadn’t bothered to tell him about, and you had a clear view as to why.

“Well,” you started, “He tried to kiss me, he…did kiss me.”

"And what happened after that?”

“I pushed him away, and made up an excuse about having to make a phone call.” You sat back against the chair.

“Was it really an excuse or did you actually have to call someone?” he questioned.

You scoffed, shaking your head, “Does it really matter?” He gave you a frustrated look. “Yes,” you nodded, “It was just an excuse.”

You bit your lip as quickly jotted down your words on a nearly empty piece of notebook paper.

"One last question,” he spoke, “Are you in anyway involved with Matt’s death?”

You slowly shook your head, and you were being completely honest on the subject. You weren’t, you didn’t even know how he died.

Sheriff Stilinski let out a heavy breath, “You’re free to go.”

You nodded as you stood, making your way out of his office. The moment you set foot in the waiting area you were greeted by your antsy best friend, Stiles, well—more harassed than greeted.

“W-what happened? What’d he say?” You gave him a brief look of annoyance. “Did you tell him anything about the supernatural world?”

You sighed, “No, Stiles, your secret’s safe.”

Stiles frowned a little bit, “Right, I’m sorry. You’re probably really tired,” he rubbed the back of his neck, “Do you need a ride home?”

You shook your head, “I think I’ll just walk.”

And so you did. It was a good thirty minute walk from the station to your house and it gave you time to think.

What would’ve happened if you had told Sheriff Stilinski about Matt’s obsession with you? If you had told him about the dozens of pictures his camera held of you?

You held his forgotten camera in your hands, scrolling through picture after picture of the lacrosse team until you got to one of you. It was just a simple candid, one of you in chem, laughing with Lydia.

It was cute, so you just brushed it off. I mean, it was only one picture, right? Wrong. The next one was of you, as was the one after that and the one after that, all from your Aunt Kate’s funeral.

“Weird,” you thought to yourself, but that wasn’t even the start of it. Picture after picture of you appeared on his camera screen, some of them with you in comfort of your own home.

You jumped a bit when a knock thudded through your window. You looked over to see Matt himself.

And that wasn’t even the worst part of the whole thing. I mean, sure, being stalked and having unknown pictures taken of you is scary, but what was en worse was when you tried to confront him about them.

He was all cheesy in the beginning but got extremely defensive when you mentioned stalking.

“You think I’m the kind of guy who’s gonna say something like, ‘Well if I can’t have you, no one can’? Well—you know what—get over yourself because there’s a pretty girl walking into the room every five minutes.”

And those words were so devastatingly close to the last words you heard from the demented boy in your paralyzed state, and you remember them so vividly.

“Remember when I told you I’m not the kind of guy to say ‘Well if I can’t have you, no one can’. Well, [Y/n], that’s not completely true because If I can’t have you, no one can.”

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Soulmate AU for the one where you share extreme physical sensation until/after you find them; if one of you hurts the other one hurts, for Steter plz.

A/N I WROTE ANGST I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY. No, this was really fun to write and I enjoyed it.

The Hale House is burning. The flames are faster than the wolves, faster than the human children. Almost all will perish and their sorrow will ricochet through the soulmates that they will never meet. Their pain will become their pain, and for some, it will be too much. The Hale family won’t be the only ones to die tonight.

Peter Hale is burning. And Stiles Stilinski is burning with him.

Stiles is on fire. He’s screaming for his father, for his mother who has been dead for at least a year. He can feel the flames; feel his soulmate crying out for him. He wants to help but he’s only ten years old, what can he do? He can do nothing but burn.

An ambulance is called, though Stiles is too delirious to notice. Every touch feels like the excruciating lick of a flame. He can hear his soulmate, the mournful cries, the apologies for the pain that Stiles is suffering.

Whilst Peter Hale is being pulled from the wreckage of his home, Stiles Stilinski is given drugs to numb the pain. Peter Hale slips into a coma, Stiles Stilinski slips into a dreamless sleep.

If only someone at the hospital had made the connection. If only Peter Hale had been brought in a few minutes earlier. If only Stiles Stilinski had been brought in a few minutes later. If only.

When Stiles wakes, the doctors tell him that his soulmate is probably dead. Stiles sobs in his father’s arms for two whole days.

