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tanaka headcanons!!! because im love him?

  • the reason he doesn’t lift hinata above his head the same way he picks up noya is because the only time he tried it, hinata yelled “death before dishonor!” and brought them both down
  • tanaka, waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat: “i’m the Sokka Friend”
  • he secretly owns a wisdom of the ace shirt, but he’s saving it for the first day of his third year
  • “i don’t have a favorite underclassman! and if i did, it would not be hinata, haha”
    • karasuno, the team they’re currently playing, the spectators, god himself: [looks into the camera like they’re on the office]
  • saeko’s nails are painted black in ch 251. tanaka was the one to do her right hand because she can’t do it on her own. we’re all saeko
  • tanaka and yamamoto are being lowkey about it, but they’re some of the most hyped members of their respective teams for the battle of the trash heap, mostly because they have weeks of trash talking to prove wrong
  • tanaka is the friend who yells “do it for the vine!” noya is the friend who does it for the vine
  • if he wasn’t doing volleyball he would be a swimmer, if only because he would have more opportunities to rip his shirt off
  • he wants to be bokuto koutarou when he grows up
  • [match is about to start] tanaka: “from now on, we will be using code names. you can address me as eagle one-”

For his true heir, should Elena’s punishment and promise to the gods hold true. The punishment and promise that had cleaved them. That Brannon could not and would not accept. Not while he had strength left.

Aelin didn’t know why it surprised her to be able to cry in this body. That this body had tears to spill.

But Aelin shed them for Brannon. Who knew what Elena has promised the gods—and had raged against it, the passing of this burden onto one of his descendants.

But Brannon had done what he could for her. To soften the blow of that promise, if he could not change its course wholly. To give Aelin a fighting chance.

Nameless is my price.



More of my collection stuff to be added in another post!!

This is what my 2 am mind came up with since I didn’t want to write out an actual fic here are some things for it.

>As Will gets older he begins to feel lonelier even with his friends. (17/18 yrs old)

> Will is in love with Mike and like some angsty byeler fics it’s one sided :( OR IS IT?!? I don’t know this is up to your interpretation.

> So even though the others don’t realize it they begin to leave Will behind. Mike comes to the Byers house more often for El/Jane (I’ll just use El and Jim Hopper and Joyce are married) Lucas and Max and occasionally Dustin are hanging out. Steve works at his dads shop instead of going to college so Dustin is typically there and gets a summer job there thanks to Steve.

> Will was close to El even before Hopper and Joyce got married. He’d do anything for her. So he tries his best to stop these feelings because he wants her to be happy. But he knows that she knows. Like when Mike casually announces how much he loves her in front of him her gaze meets his and her eyes soften sadly. Or when Mike calls their house for her she’ll grip his arm and give him a sad smile. Then there’s times when they’d lay in bed together listening to his stereo with no words between them.

> Lucas and Dustin growing distant from him hurts him just as much. They are…were? also his best friends. He misses hearing Lucas complain about his sister over the com or showing him how to use his slingshot. He misses Dustin’s smile and how he’d try to light up a room. He misses them both. So he tries to meet up with them whenever they can.

>Even Max he misses. She also became like a older sister in a way. Like how she once punched Troy in the face because he called him a slur. He misses the weekly skateboard lessons that he knows he did terrible at but she still met with him for it even when they decided not to skateboard that day. He still sees them at school and they talk and laugh but it’s not exactly the same to him.

> Their DnD meet ups grow thinner with about 3 of them a month. Arcade visits are usually once every week. And just all of the group hanging out at once becomes difficult when other plans arise. And usually it’s with each other. But it feels like no one want to invite him.

> Jonathan moved out to go to a school for his photography. Nancy goes to college as well. Their colleges are close. Though Jonathan calls him anytime he gets.

> But Mike seeming to turn away from him pained him the most. Seeing him make plans with El. Seeing him make plans with Lucas with Dustin. he made plans with him too but how many times is that. What did he do? Did he find out? Does he hate me? What happened to the boys that would do anything for each other. That would stay awake until 2 am on the com just to enjoy each other’s company. Mike he loved and loved and would hold him and cherish him with all that he was. Will honestly thought that things would turn out differently. He doesn’t blame El. He doesn’t blame Max. He doesn’t blame Mike or Dustin or Lucas. He blames himself.

>He feels like everyone is growing distant from him and he hates it

[Note: somehow this turned into Ryers so here you go read ahead if you desire it. ]

> Richie had arrived to live with his aunt Karen and uncle Ted around a year or two ago. Or how ever they’d be related if you decide for them to be.

> Richie and Mike don’t necessarily get along

> Richie doesn’t grow close to Mike’s friends but does join them when they come over and on arcade nights. But then there’s Will.

> Richie wonders how in such a shitty world that does nothing but to screw Will he turns out kind.

