the joys of television

anonymous asked:

how would bendy react if he met the nicest characters in tv shows? (fluttershy, rose quartz, nurse joy, etc.)

He would respect them and help them with whatever they ask. He doesn’t even have to think twice about it.

when the leaves turn gray and only a timid piece
of an asparagus imitates aesthetic space

when the smudged paint imprints itself on clown faces
and nuclear bombs seem colorful as rainbows

when flowers seem to be gravestones of past joys
and when every seed is grown in television

when we imbibe video game streams chanting
“cut out the jams” like it was the last religion

when art is made by the AI instead of our interest
and we live with the dried-up Bottichellis

when we are nubile in 3D ejaculating not with body
but allowing the fantasy the honor of having it

when vhs tapes roll about the sarcophagus of T-rex
and music dusts the unused syringe of a junkie

when the tyranny of the identity dreams a president
and he stumbles without hair in wasteland earth

that is the great age of man when I can sit in my room
all alone writing about it without any greater care


“In a career spanning three decades, Ellen DeGeneres has lifted our spirits and brought joy to our lives as a stand-up comic, actor and television star. In every role, she reminds us to be kind to one another and to treat people as each of us wants to be treated. At a pivotal moment, her courage and candor helped change the hearts and minds of millions of Americans, accelerating our nation’s constant drive toward equality and acceptance for all.

Again and again, Ellen DeGeneres has shown us that a single individual can make the world a more fun, more open, more loving place so long as we ‘just keep swimming.’”

Your fave is problematic: Bob Ross

•just kidding
•Bob Ross is a national treasure
•he once tried to nurse a wounded alligator back to health in the family’s bathtub
•after being in the military he didn’t want to be mean and tough, instead decided that if he ever moved on, he would never scream again.
•Did his tv show The Joy Of Painting for free, and never sold his artwork. Most of his works were donated
•He estimated having painted between 25,000 and 30,000 paintings in his life.
•He fed a baby squirrel on his show

In 2017...
  • Let’s see more black girl magic and black boy joy.
  • Let’s keep celebrating black excellence.
  • Let’s remind the younger generation and ourselves that black is beautiful.
  • Let’s continue to fight social injustice.
  • Let’s keep reminding everyone that black lives do matter.
  • Let’s support black businesses more.
  • Let’s be more kind to our brothers and sisters regardless of their shade of skin.
  • Let’s read more black books, listen to black podcasts and show love to black media/blogs.
  • Let’s stop calling black women angry.
  • Let black women remember they are valued. Show them respect.
  • Let black boys and men explore their sexuality without judgement.
  • Let’s remember that mental health does affect the black community.
  • Let’s speak out on cultural appropriation.
  • Let’s keep creating amazing music, TV shows and films.
  • Let’s push for greatness in all aspects of our lives.
  • Let’s make sure more of our young brothers and sisters stay in school and graduate college.
  • Let’s show the world what it means to be black and proud.
  • Let’s no longer be afraid to be black.
  • Let’s embrace our past, work on our present and ensure a great future for our people.
  • Let’s remember that we are forces to be reckoned with.
  • Last, but not least. Let’s stay woke.

Wishing you all a prosperous and fulfilling 2017. It’s our year for the taking.

Much love.