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hey i hope you're having a wonderful time! how can i have a great summer? im so bored at home all the time

Hey! Some things I’d suggest for a fun summer are:
• Getting out and about! Even if it’s just for a walk - see the sights, explore places in your local area you haven’t seen before, or go further afield if you feel like it!
• Take up a new sport, and maybe meet new friends who also do it
• Do something creative. Make art, music, or a piece of writing. You could do it in your home, garden, or somewhere else out in nature
• Get a summer job
• Do some volunteer work! It could be at your local library, community centre, an animal shelter, or doing some car washing! Helping people is a great way to make use of your time, discover new things you may like, and make yourself feel great!
• Go camping! A holiday doesn’t have to cost a lot. All you need is a tent and your bedding. Whether alone or with friends, you could have a lovely time looking up at the stars and getting back to nature
• Visit family
• Go to museums, galleries, historic sights. If you do some research you’ll probably find some that are free!
• Plant some flowers, fruits, or herbs. If you don’t have a garden, some are fine just in a pot
• Set yourself a project. Big or small. It could just be to read a book in a certain amount of time. It could be to write a book (or start one anyway). You could paint your bedroom, reshuffle some furniture, organise your wardrobe, have a de-clutter. Make something. Sell something. Learn a new skill (cooking, calligraphy, mechanics)
• Do a short course in a subject that interests you or a skill/certificate that looks good to have
• Learn to play a new instrument
• Try learning another language (there’s tonnes of free language learning courses on Duolingo)
• If you have a garden, build a treehouse or dig a pond

Okay I got a bit carried away there but basically there’s so many things you can spend your time doing this summer! Don’t let fear or doubt hold you back, if you want to do something fun and adventurous, give it a go!
Have fun babe ☺️💝

over the outer wall

of ba sing se

(btw, watched republic city hustle again, which you can probably see in the designs. it was goooooood)


rough composition studies for a Japanese garden! (i’m so sorry, a big part of why I’ve been so slow with fanart is because I’ve been taking night art classes after work - which has been really great and forced me to draw and practice things I wouldn’t normally draw!)

this garden is our project for the semester - just watch me somehow turn this serious scene into a Star Wars 15th century Japan AU you know it’s gonna happen

certified non-gmo

a small organic rinmaki. to @drifblm for listening to my suffering :’0
(words: 1825)

For no special occasion or any very compelling reason, other than reasons of affection and dumb love, Rin presents Maki with a plain white envelope before class starts and while people are still settling down at their desks. Rin, of course, will probably be one of the last to sit, since she has to bug Maki as part of her daily morning routine.

Maki only offers a half-hearted thanks and moves to tuck it away somewhere in her bag. Rin excitedly grabs her wrist. “Open it!”

“Right now?”

“Yeah! It’s gotta be now!”

This is Rin, so Maki knows the danger could range from glitter that will explode all over her once she opens it to a sloppy doodle of a cat with a cheesy “I <3 you!!” note. She’d rather take the glitter. The embarrassment wouldn’t be as potent.

But it’s not glitter, and there’s a suspicious lack of cat doodles, and Maki confusedly pulls out a little packet from the envelope. It rattles when she shakes it. It’s so innocuous she can’t help but be vaguely suspicious.

“Rin, why are you giving me this?”

“Because,” Rin leans over Maki’s desk and sticks her tongue out. “I thought you’d like it, duh! Oh, but you don’t eat the seeds. You plant them.”

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"The dream of us" Zootopia Drabble (Martha and Martin DeClawe)

Loud giggling echoed in the home of Martin and Martha DeClawe. The Newlyweds were enjoying their time together after three months of leaving their lives behind.
Martha was laughing loudly, struggling against Martin’s paws whose fingers were busy tickling her sides. He had jumped her while she was busy making the bed. Now the covers were on the floor and she was on the bed with Martin laughing over her small frame.

“Martin! Martin! No more!” She cried, letting out another set of loud laughter. She tried to push against his paws wanting to escape.

Martin let out a hearty laugh while Martha moved side to side trying to get a break. “Not a chance, Cottontail!”

“No! No please Martin! Hahaha! That’s enough!”