Peter remains in a coma for six years. Stiles grows, moves on, develops a crush on Lydia Martin as a cover for the pain he feels at losing his soulmate. Not everyone loves their soulmate or ever meets them, plus it’s easy to pretend to be in love with Lydia, she doesn’t know he exists.

He still has to take medication for the pain. The doctors say something medical and not at all like an explanation but the simple version is that the damage to his soulmate was so extensive that it rebounded through Stiles. Sometimes he still feels the phantom lick of a flame and dreams of fire and burning.

Soulmates are the last thing on Stiles mind when Scott gets bitten. Because soulmates exist, why not werewolves?

Stiles barely has time to entertain the possibility that his soulmate might be alive; he’s too busy trying to keep Scott and himself from ending up on the wrong end of the Argent’s weaponry. There’s also Allison to contend with. She’s Scott’s soulmate and with a werewolf hunting family, the whole Scott-is-a-creature-of-the-night thing is going to be an issue. So in between keeping Scott from becoming the alpha’s minion, dealing with Derek (which is about as fun as sticking himself in the eye with a plastic fork) and hiding all this from the gun toting Argents, Stiles figures the occasional twinges of pain are from his general clumsiness and the fact that he’s being run ragged by this entire debacle. Sleepless nights and constant jumpiness have become the norm. When this is over, Stiles is going to take a long holiday, preferably somewhere without werewolves and hunters.

“You must be Stiles.”

The moment Stiles see Peter Hale, he knows. The dull thud of pain that’s always with him fades. He steps forward, a hand reaching for the burns on Peter’s face. Peter allows him to cup his face, to smooth a thumb over the cheek. Peter’s hands grip Stiles waist, his head dropping to Stiles shoulder.

“I thought you wouldn’t survive,” Peter murmurs, breathing in Stiles scent.

“The doctors said you were probably dead,” Stiles replies, awe tingeing his tone. It’s a possibility he never considered, that his soulmate could survive the fires.

And then it hits him, a sucker punch to the gut.

Stiles pulls away, out of Peter’s grip. Peter growls, evidently unhappy with this. His eye flash red, a reminder to Stiles that Peter is the enemy here. Peter is the alpha, Peter has killed and this would happen to Stiles. Derek makes his dramatic entrance and the night dissolves into broken glass and snarls.

“You’re the clever one, aren’t you?”

Stiles is on his knees, bartering for Lydia’s life whilst she lies bleeding out onto the grass. Peter has blood dripping from his fangs, his face completely healed. Stiles resists the urge to touch.

He gets to phone Jackson. Stiles has only just told Jackson where Lydia is before he’s being hauled away. Claws rip the sleeve of his shirt but luckily not his skin. Peter manhandles him into the car. Stiles knows that it’s not an accident when his shirt rucks up and Peter’s fingers graze along his stomach.

“What are you going to do?” Stiles asks. He’s not sure he wants to know. He’s also not sure this is an appropriate conversation during a car journey but Stiles isn’t sure whether he’ll be able to ask once they get to wherever it is Peter is directing him too.

“Kate Argent has to pay for what she did to my family,” Peter replies, “For what she did to us. She burned you too that day.”

Stiles can’t really argue with that. She killed children, Stiles can understand the need for revenge.

“Can’t you leave Scott out of it?”

“I need a pack to be strong,” Peter says. He motions for Stiles to pull into a multi-story parking lot. “I need you.”

Stiles ignores the way his heart flutters at the thought of being needed.

“His username is Allison,” Peter says. He seems unimpressed with Scott’s lack of originality. “His password is also Allison.”

“Still want him in your pack?”

Peter rolls his eyes. Stiles taps his fingers against the hood of his Jeep, aware of how close Peter is standing. The tracker is calculating, the tiny wheel spinning. Stiles is torn between wishing for it to hurry up and for it to keep spinning indefinitely. Peter lifts Stiles shirt, warm fingers trailing along Stiles back. Stiles bites his lip, trying not to gasp. Peter presses against Stiles, nuzzling against his neck.

“After this is over,” Peter murmurs, pressing soft kisses against Stiles neck, “You and I are going to spend a lot of time together.”

