the jung leader that i love


“It’s hard to tell the truth, and it’s hard to hear it. It involves feelings. It could make us feel uncomfortable with each other. But, to all of us, [hearing the truth] wasn’t bad. I believe Solar’s words strengthened our unity.”

(Trans cr- flamingsuga)

Why is kim namjoon so precious? Why? why? Why??? I want to wrap him in my arms and tell him that he is perfect and awesome and a great leader! ㅠㅠ
They all are trying their best to keep up with their army’s expectation and i cannot help but sob because they are so precious.

Thank you so much to BTS for being their best at everything. If i could, i would meet you guys everyday and thankyou for your hardwork 😭😭😍😍 ♡♡♡♡♡♡

To the people who are upset about the Wanna One final line up and are calling the top 11 talentless,

How? How can you say that? None of the top 11 are talentless. All of them deserve to be there. The issue was that there were only 11 spots and 20 amazing, talented boys who deserved those spots. In fact, all 101 of the trainees are talented. I could go on and on about how talented each and every member of that show is, but I’ll just talk to you about the top 20. 

TR;DL: It wasn’t anyone’s fault but Mnet’s. DO NOT BLAME ANY OF THE FINAL WANNA ONE MEMBERS. IF you wanna be mad, BLAME MNET. 

Rank 20 - Choi Minki - Nu’EST’s Ren - Ahh Ren, he was very good at everything. Maybe not the best in any regard but definitely an all rounder. Singing. Dancing. Variety. Visuals. All check. The issue with him gettng this rank however was that Mnet’s edits didn’t give him much screen time (this is the case with many of the following on this list). 

Rank 19 - Joo Haknyeon - He is talented. Despite needing some help, this boy is talented. He just learns slower than the other trainees and was greedy for positions he wasn’t ready to take on. He got way too much uncalled for hate because of it. I want to see him make a comeback one day as a stronger, wiser person.

Rank 18 - Kim Samuel - I shouldn’t have to say this but Samuel choreographed a lot of the dances they did for P101- hell he choreographed the Super Hot stage (baby is only 15 TwT). He kicked ass as center in Showtime! He was also good in Get Ugly! But Mnet didn’t give him that many behind the scenes cuts so I think that might have hurt him. He truly deserved so much better and I am going to support his solo. Hopefully, one day, he’ll debut in a group. 

Rank 17 - Yoo Seonho - He’s got cute maknae charms and improved so much throughout the show. He’s only been a trainee for 6 months and despite that he grew a lot in a matter of months. I’m so proud of you, Seonho. Thank you for comforting all the people who needed it at the finale. You are an absolute angel who deserved to debut as well.

Rank 16 - Anh Hyungseob - Hyungseob is a good dancer and despite not being the best singer he tries very hard. He’s also hilarious XD (fondly remembers the times he ran into a door) He’s also got variety skills. *cough* His rank is probably low cause the Yuehua boys are planning to debut soon *cough*

Rank 15 - Im Youngmin - Great dancer. Great rapper. I don’t need to say anything. Just watch any of his performances and you’ll see. He got fucked over by his fake scandals and because knetz eat people alive without knowing if the rumor is true or not. 

Rank 14 - Kim Jonghyun - Nu’EST’s JR - Amazing leader, who is selfless and always a sweetheart. He could have asked for center. He could have been greedy and asked for more lines. He never once did. On top of that, he’s a great rapper and a great dancer. Plus he a cute shy Wartortle. I have no clue how someone who was hailed the Nation’s Leader didn’t make it into the Nation’s Boy Group. 

Rank 13 - Kang Dongho - Nu’EST’s Baekho - He had vocals for days and visuals for days. His charisma was like fire and his personality is so <3 He was the cute babysitter for all the kids of P101 and I’m honestly so sad Guanlin lost his fav sexy uncle. 