He finally let her go, giving her the chance to catch her breath. Martha clutched her chest, her heartbeat slowly coming down to its normal pace. She laughed softly still feeling the sensation of his fingers. Her cheeks were a tint of red while her lips were pulled back in a large smile. Martin grinned at the sight of her and gently gave her a kiss on her ears. She felt him kiss her on her hot cheek before moving her chin towards him. He leaned down, wanting a taste of her sweet lips. He paused when he felt the soft fabric of the pillow sheet. His brow arched when he saw that Martha had put the sheet down over her lips before he had the chance to kiss her. She was staring intently at him with her large red eyes, her ears turning a shade of red.

Martin chuckled. “You know that won’t stop me…” He grabbed onto the fabric and yanked it aside. Martha yelled out, putting her hands to his chest as he tried to kiss her.

“N-no Marty!” She struggled, moving her head aside. She knew she couldn’t keep him away for long, times like this made her wish she was stronger. “You kissed me enough!”
She shoved her paw over his lips, making his eyes narrow. He pulled away, giving her the chance to sit up and scowl at him.

“Oh! Martin!” She huffed, her paws going into fists. “Must you always do that? You must have kissed me over a hundred times today and it’s nearly the afternoon.”

He crossed his arms, amused to see her so flustered and actually irritated. Her cheeks puffs out whenever she gets angry, almost looking like marshmallows.

“That’s not enough for me, Martha.” He responded cheekily making her cheeks puff out even more. “You won’t see me complain if you kiss me that many times…” He grinned, giving her a wink. Her cheeks went pink.

“That’s not the point, Martin.” She stood up, her tightly fisted paws going to her sides. Martin laughed at her poor attempt of trying to be assertive. She stomped her foot. “Oh! You never take me seriously!”

“How could I?” He responded, wiping a stray tear from his eye. “You are far too female, too gentle-” her pupils shrank from his words, she glared at him. “Which is what I love about you, my little Cottontail.” He cooed playfully, reaching a paw out to her cheek.
She slapped it aside, making his ears go down from her rejection.

“I am not a weak little thing!”

He puts his paws into his pants pockets. He gave her a small smirk and shrugged. “Of course not, here…” He patted his stomach. “Give me your best shot.”

She gave him a confused look. He patted his stomach again, almost urging her to strike him. Determined to prove herself she stepped forward. With her right paw tight in a closed fist, she jabbed him right in his ribs.
Her fingers immediately shot up her arm in pain, making her wince in pain. She clutched her paw against her chest while Martin stood unfazed by her punch.

“See?” He said with triumph. “You’re too soft for this sort of thing.” He grabbed her injured paw, patting her knuckles slightly. Martha pulled her paw away as if she had touched a hot stove.

“I am not! I can take care of myself!” She stroked her injured paw. “I just need practice that’s all….”

“Martha. You don’t need to prove anything, it does not suit you.”

“Why don’t I join a defense class? They have one in the city.”

Martin’s demeanor turned sour. “You don’t need to take no class or ever go to the city.” Martha sighed heavily, after three months together, she hardly ever left their home. The only time she gets to leave is picking up the mail and going grocery shopping in their little town. “If you want to defend yourself, just in case I’m not home…” He walked towards their dresser. He reached to the bottom and pulled out the drawer. Martha cringed when Martin pulled out a handgun. “I could teach ya how to shoot this.” He grinned.

Martha’s ears dropped. “I…I suppose.”

He chuckled when he put it back inside and shut it. “See? I’m always right.”

Martha pursed her lips together. “I’m going to pick up the mail, while you make the bed since you ruined it.” She said before leaving him. Martin frowned when he saw the disarray of the sheets. He hated making the bed.
Martha always picks up the mail on time, there was a bobcat that always talked with her for few minutes before returning to her shifts. It was something Martha loved to do. It gave her the chance to socialize a bit. Since no one knew she and Martin were married or living together, they agreed that only one of them should get the mail. If asked, Martha is single and Martin is her handy-animal, who works on the house and lawn.

It was a beautiful, crisp day when Martha walked down the stone-woven pathway to the small mailbox. She waited next to it patiently until she saw the familiar white truck heading her way. She titled her head when her Bobcat friend was not the one driving it, but a male, tan-color bunny. He wore a blue mail carrier cap, with the blue uniform. He held a few envelopes and a package when he went up to her.

“Hello!” He chirped happily. “My name is George, I’ll be your new mail bunny today.” Martha smiled when he tipped his hat to her. “You must be Ms.White, I got some letters for you and a package for a Mr…DeClawe?”

“O-oh that must be for my friend who is helping me in my home, sometimes he sends his tools to my address.” She snatched the package away making George laugh slightly.