“As fun as that sounds I think I’m going to pass,” Stiles retorts through gritted teeth. Peter chuckles, nipping Stiles just below the ear.

“I’m not the bad guy here,” Peter says, gripping Stiles hips.

“You turn into a giant monster with red eyes and fangs and you’re not the bad guy here.”

The computer chooses now to show them Scott’s location. Peter sighs.

“He’s under your house?” Stiles asks.

“In the tunnels beneath our house,” Peter says, shutting down the laptop, “Give me your keys.”

“What?” Stiles squawks. Peter raises an eyebrow, hand outstretched. Stiles bites his lip, looking away before dropping the keys to his Jeep into Peter’s palm. “Be careful, she grinds in second.”

Peter closes his fingers around the keys, bending them beyond recognition. Stiles jaw drops open.

“I won’t let Kate use you against me Stiles,” Peter says. He crowds Stiles against the Jeep, hands cupping Stiles face. “I’ve already lost my family, I won’t lose my soulmate as well.”

The kiss is soft, tender. Stiles melts, hands trying to pull Peter closer. Peter growls, biting Stiles bottom lip. He pulls away, resting his forehead against Stiles. Then he’s gone, leaving Stiles cold and wanting.

It doesn’t hurt when Peter burns a second time. They’ve met, they no longer share each other’s pain. Derek rips out Peter’s throat. That doesn’t hurt either. Stiles just feel empty.

When he gets home, he dreams of the fire but this time his soulmate has a face and a name. It’s infinitely worse than before.

No one knows that Peter and Stiles are soulmates and Stiles endeavors to keep it that way. It helps that Jackson is a giant lizard monster with a hard on for revenge. It keeps everyone distracted, Stiles included. There’s no time to wallow when Jackson is crawling on the ceilings of gay clubs and Gerard, creepy grandfather and psychotic nutjob is stabbing Scott outside of the Beacon Hills Hospital. Stiles wants to know where he signed up for this nightmare and whether there are any loopholes.

Gerard it turns out is the bigger threat. Matt ends up dead in the water (literally) and Gerard becomes the new kanima master. Which is about as fun as it sounds. Stiles gets kidnapped (fuck his life) and the shit beaten out of him. Again, as fun as it sounds. He wonders, if he hasn’t met Peter whether Peter would be able to feel this pain. Then he remembers that without Peter, this whole ordeal wouldn’t be happening.

When Gerard leaves Stiles bleeding on his basement floor, it gives Stiles the opportunity to turn off the electricity keeping Erica and Boyd captive and they escape out of the basement window. Stiles injuries are mostly bruising and cut skin as opposed to broken bones and internal bleeding, so all in all it’s not as bad as it could have been. Now, all he has to do is get the puppies back to their alpha, cure Jackson of his scaly affliction and find a way to stop Gerard. Easy right.

Gerard is writhing on the ground with black gunk gushing from his lungs so Stiles feels that his injuries have been avenged. Luckily Jackson is healed with the power of love. Not so lucky for Stiles, seeing as Jackson and Lydia have been soulmates the entire time and crushing on Lydia now would just be weird and kind of gross. At least Stiles will always have the treasured memory of ramming Jackson with his Jeep. Happy days.  The memory is slightly tarnished by the fact that Jackson is completely naked but you can’t have everything.

Jackson, Lydia, Scott and Allison are whisked into the back of Chris Argent’s car. Stiles knows that he’ll hear all the gory details tomorrow from Scott. He’s not looking forward to it. Derek and his band of misfits wander off into the night without so much as a thank you. They look like rejects from Grease so Stiles figures that they’re going to sing about summer loving in order to bond or whatever so he doesn’t bother going after to them.

He’s wondering if putting gloves on will stop him being affected by kanima venom when Peter walks out of the shadows and wow that is so disturbing.

“Hello Stiles,” Peter says. He’s cut his hair and grown a goatee. It’s surprisingly hot.

“I thought you were dead,” Stiles replies. Peter shrugs.

“I got better,” he jokes. Stiles doesn’t laugh.

“I won’t apologize for killing you.”

“I wouldn’t expect you to.”

“So what now?” Stiles asks. He steps into Peter’s space, nervous but eager. Peter places his hands on Stiles hips, rubbing gentle circles with his thumbs. Stiles looks up from underneath his eyelashes, amber eyes gazing into bright blue ones.

