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How to Read Tarot Cards When You Don’t Know Shit


This is a simple exercise I’ve done really to hone my intuition while divining. I like to pull a three card spread (past, present, future) but you can really use whichever spread you’d like.

Major Arcana:

  • Most trump cards can be self explanatory if you’re good at word association.
  • The Fool card starts a story that follows a journey through to the World, the end. Everything in between is character development.
  • Death does not mean death. Unlike most horror films, its appearance can actually signal a new beginning or change.

Minor Arcana:
Know what each suit means or symbolizes in general.

  • Cups: Water, focuses on your emotional self, creativity and romance, following your heart over your head.
  • Pentacles: Earth, focuses on your physical self, material ideas like business or wealth, manifestation.
  • Swords: Air, focuses on your mental self, action and concentration, intelligence and conflict.
  • Wands: Fire, focuses on your spiritual self, intuition and inspiration, values and flaws.

All in All: 

  • Use the context clues in the imagery of your cards to guide your intuition.
  • Don’t worry about misreading a card or getting anything wrong. This is really about trusting yourself and your gut instincts.
  • Don’t be afraid to take the surface value of the card during this exercise. It’s just an exercise. 

I hope this helped you if you’re just starting out, want to try a different method to divining with tarot, or just want to generally work on trusting your gut.

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~ “I know a boy from an island, he stands apart from the crowd, he loves the sea and his people, he makes his whole family proud

“Sometimes the world seems against you, the journey may leave a scar, but scars can heal and reveal just where you are

“The people you love will change you, the things you have learned will guide you, and nothing on Earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you, and when that voice starts to whisper, Hiccup, you’ve come so far, Hiccup, listen-

“Do you know who you are?” ~

i did feelsy thing because character parallels

YOI Fanfiction Wednesday

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containts nsfw = ///

An interview with Viktor Nikiforov - @victuri-doubleb 

World’s most eligible bachelor NOW ENGAGED! 

Follow Victor Nikiforov’s epic journey in finding his one true love, starting from a drunken request to love on ice. For the first time, he shares his life changing moments with the world, his heart revealed. A history maker. 

In the Shadow of a King - @pencil-amateur

Takes place mostly during/ after episode 11 and before episode 12.
“JJ’s younger brother is bad at dealing with his inferiority complex”

Kiss and Tell - @bee-sauce///

Yuri doesn’t have student loans even though he went to college in America.
Yuri knows how to pole dance.

Victor fails to put two and two together until Phichit reveals the reason behind both.

Sacrifices vs decisions - @ victuri-doubleb ///

Victor and Yuri are preparing for the Grand Prix series. As Victor teaches and advices Yuri day by day, he notices, that no matter what, the state Yuri is in right now, he will not be able to win. Yuris performance is perfect yet it is still lacking something…this something…will Victor be able to discover it and how will it influence Yuris performance? Will everything turn out well, or will Victor and Yuri have to face a situation, neither of them did expect to happen. Will it put them both for a choice, whether to go on and risk everything, or to be satisfied with how things are and try their best to make sure things won’t become worse…

Slacking Off - @nooowestayandgetcaught///

In which Yuuri raws Viktor under the mistletoe. (A lot of mistletoe. A whole ceiling’s worth.)

Take Me into Your Loving Arms - @simply-emily24///

It’s all been happening so fast. Yuuri breezed through the Four Continents and the World Championships, staking his claim on gold for both events. It’s the night of the exhibition gala and he and Viktor have quite the surprise planned for the audience. 

Two L-words - @simply-emily24///

It’s happening.  They have the rings.  They have the programmes down.

And right now, they just need to do something to calm Yuuri’s nerves before the big night.

You Wear Your Best Apology - @simply-emily24///

Fame and glory aren’t meant to live forever.  As the winds of springs sweeps through, the former champion and his coach are easily forgotten, replaced by the next young things.

Then why is Yuuri trying so hard to hold onto it?

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Some Moana Lyrics Sentence Starters

Change pronouns as necessary!

“Sometimes the world seems against you.”
“The journey may leave a scar.”
“But scars can heal.”
“Nothing on earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you.”
“I am everything I’ve learned and more.”
“The call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me.”
“It’s like the tide; always falling and rising.”
“I wish I could be the perfect daughter.”
“See the line where the sky meets the sea?”
“ No one knows how far it goes.”
“Everything is by design.”
“What is wrong with me?”
“See the light as it shines on the sea?”
“Will I cross that line?”
“One day I’ll know.”
“I have crossed the horizon to find you.”
“I know your name.”
“They have stolen the heart from inside you.”
“This does not define you.”
“This is not who you are.”
“You know who you are.”