“That must be convenient.” He handed her the envelopes.

“Yes, it is. I must say it is a treat to finally see another bunny here.”

“Me too, I just moved from the Burrows, I do miss the countryside from time to time.”

Martha’s ears perked. “You are from the Burrows? My mother and father were born there.”

“How lovely, well I must tend to my routes!” George rushed back into his truck and tipped his hat again. “See you tomorrow Miss White!”

“Have a great afternoon, George!” She waved when he drove off down the street. She smiled absentmindedly when she returned back to the house. The moment she went inside she found Martin looking out of the window of the front yard. Towards where she stood at the mailbox.

“Marty, your package arrived.” She smiled widely when she went up to him. “What on earth did you order this time?”

Martin grabbed the package when he moved away from the window. “It’s something for the yard, just some shears.” He said lowly before placing it down.

“Who was the rabbit?”

Martha sat down on the couch, beginning the process of opening the mail. “Our new mail carrier, George. It seems Donna won’t be giving us our mail anymore.”

“George…” He scoffed from the word when he ripped open the package. Martha blinked when it appeared Martin was upset about something.

“What is it Marty? Did they made a mistake on your order?”

“No it’s fine, Cottontail…” But he wasn’t interested in it. “You talked with that bunny for a while, what did you two talk about?”

Martha hummed when she read over the bill in her paws. “Oh nothing really, he just told me how he moved from the Burrows. Isn’t that something? Must be nice to live in the big countryside.”

Martin’s forehead wrinkled. “I think our backyard is big enough….we even have enough room for a garden, just for you.”

“Another project Marty? You have been doing a lot lately, we don’t really need a garden. We have the back porch after all, we could put some planters there.”

“Would that make you happy?”

“Oh Marty, you know I’m happy enough…” She smiled gently at him before returning to the bills. “You have been giving too much lately, I must have ten new dresses from you. I’m starting to feel like a doll.” She giggled softly, not noticing his small frown.

“Yes, well…if you don’t like some of them, I could always exchanged them for prettier ones.”

“Oh hush Marty, don’t you dare. They’re perfect!”

“Well…what about some more necklaces, I know you like that.”

Martha’s nose twitched and looked back up to him. “Goodness no, where are getting this from? You shouldn’t spend all of our money on me Martin…why don’t we save it? Go somewhere fun, like the beach?”

He chuckled deeply. “Like a honeymoon?”

Martha immediately blushed and glanced down on the paper. “If you want it to be…just the two of us.”

Martin smiled at her.“Alright Cottontail.”

Martha ears sprang up and a second later the doorbell rang. She walked towards the door while Martin waited to see who was at the other side. The albino bunny pulled open the door, opening it enough to show herself but not Martin,a smile lite up in her face.

“Oh George! What are you doing here?” Martin’s ears went back when he saw the tan bunny fumble in his mailbag to take out two more envelopes.

“Apologies, Miss White, I completely forgot to give you these two.”

“Oh!” She took it from his paws and look them over. “I was wondering why I didn’t have the water and electric bill, thank you.”

“Of course, oh and something for your lovely home…” George said as he reached into his bag again. Martin’s eyes narrowed when he saw the bunny pull out a single daisy. Martha’s smile went wide.

“Why thank you! That is very kind!”

“Your welcome, have a good day!” He said waving her off before bolting to his truck, already behind on his route. Martha shut the door and turned back to her husband.

“What a nice bunny.”

Martin only grunted in response.

“I need a favor.” Martin began as he lit one of his favorite cigars. He puffed it a few times, getting the taste of the nicotine calming his nerves. He sat on the porch of the backyard with a young lion beside him. The lion had a large, luscious mane that made the lioness squeal in delight. He wore a white business shirt and black slacks attacked with brown suspenders. Martin knew him during his academy days and one of the only animals who knew about his relationship with Martha.
Martin passed a cigar to his friend who accepted it with a large smile.

“Lay it on me, daddy-o. Ask me anything and I’ll say yes.” He placed the lighter against the cigar, giving it a puff.

“I need you to break a bunny’s legs.”

The lion reeled and coughed, a plume of smoke escaping his mouth. He waved his massive paw through it. Martin rolled his eyes and breathed out, a perfect ring of smoke escaped his lips.

“Except that.” The lion replied.

“Just a little, like a kneecap or somethin, Ben’…” Martin said more sternly, almost biting on his cigar.