> (like other Ryers fics. Shout out to those writers like really bless you : bxbystxrs, superbyerbros and jinhyungnim and any others that I didn’t mention) Since Richie and Mike look alike unintentionally he begins to hang out with Richie because of his feelings and deep down he knows Mike is leaving him behind. He wants returned feelings but he also wants his best friend back.

> Richie realizes Will’s feelings for Mike a month or so after he arrives. And doesn’t bring it up to Will until a couple months after that

> Richie does fall for Will not exactly realizing it at first but then eventually it hits him that he is in love with him. Though he doesn’t tell anyone.

> Richie wants Will to see him as Richie instead of Mikes subsitute. He wants Will to love him. To look at him like he carries the world and it pisses him off that Mike doesn’t see how much Will cares for him. How lucky he is.

> Will does know though that the two are different. It takes a while for him to realize it but he does. The slight difference in their voices. Just a speck of color in Richies eyes that isn’t in Mike’s. And the obvious being differences in personality.

> When Richie decides to pose as Mike for a prank Will can tell it’s Richie after the first time. That’s when he begins to tell the difference. That’s when the shift begins.

> Richie is aware of how Will is feeling with his friends and the loneliness that is consuming him. He notes the sadness that flickers in his eyes when someone has plans. The fake smile when he sees el and mike together. Will is happy for him as a best friend and brother but he still gets a knot in his chest when he sees them kiss. So Richie tries to do the best he can do to make Will happy. When someone has other plans or when Will is left alone Richie will invite him out. To the new diner that opened in place of Benny’s diner. To see a movie. On a drive when Will can’t sleep.

> But then Will is the one who begins to ask. He calls for Richie when Mike is there. His smiles widen when he sees Richie at lunch. He asks if he’d want to go to a fair with him a town over. He invites Richie over to spend the night even when he knows Mike is free. Even when Richie is feeling like everything is crashing down. There is Will, holding him with worry in his eyes but not pushing it. Richie notices the change in Will and he feels like his heart will burst out of his chest.

> One night Richie climbs into Will’s window with a spur of the moment thought on his mind. “Let’s go on a road trip!”

> Richie remembers that Will has never been to the ocean. So he thought they could go through Ohio and Pennsylvania maybe even stop by New York and then off to New Jersey or Go through Ohio to West Virginia, Virginia to Maryland. They wouldn’t even have to get a room at a motel they could pull the tents out of storage. Will thinks he’s insane when he tells him this. He knows how protective Joyce is of him. And though she knows Richie and cares for him too Will doesn’t know if she’d allow it. He didn’t even think about what Jim might say. Though Will isn’t as close to him as El is he still is protective of him. Plus Richie hasn’t had the best interactions with Jim. Like how on the first week Richie got to Hawkins he ended up in front of him at the police station.

> “We don’t even have enough money!”

> “How much money do you have saved up?”

> Will though that it wasn’t enough so they decided they’d take extra shifts at work and save up all their money and leave at the end of the month.

> It took some convincing with Joyce and Jim but he won them over. El had a smile on her face when she found out. She was happy on this development. Will had been laughing and smiling more and she planned to thank Richie Tozier one day. She had noticed the shift in their group and wanted to fix it when she saw how it was effecting everyone especially Will. A group meeting would be necessary if they wanted to fix this rift. But she’d ask when Will came back. El wanted him to enjoy his time.

> The two decided that they’d camp the way there and get a room when they arrived at the beach.

> Usually he’d be a tired mess in the morning but when Richie pulled into their driveway at 5 AM he was buzzing w/ joy. There Richie was leaning on the car they’d be spending a week in with grin on his face. “William my good fellow!” Richie said with his worst old English accent , fully knowing it would make Will smile. He is ridiculous thought Will . But it didn’t stop a smile from spreading across his face as he moved towards him with bags in hand.

Well there it is i hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to use this to write an actual fic or branch off from this.

[ Ventus Appreciation Week // Day 6 ]

This little moment always brings a smile to my face! The excitement as he remembers to give his friends a cool gift. The way his face falls and his tone becomes annoyed soon after. Precious biscuit just wants to be recognized as their equal!
you've always been selfish
some positive grif mood. mostly. cover art @ashnymeow 13 songs for the unluckiest guy in the galaxy

track  list.

