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8.13: Everybody loves Aaron. And his Golem.

After satisfyingly watching a Golem take out a Nazi camp in 1944, we flash to Sam and Dean’s first introduction to the Men of Letters bunker.

*takes a moment to appreciate the fact that this place will come to be their home, only to have it threatened now by the modern corrupted version of the Men of Letters*

Dean switches the lights on, and for once it’s Sam who says “son of a bitch.”

First thing Dean does is claim a dead guy’s robe, while Sam tries to figure out how they even have electricity, or water pressure.

DEAN : Yeah. Yeah, I mean, don’t – don’t get me wrong. [He lifts a scimitar from a display stand.] This stuff is awesome, and it looks like they ran a real tight outfit here, but I’m just saying, you know, don’t, uh, don’t think that they knew some big secrets that we don’t know.
DEAN strikes some poses with the scimitar while SAM’s back is to him. As SAM turns, DEAN quickly straightens up.
SAM : Dean… they were a secret society.
DEAN : Which means that they made crap up and wore fezzes and sashes and swung around scimitars. They probably didn’t even sharp– [DEAN runs his finger along the blade and cuts himself] That’s very sharp. [He replaces the scimitar on the stand.]
SAM : Dean, look, I think we might have something here – something that could help us, help humanity. Henry certainly thought so. I mean, you know damn well we could use a break. What if we finally got one? [They look at each other for a moment, then DEAN looks away.] Are you gonna take off the dead-guy robe?

And ain’t that pretty much what Sam thought about working with the PEOPLE of the modern MoL in 12.14? Thing is, the bunker HAS proven to be something that could help them, over and over again over the last four years. But the bunker itself is a neutral thing. The people… well, they have ulterior motives. They have The Code. And an evil agenda.

Dean returns from checking on Kevin and Garth, and asks Sam if he’s heard from Cas. Sam hasn’t, and Dean is pretty upset that Cas hasn’t been answering his calls.

(heck that doesn’t sound familiar at all, does it… just an earlier incarnation of Dean’s dialed-up-to-eleven worry in s12)

Sam has been researching the Men of Letters, looking for anyone who might still be alive that is even remotely connected to the MoL. He discovers the Judah Initiative, and learns that their last surviving member has just been killed. Dean complains that he just got back to the bunker and they have to head out again to solve that case.

Poor Dean. :P

(and seriously, Pennsylvania, again?)

Sam goes to the library to see the books Rabbi Bass had been studying, while Dean goes to the bar where he died to talk with some girls that Rabbi Bass had apparently talked to quite openly. They thought he was a kook, talking about Nazi necromancers. But Aaron flirting with him from across the bar proves more distracting than the two co-eds.

(like Sam’s doing the MoL side of things in the library while Dean does the hunter side of things in the bar, yes?)

Instead of the ledger he expected to find, Sam discovers a book of birds. Dean confronts Aaron, who uses the excuse that he and Dean had “a moment” to explain why he’s been following Dean around. And we have the most awkward scene in the history of Dean. And it’s grand.

DEAN (on phone) : Huh. Well, uh, the two very hot co-captains of the women’s volleyball team agree that the rabbi’s death was very unnatural. I think we still got a case.
SAM (on phone) : That would explain why I have something stuck to my shoe.
DEAN (on phone) : You being followed?
SAM (on phone) : Yeah, I think so.
DEAN (on phone) : That’s weird. I thought I was being followed earlier. Turned out to be a gay thing.

Well, they were right. Aaron introduces himself, and Dean tells Sam he was his gay thing.

GOLEM : This boy knows nothing, observes none of the mitzvahs, labors on Sabbath, dines on swine.
AARON: Everybody loves bacon!

Even God! Confirmed!

AARON: What, do you two just break in wherever you go?
DEAN : Yeah, well, our dad wanted us to have a solid career to fall back on, just in case this hunter thing didn’t pan out.


Sam and Aaron are both shot with cursed darts, and Dean asks the Golem to catch whoever cast the spell. Killing the Thule (and then burning his body) saved them from the curse.

Poor Aaron though, is confronted by all the stories his grandfather always told him, that he’d always believed were wild fantasy and dismissed as complete nonsense. Finding out that all of it was real, that this was his family’s legacy.