“If you need someone to give you and your flower-child wife a garden on the porch, I can do that. But breaking some bunny’s legs? No.” Ben replied and took a deep breath of his cigar.

“Than give me back my cigar, you flake!” Martin growled snatching it out of the lion’s mouth. Ben whirled when the fox snuffed it out and threw it in the grass.

“Ey! What got you all hacked up?”

Martin puffed out plumes of smoke, making him look like a soot covered chimney. “It’s that bunny who is wooing Martha.” He growled. “And what bugs me is that Martha won’t tell that flat foot to shove off.”

Ben leaned back in his chair. “Ya think she got tired of you already?”

Martin lowered his eyes and glared at the tall fence in his backyard. He was itching to make it another foot taller. Ben rolled his neck and stared in the same direction.

“No.” Martin said sternly. “I know she loves me.”

“You sure about that, flat top?”

“I dare you to call me that one more time.”

“Right…sorry. But you see where I’m gettin’ at? She’s a bunny, don’t they live to…ya know, reproduce and such?” He said with a strained grimace. Martin shot a glare at him and smacked his arm.

“Martha is not like that. She never talked about havin’ kids.”

“Maybe she didn’t because you’re a fox.” Martin’s ear twitched and his cigar slumped. Is it really that? He always assumed Martha understood that they could never have children. “Quite a problem yeah? Maybe it’s just instincts that she might like this bunny.”

“Instincts.” Martin snorted at the word. “What a load of crap.”

Ben shrugged. “But this is just me, maybe you’re just over-reacting. It could be nothing!”

Martin glanced down, staring at the shrinking cigar. “Nothing…right.”

Ben lifted his wrist up to look at his watch and immediately stood up. “Well! Seems like my kid’s piano lesson is over, eh?” The lion laughed haughtily, giving Martin a hard pat on his back. Almost making him spit out his cigar. Ben escaped inside before Martin could give him a glare. The fox reluctantly went inside, following him. Walking through the kitchen, the two went into the living room to find Martha sitting next to a female lion cub, dressed in pink with a large white box wrapped around her waist. Martin thought she looked like a big present from all the bows her father gives her.
The lion cub tapped on the piano keys while Martha listened and corrected every time she made a mistake.

“Come along Lilith.” Her father proclaimed, making the lion cub drown in deviance.

“But papa!” She whined, kicking her legs. “I want to learn more!”

“Now Lilith.” Her father said sternly, making the cub cross her arms, holding a pout. “We already have Martha teaching you for two hours every week. You will see her again on Monday.” He picked her up, putting her on his shoulder. Lilith huffed. “Now enough of that, if you keep acting like that, you are not going to get ice cream.”

Having her rights of her weekly ice cream in jeopardy, she decided to change her attitude and let out a sigh.

“Ooookay.” She said. Ben chuckled and looked back at the couple.

“Thank you again, Martha. I’ll send you the check in the mail.” He avoided eye contact with Martin when he said that. Martha, none the wiser, nodded her head politely.

“Thank you Ben and Goodbye Lilith, keep practicing on your songs.”

“Yes Martha.” The little cub replied happily. Martha sighed happily as she watched her and her father leave. Martin noticed how long she stared at the little cub and he felt that maybe Ben was right.
George the mail carrier, arrived on the dot. 1:45PM. Making it so that Martha didn’t need to go outside to meet with George. He came to her. Martin made sure to be there when he arrives, watching how every week George bought a bouquet of flowers for Martha.
Every time the tan bunny gave her a flower, Martha gushes every time and brings out the good vase and presents it in the middle of the living room. Each day he walked passed it, made him more irritated, so much so, he fought from throwing them in the fireplace.
Today was different.
Martin stood aside, hiding behind the wall as he leaned against it. Next to him Martha grabbed the envelopes and something extra.

“Thank you again George! They’re lovely!” She let out a giggle, making Martin’s finger twitch. George had bought her a bouquet of white lilies. Martha’s favorite. “You don’t need to bring me flowers every time.”

“Ah come now, Martha!” Laughed the tan bunny. Martin clenched his teeth when he began using her name. “It would look nice in your house! Those are what my mother used to brighten up the home.”

“Well, they are precious George, thank you again!”

“Of course, have a good afternoon Martha!”

She waved him off. “You too!” And she shut the door. Just like the routine. She turned to Martin and finally saw him in his foul mood. She ignored it, not understanding what he was angry about. She thought he was thinking about something that happened earlier today.

