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A big hug to all the Jasper fans out there, who had to witness their favorite character become something so broken, and sad, and alien from the boy he used to be back in season 1. He was a survivor. He had a big heart, too kind and too nice for the world he was thrown into.
I hope his fans can find peace after tonight’s episode, even as they had to watch a character they loved die such a messed up death, so unjustified and lacking of closure. Big hugs to all of you, I hope you’re doing okay.

Imagine if you could hire somebody to
-proofread your fanfiction
-appreciate your fan art
-be a shoulder to cry on when your favourite character dies
-high five when your OTP has a moment
-stand in line at book shops for you to get new books

We need Fandom Hoes.

When drawing fan art for The Kane Chronicles, please remember:

• Although Sadie Kane and her mother’s side of the family are mostly white-passing, Egyptian people typically aren’t.

• Carter Kane has dark skin and so does his dad and uncle Amos.

• Zia and Walt are both confirmed to have dark skin.

• Most of the Egyptian gods including Bast and Bes (but excluding Anubis and possibly Thoth) have dark skin, unless their skin is another colour like blue.

• It is safe to assume that Cleo, Felix, Jaz, and the other kids all have dark skin.

• It wouldn’t be unlikely if Sadie was the only white-passing Egyptian in their Nome.

• Check the official art before drawing a character as white or white-passing to avoid erasing the ethnicities and races of any more characters.

Family Feud: Fox vs. Wayne

@the-batgirl-in-pink here is the rest of it! Thank you!

- They do it for charity. All winnings go to their choice of charity.

- Lets be honest though they get way too into it. Both are competitive to the extreme.

-Stephanie joined the Fox family. Need to even the odds. Harper joined them.

- Duke: I am joining the Fox family too. Damian: Sorry according to the papers father signed you are part of us. Now get ready we will not lose.

- Dick gives the silliest answers.

- Luke and Jason having a hard stare down that makes the host feel uncomfortable.

- Tim and Tam answer at the same time. Both use words that most people have never heard of.

- There magically happened to be a W.E. meeting that day. Lucius planned it. Bruce actually showed up. A meeting involved popcorn and watching. It was a good excuse either way.

- Who even picked these categories? Common names for super heroes, what is most likely to be found at the Watch Tower. Someone is going to have a talk with Barbara later.

- Kate just being like I know none of you. Crappy answer. Ugh come on you idiots. 

- Stephanie going against Cass. The one time she thinks she can finally bet Cass. It was close though.

- Harper and Duke getting the most points for each team.

- Tiffany and Damian making faces. Yes they stuck tongues out each other when they are up at the button. They are kids after all.


I have 3 things to say regarding Batwoman (2017) Issue 3

1. Creepy Twin Bingo 

2. The Most Impractical Computer in The World!

3. I’m left speechless by Kate…

If anyone is interested, I have a spare code for Batwoman #3 along with Batman Beyond #7 & Batgirl #10. Only 1 code for each. Send me a DM for the Code. :D

Digital Code Update: The code for Batwoman Issue 3 has been redeemed by @brookietf :D Enjoy!

Damian's first crush

Requested by: anon
Prompt: Headcannon of Damian having his first crush at school and the family’s reaction to it.

- He tries to hide it so much.
- Like overall he is just so confused about this feeling.
- He’s use to tolerating people but this person just makes him so happy and something else he can’t name.
- Goes to talk to Dick about it.
- My baby brother has his first crushed yelled so loud the whole manor hears.
- Duke: next time come to me. I can keep my mouth shut. But good for you.
- Way too much advice from Dick.
- Barbara has the background check done on them and Tim is working on their family.
- Stephanie and Jason are teaming up to embarrass him to no end. Damian turns so red.
- Cass to the rescue! She pulls him away.
- Harper: you really thought you could hide it in this group?
- Later that night when patrol is slow, trying to talk to Bruce. His dad is so awkward about it.
- Luke pops in and gives actual good advice. Damian notes to consult him when needed.
- Kate picks up from where Jason and Stephanie left off in embarrassing him.
- Alfred is just so happy that Damian is making friends. Hopefully this crush doesn’t have a ton of animals too….
- At school, everything Damian rehershed is forgotten.
- Finally asked them if they would like to stroll through the park with Titus and him.
- His heart starts racing when they say yes.
-Tries to play it cool. “TT see you then”

Bat-fashion, or #LetBruceLive

Cassandra Wayne steps out of the limo with her aunt Kate, and the media swarm to their side. From just inside the gala, Bruce takes a moment to pinch his nose and sigh. As much as he loves his children, he could find many people more adept at keeping a secret identity; Cass is wearing a dress covered in bats.

Stephanie Brown elbows Bruce with a grin on her face. “I bought her that dress.”

“Of course you did.”

The media take photos and buzz questions to Cass. “Is your dress a statement on the Batman?” one reporter asks.

No, Bruce almost mouths at Cass.

“Yes,” Cass says.

“And what is that statement?”

Cass looks at Bruce as she says “I like him.”

Despite himself, Bruce feels a warmth in his heart as the gaggle of press hurry to write down tomorrow’s headline. By the time they look back up, Cass has somehow made it past them all. Some of the newer reporters do a double take, and the others start to explain how notoriously difficult it is to pin down Cass Wayne for more than five words.