“Sometimes the world seems against you. The journey may leave a scar But scars can heal and reveal just where you are. The people you love will change you. The things you have learned will guide you And nothing on earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you. And when that voice starts to whisper…Moana, you’ve come so far - Moana, listen - Do you know who you are?”

ABOUT ME -7/? favorite relationships: Moana & Gramma Tala (Moana, 2016)

The Role of Discovery on the Path

When we start on the Path we often hardly even know. It is already below our feet by the time we have any idea what it is, and we are often years before we have any idea where it is going. Yet it is there, taking us someplace, showing us the thin places in the Veil, revealing to us vistas and hollows hardly known to the world of men. Again and again throughout our lives constructing seemingly impossible narratives to push and pull us into the necessary changes for growth. The Path is the plot that runs through our lives.

Where we linger on that path often decides how long our journey takes between its start and its end. How well we perceive that which is off the edges of our path is a good indicator of how far along we are in our journey.

As much as a thousand writers and bloggers would have you otherwise it is most important to spend a great deal of time alone in the path of discovery. Without the books and theories, without the rhymes and reasons. Most of all without the jabbering idiocy of social commitment and simpering personal dramas known as the coven, or these days the facebook group. Just oneself and some bits and bobs that you know somehow happen to fit into that puzzle called hex, that whisper called curse, that promise called charm. Out in the landscape, looking for the variables we need, knowing which paths that cross are the chosen. Feeling innately that the grove is correct for the operation at hand.

The modern world is made of soft minds who seek constant guidance and desire to travel well worn paths that have been laid before them without thorn nor rose. Those paths may even lead to darkness and delight, but they are the paths of others. Other’s songs to sing, others spells to weave, others charms to hide. There is no learning in the well worn path. Just tourism.

The folkwitch must eschew the path worn by others. Like the fox, must walk against the paths to see the shape of the landscape. We must not just linger at the edge of ancient paths, we must delve into the bush, fight through the bracken, and discover what lies on the other side of the hedge.

Exploration and experimentation should guide those who seek to understand the Craft. Learning through long consideration and careful experimentation which plants yield the correct results. Hearing in the air the voice in the trees that guides you in your quest for understanding. Listening deeply to the forest and the seashore. To the mountain spring and the laughing whisper of the air through an evening meadow. Exploring the landscape that is the center of your practice, knowing well all of those places where footsteps do not go. Seeing as birds and foxes see the landscape; as hedgehogs, rats, and vipers.

The role of discovery is the single most important part of the Craft. The constant learning of new things, of new ways of seeing. Never should one settle for what they already know, growing callous in our beliefs leads to stagnation. We should turn over the leaf, taste the dew, sniff the air.

The Path is a journey. Go places.

you hit a period in your life sometime after your teenage years and you realize how much you’ve changed as a person since then. your views on the world have expanded, your self of self has become clearer and your relationships with the people around you have evolved into new things. not all of it is necessarily good change but change nonetheless. looking back you may be able to pinpoint a few times when you were aware of that change. some major life event that you knew you wouldn’t be the same afterwards. a handful of decisions that led you down new paths. mostly though, the change was gradual. incremental. unnoticeable. and it’s happening right now too. wherever you are in your journey, you are moving forward. evolving. all the tiny little decisions we make during the day change us over time. all the times we try sometime new. all the times we say hello to a stranger. all the times we care for ourselves. all the times we learn sometime new. in days, weeks, months, years, you won’t be the person you are reading this right now. so keep moving forward. evolve. become the best version of you you can find.

Six word stories
  • Aries: Torched the haystack. Found the needle.
  • Taurus: Wind blows. Sails fill. Journey begins.
  • Gemini: To be kissed by you. Wow.
  • Leo: Robs Bank. Gets away. Tells everyone.
  • Cancer: Moods change like the goddamn seasons.
  • Virgo: Standing alone. Hoping to be seen.
  • Libra: She merely smiled. His world stopped.
  • Scorpio: Do me a favor: love yourself.
  • Sagittarius: Turkey: stuffed. Us: even more so.
  • Capricorn: Lovers only when people aren’t watching.
  • Aquarius: Went abroad. Finally feel like home.
  • Pisces: Complicated emotions and danger for everyone.