“Would you hold these, Martin?” She asked softly. Martha grabbed an empty vase and placed it ontop of the coffee table. Martin held the hated flowers and couldn’t hold his anger back any longer.

“Tch! More flowers.” He tossed the bouquet into the garbage bin beside the couch, making Martha gasped in surprise.

“Martin! There’s no need for that!” She yelled as she started picking the flowers out of the waste bin. “What has gotten into you?”

“Into me? How about that Bunny who is wooing you?” He growled, pointing harshly to the door. Martha shook her head. Not believing him.

“I’m sure he was just being…polite.”

“Polite my tail.” He growled lowly as he watched her place the slightly bent flowers into a vase. The vase he bought for her. Holding flowers of another admirer. He felt his anger begun to rise as Martha meticulously stroked each petal to make them more presentable. He reached into his breast pocket taking out a pack of skinny cigarettes. He bit down hard on the butt of the cigarette while his thumb flicked on the lighter. He always smoked when something annoyed him.

“Martin!” Martha scolded from the moment she turned around to see him struggling to get a flame. “I told you not to smoke in the house!”

She reached to snatch the cigarette but Martin’s
ears went back and glared at her. Martha retracted her paw back, she had never seen Martin look at her like that before.

“I think I can do whatever I want…since you prefer to have another male here to romance you.” He finally got the lighter to work, the flame kissed the tip of his cigarette lighting the nicotine. “I think you like the attention.”

Martha’s ears dropped. “How can you even say something so cruel?” Martin pursed his lips when he saw her body began to shake. She had never seen him angry at her. There was no need. Even when they argued, he never said something that would hurt her.
“Do you think of me as cheap? Is that what you think of me? Do you think that I am being unfaithful to you?” Martin didn’t say anything, instead he flicked on his lighter and got a flame. Ignoring her. She stared at him in a mixture of shock and hurt.
Her lower lip quivered as her eyes turned to the ceiling, struggling to keep herself from crying. “Because I thought you knew me!”

She whirled on her heels and scurried up the stairs, covering her face as she wept and next heard the slam of their bedroom door. Martin puffed his cigarette rapidly, his chest rising as his nostrils flared. His eyes moved to the flowers and before he knew it, he was already ripping them apart.
He flicked his cigarette into the fireplace, lighting the ripped up flowers into a beautiful flame. He watched them crumple and turn into an ugly black. He was glad to seem them gone. He could always buy new ones for her.
If any animal is going to give her flowers, he would.
He sat in silence, staring into the fire as his ears twitched from hearing Martha’s slow sobs. She had been crying for more than an hour.
His knee bounced in restlessness when he heard her loud sniffles, her repeated cry, her annoying muttering. He covered his ears, trying to silence the noise. Until he couldn’t take it any longer.
He stomped upstairs, heading to the bedroom door. He grabbed the bronze handle and jiggled it. He grunted when the door refused to open.

“Martha!” He called out. “Open the door!” He heard her stop crying for a moment, yet the door did not open. He shook the doorknob again. “Martha! You know I can unlock this door!” He warned loudly. He waited for a moment and dug his paw into pocket, taking out his Swiss Army knife. Modified to have a screwdriver and a bent pick. He jammed the small pick in and began moving the mechanisms of the lock. He learned how to break in during his time in the force. When it came down to it, he could break into any lock. It only took a minute until he heard a satisfying click. He pushed against the door, but found it did not open.

“What the-!” He cursed when he pressed his body against the oak frame, trying to force himself in. “Martha! Did you put the chair against the door?”

He didn’t wait for a response when he snarled in frustration. He took one step back and lifted his foot. With a powerful heel kick, he shattered the top of the wooden chair and walked in. His tail was bristled when he saw the mess that laid before him and it wasn’t the wood chips of the remaining chair.
Martha was laying in their bed, her body propped up when she heard the crash of the door. Her eyes were swollen and her ears were droopy. She shrunk fearfully when his eyes narrowed on her. She gasped when he went towards her with furious intent. She grabbed her ears and dove her face into the mattress in an attempt to escape his wrath. Martin hovered above her when he grabbed her shoulders.

“Martha! Look at me!” He demanded, shaking her slightly. “Martha!….stop crying!”

“No!” She yelled out, blanketing the bed with her tears. “Leave me alone! Y-you brute! I hate you!”

