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Astral Projection GUIDED meditation MEET ASHTAR SHERAN
Astral Projection GUIDED meditation MEET ASHTAR SHERAN

GLIDE AND SURF…. THROUGHout THE COSMOS ON this Amazing Journey You Will Never Forget. Just Sit Back And Relax, Follow My voice AND You Will MEET Ashtar Sheran.

So I’m in my history class, and all the students in it are being sorted into ‘guilds’ for projects and junk. The substitute that is explaining these to us says about the second guild, “This one is basically the embodiment of Hufflepuff, (not my choice).”
Ever so subtly, I hear a quiet but very serious whisper, “She better not be talking s*** about Hufflepuff.”
Like, full grown, deep, baritone/bass voice, whispering in defiance.
The best part of my day so far


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This is something I built for Sanctuary Hills. An open workshop for anyone in the settlement to use, nicknamed “The Toolbox”.

Credit where credit is due, I was inspired by norespawns for the look of this building via this video of his Sanctuary build. While he made a cool bar above this same house, I’d already decided to build a workshop there. I was heavily inspired by his style, so, much credit to him (he also just has awesome videos, settlement builds, and tips and tricks, so go watch him, especially if you play on console or don’t use mods). I have to credit him again for the fusion generator house. Completely his idea, looks very cool, especially at night. I didn’t use a very cool lightbulb color for mine in this particular build (or a disco ball), but you can learn how to make it yourself in his video here.

Enjoy some night-shots below. I was going to include pics and backstories about the settlers who use the workshop the most, but this is super long already, pft. They’re cool, though, rest assured. 



The OVA Project! article in the 9/1987 issue of Newtype.  

All about OVA’s here! Page illustrations: Hagane no Oni illustrated by Koichi Ohata, Dirty Pair illustrated by Tsukasa Dokite (He was key animator in the missile jumping scene in Project A-Ko), Hi no Tori illustrated by Takuo Noda, Junk Boy illustrated by Yasuyuki Kunitomo, Battle Royal HS illustrated by Nobuteru Yuki and Madox 01 illustrated by Hiroaki Gohda.

Third page is all Neo Tokyo.

**I have had parts of this article translated. Please read and share. Thank you.**


Title: The OVA (original video animation) Project! You read it here first!

Subtitle: We present illustrations and lots of new information about upcoming OVAs in this special report! We’re very pleased with the characters and stories of this year’s OVAs!


Thank you for waiting! Here is a special report on OVAs chosen by Newtype! With the motto of “You read it here first!,” we present highly-anticipated and most-talked about OVAs. We’ve also asked the character and mechanic designers to draw illustrations especially for us (although we’re sorry that the drawings of “Junk Boy” were drawn by Yasuyuki Kunitomo, the illustrator of the original and not Tamiko Akaboshi). So many OVAs are going to be released at the end of this year until next spring, some of which have parts 1 and 2, some of which will have 5 or 6 videos released as a series. Artmic will release “Gall Force 2” and “Bubblegum Crisis 2” at the same time, and Dangaioh - Hyper Combat Unit will be made into a video series that will be completed in two years. Fans have also waited for Omnibus’s “Meikyu Monogatari.” Atsuji Yamamoto’s “Saishu Kyoushi” manga is also being made into OVA. Hirotoshi Sano and Shin Matsuo are also involved in Ashi Production’s OVA “Le Deus.”  

OVAs that will be released beginning October

Junk Boy


Good Morning Althea

Kizuoibito (Wounded Man)

Gall Force 2

Saishu Kyoushi

Le Deus

What’s Michael 2

Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Sea of Stars

Hagane no Oni

Battle Royal High School

Hi no Tori Uchuu Hen (The Phoenix: Space Chapter)

Meikyu Monogatari

X Densha de Ikou

Tank Buster Madox 01

Bubblegum Crisis 2-4

Devilman: the Birth

Dirty Pair

Youtouden 2


Kaze to Ki no Uta (The Song of Wind and Trees)

The Magic Flute


Katte ni Shirokuma


Migi Magari no Dandy


Godmars: The Legend of 17 Years

Hagane no Oni

Toshihiro Hirano is definitely the hottest director now. His new work “Hagane no Oni” is highly-anticipated by fans. We talked to mechanics design and special skills director Koichi Ohata. “I wanted to make it a visually appealing robot and not a robot where you can clearly see its internal configuration. We pursued images that would show the relationship between the robot’s design and its battle scenes.”

