the joyful fox

Animal Energy: The Fox


  • Cunning. The trickster. Stealth. Planning ahead. Mischievousness. Success. Magic. Mystery. Understanding yourself. Insight. Making opportunity. Spellwork and ritual. Wisdom. Active spirituality. Activating the dormant. 

General Description 

  • The fox was introduced into the Eastern states of Australia in the 1800s to assist in sport hunting. Now it is one of the most widespread of feral animals in the country. There are more red foxes in Australia then there are in the U.K. The red fox is opportunistic and feeds on mammals, reptiles, insects and birds. It will not always eat what it kills. As well as predating upon native wildlife, it also competes with many marsupials, birds and reptiles for habitat. The fox is an additional pest because it predates on livestock, such as young lambs. The fox is mainly active at night and dens in logs / bushes / hollows. Litters average at around four cubs. In Australia, fencing and fox baiting has been attempted in some states to some success. 

Lessons and Challenges

  • Fox has powerful energy, as can be seen by its ability to adapt to any situation no matter what the circumstance. From the harsh outback of Australia, to the suburbs and industrial areas of the Northern hemisphere, the fox is a modern success story - and for that reason also a bit of a pest. Fox teaches us the pros and cons of what it is to be truly successful. Whenever we make a ‘home’ in a new place, fox shows us that there are great losses and gains in finding our niche and our place in life. Success presents many facets, not all joyful and rewarding. Fox teaches us to understand our relationship to success - real or imagined - and then to integrate all the facets of it. 

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