Martin eyes widened from her words and slowly found himself moving his paws away from her. His ears lowered when she wept, her shoulders shaking from how hard she was crying.
He locked his jaw and gritted his teeth.

“Why?!” He shouted towards her before he moved away, pacing in front of the end of bed like a mad animal.
“Is it because of what I said? Is it because I don’t give you flowers like that flat-foot bunny!? Is it because I don’t give you a garden or new clothes!” His nails dug itself into his palms from how tight he had his fists. “Is it because I’m a brute! That I have a short temper?! That I’m not good enough for you?! That you’re unhappy with our marriage because we could never have children or go out in public as other animals!?”

Martha’s ears twitched and sniffed when she heard Martin’s rant.

“Is it because you want to be with that bunny instead of a “brute” fox like me! That you can actually leave me and have a better life?!” He collapsed on the end of the mattress. Martha slowly moved her head towards him and found his back facing her. He was sitting down, staring at the broken chair in front of him. Martha slowly sat up. He had turned unbelievably quiet. She eyes him carefully, waiting to hear more but it seemed he had worn himself out. His paw shot up and swiftly wiped something on his eye, he followed it with a wet sniffle. Martha eyes softened and forgot her own pain when she crawled up behind him.
He lifted his paw again to wipe his other eye. She tilted her head to get a good look and her heart stopped.
She placed her paw over her bosom when he spoke again.

“Because I won’t blame you for hating someone like me…”

She heard enough. She finally understood the real reason why Martin was angry. She grabbed his head gently and placed his face right on her chest, her arms wrapped around him lovingly. She stroked his tears away gently when she kissed the top of his head.

“Oh my sweet Martin.” She whispered into his ear. “How could I ever say I hated you when I love you so much?”

His face fell. “Very easily…”

“Hush.” She cooed, and began stroking the back of his neck. “Martin, you don’t need to give me flowers, or clothes, or a garden or anything. What made you ever believe I would leave you for a bunny?”

She flinched when she felt his arms wrap around her slim waist tightly. He buried his face more deeply into her open collar bone. She blushed deeply when she felt him kiss her.

“I’m sorry Martha.” He muttered, giving her another kiss. “I am a brute. Why did I ever said those harsh things to someone like you?”
She pushed him away, lifting his muzzle away from her collar and up to her lips. He melted right into her arms, falling onto his knees with his arms still set around her waist. Her lips brushed against his, making his tail wag. She pulled away, a heated blush was seen on her face. She turned away in embarrassment.

“Well…it is hard to see you as a brute when you act like this, Marty.”

Martin grabbed her paws and gently kissed her knuckles, making her blush even more because it reminded her of when he proposed.

“Martha, I hope you can forgive me.” He begged. “I never thought of you as cheap, I regret even mentioning that. I wasn’t angry at you…I was angry towards that mail-bunny.” He put his forehead down against her knees. “I thought…I thought I was losing you.”

Martha smiled gently at him and lifted his head back up to her again. He felt his heart quicken when he stared into her beautiful ruby eyes.

“Martin. You must leave me be.” She began, making his eyes shrunk in worry. “If you want me to be happy, you must let me do what I want to do. I am allowed to meet with Alan when I pick up the mail and there is nothing romantic between us. He gave me those flowers to compliment our home.” Martin ears lowered from the sudden reveal and from what he done to the flowers.
“And stop with being so possessive!” She demanded, removing her paws from his face. “You can’t keep me at home all day, and you can’t give me things expecting me to suddenly forget what I want. Like a garden…”

Martin nodded and cupped her sculpted face. She leaned into his warm paws. “Of course, Martha…I want you to be happy, I-I hate it when you cry.” He said, making her kiss his nose.

“Thank you Martin.”

50 years later

The doorbell ranged on the dot, like it has for the past fifty years. Martha answered it while Martin made himself busy folding dish towels. He moved his head boredly to the door to find the old tan bunny, holding the large blue bag full of mail.

“Hello George.” Martha smiled sweetly, grabbing the mail like always. The old mail carrier tipped his worned hat to her.

“Hello Martha, just bills today.”

“How are the grandkids?”

“Oof! Passed 150, it’s getting hard to keep track of them all.” He laughed slightly, scratching the back of his head. “What about you?”

“I’m folding the laundry with my husband.”

“That must be fun.” He leaned over and waved at Martin. “Hello Martin.” The old black fox smirked and waved back.

“Good afternoon, Georgie.”