Rank 12 - Jung Sewoon - Okay, look I love Ponyo . I love him so damn much you don’t even know. I was depressed when I saw him not get in. I can’t put into words how much I wanted him to be in the top 11. I thought he wouldn’t be close to 11 because he was 19 last time, but damn I feel trolled about this. VOCALS. DANCING. CUTENESS. I want to see him again in the future so badly.

Rank 11- Ha Sungwoon - HOTSHOT’s Sungwoon - It’s probably not right for me to say I didn’t want him in the top 11 because he needs to return to HOTSHOT so they can finally have a comeback. But he was Rank A from the start. Even Boa was like how are such talented kids not popular. 

Rank 10 - Bae Jinyoung - A lot of you seem to have an issue with BaeJin. But he’s got stage presences. He might not have shown it off at the start but he improved so much since then. Plus he has a great personality which you can see in any of the back stage cams since the actual show cuts his and Jihoon’s screen time.

Rank 9 - Hwang Minhyun - Nu’EST Minhyun- Don’t fucking sit here and tell me Jonghyun deserves to debut but then go off and say the top 11 aren’t talented when Minhyun is fucking in the top 11. Emperor Hwang has everything. Visuals, vocals, dance skills, and the relationship with the rest of the top 11. He made half this top 11 happen. So much talent you can’t even. 

Rank 8 - Yoon Jisung-  Auntie Jisung was gonna give up if he didn’t debut. He has stable af vocals while dancing. Plus he’s hilarious. Like really fucking funny. That’s been evident since he made himself a meme in episode 1. He took care of whatever team he led. I’m so so glad he got to debut. 

Rank 7 - Lai Guanlin - I personally didn’t want him to debut because I think he’s too young and still has a lot of growing to do. He wasn’t the best rapper or dancer but he’s got stage presence not only that but he was also only a trainee for 6 months. He’s only been in Korea for 6 months. Plus he’s like 16 so chill. 

Rank 6 - Park Woojin - I will flip tables if you tell me Park Woojin didn’t deserve top 11. He had shingles and still gave a bomb performance. He’s a great dancer and always draws attention when he’s on stage. He’s a great rapper too. He’s been Rank A from the start (BNM kids are so talented guys).

Rank 5 - Ong Seongwoo - Talented. So fucking talented. I can’t. He’s funny af, he’s an amazing dancer, he’s a god singer, he’s got a great personality, AND he’s got actor like visuals. Seriously, how can you call him untalented? Again he was rank A from the start. 

Rank 4 - Kim Jaehwan - If you have hearing, you know Jaehwan is talented. He improved his dancing so much to be here. Plus he’s savage and hilarious. Kim Jaehwan was actually someone I was worried wouldn’t enter top 11 because he didn’t have a strong solo fanbase.

Rank 3 - Lee Daehwi - This child did not suffer to have you call him untalented. He’s an adorable baby who can do it all. He is only 16 and he writes songs for crying out loud! He can dance and sing and maybe rap (I think). He was also Rank A from the start! (All the BNM kids are talented af so never fucking say he’s talentless)

Rank 2 - Park Jihoon - Got here because he winked BUT that doesn’t mean he’s not talented. He’s a good dancer like a really good dancer, And he knows how to work a camera, clearly. He’s not the best singer but he tries. He’s an okay rapper but we never got to see much of that. Jihoon is adorable and cute and a whole lot of goot things but people kept bashing him for getting to the top because he winked. He’s still talented though (Rank B isn’t that bad cause Jaehwan was Rank B).

Rank 1 - Kang Daniel - I will not take anyone calling him untalented. Seriously there are too many people saying he didn’t deserve it. Have you watched ANY of his stages. He ALWAYS stole the show and he’s NEVER been center. Look, people forgot he was a rapper because he sang so much on this show. Like he gave all the rap parts to other rappers because he knew they couldn’t sing. He’s an angel who loves cats and people. He’s also awkwardly hilarious. He was bound to be in the top 11 from the moment he hugged small Woojin. Worked hard and moved from Rank B to Rank A. Watch any of his fancams and prepare to be shook. 