“Perhaps, we could get to know each other a little better,” Peter says. He smiles and it’s genuine, not a snarl or a smirk.

“Yeah, maybe we good.”

When they kiss, it feels like coming home.

dontsassmecastiel  asked:

Babe! I am starving for some season 2 Sterek! Literally anything Sterek based in season 2 I've given up on hope for specific plots! (Though I'll tell you anyway, I'm such a sucker for protective Derek) but don't let that limit you!! :) thank you so much

No worries, Here you go. - Anastasia

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Nightmares by Captain_Loki 

(1/1 I 2,393 I General)

“I keep having the same dream over and over,” he says, addressing the opposite side of the train car. “About what happened…at the pool.”

“Oh,” Derek replies. There’s a long pause that passes in silence. “What happens?”

“No one comes.”

( It’s All I Can Do by TonyStarkIsARobot

(5/5 I 8,418 I Teen)

This is what happened the night the Kanima struck at the pool. This is why Stiles really held Derek up and this is what happened when Scott got there two minutes later than a good friend should have.

Based off the prompt: “Stiles shoves Derek to the top of the pool even as he’s drowning because Derek is worth so much more than Stiles could ever be.”

For Better or Worse, We’re Changing by halcyon1993

(3/? I 12,129 I Explicit)

With Peter defeated, Derek and Stiles are finally given the chance to figure out who they are to each other. Theirs isn’t the only relationship that continues to change, and as family ties begin to crumble, Derek’s new alpha status presents its own set of complications. Tensions are mounting within their fledgling pack, and Derek and Stiles begin to suspect that someone new is plotting to take them all down.

Trust the Instinct by Nyxelestia

(3/? I 28,554 I Teen)

Scott and Derek don’t like each other, their packs even less so. The last thing they want is to cooperate with each other. But between Gerard, the Kanima, and whoever its master is, they don’t really have a choice.

Scott tries to keep everyone alive. Stiles tries to keep his friends and family from dying. Allison tries not to wish she was dead. Jackson and Lydia are desperately not admitting they’re losing their minds, Derek is a failure of an alpha, and his betas don’t even notice because of how upside-down their worlds have become. Chris wants to know what’s happening to his family, the Sheriff wants to know what’s going on in this weird town, and Danny wants to know what it is that no one is telling him.

This is Beacon Hills. Everyone Has a Story.

Those Are The Days That Bind Us by s_a_m

(5/5 I 52,171 I Mature)

His father wasn’t stupid. He was an officer of the law, trained to look for patterns. He confronted Stiles about werewolves and they shouted and Stiles tried to explain but his father was so, so, so mad, more mad than Stiles had ever seen him, ever in all his life and then his father looked at him and said,

“It’s like you’re not my son anymore.”

And Stiles broke.

Fur & Steel by TobyRosetta, xxdeejadoodlexx

(11/12 I 98,669 I Explicit)

Derek is the last of the Hale bloodline, his kingdom burned to the ground from the witch he mistakenly believed to be an angel. Years later he hears many tales of the Crucible and all its violent, fatal glory. He seeks it in hopes that it’ll aid him in ending his lonely existence. Only, he’s really good at it.

A chance meeting has the handsome and alluring Prince Stiles bantering for his attention when no one else dares to venture near him.

Why can’t Derek seem to turn him away? Why can’t Stiles stop himself from trying?

As their relationship deepens, and their lives twist together, they will come to face immeasurable trials and tribulations. At least they can face them together.

My Meta: Masterpost

Season 1

Season 2

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Stiles is something


Claudia stilinski

I will add more of my older metas over time :) 

obviouslystiles  asked:

(1/?) Hey there! So after the finale, I was wondering what your thoughts were on Peter and what the hell actually happened. You have followed Peter pretty closely, so I'm curious to your thoughts. His speech to Scott and the fight (if you can call it that because Peter literally did nothing to fight back), made no sense. I don't feel like Peter was really after Scott's Alpha spark. He even claimed that a True Alpha spark couldn't be stolen by killing the Alpha, right? Was that a lie? If not -

