the kaner celebration


Kimmo Timonen finally gets a chance to celebrate with the Captain, after his previous two attempts were unsuccessful due to the fact that Jonny can’t be expected to focus on anyone else when Kaner is around.

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Barista!Johnny snippet

So I had some really really great coffee today, and Kaner is “more mobile than expected”. (Good work, Tazer.) Obviously I wrote a pointless snippet of a barista!Johnny/smitten patron!Kaner AU to celebrate these things.

Patrick’s distracted the whole time he’s placing his order. Texting as he’s ordering a vanilla latte. Sending six appalled emoticons to his sister as he’s handing over his credit card. He’s typing furiously as the guy hands the drink to him, nods his thanks, heads out the door, takes a first sip as he’s typing one handed and stops in the middle of the sidewalk.

He stops so suddenly that a guy slams into him and the latte goes everywhere. “Fuck, no!” Patrick yells, because -

Because that is like, the greatest coffee he has ever had in his life. The guy who bumped into him is apologizing, clearly a little taken aback by Patrick’s outburst, but Patrick waves him off; it’s his own fault for being distracted. And his coat’s thick enough where he wasn’t burned at all, so -

The only real loss is the latte itself, and that is - that is really not acceptable, on any level.

He turns immediately and heads back into the cafe.

“Having problems?” the barista says, mouth curved a little at the corner. 

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