Dirty Pair

Dirty Pair will be produced as a new video series! The character designer and director will be Tsukasa Dokite, who also did the TV series. Dirty Pair was just released as a movie this spring, and we wonder what these two beautiful girls are up to in the video series! Each video will have two episodes, and the first episode will be more than 22 minutes. One video per month is slated to be released beginning December, and there will be 10 episodes in 5 videos in all. Production will of course be done by Sunrise. The director will be Katsuyoshi Yatabe.

page 3- *purple box with the Mikimoto art.

Title: A Record of Akihi’s Irresponsible Comments about OVA, No. 11. What is the future of OVA?

Leave the conclusion of the “You heard it here first” OVA Special Report to Akihi!

The Newtype editorial department received inquiries from the ladies of the editorial department of a famous anime magazine the other day. One question was “Is there a reason why Newtype calls original video animation as OVA?” Um, I think I answered this question in the early days of this column. OVA, pronounced as “Ovah” is more stylish and is easier to say. Saying it as “O-A-V” isn’t bad either but “O-A-V” could mean “office automation video” or “original anarchism video.” I also like saying “Ovah.”

More OVAs will be announced until the end of the year so we might have more OVA Special Reports. Regarding anticipated OVAs, there are rumors about Sunrise works being made into OVAs. Rumors such as new OVAs of “Soukou Kihei Votoms” and “Dunbine.” Regarding “Dunbine,” those over at Network would like to produce it but I think that if it is going to be made into an OVA, it might as well be directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino. Also, the release of “Soukou Kihei Votoms” has not been decided yet but they say it is in production. I’m so happy that I’ll be able to see the work of Director Ryosuke Takahashi who wrote the script of Dragonar.

“I made another character that I think you guys will really like,” I say, grinning. 

They sigh and ask, “Is it another gay bird?” 



Iconic American Landscape Photos, Recreated with Junk Food

For their project “Processed Views,” which is currently on view in the exhibit “Changing Circumstances” at the FotoFest 2016 Biennial, the collaborators Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman have produced cheeky dioramas that pull Carleton Watkins’s iconic images brashly into the industrial modern world. Using all manner of highly processed foods—Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Coca-Cola, marshmallows, fleshy stacks of bologna—they recreated the photographer’s famous landscapes from Yosemite and other California sites as garish candy lands.

See more from this processed-food world. 

I wanna work on a story about two young black sisters who move into their recently deceased(?) grandmother’s house out in the middle of the city only to discover an underground cult set out to destroy shadowy wolf-like creatures that they believe to be the embodiment of humanity’s evil.

They call themselves The Society of the Red Hood and it’s a totally global organization. They don the red hood in remembrance of the “original red” but the sub-sectors around the world handle it differently. Like, for example; the girls in Bangladesh wear bright red hijabs, the girls in Japan take after bright red miko clothing, and the girls in Mexico wear bright red serapes.

So back to the story. Due to the fact that their grandmother was in charge of keeping the city clear, it’s up to the two sisters to take her job. However, as time goes on they realize a deep sense of secrecy surrounding the society and their grandmother’s fate. Things get even stranger when the wolves seem to be targeting them and their mother above all the other red hoods.

As if that wasn’t confusing enough, suddenly a new wolf steps in to protect the girls from a near-fatal surprise attack at the claws of wolves!

Basically this whole thing was me trying to rewrite a classic fairy tale into something that deviates from it but not into “WOAH GRIMDARK” territory and I really love the idea of an all-girl fighter society so yeah.

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