the joy ride

Sirius takes Muggle Studies starting in third year to annoy his family. At first he plans on only taking it the one year before switching, but it grips his attention and won’t let go. Learning about muggle medical science, electricity, airplanes, the space race… every new topic felt like a new discovery.

It’s at the end of fifth year that the professor offers an extra credit project. Find something muggle that interests you and document your findings. Sirius feels stuck until halfway through summer holiday when he spots the bare bones of a motorcycle about to be hauled off.

At first his focus is figuring out what kind of bike it is (a 1946 Triumph 3T) and how to identify parts, but it quickly turns into a full restoration. The summer was spent mostly with James as they searched junkyards for missing parts, several times one repair leading to something else breaking and Sirius swearing up a storm. By the time school starts again he has 3.5 feet of parchment written front and back.

Two weeks before seventh year starts Sirius finally has it fully restored, crowing with joy as he rides down long stretches of empty road, already planning on what charms he could add to make it run better or make parts last longer.

It’s when Gryffindor wins the quidditch cup that year that sirius begins wondering what it would take to make the thing fly.

“So yeah - there’s aliens looking for me and they want to kill me because they think I’m my mom, which I sort of am. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the three magical ladies that raise me want to kill me to for getting them into this mess and also for taking my mom away. But ya know, family is tricky and we’ve all got issues, right?”

“Do I keep driving or stop the car or pat his head and tell him he’s a good boy I don’t know what to do I didn’t sign up for a late night therapy session jesus lorenzo christ this kid is like 12 and needs therapy yesterday”

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played it on my cousin’s pc

as if this game couldn’t get any stupider

  • spoilers ahead bruh!

there was bendy splooge everywhere ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

and a chick who voices another character named Alice in wonderland

(get your ass ready for some R34 bitch)

and I’m guessing Joey’s the one with the very bad Bendy cosplay XD

(it’s sammy, my bad)

(rise and shine, Mr Freeman)

and Boris just showed up all fine after he was ripped open, cuz why the fuck not?

all in all, it was a joy ride! not too spooky, but pretty entertaining X3

Celebrate Aries with loud music, a surprise kiss, a strong drink, and a joy ride.

Celebrate Taurus with good company, sweet indulgences, a spa day, and creative reward.

Celebrate Gemini with laughter, a riveting debate, a beautiful day, and a novel venue.

Celebrate Cancer with a home-cooked meal, hugs, getting things off your chest, and a cozy movie night.

Celebrate Leo with some sunbathing, that needed shopping trip, a unique dance, and a tour of the theater.

Celebrate Virgo with a good book, some strong tea, unexpected talks about how the world is/works, and a planned outing.

Celebrate Libra with juicy gossip, on point aesthetics, walks to the bar or a hot spot, and teamwork.

Celebrate Scorpio with a new tattoo, vinyl records, an ardent embrace, and instant connections.

Celebrate Sagittarius by watching the stars, plenty of jokes, a place off the beaten path, and talking philosophy.

Celebrate Capricorn with champagne, people watching, a good horror flick or tour in an old building, and a black card!

Celebrate Aquarius with incense, shots, late night conversations, and a rad house party.

Celebrate Pisces with a double feature, make out session, bunch of snacks, and puppies/kitties.


I wonder if I’m supposed to do any theorizing about the gems and their Cool Kid™ counterparts? 

The resemblance between Garnet and Buck is pretty straightforward - the glasses, the cool, calm, collected, and quiet demeanor, same lips and nose - Buck even has the crease on his forehead where Garnet’s third eye would be. Thinking about what Buck sad earlier about being judged against his dad, I guess the same could be said for Garnet - she’s being judged against Rose as a leader. 

Pearl and Sour Cream share a likeness, too; they swap hair and skin color, but have comparable hairstyles, similar facial features, and the same eyes. Trying to fit Sour Cream’s story about wanting to be a DJ while his dad wants him to be a fisherman is a little more tricky to fit with Pearl, unless my theory that she was some sort of elite gem back on Homeworld is true; then it would be that she had some sort of higher role to fill, but instead took the road less traveled and decided to rebel.

Aside from similar lips and sort of rounded features, Amethyst and Jenny don’t share too many physical traits, but they do seem to mirror each other in personality. I’ve got no clue how Jenny’s “I’m the bad twin, she’s the good twin” narrative could work for Amethyst, unless it’s foreshadowing us meeting another Amethyst down the line who’s not ‘wrong’ like our Amethyst is? 

And poor Steven has no one, because he is genuinely one of a kind.