Aaron was utterly unprepared to take it on himself, yet he was willing to defend his Golem when Sam and Dean began researching how to destroy the creature if Aaron couldn’t gain control of it.

Let me lay all of these concepts out in terms of my s12 meta-relevant tags:

Aaron needed to face his past, get to the bottom of how his grandfather’s stories became stories, find another better way to deal with the Thule, by using his words to take control of the Golem that was his family’s legacy.

Yeah, I think that sums things up nicely.

AARON : It looks like I’m the Judah Initiative now.

And Sam accepts his legacy as a Man of Letters.

Round One

So, this is written for @mittensmorgul‘s The Great Fic Writer Scavenger Hunt. Rules include using the trope “There is Only One Bed” and the Supernatural specific trope “Castiel (for whatever reason) wears different clothes”.

For context, what I wrote for the challenge is set several years in the future. Hope you enjoy.

It occurred to Dean Winchester that it had taken him entirely too much time to realize he’d been played.

In retrospect, it was obvious. Aaron just so happened to be “tired” of hunting down Nazi necromancers at the same time as Sam had forwarded Dean a weird case back in Kansas. Dean had agreed to take it because Eileen and Sam “just happened” to be across the country in the middle of another case. Sam had “accidentally” sent the same case to Claire Novak too, and just forgot to mention it. It was obvious, but Dean had been too distracted trying not to be a bitter ex while working on a case with Cas to notice it.

That, of course, was before Claire had left the two of them in a motel room with a pile of research and only one bed (with the excuse of having gotten a pretty waitress’ number, and… well she had in defense of Dean’s intelligence). She smirked as she left too, to add insult to injury.

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12x05 The One You’ve Been Waiting For

Aubrey’s Challenge: Write a fic about each episode in season 12.

Word Count: 794

Version en Español  –  PREVIOUS EPISODE

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You were finally back on the case. Your family had a long history with the Thule, and it was up to you to finally put an end to whatever their grand plan was. Bedtime stories growing up had included Nazis and necromancy in your house. You practically lived and breathed this society.

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W-we’re hunters, uh – Sam and Dean Winchester. We know about The Judah Initiative because our grandfather was a Man of Letters.

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I Want a Judah Initiative Supernatural Spinoff

So, Bloodlines was a bust. Y'all know how I feel about that.

But because Bloodlines is a bust, we have the power to influence what may be a good spinoff since the writers are still keen on creating a spinoff for the show and do you know what I want?


Don’t remember what that was?

Remember Aaron Bass?

You know, the bacon loving secular Jew who inherited his grandfather’s Golem only to realize he was an idiot in college and rolled the pages of the How to Control Your Golem book into joints?

The one who was Dean’s “Gay Thing” and made Dean’s bisexuality more obvious?

Well, THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE. This would be a squad of freaking super Jews fighting the forces of the Nazi Thule Society! Who the hell doesn’t like a good Jewish secret society destroying what remnants of the crazy Nazi regime? HOW COULD PEOPLE NOT LIKE THAT?

They could delve more into Judaic Mythology as well as travel the world more. MAYBE IT COULD BE BASED IN EUROPE, FOR PETE’S SAKE. Or South America, because, you know, many Nazis fled over there to escape death for their own actions.


And maybe Aaron could meet Cas and Dean could introduce him and be as awkward as hell on the matter.




Carrying on in the season eight shadow watch following this post, I found a possible candidate for the shadows in Everybody Hates Hitler.  The Shadow Orcs in LARP and the Real Girl were said to be very good at hiding, which is a skill that seems to be shared by SPN’s version of the Thule Society, a group of Nazi necromancers.  In fact, the spell we see performed by a leader of the Thule Society seems to make him into something of an immortal shadow so that he can escape the Golem.  (The fact that this guy hasn’t aged since the 40s also reminds me of Cuthbert Sinclair/Albertus Magnus from Blade Runners.  Another shady guy who didn’t age, was involved with a secret society, and was really good at casting spells.) 

In EHH, Aaron says, “The Thules are still out there, hidden, active” and several times during the episode the Winchesters are told that they can kill one or two of them, but they can’t kill them all.  The shadow in the 7th shot is very reminiscent of the shadow we saw watching Sam and Amelia’s house in episode 8x1.  We are pretty darn sure this shadow is the guy stalking Aaron’s grandfather, and we were told by TPTB that the other shadow was actually Don.  Maybe so.  Still, it is interesting that they were shot in such a similar manner.