You could hear Gabriel and Lucifer bickering behind you over the map, you giggled to yourself softly. The angels were getting on well enough and they had let you join them on their journey across the world. It also helped that their father had rejoined them, keeping them all in line. 

Castiel nudged your side, “Are you doing alright? I know they can be a bit much.” You smiled at the kind angel, he was always one of the good ones. 

“Yeah Cas, I’m doing just fine, just excited to see everything. I’ve never even left my home town.” 

Well we’ll be sure to change that, Darlin.” Balthazar added in. 

We all seek approval. It’s a basic human instinct. It’s all too easy to drift into being the version of ourselves that’s most approved of by others rather than being our authentic selves. Like water, we want to fill the spaces made for us by the world. It’s easy, to be a lake, to be placid. But it’s also a dead end. It’s less than your full potential. That’s why putting conscious effort into finding your own path is so important. Accept change, flow towards your truth, become a river. You will encounter resistance. That’s okay. You can carve through solid rock if you need to. The journey will be worth it. Keep going until you find your ocean, until you find your peace. Keep going until you find out who you really are.


Series containing POC leadsInto the Badlands

AMC’s authentic, high-octane martial arts drama is set in a post-apocalyptic future, controlled by feudal barons. Guns have been eradicated, and in a world where only the most brutal prosper, fighting is a means of power and control. Sunny, the most lethal fighter in the Badlands, takes a young boy in as his apprentice and the two embark on a journey that could change the Badlands forever. [ x ]

Hello all. This is my first post of my official tumblr page and so I wanted to make sure to preface, introduce, and explain my concept/purpose of the page to the world. I’ll be sharing multiple journeys of mine, and these will feature variations of growths in some respect, whether that be internal or external, physical or emotional. It’ll also feature things I want to share with you that others have posted.

All of these journeys that I am continuing to have will fall under the umbrella of a transformation that I have called “bearification.” 2016 thus far has been a year of big change for me and I am currently recovering from surgery (and typing this on pain meds), so I’ll be posting more in the future with a clear mind. I hope the ramblings will be less too.

In the meantime, my main purpose for myself is to not just grow, but to help others grow in their own way utilizing my personal experience to help get you where you want to be.

I’m starting with the progress I’ve made thus far, from 180 to around 260, but I’m nowhere close to being done with where I want my personal aesthetic to be. You’ll find out what’s happening next. So, stay tuned.

Usually, these before-and-after shots are to demonstrate weight loss. I’m proud to say that this case is much different. I’ve come such a long way these past few years. I feel so much more comfortable in my skin. I feel so much more confident. Bigger is better for me. I’m becoming myself and I love it. The outside is beginning to match the inside. I will continue to lift and eat big. I will continue to document and share with y'all my journey and my life. Beach bear body, here I come. #Bearification #CadyBearon


“By the sweat of our brows, and the strength of our backs, and the courage of our hearts.”

My final Pirates of the Caribbean DVD mock ups for my 400 level Advanced Character Design class! I wanted to have them showing Elizabeth’s journey because I feel like she has the most character development through the three films. I also included The Black Pearl as a background element since it changes a lot too!

BREAKING: Josh Balz left Motionless In White after 10 years.

His statement:

Never did I think this day was going to come. It was 10 YEARS ago, a full decade, that I joined a group of friends who started a music project called Motionless in White. I was 16 years old and had the whole world ahead of me, and together with the guys we managed to explore a ton of it. It’s crazy how fast time goes, and how much I’ve learned and grown over the past 10 years. I will never regret anything that has happened, and will forever cherish so much of this journey, especially all of the people and the dedicated fans I got to connect with along the way, but with that being said it is time for me to depart from Motionless In White. This year a lot has changed in my life from The Strange and Unusual growing immensely, to MIW signing to a major label, and a million other things that altered my life for both good and bad. Ive learned so much, and now understand on a new level what it is like to really experience life struggles, what is really important to me, and in this discovery and self reflection I’ve found myself. I’ve always been the one to go out and talk to and hangout with fans, as all of you know… but this past year I was honestly just hanging on because I felt I would let everyone down if I left. Im finally ready to refocus my time to worry about myself, and what I really want, and what makes me happy. And in that, I understand that it is time to stop being a part of MIW. It’s funny how after all of these years, I feel MOST connected to our fans, and truly understand their struggles and connect with them more than ever. And with this realization, comes my exit. The bottom line is, you have to do what makes YOU happy. We all have one life to live, and we can’t live it for anyone else. I know this news may disappoint some fans, but this isn’t a bad thing. I’ve grown up with all of you, and this is just the next chapter for me!

