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An Analysis of Omnislash v.5 [Advent Children Complete]

So. This is my attempt at dissecting the swordwork involved in Cloud’s Omnislash limit break, and almost kind of making a tutorial out of it. :D In this analysis, I am using;

- Omnislash version 5; that being the Omnislash in Advent Children, and the first Omnislash attempt in Advent Children Complete. I’m using Advent Children Complete version 5 (i.e. the first ‘failed’ version) because at least that one vaguely tries to follow the laws of physics. Version 6 takes place in midair and using multiple swords, so it would be pretty damn useless to try and apply that one to real life! There are 13 slashes in this move.

- Fiore’s longsword syllabus, simply because that is what I have studied. This is an Italian swordplay style, so I’ll be using the Italian names to describe the guards and cuts. This is also a system that has been used for centuries and works; essentially I’m trying to take the swordplay you see on screen and translate into something that you could actually do yourself. A Japanese swordwork style would probably be more applicable, true, but I haven’t studied any so I can’t help there.

Just to warn you in advance: this is A SUPER LONG POST omg. It’s a frame by frame analysis, including screenshots, and thus rather lengthy. (A lot of the screenshots are also quite blurry, as the movements I’m trying to capture take place in a fraction of a second.)

Also, I get irrationally irritated over fictional sword fights sometimes.

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