If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you. 

Wanna One is talented.

Everyone in the top 20 was talented. 

I wish they made a group with the top 20 because I loved so many of them. 

how i described bts before i knew them
  • 2 of them can act right? lmao: jin and v
  • the one with the abs more famous than the queen of england herself: jimin
  • coconut who can do anything: jk
  • dance monster 2.0 and a lot of people called him a horse why: j hope
  • his face is the proof of gods existence: jin
  • english speaking dude who i fallen in love with but never knew his name or that he was the leader: namjoon
  • i was intimidated by a shroom: yoongi
  • why is everyone calling him an alien: v
  • Taehyung: Hey, best leader in the universe!
  • Jimin: Heyo, soft, cute and caring angel-hyung!
  • Jungkook: Hey, you rolemodel of mine and of so many other people's!
  • Hoseok: Hey, the man who always listens to our problems and helps!
  • Yoongi: Hey, you genius philosopher who writes the most beautiful and badass lyrics for his family!
  • Seokjin: Hey, you kinda-clumsy but we-still-love-you amazing-rapper-who-dances-like-a-god!
  • Namjoon: ...
  • Namjoon:
  • Seokjin: stop crying Joonie, it's your birthday
  • Namjoon: it's just
  • Namjoon: I love you guys
  • Taehyung: We love you too. Now where's the cake?

I don’t care if I get blacklisted for this because I feel that all ARMYs should read this. (This was Namjoon in the chat today. They’re in a layover in New York on their way to Chile).

This is why I love him. This is why I’m gonna be forever alone. He knows just what to say to us. He knows just how uplift us and make sure we keep going forward. Whether it’s in school, work, or even be criticized for being an ARMY.

This is Kim Namjoon. This is our leader. One of the best humans to exist in this world.
  • cheesecake is love, cheesecake is life
  • remember that selca of a giggly daehyun climbing on the back of a wet and naked jongup. Never let this die this is so important
  • Walking Sunshine™
  • oversized sweaters enthusiast
  • feeds his stans so damn well
  • hits high notes as you breathe
  • he even adds some in their songs when they sing live
  • tries to expose Jongup 25/8
  • everyone’s lockscreen let’s be honest
  • worships Bang leader
  • did I mention his lips?
  • has too much love for babyz
  • that “he’s not my bias but why do I love him so much?” kind of person
  • abusively white washed
  • should have an official protection squad
  • no matter how many neighbors/pets/brothers/sisters you have, I swear to God you have never experienced noise to its greatest extent until you know Jung Daehyun
  • like really
  • in a vlive, there are 95 chances out of 100 that the one screaming offscreen is Daehyun

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can you recommend some good yoonseok fics?

+ the ones i’ve read since then:

cactus boy by cowntdown (56,751) (i read the first 2 chapters last night and it’s very cute and fun)

too much sun can kill a plant.

luckily, cacti exist.

(or: hoseok swears to kim namjoon that the boy with the mint hair and blue sukajan is totally his soulmate—he just doesn’t know it yet.)

place me in your universe by kthpjm (2,044)

“Oh my God, is that him?” Taehyung asked, pointing to a guy a little to the right of Jihyung with orange hair. Yoongi suppressed a relieved sigh.

“Yeah, sure, that’s him,” he said quickly, ready for this to be over already.

Of course, in hoping that this would be over he had made the mistake of not calculating Taehyung being Taehyung into the equation.

Or ‘I didn’t want to tell my friend who my real date last night was so I just pointed at a random stranger (you) but now they’re storming over to interrogate you and you’re playing along??? okay’ au

sugar and spice (4,827)  

When Namjoon suggests that a broke and desparate Yoongi enter a drag competition, Yoongi thought he’d hit rock bottom. That is, until he learns who his main competition will be.

us, andante by jesspava (9,074) (this is so good ;; everyone’s fucked up and they’re aware love can’t fix them but they still find home in each other)

love hurts, it causes anger, jealousy, obsession, why don’t u love me back?

