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5x04 Stefan is revealed where he actually guilt trips her "and now the hunger is back again" where at first he makes her his savior and source of sublimation and the minute she rejects him, she loses the role he held for her. She is merely a symbol to him and he can replace that symbol (which he does with Caroline but Elena isn't aware of it).

1. Stefan didn’t guilt trip Elena. This is what guilt tripping looks like.

What happened was that Elena and Stefan spent the day together and being around her settled his hunger and when he finds out she was lying to him, he has an emotional response, which translates into hunger. People keep forgetting that Stefan’s emotions and his physicality are tied together so a trust between them had been broken and his hunger comes rushing back. That isn’t Elena merely being a symbol or Stefan using her, that’s a natural response.

2. When did Caroline take over for Elena though? Elena is consistently linked to Stefan’s humanity.

season 1:

season 2:

Season 3:

In season 5, Elena had chosen Damon and yet who is it that Stefan thinks about when he’s drowning and dying?

This directly contradicts your claim that the moment Elena isn’t “with” Stefan, she stops connecting him to his humanity.

Even in season 6, the show could’ve reworked the episode so that it’s Damon that’s on the other end of the line but who is it?

Even in season 8, I find it interesting that this is what Julie has to say about Stefan’s condition

it’s the one time not in flashback that we’ve seen Stefan as a ripper/without humanity without Elena there and it’s the worst we’ve ever seen him, Caroline can’t do what Elena did for him. There is absolutely no way that Caroline could ever replace what Elena is to Stefan especially in the way Elena helps Stefan connect to his humanity.

TBYAIL Otayuri Playlist

My Otayuri AU to be young and in love is about to reach 10K hits on AO3 and to celebrate that, I made a playlist/soundtrack for the story which you can listen to here 🖤

Thanks to everyone who read it, commented on it and supported & encouraged me and my writing. Thanks for the art, questions and interest in my story. This fandom is lovely, full of kind people and so much fun creating content for. I’m very happy to be a part of it. 


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Harvey Dent Personal Note

Finally home, you know, well after “July Christmas”.
And apparently I received gifts.
Let’s start with Edward’s. Oh, hell yeah! He got me an autographed picture of Firestorm! I love that guy.
Jervis got us a ton of rare Pokemon card packs. I’ve been wanting more!
Harley got us some two-toned skinny jeans! heck yeah.

And Jon made us a double-sided scrapbook. The front cover is black and the back is white. Aw, it has all the good newspaper clippings of me.
and all the ones of me kicking people’s ass.
This is wonderful, thank you guys!
-Harvey Dent


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