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In 1989, Donald Judd wrote of 101 Spring Street, “At first I thought the building large but now I think it small; it didn’t hold much work after all. I spent a great deal of time placing the art and a great deal designing the renovation in accordance. Everything from the first was intended to be thoroughly considered and to be permanent, as, despite several, it still is. The renovation and installation was begun in 1969 and was known by some who later used permanence to hide impermanence.”-Photo Joshua White for Judd Foundation

The Substance of Joshaya

Every episode of GMW that Uriah Shelton is in results significant Joshaya moments.  It is crazy how much substance Josh and Maya’s relationship has with the limited interaction they have been given.  Let’s examine this shall we?

1. Girl Meets Home For the Holidays: The attraction beings for both of them. Josh even calls Maya gorgeous, which if you ask me is a strong word to describe someone, so the fact that he did so speaks volumes.  I mean, he could have easily said “You grew up well” or “You grew up pretty” but he didn’t.  He CHOSE to say gorgeous because that’s how he sees her…because he LIKES her.

2. Girl Meets Game Night: Maya tells Josh that she is in it for the long game…AND HE SMILES!  She understands that nothing can happen between them now because he is three years older but she assures him she’s not giving up on him…or them rather….so easily.  She has hope.  And Josh’s response?  He smiles!  Why? Because he is glad that she is not giving up…because he LIKES her. 

3. Girl Meets First Date: Josh gets shot down by an older girl.  Maya comforts Josh.  Josh realizes how Maya feels being on the younger side of the age gap and learns that it isn’t easy.  They then proceed to have one of their first real conversations and Josh just can’t help but give her one of his charming boyish grins…because he LIKES her.

4. Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot: Maya tells Josh flat-out that she likes him and lists specific reasons why.  Moreover, she clarifies more than once that she knows what she feels and that it is NOT a crush.  In the end, Josh realizes that Maya may be younger, but she isn’t so little anymore and promises to see for the person she is from now on and does so with yet another sweet smile because, you got it, he LIKES her.  This is undoubtedly a turning point in their relationship, and I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens next.

So, notice any patterns?  I have.  Maya always makes an effort to explore and expand her relationship with Josh and makes her feelings clear, and it always ends with one of Josh’s special, lingering smiles.  He gives her those special smiles because she is special in his eyes.  Moreover, because it is all he feels he can really offer her without making things weird and perhaps inappropriate, though it really wouldn’t be until he turns 18, but he wouldn’t dare start something he couldn’t finish.  Anyway, that’s a whole other thing.  My point is…she obviously cares about him, and he cares about her too (just in a less obvious way) and as a result the relationship that has developed between them has this certain depth…this substance.  Jacobs is laying down a great foundation for them, and I love it because, as you know, the things that last longer and stand stronger are the things with solid foundations underneath.

All in all, I am eagerly looking forward to their future interactions in Girl Meets the New Year and beyond.  Maya Hart and Joshua Matthews have a story-line that is truly one-of-a-kind and I can’t wait to see where it goes! :)


2014 Promo | SAG Foundation

Why are the Joshua Tree’s dying? Through a hollowed out section of a dead tree another living Joshua Tree sits in the setting sun.
Experts expect the Joshuas to vanish entirely from the southern half of California within a century.
The ancient plants are dying in the #JoshuaTree National Park. Already slow and difficult reproducers by nature the Joshua trees are the victim of global warming and its symptoms – including fire and drought – plus pollution and the proliferation of non-native species.
The #Seussian looking trees are really plants, a relative of the yucca.
Joshua trees are a foundation species, providing habitat for other animals that otherwise would disappear. @robertclarkphoto @thephotosociety @instituteartist @natgeo by natgeo