I’m sure this will not be the the last you see of me in the music Industry, and you guys know where you can always find me! Keep staying strong and fearlessly following your dreams, wherever they may lead you. Thank you for the most amazing 10 years. Here’s to the next chapter!

Diversity is not enough.

   We’re right to push for diversity, we have to, but it is only step one of a long journey. Lack of racial diversity is a symptom. The underlying illness is institutional racism. It walks hand in hand with sexism, cissexism, homophobia, and classism. To go beyond this same conversation we keep having, again and again, beyond tokens and quick fixes, requires us to look the illness in the face and destroy it. This is work for white people and people of color to do, sometimes together, sometimes apart. It’s work for writers, agents, editors, artists, fans, executives, interns, directors, and publicists. It’s work for reviewers, educators, administrators. It means taking courageous, real-world steps, not just changing mission statements or submissions guidelines.

   Maybe the word hasn’t been invented yet – that thing beyond diversity. We often define movements by what they’re against, but the final goal is greater than the powers it dismantles, deeper than any statistic. It’s something like equity – a commitment to harvesting a narrative language so broad it has no face, no name.

   We can love a thing and still critique it. In fact, that’s the only way to really love a thing. Let’s be critical lovers and loving critics and open ourselves to the truth about where we are and where we’ve been. Instead of holding tight to the same old, failed patriarchies, let’s walk a new road, speak new languages. Today, let’s imagine a literature, a literary world, that carries this struggle for equity in its very essence, so that tomorrow it can cease to be necessary, and disappear.


Regrets - Waiting for the (Im)Perfect World

“I came to realize that the opposite of loving is not hating, but leaving.”

Ha Jin/Hae Soo always thought that the cause of all heartbreak was because people changed, but THEY DON’T, NOT REALLY. She HASN’T CHANGED either until the very end. She had begun her journey RUNNING AWAY and she was running away until the very end. It’s been HER MODUS OPERANDI - she was running away from her problems, her pain, from her feelings for Wang So and finally from him. Despite all her ardent promises that she would never leave him, she did exactly that; and in the end SHE REGRETTED IT - she regretted it everyday from the moment she left him until the moment she died and she regrets it still 1 000 years later. And before that she was regretting ever meeting him, after Lady Oh died she had regreted trying to live,… HAE SOO HAS SPEND YEARS OF HER LIFE REGRETTING AND RUNNING AWAY FROM EVERYTHING INSTEAD OF LIVING THAT LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

If I had not met him… If I did not know him… If we had not been together… If I did not treasure him so much, I would not have so many memories. If I did not love him… If we had not been face-to-face... Perhaps if I had not met you at all.”

In any relationship, there will be many times when it will be painful, when it will seem almost unbearable or when one person will hate the other for some time, but there is the one line you do not cross - “I’m leaving you” - because there’s no going back from that. Everyone seems to envy old couples who spend 30, 40 or even 50 years together; but nowadays fewer and fewer couples will ever achieve that because everyone wants the perfect relationship but there is no such thing. Relationship is about ENDURING, COMPROMISING, BEARING THE PAIN, SACRIFICING, SUFFERING AND MOST OF ALL, FORGIVING. It’s about STICKING BY YOUR PROMISES AND DECISIONS AND NEVER GIVING UP. That’s what ENDURING LOVE is, maybe even what true love is.

If we had met in another world and at another time I was thinking how great that would have been. If only that could be, I wouldn’t fear anything. I could freely…Truly, I could freely love you all I wanted.”

It’s impossibly sad, but also fitting how each time Hae Soo speaks about her love for Wang So SHE USES CONDITIONAL TENSE - HER LOVE FOR HIM HAS HAD SO MANY CONDITIONS, LIMITS AND IFS. Not only did she waste the last precious months of her life living in a fantasy that didn’t exist rather than spending them with the man she loves so much, SHE’S BEEN PINING HER HOPES ON SOME IDEALIZED VERSION OF A FUTURE AND A PERFECT WORLD while she let the real life slip away. Hovever, there is no such world - love and life are messy and hard and even if she and Wang So get a second chance at happiness in the future THERE WILL BE OBSTACLES (who wants to bet that So will come back as a chaebol heir?), TRIBULATIONS AND HEARTBREAK and this time she really needs to learn from her past mistakes and NOT RUN AWAY WHEN THINGS WILL GET TOUGH AND PAINFUL; she has to grab on that chance and NEVER LET GO.