I’ve included the map from LARP and the Real Girl because in medieval geography, ultima Thule was thought to be a land beyond the borders of the known world and we can see that the Shadow Orc territory stretches off to the northern reaches of the Moondoor map.  Thule can also mean any far off land or even an unattainable goal or “the place where the sun goes to rest”.

Thule is also mentioned in an Edgar Allen Poe poem entitled “Dream-Land”

By a route obscure and lonely,
Haunted by ill angels only,
Where an Eidolon, named Night,
On a black throne reigns upright,
I have reached these lands but newly
From an ultimate dim Thule –
From a wild weird clime, that lieth, sublime,
Out of Space – out of Time.

On Supernatural, the Thule Society, the Judah Initiative and The Men of Letters all share ties in the past that came together again in Everybody Hates Hitler.  And this is a case where there are members of each group still alive and active after the episode ends, with plenty of threats for future interaction mixed in all along the line.

So, who knows?  Are the Thule Society sneaking around SPN?  Or perhaps another ancient mystical group from beyond the borders of the known world, wise in the ways of magic?  Someone out of space and/or out of time?  Time travel is popping up a lot in some rather subtle ways, too.  So perhaps these shadows have something to do with that.  Or they’re shadow selves of our principle characters.  I don’t know.

Carrying on…….

Seven Things About Supernatural: 11x14 - “The Vessel”

This just in: Robert Berens delights in my pain.

(This was in reference to Delphine telling Dean that she had to die in order to completely purge the warding, but I like to think it applies broadly.)

And now, things.  

  1. I love the addition of Delphine Seydoux to SPN canon.  Anybody who stabs Nazis through the neck has a lot going for them in my book, but Delphine is also a force to be reckoned with, both intellectually and physically.  She’s the hero of the episode, full stop.
  2. Also, holy shit, that submarine set is absolutely beautiful. Jerry Wanek and his team do such phenomenal work every week, but this week’s pieces were so unique and immersive, it just blows my mind. 
  3. I like that while Lucifer has considerable power, he is not all-powerful.  An archangel can certainly turn just about anyone to paste, but wards still work, and wit and skill can triumph in the moment.  Impossible enemies aren’t just frustrating.  They’re boring. Giving Lucifer some limitations keeps things interesting and ensures that TFW still have some agency while we progress toward a confrontation.
  4. This episode makes fantastic use of dramatic irony.  It’s so damn thick.  Like Othello and Oedipus the King levels of dramatic irony.  It’s such a treat watching Misha playing Lucifer playing Castiel, knowing just how much danger Sam and Dean are really in, especially when Lucifer decides to drop Sam from the equation.  So much tension.  Somebody give Berens a cookie and a high five.
  5. Speaking of Misha’s performance as Lucifer, this episode was some of his best work in that role. He’s absolutely hit his stride; more than once I felt like I was watching Mark Pelligrino.  He’s nailing the menace, the creepy sensuality, the cruel humor.  And yeah, there is a lot of humor here because Supernatural loves to use humor and drama in equal measure.  from Lucifer taunting Crowley in his own court, to returning to the bunker soaked in sea water, to losing his composure and bursting out into laughter in front of Sam, Misha just freaking nailed it.
  6. And hey, there’s our canon evidence that Cas is still in his body rather than in the Cage – a question I was still holding as open – and seeing Cas protect Sam from Lucifer certainly drives home Misha’s comment at HousCon about Cas being able to wrest control when properly motivated.
  7. Oh Dean.  Sweetheart.  You’re doing that thing like you did getting out of Purgatory where the truth of Cas’ tendency to destroy himself because he believes he must is too terrible to contemplate.  And Sam doesn’t push or dissuade.  Ouch.  It’s compounded, too, by what Dean witnessed by going back in time for the Hand of God: Delphine’s story, the destruction of the sub and the death of her crew, etc.

Bonus Thing: So does the return of the Thule Society mean we might get some hot Judah Initiative?  Becuse Aaron Bass and his golem might be a welcome addition to the fight. 

Bonus Thing #2: How much do I love the title for this ep?  A LOT, THAT IS HOW MUCH.  You clever people and your multiple meanings.

But yeah.  TL;DR, this episode is much tighter than last week’s.  It’s like the whole team just kicked all the asses.