(2/?) what was he doing then? He wouldn’t put in the effort to kill Scott unless he got something out of it. Also, his speech was almost like he wanted to push Scott to step up and BE an Alpha. Teach him a lesson about being a leader. But why, Peter? Athena’s theory was that Peter just wanted to kill Kate, and Scott was merely an instrument to do that. Maybe? But why have Kate turn Scott into a Berserker if he knew she controlled them? Did he know? I feel like I’m missing something, idk what

(3/3) Idk, Peter showed a LOT of emotion this episode and my feels for him were seriously amped up! Like @_@ I’m glad he didn’t die, and I’m entirely amused that he is shacked up with Valack and the trashy romance novels - even though this can only end badly. I’m just really confused about what the hell his plan was. I get that Peter is still reliable fail!wolf, but what was his plan B? Why give up the fight? Also, do you think he recognized Valack at the end or no? I can’t decide. Thanks!


Okay! I at least may have this one.

I’m at least gonna pretend to myself I understand things for a few hours until I probably realize I don’t. Again.


Theory: Peter is trying to become kanima master of an Alpha kanima, Malia


Peter never wanted to kill Scott, but his prime directive, his Plan A, was to make Scott dead…and give Scott’s power to Malia.

Scott: You taught Kate. You helped her. All for power.
Peter:For my family’s power. 

Peter:A werewolf can’t steal a true Alpha’s power. But maybe a Nagual jaguar, with the power of Tezcatlipoca behind her…Maybe she can.

I think Malia qualifies under this description.

Her credit shot is of her in La Iglesia:

We also see her naked back in the post from “More Bad Than Good” in the opening credits, and it’s covered in the same dust and mirror shards as the Berserkers when they die, implying a relationship.

(Cut for naked Malia.)

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Barry Allen Imagine #20 - Paralyzed

Request: “Can you do a Barry imagine where there is a monster going around the city killing people (like a Kanima from Teen Wolf where it has poisonous venom that can paralyze you) but no one knows who is in its human form until the Kanima master (the person that controls the Kanima) comes to S.T.A.R. Labs where Team Arrow and Team Flash are trying to figure out how to stop it and commands the Kanima to shift and it turns out it’s the Reader (Barry’s girlfriend) who doesn’t remember being the Kanima and Barry promises he will help the Reader try and figure out her ability (after they stop the Kanima master)”

Author’s Note: Apologies Anon for putting this up so late but I hope you like the first part so far. Personally, I think it’s going pretty well. Like always, feedback is always appreciated. <3

P.S. The title may not be all that creative, but trust me. Paralysis works as a huge theme for the series.

The Creature has One Master.
The Creature must obey its Master at all times.
Failure to do so would result in the Creature being punished.

The Creature does not wish to be punished.
The Creature does not wish to obey its Master.
The Creature does not want a Master.

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ask-ichigo-and-rukia  asked:

To the anon asking about Stiles Is Something- I want to point out a few other things that you haven't explained: 1. Stiles' phone working under ground and Peter looking surprised and scared when it did (convenient expression? I doubt it, Ian is a great actor) 2. The door locking and unlocking without cause at the hospital when he and Malia made up, or any of the other boundless connections Stiles has to locks, keys, and doors (to be continued)

3. There’s also his strength when he kept the lacrosse stick in place from Finstock (comparing it to crime scene photos) this is not a life or death situation, and Finstock is a grown man, but that stick doesn’t so much as BUDGE when he yanks on it with all his might, Stiles is completely unbothered until he willingly lets it go, and this isn’t the only example of his having on/off super strength 4. His interactions with Finstock, Peter, and Agent McCall these are three men in pretty high positions of power versus Stiles (his coach, an FBI agent, and .. well.. PETER..) yet every one of them seems to be cautious around him or just actively admit that he scares them, you can say Stiles is a creepy kid who looks at crime scene photos but why would ANY creepy thing Stiles does bother Peter? Plus Finstock has been hinted to be in the know like Danny was with his comment about Mexico 5. The biggest thing of all Stiles’ intuition, if you’re telling me that it’s a coincidence that he REPEATEDLY jokes about something that comes true or that he REPEATEDLY expresses distrust or hatred to someone who turns out to be evil then you’re telling me it’s a coincidence that Scott happens to grow wolfish features on the full moon- but he isn’t really a werewolf, Stiles has a series long history of extremely on point intuition, more than even Lydia- a Banshee herself, why is that? (to be continued)