I’ll Be There When The World Stops Turning by teenuviel1227 (24,077) (ANASTASIA AU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Yoongi is a prince with amnesia & Hoseok is a witty conman who trains him to play the part of South Korea’s long-lost prince in one of his ploys–that is, until Hoseok falls for him, not knowing he’s the real thing.

Compromise and Negotiation by signifying_nothing (16,186)

Hoseok knew something was rotten in the state of Denmark, as it were. He just had no idea how bad it was, until Yoongi showed up on his doorsteps at one in the morning looking like he’d been on the wrong side of a barfight.

strange that things change by realface (7,622)

Three days before his birthday, Hoseok comes back to Korea. Yoongi wakes up to a phone call at shit o’clock and Hoseok’s voice in his ear, saying, “Surprise! Come pick me up.”

“No,” Yoongi says automatically. Then, after a moment, “Who is this?”

“I’m going to ignore that,” Hoseok says, “Terminal three, hyung. I’m waiting.”

太阳 ; 月亮 by jesspava (3,354) (the fic that inspired me to make sun & moon gfx)

Hoseok is in the flowers the first time they meet

Find The Solace In Oblivion by MarionetteFtHJM (49,718) (this fic turned out to be not what i expected after reading the first chapters but i’m hooked)

Yoongi was done. He was done with the noise, with the pollution, with his shitty office job and mostly with his boring cookie-cutter life.
Only possible solution he saw to his situation: sell your house and move to the forest.
What he hadn’t foreseen was what followed his move.

hecate’s library (and food) by peachesyoongi (12,044)

hoseok has to be too good of a person. there’s being a good person and then there’s being this good of a person. there’s visiting your lonely grandmother and then there’s taking an indefinite time off from university to actually live with her in her creepy old house where to hoseok, everyone else in her town, apart from her, is a complete stranger. yeah. hoseok’s definitely too good of a person and he regrets it everyday.

hoseok is just here for a nice time with his grandmother but ends up befriending six weirdos and a shiba inu

Been Tryin’ Hard Not To Get Into Trouble But I Got War On My Mind by teenuviel1227 (56,778) (RACERS AND AGENTS!!!)

Ace agent Min Yoongi is sent to go undercover and infiltrate backstreet racer-cum-heist-leader Jung Hoseok (code name: JHope)’s group of misfits, figure out their big plan, and bring them in. He’s counting on his info, his car skills, and his wits, but what he doesn’t count on is that the gang is loveable and Hoseok’s smile rivals any high he’s ever gotten from being on the job.

Somewhere along the line, Min Yoongi finds himself having to choose between love and duty, his job and the open road. 

This love is like an orchid by ohnami (40,063)

One pirate, one noble, and a messed up soulmate system. Or when love looks like a bad joke.

I just wanna thank Namjoon for having that talk with Hoseok like Hoseok isn’t the most confident person so hearing what Namjoon had to say about him probably made him feel so much better like Namjoon you can come over my house anytime you want and I’ll stop everything I’m doing to give you a hug and a full course meal

BTS Mafia au! You show him your shooting skills


Looking at the amount of bulls-eyes you were able to shoot would make Jin quite proud of his pretty innocent looking girlfriend. He knew that you would be able to take care of yourself if there were to be a situation that called for it. Flustered Jin would also come out when you wanted to shoot other guns instead of the ordinary .44 Magnum. 

“Jagi, I’m very happy you can shoot a gun but please, let’s not use the Bazooka in here alright?”

“But I want to explode some things….”

“Maybe next time…..”

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Min Yoongi / Suga

Watching you aim the S&T Motive K14 (a sniper) with such steadiness was something that alarmed Yoongi. He thought you were just an innocent girl who so happened to fall in love with a mafia leader. Yoongi started to think that you were an undercover spy working for the government when really, you were an assassin which you kept a secret that you kept from him.