Cass and Kate hug Bruce and Steph in greeting. “You look lovely, sweetheart,” Bruce coos, “but maybe the dress is a little.. obvious.”

“Really? I thought it went with my earrings,” Kate says with mischievous innocence, and Bruce doesn’t even have time to give a silent prayer to the Gods of Common Sense before she sweeps aside her hair to reveal earrings that are just straight-up the Batwoman symbol.

Bruce holds back a groan with great difficulty.

Maybe he’s just a sucker for punishment (Alfred has suggested so on more than one occasion), but he says “at least Stephanie isn’t wearing-”

Steph gasps. “I can’t believe you didn’t notice!” She kicks up one leg which Cass catches and holds (almost as if they’d rehearsed it) and Steph pulls up her dress to reveal brightly-coloured bat-patterned socks. Some camera flashes come from the press.

It takes so much willpower to keep himself from holding his face in his hands and weeping that Bruce is surprised that a green lantern ring doesn’t show up for him.

So yesterday I ended up re-watching the first three episodes of Veronica Mars.  It was nice to watch it with enough distance to feel nostalgic instead of bitter (also to LOL at the fact that my husband never made the connection that Steve Jinx on Warehouse 13 is Troy on Vandergraff on Veronica Mars) but it was also interesting to actually go through and look at the things in the pilot that hint at or are made sensical by stuff later in the show, instead of when we all tried to find the answers to the questions and hints we thought were important the first time through when we were trying to figure out the mystery.

For example, first time round you are looking for evidence of who the killer is, so you miss that, even though Keith is wrong and none of the Kanes killed Lilly, Jake and Celeste think that Duncan did.  Their interactions with him in “Meet John Smith” are given new meaning by this.  They are also infused by the knowledge we later get about Jake and Lianne’s relationship and our later understanding about the questions everyone has about Veronica’s paternity.

Celeste believes that her favorite (and only remaining) child is broken, so broken that he cannot be trusted to take his own medication, let alone ever have the life they dreamed of for him.  There is maybe even a part of her who almost enjoys this, the idea that Duncan is reliant on her to watch over him and make sure he stays on track.  In fact, I am pretty sure the idea is that he will ALWAYS need her. Both Jake and Lilly have never been controllable to her, and when Duncan started dating Veronica she must have feared he was slipping out of her grasp as well.  I have always wondered the ratio of truth to manipulation in her telling Duncan that Veronica is his sister.  I mean, it is obvious from when Celeste has Veronica sign away her rights to the Kane fortune that she does at least fear that Veronica really is Jake’s daughter.   On the other hand, she only tells Duncan and she tells him as an absolute, so it is obvious that here motives aren’t that altruistic.  If Duncan and Veronica are the new Jake and Lianne, she is doubly striking back at Lianne through her daughter and through her manipulation of the situation that has plagued her since high school.  

Jake, on the other hand, is somewhat in denial.  Maybe because he has to believe that what they did to cover up what they think happened was worth it.  If Duncan becomes a great politician and it is made possible by having covered up the fact that he is mentally unstable and accidentally murdered his own sister, then it was worth the cost.  Of course, he refuses to think that Duncan’s condition is too giant a skeleton to be covered up, even if they did smother the issue of Lilly’s death.  If Duncan really were to go into politics, it would come up.  Then again, Jake’s relationship with Lilly was very different from his wife’s.   While Celeste had an antagonistic relationship with Lilly, Jake seems to have a very different relationship with his children.  He is a strangely sympathetic figure to me somehow.  His awkwardness around Veronica makes so much more sense now that we know about his relationship with Lianne and the fact that he too probably wonders if she is his.  In fact I am pretty sure he looks at Veronica and hates himself for thinking that she is the daughter he “deserves”. Jake is obviously a smart man in a professional sense, even if he is a failure in his personal life.   We know that he loved Lilly, but I am sure it crossed his mind that Veronica would have been an easier daughter.  

On the other hand, Duncan is stuck at ground zero and not only does he have his pre-existing condition, he is numbed the fuck out of reality by anti-depressants. Every time Logan decides to needle Veronica about being in love with him, Duncan feels panic creeping back up, though.  Remember when Abel Koontz tells Veornica that she is Jake and Lianne’s daughter and she has to stop to throw up because it affects her so vicerally? Well, Duncan has a little after shock of that every time Logan makes some asshole comment, but he can’t tell Logan why he wants him to stop, nor do I think he really trusts that Logan wouldn’t just be more of a jackass. We know later about Duncan’s mental state and what Celeste has convinced him but even in this episode we see that he is not over Veronica (which only makes sense with the breakup later when we know why he did it).  

I have always said that Neptune without the Kanes just doesn’t work, and rewatching this show I feel like I understand that better than ever.    Lilly is at the very center of the Veronica Mars universe, none of the characters make sense without her; they are all defined largely by her death.  It goes past that though.  Kane Software created half the millionaires in the town.  The Kane family is at the heart of Neptune in a way that is less obvious and harder to explain.  

Okay, I was totally going to talk about other things like Weevil but then I got sidetracked talking about the Kane family… these things happen.