the justice babies

Because abortions aren't the only way the patriarchy wants to control your junk

OBGYN: Yeah, you are exhibiting all the signs of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I’m so sorry.

Me: Huh? Oh, yeah. Insulin resistance, impossible weight loss, pre-disposition to type II diabetes, painful AF periods. Likelihood of bleed outs. Crap. That blows.

OBGYN: Yeah, well that too.

Me: *blinks* What?

OBGYN: Well, PCOS makes it very difficult for a woman to conceive and carry.

Me: BWHAHAHAHA. Yeah. No. No babies. Ever. Never wanted them. At all. Maternal instinct is not strong with this one. Only upside today.

OBGYN: Well then. Not exactly problem solved, but we’ll run with it.

Me: So about the MIND-SEARING PAIN and occasional HEAVY AF BLEEDING. When can we deal with that.

OBGYN: Not until you are 35.

Me: Dah fuq?

OBGYN: Not my rules. Hospitalization won’t even consider any treatment unless it’s life or death until you’re 35.

Me: Why?

OBGYN: Because you might want to have a baby.

Me: I’m 31. I didn’t want kids when I was 11, I didn’t want them at 21, and I sure as shit don’t want them now. Can’t I just sign a form that says “I don’t ever want a baby take it out, take it out now”?

OBGYN: Nope.

Me: Why?

OBGYN: Government rules. No removal of baby making parts before 35 unless your life is in immediate jeopardy.

TL;DR: The government knows better about your baby making parts than you do.

my aesthetic: ezra miller saying that if he had a wand, he would use his power to destroy the patriarchy.

Teenager: Actually, I thi-

Anyone age 40 and up: my honey, sweet youth,, baby child, you are but a fetus,.you know nothing of this world, small, naïve baby child of youthful infancy, you have only taken your first steps. When you grow my little sapling, when you reach my level of enlightenment, my infinite wisdom of which you could not fathom, darling child, when you pay taxes and care deeply about laundry detergent, then and then only must you form an opinion of any sort, my child

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Danny was hit with scarecrow's fear gas. His pleas and screams ingrained into everyone's memories. "Mom, Dad, I'm sorry... I'm sorry... Please.. Don't! MOM! DAD! STOP PLEASE STOP IT HURTS OH GOD PLEASE I'M SORRY I'M SORRY PLEASESTOPHURTINGMEIMSTILLYOURSONPLEASE!!! " After the incident, almost all of the other heroes are convinced that Danny died of child abuse, and wondered if he died under any of their watch. The possibility is making their gut churn. -Baby Angst

Why would you do that Baby Angst?


@JensenAckles: Can’t wait for the forklift races to start! My co-pilot is the best! #spnfamily #fbbeer

Having a baby with Jaime would include:

- Him being over protective of both you and the baby

- Coming home to him asleep with the baby on his chest

- Waking up to him making breakfast while holding the baby

- Bart being the godfather (or uncle) of the baby.

-“Hey Bart (Y/N) and I have been talking and we were hoping that you could be the godfather for the baby.”

“Finally! I am going to be the baby’s favorite person in the world”

- When ever you and Jaime have to go for a mission, Me’gan would try and convince you to let her look after it

- Everyone on the team and the Justice league being in love with your baby.

-”His mum being so proud of the both of you

-The scarab being overly found of it

-Jaime being the perfect father.

-”How are you so good at this Jaime”

“The scarab helps a lot”

- Jaime being head over heels for both you and the baby.

- When someone asks we both of you are still on the team you both say it’s to give your baby a better future 

-”Hey can I tell you something (Y/N)?”

“Sure babe.”

“We did good.”

With abortion it’s like God gives you a present, a gift. He goes, “Here, my child, here is the best gift I can offer to you!” And he’s all excited! And then you open this gift and go “oh……. God, I wasn’t asking for a baby… No thanks, I didn’t want one. Sorry, I’m just going to return it….” And God is heartbroken that you didn’t want his gift that meant so much to Him and He hoped it would mean something to you.