[ 1. weak - ajr ] [ 2. ways to go - grouplove ] [ 3. when you were young - the killers ] [ 4. who am I - vance joy ] [ 5. daylight  - matt & kim ] [ 6. from finner - of monsters and men ] [ 7. i’m good - the mowgli’s ] [ 8. waste - foster the people ] [ 9. twin size mattress - the front bottoms ] [ 10. two weeks - grizzly bear ] [ 11. submarine symphonica - the submarines ] [ 12. maps - yeah yeah yeahs ] [ 13. float on (ukulele cover) - irving john ]

Glen Campbell ‎– Rhinestone Cowboy
Capitol Records ‎– B0022690-01
Vinyl LP, Remastered, 180 Gram, Embossed Cover
Released:1975 (2015 Reissue)

Words cannot properly emote the degree of joy that this gives me.  I was 5 and this was AM Radio gold.  This is the first time I’ve had a chance to hear the entire album, decades after the fact.  I know who he is now. Wrecking Crew, Netflix biopic, Nancy lionized him during his eulogy.  It’s as good as I want it to be and I am 5 years old again, but with more songs and not just the smash hit.  But that hit though…boy what a smash.  As I finish this little writeup, I’ve just flipped over to side 2, Rhinestone Cowboy up next.  I already know I’ll lift that needle and put right back at the beginning, probably a few times.  It’ll take awhile to get through side 2, I gotta connect with 5 year old me for a bit.
Also, embossed cover!

LISTEN: Glen Campbell ‎– Rhinestone Cowboy

I was tagged by @southsidejuggie and @redhairedoddity (thank you <33) to find 12 songs that would describe the soundtrack of my life then tag 10 people I want to get to know better who should try this out.

A song where the lyrics summarize:

1. your childhood: The Kids Aren’t Alright ~ Fall Out Boy (lmaooo)

2. your love life: Panic Cord ~ Gabrielle Aplin

3. your high school years: Kids ~ Fatherson

4. your sexuality: What You Do ~ James Gillespie (not so much the lyrics but just the song in general gets me goin)

5. your personality: Who Am I ~ Vance Joy

6. your opinion on a hot topic: Ship Goes Down ~ Walking On Cars (I don’t really know what this category means but this song is supposed to symbolise that I am a Ride Or Die when I care about something)

7. your best friend/s: Kids ~ MGMT (not the lyrics just the vibe) or Centuries ~ Fall Out Boy

8. your thoughts on growing up: Hold My Hand ~ The Fray

9. you on a night out: Fall into the Party ~ Twin Atlantic (yeah boiii)

10. your flaws: Sorry ~ Nothing But Thieves (actually v accurate tbh)

11. your perfections: Missing ~ Seafret 

12. your year: Take On the World ~ You Me At Six (I cry every time I listen to this song?? why??)

I’m gonna tag @thekillingquill@betty-coopers-number-one-stan and @forsythejonesiiiwho if you guys wanna do it (no worries if u don’t)

anonymous asked:

i'm going to miss your clexa/lexa analyses/theories so much. i think it hurts even more knowing that i can't watch an episode and come here again and read theories on lexa's back story and get excited through the week as you post. her character was so incredibly interesting and i think you gave her so much life because you really explained in-depth what was happening on the show with our favourite character. i will miss it so much. thank you for all your theories.

Thank you so much! This fandom has been so amazing, supportive, hilarious, sinful, and so much more. This is just one of the DOZENS of messages i have received showing me support and love. Truly, I love you all so so much! I think we all will remember the impact Clexa and Lexa had on our lives, and the impact the Clexakru fandom has had. The overwhelming amount of support in my inbox is making me cry. Most of you are being so thoughtful and respectful.

Thank you for appreciating and realizing how much of my time over the past year I have dedicated to the show. I have made countless analyses, theories, fan videos, posters, lexacoon posts, etc. I will also miss analyzing and theorizing about this show and getting feedback from you all. I really loved reading all the tags and comments on my theories or analyses. I have dedicated so much of my time into growing my blog. I now have 11k followers, and not much to ‘give’ you all. I’m sorry. I wish I felt more enthusiastic to write about this show but I am still very hurt and sad. I’m not even angry, it is still just a numb empty feeling. I really loved analyzing Lexa first, then the Clexa dynamic. It brought me so much joy. I would probably argue that I am one of the Top 5 people that loved Lexa the most. I wrote a 14 page analysis on her and many of my analyses revolve around her and her emotions. I really got into that characters head and felt a part of her and her psyche. A part of me died when she died.

Many of you are asking how I am doing… well, I am the type of person who suffers in silence and just gets very quiet and shuts down. That is what has happened. I am also the type of person who believes that “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”…i have been pretty quiet. I’m still processing and it will take me a while. I have received countless asks wanting to know my finale theory based on the Vancouver stuff. I really am not in the mental place to theorize atm. I don’t know if i will be for awhile…if ever. Just give me time. I really have dedicated so much time to this show and this character. Remind me to never again to love a character as much as I love Lexa…i never want to feel this way again. 

Lexa and Anya were (are?) my two favorite characters that were both killed in a semi-similar ‘shock’ way. Clarke witnessing them being shot by a gun, Clarke trying to stop the bleeding, them both saying their fight is over, etc. Seeing Lexa die this way also brought back some pretty painful Anya memories. They both died in Clarke’s arms…with Anya it was Clarke’s hope for peace that died, and with Lexa it is a hope for love, peace, understanding, and comfort. Never again will she love another the way she loved Lexa….Clexa was endgame. You can’t replace a soulmate.