“Oppa, I’m just a trained assassin, that’s it.”

“Oh - I thought you were working with the cops… WAIT YOU’RE AN ASSASSIN!?”

“Hehehe…..I guess I should’ve told you ages ago…..”

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Jung Hoseok / J-Hope

Hoseok turned from an emotionless moon to an overjoyed sunshine. You put the weapon down, too scared to hold onto it anymore and the embarrassment was starting to slowly killing you. You had almost hit the target but instead hit the ceiling which rebounded the bullet right next to one of Hoseok’s men which by the way, you both hated with a passion.   


“Hoseok….. I almost killed one of your men…..”

“ *whispers* who cares he’s a piece of shit…*shouts* BUT I’M STILL PROUD OF YOU!!”

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Kim Namjoon

Namjoon stayed quiet while you recollected yourself. Let’s say… you had too much fun and almost fired at one of your guards that Namjoon assigned to you. When you finally did, Namjoon walked up to you and started asking questions. He wanted to know why you reacted the way you did and more importantly, why you didn’t tell him about this side.

“Jagi, what happened just then, hm?


“I need to know so I can take care of you.”

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Park Jimin

Jimin couldn’t help but laugh when he saw you grab the pistol with your two shaky hands and very poorly try aiming for the middle of the target. Before you could even press the trigger, you feel Jimin’s hand onto yours, adding stability into your shot. You let Jimin re-focus the gun and with his cue, you pulled the trigger.

“See? That wasn’t too hard was it Jagi?”

“Oppa……I’m still shaking..”

“Awww, how about we go do something else instead?”

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Kim Taehyung

Dropping his phone, Taehyung runs up to you, wanting to give you a bone crushing hug. Although it was your first time shooting, you had managed to hit a head shot, not only impressing your mafia leader boyfriend but the guards surrounding the place as well. 

“Jagi, are you sure you have never shot a gun before?”

“Nope, I guess it was a lucky shot.”

“Babe, I know you’re destined to be apart of this business. Oppa is proud of you.”

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 Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook knew of your family of assassins and naturally wanted to see your skills with a weapon. Nothing could prepare him for the mess that was you. Expecting you to have perfect aim and a clean shot was what Jungkook wanted to happen. Instead, your shot landed at the bottom of the dummy with a very loud ‘clank’ sound. 

“So… you’re not good at shooting then?”

“Oppa, I specialize in knives, not guns.”

“Well, you could’ve told me sooner… the boys think you’re a prodigy at shooting….”


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CRYING TT! This is soooo beautiful! soo heartwarming seeing the groom & the bride walking down the aisle to be announced husband & wife ♥
Eric couldn’t get any happier. He’s literally glowing with happiness ♥♥
Shinhwa’s leader, the first member in Shinhwa to get married. Congratulations dearest. Wish you a lifetime together full of love & happiness ♥♥

KNK as Animals


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Jihun whenever he’s getting back scratches from Seungjun. 


Youjin with the rest of knk. Let him live, guys. 


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This seems like a very Seungjun thing to do. Why my biases always the weird ones. 


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Inseong is super cute with that gummy smile of his and so is this corgi. 


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Heejun is a baby, fight me. 


Jihun & Seungjun 

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But honestly all of knk cause they’re such a cuddly group besides Youjin that tries to deny it. 


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Seungjun:  the first puppy that’s not really sure what’s happening but he’s just going along with it anyways 
Heejun: the puppy in the back cause he’s the shortest in a team of giants and also the cutest maknae 
Jihun: the black and white puppy right up front, the leader ready to do things and also always next to Seungjun 
Inseong: the puppy next to him super into it, doesn’t question anything, cutest
Youjin: the last puppy, doing it but slowly regretting his decisions wondering why his members are crazy 

I love knk a lot but I haven’t written anything for them yet! Please feel free to request [despite me having so many requests I’m drowning]. Knk is great, stan them.

✩ Indigo