the k and the g are also for party

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(these are not going to be in order. also censoring names because i dont wanna spam the tags because of the crappy tagging system where everything goes in the tags if it’s even mentioned. hopefully this works lmao)

  1. Sakutaro Mori.shige & Mayu (C.ORPSE PARTY)
  2. Shinjiro Ara.gaki (PE.RSONA)
  3. K.ite (HU.NTER X HUNTER)
  4. Asuka L.angley Soryu (NEON GENESIS EV.ANGELION)
  5. N.ico Yazawa (L.OVE LIVE)
  6. Miles E.dgeworth (ACE A.TTORNEY)
  7. Li.ttle My (MOOMI.N)
  8. G.engar (POKE.MON)
  9. N.agisa Shingetsu (DANGAN R.ONPA) (jfc it’s hard to choose from dr)
  10. U.ndyne (U.NDERTALE)

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*they blush, and wave at Dyne shyly* o-oh! Hey Undyne. How was anime night? *they're doing their best to hide it but they're nervous* -K

Dyne: *also nervous* O-OH! H-hello! Nice to m-meet you. A-anime was good. How w-was the p-party before I g-got here?

First Kiss {c.h.}

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Summary: The cliché seven minutes in heaven except this is more fluff than smutty. Also Calum’s a great kisser and you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing *thumbs up emoji* 

Word Count: 763 (this is hella short)

Tags: Fluff, K I S S I N G,v cute imo

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