I could go on and on about other smaller points (his interactions/relationship with Malia, the foreshadowing that keeps getting put forth between himself and Scott, the fact that he’s suspected to have died several times, why the Nogitsune picked him, etc etc etc) but those are some very focal points that you didn’t address, and if you really think it’s ALL lazy writing, why is it so consistent? Sorry for the asks Darach! I didn’t know it’d be this long when I started writing ^^;


Never be sorry for asking questions or pointing things out. And all of these things you bring up are excellent points and I’ve touched upon them all at one point or another, but didn’t mention them in the previous post because frankly the post was long enough as it was :) The evidence is just piling up that Stiles is something, but i guess some people just don’t want to see it or just aren’t looking hard enough.

I’m working on a meta index of sorts because tumblr isn’t really all that great for archiving links to previous meta. I try to tag pretty religiously, but stuff still slip through the cracks. A scroll through my stiles is something tag will always lead you to a wealth of speculation about this, both my meta ramblings and others that i reblog.

I could probably write a tome about all things Stiles related at this point, so i’m going to try and keep it short and sweet and add links when i can (providing i can find them).

1. Stiles’ phone working under ground and Peter looking surprised and scared when it did (convenient expression? I doubt it, Ian is a great actor)

I agree - this is definitely due to his somethingness. They are in the middle of the desert deep under an abandoned city mostly levelled to the ground after an earth quake - and he magically (there is no other word for it) has cell reception. Even Stiles is surprised by it - at first! Go back and watch the scene - he starts to say something about it, then stops mid-sentence and glances around guiltily. But the only one to notice and be mind-boggled is Peter.

Hang on, i think i have some gifs…

I have a feeling Peter might know or suspect that Stiles had a dormant potential - much like Lydia did. He’s admitted that his bite kickstarted the banshee powers - and he did offer stiles the bite back in 1x12 saying to Stiles “You’d be equals. Or maybe more.”

I wrote a whole post about Stiles and the cell phone thing right after the episode aired - here’s a link.

2. The door locking and unlocking without cause at the hospital when he and Malia made up, or any of the other boundless connections Stiles has to locks, keys, and doors

Yes again - I agree that Stiles did that as well - he needed to get back in Malia’s good graces presumably because he wanted to keep her out of Peter’s clutches - we know he doesn’t trust him at all (which goes back to your point about intution as well :))

I wrote about that here.

This will get long and image heavy so to spare your dash i’m including a read more - the rest of my rambly ramblings below the cut

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TW Rewatch 2x10: Deaton and Peter working together (?)

So - FURY - or the episode where shit goes down at the sheriff station… 

There’s much to say about this episode, and much of it tied to the Kanima stuff. I’m actually working on a monstrous (I kid you not) post cataloging the Kanima timeline, so I won’t go to much into it in this post. 

What I do want to talk though is Deaton. And Peter. And possibly Deaton and Peter working together somehow. This isn’t the first time i’ve suspected that they are linked somehow, perhaps even with Jennifer in tow. Here’s a link to one of my season 1 rewatch posts that speculates about that. 

So to recap from 2x09 - Peter has just been resurrected using a combination of Lydia, Derek’s blood & power and the pull of the moonlight - or something along those lines.

It’s an elaborate setup, and while I don’t question Peter’s cunning and cleverness, I can’t help but wonder if he had help plotting this contingency plan…

Lydia has sauntered back home, Peter has slithered off and Derek is left alone and unconscious on the floor of the old Hale house. And somehow, Deaton knew where to find him.

Who told him? Not Scott and Stiles at least. The last thing they learned in 2x09 was that Matt was the Kanima master, and next we see them hard at work convincing the sheriff that Matt is behind the murders. Allison is at home devastated by her mom’s death and being emotionally manipulated by Gerard. I doubt any of them even noticed that Lydia went missing from the party before the cops arrived. And even if they did, how could they know she would drag Derek to the Hale house to use him as a piece in a resurrection plot? 

So who told Deaton? 

For more on this, how peter and deaton seem to be connected and how it might tie into the strange experiments at Eichen House, click the link :)

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